Sensational Massachusetts Murders

September 14, 2011

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The next sensational biker murder case is simmering in Western Massachusetts.

This one has everything: A murder, another couple of murders to cover up the first murder, a “secret burial ground,” the Hells Angels Berkshire County Charter, a hurricane, attempted snitching and colorful characters. Right this minute Julian Sher – international biker authority, investigative reporter, best selling author and confidante and sometime business partner of John Ciccone – is probably depositing his advance check.

So get used to seeing the guy in the mug shot above. His name is Caius D. Veiovis. Veiovis, also known as Roy Gutfinski, is not actually a member of the Hells Angels but expect to see him portrayed as one. He is by far the most photogenic of the suspects. Widely acclaimed ATF hero, best selling author and would-be screenwriter Jay Dobyns has already posted the mug shot to his Facebook page.

Adam Lee Hall

At the center of the case is Berkshire County Charter sergeant-at-arms Adam Lee Hall. Hall has been the subject of ongoing federal, state and local scrutiny for at least four years.

Hall is accused of murdering David R. Glasser on August 28. Glasser was scheduled to testify against Hall after Hall beat Glasser with a baseball bat in 2009. Hall faced charges of kidnapping, extortion, assault with a dangerous weapon, witness intimidation, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Hall’s trial was scheduled to begin September 19.

Hall is the only member of the Hells Angels accused in the murder.


Hall has also been publically accused of forcing three women into prostitution and acting as their pimp. At the time he was charged with Glasser’s murder, Hall was in jail on charges of possession of child pornography

Hall was apparently ready to do anything to avoid the penitentiary. In 2009, according to public records, Hall tried to frame Glasser for a robbery in upstate New York. That attempt failed.

A year ago, according to public documents, Hall had two meetings with FBI agents during which he claimed he could “take down” several East Coast charters of the Hells Angels including Berkshire County. At the time, Hall was free to chat with the FBI because the Berkshire County Charter had mortgaged its clubhouse to make his $250,000 bail. Hall volunteered to wear a wire and demanded that the pending charges against him be reduced.

The FBI reportedly turned Hall down because he was “much too dangerous.” The official motive in the prosecution’s theory of the case is Hall’s “desperation to avoid prison.”

The Alleged Murder

According to prosecutors Hall, Veiovis and a third man named  went to Hall’s Pittsfield, Massachusetts apartment with the intention to kidnap and murder him. At the time Hall was riding out the remnants of Hurricane Irene with his roommate, Edward Frampton, and a third friend named Robert Chadwell. Frampton and Chadwell were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hall’s disappearance spurred a two-week-long search. The three missing men’s bodies were found in a shared grave last week. Blood from the victims was found in both Veiovis’ and Chalue’s cars.

Hall, Veiovis and Chalue are charged with kidnapping and murder. The three men were arraigned Monday and denied bail.

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9 Responses to “Sensational Massachusetts Murders”

  1. Viking Says:

    Jury selection was just finished about 30 minutes ago judge is now hearing motions.

  2. Parallax View Says:

    Just through attrition along the charter could disappear.

  3. rollinnorth Says:

    Good catch, Philo.

  4. Philo Says:

    Wait…wait. What the fuck? Hall (and two others) killed some folks, who’s bodies were discovered after Hall disappeared for two weeks. Now Hall is charged along with the wing-nut in the photo and another dude, although he disappeared and was found in a grave with two guys riding out the storm. (?)

    I love yer site Rebel, but one of us is fucked up here. :P

  5. Hose-a 1% Says:

    His mother still loves him.Just sayin……….F.T.F.
    Hose-a 1%P.F.F.P.

  6. Not Surprised Says:

    I don’t care if you got a bone through your nose or any other physical alteration. Dude claims he is a Vampire and reportedly drinks even his own blood. Just the type idiot, like the boneheads a few years back who thought they were dealng with Sonny Barger’s son who drove half way across the country only to kidnap the wrong guy- who thinks he can get his wings by doing some dirt for the HA.

    Kudos to Hall’s brothers for putting up the fort as colateral. rare indeed, and to bad he seems to be a POS.

  7. Rashomon Says:

    Bet that guy in the mug shot is unemployed – just a guess.

  8. Not Surprised Says:

    Being involved with “Hell Boy, Jr.” in a murder conspiracy? I would not entrust this freak to deposit a dime in a parking meter…………

    50 to 1 odds, he is the first to roll (if indeed involved I should say)

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