Seen This Guy?

August 30, 2011

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If anybody within 200 miles of Chicago has seen the guy in the lousy photo above please speak up.  Has he asked you to store cigarettes for him?  Has he attempted to purchase illegal drugs from you?  Has he bragged about his criminal background?  Have you had a conversation with him about “popping some fools?”  Did he first show up early in 2009?

His name is Steven J.  Veltus.  He is the black sheep of a family of accountants in Racine, Wisconsin.  He was arrested in November 1996 with two accomplices, fifteen pounds of marijuana and a gun.  He did his time in St. Croix.

In 2003 he picked up five criminal charges stemming from his possession of about an ounce of crack cocaine and a pound of marijuana.  Two days after he picked up the cocaine charges, in November 2003, he became a paid, professional Confidential Informant for the ATF.

He has some history with ATF Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski.

I have been attempting to have a conversation with this man, to hear his side of things, for about 27 months.  In that time I have been told he was in Montana and another source was certain he was in Florida.  I now suspect that he has been in Indiana.

If you are Steven J. Veltus, I would like to talk to you.  If you think you know Steven J. Veltus please tell him I would like to talk to him.

I know the picture stinks.  I didn’t take it.  Veltus has dirty blonde hair, is balding from the front, has an appealling smile and has been described as very likable.  He combs his hair straight back and because there is less of it than there once was he is fond of wearing do rags.  In a certain light, he looks like Bret Michaels.


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3 Responses to “Seen This Guy?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I know him as well. I worked with Steve at his “job” outside the club. We worked for almost two years together in 2005-2007. I moved away just before Black Rain popped off. I spent a lot of time at his house in Vegas, with Anna and his kids. He wanted me to prospect with the MC but I chose to just hang around instead. I have videos I took at work with him and his mongols sticker he put on his bench. When I heard about Black Rain, I immediately called my old supervisor and asked if Steve was the informant to which he said he was. My old supervisor is the guy whose ranch Steve went to in Montana whose restaurant he wanted to buy. Never saw him again though. I always thought it was weird that he had so much equipment in his garage for making jewelry. More than what we had at the shop we worked at. Also, boxes upon boxes of untaxed cigarettes and, of course, an indoor grow operation. Always wondered how he was able to get away with this. He wasn’t quiet about it. Now I know. The ATF set it up for him. We drove together to the MC’s anniversary party in A place called Monterey Park?? If I’m remembering that correctly. We drove in a Rented yellow Mustang and the whole time he was driving at 100 plus mph and smoking dope. What a trip man. He seemed like a decent enough dude. Always had decent weed!

  2. FF Says:

    He looks like Brett Michaels?

    He could sure use some lipstick, then

  3. Justices Says:

    I know who he is and I understand why you can’t find him and I can help you get to him and I know all about him.

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