Knowing Equals Prison, Snitching Equals Freedom

August 24, 2011

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AL ” THE SUIT ” CAVAZOS back on the street. Is ‘LIL’ RUBE next ? coming soon



Dear Anarchy,

Yeah. Ruben Cavazos Jr. will probably soon walk and like most things that happen anywhere ever, it will be Rebel’s fault. All them Mongols guilty pleas? Rebel did that.

From a brief filed this summer by defense attorney Gregory Nicolaysen:

“With the exception of Defendant #3, Hector Gonzales, every defendant in this 79 – defendant case has pled guilty, the vast majority of them during the two years in which Mr. Cavazos, Jr. and his father, Ruben Cavazos, Sr. have been cooperating pursuant to their plea agreements.

“Although the plea agreement was filed under seal, news of the cooperation plea agreements signed by both Cavazos defendants managed to leak out into the biker community, as reflected by the numerous web site postings on the Mongols biker club web site ( and on a web site entitled, The Aging Rebel (

“A clear illustration of the public availability of information regarding the under seal guilty pleas is Exhibit 1 hereto, which is a PDF printout of a page from the The Aging Rebel web site dated “Fri, Sep 3, 2010″, which contains a verbatim excerpt of the transcript of the under seal change of plea hearing for Ruben (“Doc”) Cavazos, Sr. There is no doubt that it was known throughout the entire litigation, as well as the entire Mongol biker community early on, that the two Cavazos defendants were cooperating.

“Thus, even without having the benefit at this time of the government’s 5K1.1 motion for a downward departure based on cooperation, it can be reasonably inferred that one of the key factors that induced many co-defendants opted to plead guilty was the decisions by the two Cavazos defendants to cooperate.

“Accordingly, a six-level downward departure for cooperation would properly reflect the value and extent of the cooperation rendered.

“Exhibit 1 hereto also illustrates how closely this prosecution has been monitored and in particular, the actions / decisions by the two Cavazos defendants.

“This animosity has taken on a variety of depictions, including sarcastic ridicule of Mr. Cavazos, Jr. as reflected in Exhibit 2, which is a posting on The Aging Rebel web site that mocks the medical order that counsel for Mr. Cavazos, Jr. obtained from this Court.

“There can be no question that the risk of retaliation is real and is thus worthy of being factored into the court’s overall assessment of the amount of credit that should be awarded for cooperation.

“Taking the foregoing considerations into account, Mr. Cavazos, Jr. respectfully submits that a six-level downward departure under U.S.S.G. 5K1.1 is appropriate, thus bringing the advisory range down to Level 20 / Criminal History I.

“This produces an advisory guideline range of 33 – 41 months.”

 Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.


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19 Responses to “Knowing Equals Prison, Snitching Equals Freedom”

  1. 408 Joker Says:

    Sorry about the late reply 408 Creeper, Me and my brothers have better things to do then surf the web.what makes you think you know the inner workings of our club and our personal business? You don’t.
    I bet your one of these guys who watch a season of these bullshit MC soap operas and you think you are a authority on the subject.
    You seem pretty bitter towards my club, One of my club brothers must have beat your ass or stole your woman.Maybe thats why your accusations are one sided, prejudice and over exaggerated.
    The two guys you mentioned are fuckin loosers a if you look up to them then your a fuckin looser too!
    In many clubs there is a understanding,rules or cardinal sins, you don’t fuck around with anyones wife or girlfriend.
    This ass wipe Beluish pulled this shit!, but when he put his hands on a teenager, thats dead wrong!thats when he got his ass handed to him, after his visit at the hospital he asked lawenforcment to see him home safely and to keep a eye on his house, from the big bad motorcycle gang..real tough guy.
    Meat head David,he’s a shit talking liar, sounds to me you will swallow what ever he gives you. He is real good at starting shit and running out of town and hiding out. You want everyone to believe he beat up an entire motorcycle club!?? Who is this guy Popeye! What did he say, he whipped
    out a can of spinach, gobbled it up, some crazy music stated playing and he beat everyone up in the bar??!If you believe that for one minute your a dumb FUCK!Fact of the matter is he dished it out and we gave right back to him, where is he now? Right P.C. he finally ended up some where you cannot run and cannot hide…i understand he desperately seeking to cut a deal…real tough guy.
    But you are the worst of the bunch, you sit in the safety of your home and you type out these words of BULLSHIT! for no other reason, but to slander the name of my club and my club brothers. 408 in your handle tells me you live in town, maybe down the street. If you got something to say,say it in person,say it to our face you fucking punk!
    whats up with this shameful behavior of smack talk on a web site? Teen age girls do this kind of shit! real tough guy, on line outlaw.
    Your the joke, you showed everyone what your made of, the type of man you are, a coward.
    Adios Chavala VPV!

  2. Creeper408 Says:

    Fuck the vaqueros bitch club. dito and oso are rats, all bullush did is grab some ass. There was no boot stomping of him. White boy David ran through your whole club. You guys are a joke, no one takes you serious. You guys are trying to do the same thing the mongols did down soth, bring a bunch of northerners in your club. You bitchs havnt gotten down with anyone. People assault your members , stabb them and you guys don’t do shit except kick over some flower pots. FUCK YOU PUTO’S



  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Big Dog,

    Please see story, front page.

    I can only guess. My guess is 65 to 70 months, which means about 18 months to go.


