Warthog Quits

September 18, 2011

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A Sandusky, Ohio police officer and member of the Warthogs Motorcycle Club quit the force last week. The resignation was part of the fall out after a Warthog named Melvin D. Burns, Jr. attempted to provoke a confrontation with members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club at a Sandusky bar called The Original Margaritaville.

In his resignation papers, Burns said he intends to retire. The Warthogs MC defines itself as a fraternal organization whose goal is to “develop a bond between Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Correctional Officers and Officers of the Court, and to assist Officers and Firefighters and their families in time of need.”

The Drama

According to a complaint filed by Christian Miller, one of the Outlaws who witnessed the confrontation, the incident began when “A member of the Warthogs was winking and blowing me kisses. After two or three minutes, I approached him and told him I wasn’t sure what his problem was, but he had better stop.”

Burns then intentionally bumped into Miller and said, “I heard you boys gotta problem with one of my boys.”

Miller replied, “I haven’t talked to a cop, unless you’re boy is a Warthog.”

Miller then asked Burns if he was a member of the Warthogs to which Miller replied, “Maybe.” Burns, who was in uniform and on duty then told another Outlaw, “You know who the fuck I am and you better keep your boys on a leash>”

At that point a third Outlaw inquired, “You want to step into the motorcycle world or are you a cop?”

Burns allegedly replied, “Game on.”


The incident might have been glossed over but the Sandusky Police Department has been trying to fire Burns for years. On June 30, 2007 then Lieutenant Melvin Burns threatened to kill a bouncer at another Sandusky area bar called the Beer Barrel Saloon after the bouncer refused to admit Burns’ son, Manuel Seidelman, without proper identification.

During that altercation, Burns reportedly assaulted other police officers who tried to get him to leave and was eventually arrested after he challenged the officers, “Do you know who I am? You can’t take me. Let me see you take me.”

At the time Tim Niese, Burns former training officer and one of the owner’s of the Beer Barrel Saloon, called Burns conduct “typical.”

Burns, who insisted on a jury trial, was eventually convicted of disorderly conduct and fired. He filed a grievance with the police union and was eventually reinstated as a patrol officer.

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17 Responses to “Warthog Quits”

  1. FF Says:


    “watching the meth house, intimidating, robbing, and shaking down the weak, and beating the women”

    Man, that is EXACTLY what cops do.

    1%ers don’t fuck with nobody who aint fucking with them.

  2. Dino Says:

    So he is a good guy for benching 445? Oh, he is a badass for benching 445? Not sure what you’re saying. He is a good cop because he benches 445? Brotherhood is trying to exploit your friend/colleague and put the well being of his business on the line? That is reflecting a good moral code? Or is it using your uniform and gun to try and intimidate people that is good morals? Or is he a moral man because he benches 445? If you can’t bench 445 you aren’t a badass? You don’t have to look further than any MMA fight on a given Saturday night to see a whole bunch of bad asses that can’t bench 445 and could kick the shit out of most guys who can.
    Benching 445 makes you a good bench presser. Nothing more.
    Now let me get back to stroking my ego. Fucking idiot.

  3. Parsifal Says:

    Cisco? Is that short for sissy or Crisco? both? weight lifting competition?
    = weight room fan boy.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Cisco…your husband is calling. Get your fat ass off the computer and get to his bidding, you ignorant bitch.

  5. Cisco Says:

    Yep, Cisco must be full of shit ….. With all you bad ass internet bikers on here who’s watching the meth house, intimidating, robbing, and shaking down the weak, and beating the women? I didn’t wait 4 years to post this. Just ran across it by accident and thought id throw my 2 cents in. I heard his story after I met Mel at a weight lifting competition and heard his story….After seeing him bench 445 pounds..not bad for an old retired pig huh? . I’m guessing the shit talkers above can walk that line? Bunch of real bad asses on here… Can’t explain common sense, brotherhood, and morals to those who have no brains so go ahead and stroke each other’s egos on how tough you are and how all “pigs” are assholes. Kind of funny and a bit ironic how the bad ass biker went to the police department asking for help to complain about the incident with the other cop though….. I’m done here so carry on with your comments stroking your egos

  6. GHOST Says:

    First off Cisco you shouldn’t even use that name, because a much better man than you took it to his grave. If all this loser did was “the right thing” then why did all his lame ass cop buddies say that he was a known asshole? And why did he get fired? And why are you whining about it now?
    Fuck Off “pisco”

  7. FF Says:

    Burns was thrown out of a cop shop.


  8. Bone Head Says:

    Pretty much everyone here and elsewhere knows Cisco is full of shit. And this must really bother him. Waiting over four years to bitch and whine.

  9. Cisco Says:

    “Asshole club?” “Asshole cop?” What the hell has happened to this country? These guys raise money and dedicate their time for veterans and their families, under privileged and sick kids, and cops families killed and hurt in the line of duty by pieces of shit with no value for life. Yep they’re the assholes…. I guess the meth addict, drug dealing, women beating, 1%er white trash bikers who rob and steal from those who can’t defend themselves are the real heroes…..

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Cisco…you wouldn’t fuck with a little girl and her jump rope, you fucktarded pussy. STFU before I get her to whoop your ass anyway.

  11. FF Says:

    Think about how big of a toolbox you have to be to get fired from a Pig Dept.


  12. dogbreath Says:

    Cisco, one of the greatest mistakes a man can make is to misjudge another man, whether by over or under-estimation.

    The fucking pigs put him Out Bad. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Cisco Says:

    I sure as hell wouldn’t mess with him. He’s a bad ass dude that could probably kick any one of the guys above talking shits ass! Look him up in in the Ohio Police and Fire Olympics. This dude walks the walk. He stands up for what is right and doesn’t take shit from biker trash.

  14. Philo Says:

    Asshole Haircut + Asshole Mustache + Asshole Motorcycle Club. This dude is trifecta of suck.

  15. RVN69 Says:

    Big man while hiding behind his badge.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Yeah. He said “Game on.” What a tool.


  17. Not Surprised Says:

    He really said “Game on?” LMAO

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