Sons Clubhouse Ransacked

September 5, 2011

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As part of the one, big federal investigation of motorcycle clubs in the United States, Indiana State Police, Marion County Sheriffs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the Sons Of Silence Motorcycle Club clubhouse on West Michigan Street in Indianapolis on August 4.

The search warrant at the clubhouse was one of six served that day. A seventh search warrant was served on August 6.

According to Tim Horty, a spokesman for the United States Attorney for the

Southern District of Indiana, “the FBI seized over one and one-half pounds of methamphetamine, over 40 firearms, approximately $20,000 in currency, and several motorcycles with altered vehicle identification numbers” during the raids.

 FBI Safe Streets

Brad Blackington, the Assistant United States Attorney in charge of the case, said the prosecution resulted from “a four-month investigation conducted by the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force, which involved the execution of controlled purchases of methamphetamine, interdiction activity, wire and electronic surveillance, and the execution of search warrants.”

Blackington said it was the first prosecution of a “motorcycle gang” in Indiana “since 2002, when members of the Diablos Motorcycle Club in Terre Haute” were charged with methamphetamine trafficking.

 Four Month Investigation

Two indictments followed that “four month long” investigation. One of the indictments remains sealed. The unsealed indictment charges two members of the Sons of Silence Indianapolis chapter and one member of the Vigilantes Motorcycle Club with distribution of methamphetamine. Jackie “Little Jack” Craft and Joseph Woolsey are also charged with possession of a stolen firearm. Woolsey and Stephen Davis, Jr. are also charged with possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

Gun crimes in the United States are typically investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Biker investigations are also typically accomplished by the ATF but that Bureau is not mentioned in any of the documents made public about this case so far.



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