  5. Snow Says:

    glad your back Rebel

  6. Vaquero FLH Says:

    Smiles,your a idiot for making these bullshit accusations against my club brothers! They both suffered life threating wounds,both defending thier family members and or club brother! details are unimportant.
    What is important is your creditabillty! We know who you are! you too, are from up North! your not bullshitting anyone!
    FACT! you two are the two sniffling little bitches who came running home from Laughlin 2002 with your tail between your leggs!
    FACT! you two both dropped yuor cut in a box and quit!
    FACT! you two both abandoned your motorcycle club when they needed you the most!
    You two could learn somthing from my club brothers!
    You two are just two more shit talking, wanna be 1%er, who cant cut it in the MC world!
    VPV! Puto

  7. Shark Says:

    Apologies Rebel, that a weak minded fool would use your site to slander a Honorable MC and its members such as the Vaqueros MC.

    Yo Smiles! I am a proud member of the Vaqueros MC ( Shark, undercover handle) I haven’t seen this kind of cheap transparant tactic since junior high school!! But you want to put it out there! There are two sides of any story..

    This is our side of it.
    The only thing the Vaqueros MC is guilty of is opening our doors and extending hospitality to two low life’s like you!
    The garbage of two other motorcycle clubs!!
    You two are two time and your boy could not cut it not one, but two motorcycle clubs!!
    You two lack the discipline, the character, and the balls to hold a patch!! And you want to judge!!??
    Your boy can’t handle his booze!! you know he was sexually assaulting wives and daughters of our club brothers!!
    He deserved alot more than that boot stomping he got!! You talk about rats??
    Perverts, sexual predators and pedophiles have nothing coming!! NO honor! NO respect! NO code! Fuk em!
    Now if Miss Lara felt she needed to file sexual charges against your boy!! I’m sure it was to get another predator off the street!!

    I don’t know who’s worst! Belush for committing these unwanted sexual advances against one of our club brothers wives and daughters..Or you!! for thinking this kind of behavior is okay!???!
    You want this low life around your wife and kids!!?? Your wrong on this one!! This low life is a social outcast and everyone should turn their back on him!

    Yo Smiles! do me a favor..keep our business off main street! There are many Vaqueros in San Jose ca and the
    surrounding areas…you know where you can find us! You have something to say, say it to our face! Don’t be chicken shit!!

    You know what’s wrong with the MC society today!!?? it has fools in it like you two fucks!..who forgot there is a code we live and ride by.

    VPV! Puto!!

  8. Shyster Says:


    Aren’t you also responsible for famine, hunger, disease, 9/11, the Kennedy assassinations, AIDS, sickle cell, WW1 & WW2, me not getting enough pussy when I was 18, and Milli Fucken Vanilli.


  9. RVN69 Says:

    All this time I thought you were just a hard working biker with a talent for words who brought us detailed and interesting news. Now I find out you are a serial menace to peace, justice and the american way, and a pruveyor of top secret government information that has jepordized the safety of a group of federal rats. WTF, you DA MAN!!

    Good to see you back.

    Honesta Mors Turpi Vita Potior.

  10. SMILE Says:


  11. THUMPER Says:

    Fuck The Fuckin Fucks,,,
    The Fucks…

    Good to see ya back man,,,

  12. Not Surprised Says:


    Can you confirm that you are a person of interest in the disappearnce of Jimmy Hoffa?

  13. Doc Jones Says:

    Rebel…….You should be ashamed of yourself!! You ……by yourself…..made a real tough guy turn into a puddle of pee!! Cavazos was a strong, stand up guy until the basturd Aging Rebel exposed him to be what he really is…A piece of shit!! To tell you the truth……you should get a medal of honor!! Let the nest of rats back on the streets. They won’t be able to ever feel safe. When Cavazos gets his job working in a hospital somewhere, he’ll be found out. All types of people work in hospitals. Hell, I have!! Damn Rebel, it’s soooo good to have you back!!

    Doc Jones

  14. DocB Says:

    Not Suprised:

    16002 Live Oak Springs Canyon Road in Santa Clarita,CA

    Damn, 3800 square feet ………… enough room for Greg and the whole Cavazos family

  15. BigV Says:

    Rebel: They have to have an excuse to justify the fact that the snitches are going to walk. If it hadn’t been a news article on Aging Rebel, it would have been menacing graffiti in East LA that was directly putting the family Cavazos at risk.

    People said for years- they had no hope locked up. Look at the absolutely stupid shit that Doc had his ghost writer include in his toilet paper novel.

    Now that the courts have identified you as the most dangerous journalist in America you need to start shopping the book again.

    Take care and great to have you back.

  16. Not Surprised Says:

    Here is yet another illustration of publically avialbale information.

    16002 Live Oak Springs Canyon Road in Santa Clarita,CA.

    Hi Greg. Ain’t the internet fun?

  17. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Freedom of info, anyone?

    Awesome to see a new headliner article, Rebel. Welcome back and sorry for screwing up those Gangland links whilst in full propranolol mode. If you are still getting jerked around by the book publishers, you may want to get in touch with Keith and Kent Zimmerman, the guys who co-authored Sonny Barger’s and Tobie Levingstone’s books. They might be able to help you connect with a serious publisher.

    Speaking of freedom, So Cal folks who are unfamiliar with the Sept 11 memorial ride from OC to Long Bitch may want to check out:

    YYZ Skinhead

  18. L.A. 1%er Says:

    Damn,he’s back. Good to hear from you Rebel, even if it’s to hear that this family of punk-ass rats will soon be able to have a family reunion on the outside soon. And don’t be too hard on yourself Rebel, snitches have no one but themselves to blame for having to live the rest of their scared ass lives sleeping with one eye open. Thanks for fighting the good fight Rebel!

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