The “Devil’s Professor” Bust

September 5, 2011

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An arrest warrant has been issued for an alleged, small time, San Bernardino County, California drug dealer following an August 26 raid on his Highland, California home.

The accused man, Stephen “Skinz” Kinzey, is both the President of the Mountain Chapter of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club and an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University San Bernardino. An arrest warrant has been issued but at this writing, Kinzey is not yet in custody.

Although apparently, Kinzey is aware of the charges against him and is attempting to arrange the conditions of his surrender. Police said they had been contacted by an attorney representing the professor. In the meantime, San Bernardino Sheriffs warn that the teacher should be considered armed and dangerous.

Predictably, the press is having a field day with this story. The San Bernardino Sun labeled Kinzey the “Devil’s Professor” because of his club affiliation. The club is named, indirectly, for an 1897, George Bernard Shaw play about Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen. The play was made into a movie starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier in 1959. The club was founded in 1967.

The San Bernardino Press-Enterprise ran its account of this incident under the headline, “Meth dealing professor at large.” The story went international on September 2 although it did not reach some news outlets in the most remote sections of Central Asia until September 3.

 The News

Kinzey is accused of buying pounds of methamphetamine from a 30-year-old San Bernardino man named Jeremy Disney and cutting the pounds into ounces for resale. Disney is in custody and has been charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Kinzey’s live-in girlfriend, Holly Robinson was arrested during the raid. San Bernardino Sheriffs accuse Robinson of being Kinzey’s partner in an alleged “drug ring.” Kinzey and Robinson met at Cal State San Bernardino. She is a 2005 graduate of the school.

Police also announced that Hans Preszler of San Bernardino; Edward Freer of Helendale; Wendi Witherell of Mentone; and Christopher Rikerd, Elaine Flores and Stephanie Padilla of Redlands had been arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Cal State San Bernardino quickly distanced itself from Kinzey. All references to the Associate Professor were removed from the Kinesiology Department website on September 1.

University President  issued Albert T. Karnig a statement that read:

“To our knowledge, this is the first notice that anyone on our campus has had regarding this situation. Our university police department and the entire campus community, as relevant, will work as closely as possible with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to assist with the investigation to help assure that all the facts are accurate. If the allegations are indeed true, this is beyond disappointing.”

 The Professor Angle

At the press conference announcing the arrest and the seizure of one pound of methamphetamine, San Bernardino Sheriffs emphasized that Kinzey was particularly loathsome and smart because he is a college professor. “He’s smarter than the average dealer,” Sheriff’s Detective Jason Rosenbaum said. “He was doing what he could to keep it under wraps.” Rosenbaum told the Sun, “I believe he does have the ability to flee the country because there are (DD) chapters in other countries. He also has family out of state.

There are Devils Diciples chapters in England and Ireland.

Kinzey’s father, Hank Kinzey, lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Hank Kinzey told the Los Angeles Times, “My son is a Christian. He’s a good father of a good little girl. My son doesn’t drink. My son doesn’t smoke. I don’t get it. He’s a Ph.D.”

San Bernardino Sheriff Rod Hoops said, “I have kids in college and to have an associate professor who is a member of the Devil’s Diciples dealing narcotics is quite alarming. I mean, it’s unusual to say the least…. Hopefully, we can get our main suspect (Kinzey) in custody in the next few days.”

The Sun also reported that detectives are “trying to determine if Kinzey sold drugs at the university.”

 ATF Investigation

The arrest resulted from a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives undercover investigation into motorcycle clubs in San Bernardino County after officials in nearby Hemet, California complained that town was being terrorized by the Vagos Motorcycle Club. In the United States, the ATF is the motorcycle club police.

Consequently, at the press conference officials displayed a table full of trophies to illustrate the danger from which the public has now been saved. Trophies included four Devils Diciples cuts, an Old Lady’s “Property of Skinz” cut, several one ounce packets of methamphetamine, two sets of brass knuckles, a derringer, a nine, a bullet proof vest, two rifles, a shotgun, a police club and a Tec 9 lookalike called an AP-9. The trophies were considerately arranged for photo opportunities on a black banner adorned with the Nazi SS insignia

Police said one of the guns was stolen but did not identify which one.



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