The One Big Investigation (Corrected)

October 21, 2010

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This is a revised and corrected version of a story published on October 21st. The original story erroneously reported that that three undercover ATF Agents, John “Hollywood” Carr, Greg “Russo” Giaoni and Paul “Painter D’Angelo left Operation Black Rain in October 2008, continued to pose as members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and subsequently infiltrated The American Outlaws Association. That is incorrect.

The infiltration of the Outlaws began in September 2008. Carr, Giaoni and D’Angelo may very well have headed east to assist in that infiltration but three additional undercover Agents awaited them. In September 2008, the Mongols had been infiltrated by at least seven, male, undercover ATF Agents. The names of those Agents appear in the witness list appended to the end of this story.

Another shoe dropped last Wednesday in the never ending ATF war against the Biker Menace.

Part of the ATF disinformation war is to chop different parts of what is essentially One Big Investigation into little, bite-sized, public relations pieces. One of the ways the ATF manipulates media coverage of the biker menace is by mendaciously blurring the line between investigation and prosecution. It seems immoral to use prosecution as an investigative tool. It is probably unconstitutional, too. Welcome to the new and improved America.

One Investigation

There has only ever been one investigation. It has been ongoing since at least 1998 and it is a product of the imagination of an ATF Agent named John Ciccone. Two investigations of the Mongols, including the current case, two investigations of the Hells Angels, at least two and possibly a third investigation of the Vagos, at least one investigation of the Warlocks in Virginia, two cases against the Pagans and the current case against the American Outlaws Association are all different facets of what is essentially the same case created by the same cabal of ATF Agents and sometimes the same confidential informants.

This week the now defunct Mongols World Chapter is hitting everybody in the face.

Coconut Dan

First Coconut Dan Horrigan started his publicity blitz for his forthcoming book Iron Warrior: The True Story of an Outlaw Biker Who Infiltrated Both the Hells Angels and Mongols Motorcycle Clubs. Forever, Ciccone has been telling judges and other gullible innocents that the Black Rain part of the One Big Investigation began in June 2005 after a Mongol named TJ Stansbury was busted for selling steroids to cops through the mail. Now here comes Horrigan to claim that Black Rain actually began in 2004.

After the Nevada Nomads charter of the Hells Angels asked Horrigan to please don’t come around us no more, Coconut Dan became Sergeant at Arms of the Mongols World Chapter. It has been tempting to blame this “World Chapter” fiasco on poor Doc Cavazos, who as it turns out is now cowering in a lockup in San Bernardino with his brother and his beaten and possibly brain damaged son.

But the longer one looks at the One Big Investigation the more it starts to look like Doc was set up just like everybody else was set up. The lovely inquisitor Reema M. El-Amamy probably described the One Big Investigation best when she called one particularly ridiculous episode in it “guerilla street theater.”


The World Chapter idea was sold to Doc by a piece of work named Lars Wilson. Wilson left several motorcycle clubs in two countries with a bad taste in their mouths. The extent to which he blatantly acted as an agent provocateur and may have entrapped other Mongols like Mike Munz is difficult to discern but it pretty clear that for a period of years Wilson was on the federal payroll. He seems not to be remembered fondly by the Loners and who he was actually working for when he rode with them is still unclear.

After the Loners, Wilson ingratiated himself to the Mongols, founded the World Chapter, whispered in Doc’s ear, convinced, he claims, Mike Munz not to murder people, then suddenly decided to become a Pagan. The upshot of that was three indictments against the Pagans. Wilson then decided to join the Outlaws in Virginia. Wilson’s adventures among the Outlaws culminated with a Federal trial that began yesterday in Richmond.


Outlaws National President Jack “Milwaukee Jack” Rosga, Mark “Lytnin” Spradling, Leslie Werth and William “Rebel” Davey (no relation) all stand accused of the usual RICO and VICAR counts. They are charged with RICO and VICAR because those charges carry draconian penalties and they justify the involvement of federal police in the investigation of relatively minor state crimes. These four men seem to be on trial for being “scary, evil, racist, sexist people.”

What might have been most interesting about yesterday’s opening statements were the questions they answered about the currently still active Mongols case.

That case, US v. Cavazos et al., was investigated by six, acknowledged, confidential informants like Horrigan, an unknown number of de facto informants like Wilson and by four, male ATF Agents. Those four Agents included two long-time, known associates of the John Ciccone organized criminal enterprise, Darrin “Dirty Dan” Kozlowski and John “Hollywood” Carr, as well as relative newcomers Greg “Russo” Giaoni and Paul “Painter D’Angelo. Kozlowski hid out in Washington DC after the conclusion of Operation Black Rain but eventually returned to Los Angeles. Carr, Giaoni and D’Angelo, however seemed to disappear.

What has not been generally acknowledge until Wednesday, however, is that the four ATF Agents on the West Coast were not alone. Three more ATF Agents had infiltrated the Mongols on the East Coast. In September 2008, at least seven ATF Agents had infiltrated the Mongols. The three East Coast Agents subsequently patched into the Outlaws.

Pitch Meeting Meets Prosecution

“You are about to embark on a journey into a world that you can hardly imagine,” an Assistant United States Attorney named Peter S. Duffey promised jurors yesterday. He used those words that way because another important facet of the One Big Investigation is its pulp fictionalization of ATF Agents as mythic heroes and outlaw bikers as mythic villains. If Duffy was just a little more hip and Hollywood he might have pitched his case as “Bad Lieutenant meets Donnie Brasco.” But, Duffey is a moron. All these prosecutors are morons and they seem to succeed only on account of their inability to feel empathy or shame.

In his opening statement Duffey told jurors they would hear from the three missing agents. “It’s an extraordinary tale of sacrifice and courage on their part,” he claimed. The three were “inconstant danger of being exposed.” Doesn’t this sound like a great movie?

But this pitch also raises the question of what Duffey thinks the three undercovers might be in danger of being exposed as. And, whether defense attorneys in this case will be allowed access to any of the surveillance footage in the Cavazos case. Or whether those attorneys will even be smart enough to ask to see those 110 DVDs.

Duffey promises the three ATF Agents will all testify. Presumably, that will open the three to cross examination.

The complete witness list in the Outlaws case in Richmond follows.


1. Daniel Anderson

2. Dr. Henry Atkins

3. D.Timothy Ayers

4. William Bank

5. Lyle Beatty

6. Matthew Berger

7. John Blais

8. Joe Bradley

9. Zac Breitenbach

10. C.S. Chester

11. Keith Cobb

12. Jerry Delaney

13. Officer A. Dolster

14. Timothy Franklin

15. D. Scott Glenn

16. Jeffrey Grabman

17. Richard Hankins

18. Mark Kelly

19. Hugh Landry

20. John Lindman

21. David Lowrey

22. Michael Mariaca

23. Brian McDermott

24. John Oakey

25. Daniel Ozbolt

26. Steve Parker

27. Michael Pedini

28. Robert Redd

29. Glen Smith

30. Michael Smith

31. Alan Townsend

32. Charlene Tyler

33. Charles Williams

34. Josh Valot

35. Scott Wright

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330 Responses to “The One Big Investigation (Corrected)”

  1. Anarchy Says:

    burn in hell piglet !!!!
    send any and all pictures of those who attend this service to
    [email protected]
    respect, Steve

  2. Anarchy Says:

    surprising !!!! but thanks . going the way as the 3 piece patch no longer much meaning to ol’school outlaws.
    Respect, Steve

  3. BigV Says:

    I saw a gentleman in a Vagos Support shirt in Montgomery AL today, he was on a V-Rod.

    I’ve seen quite a few really nice bobbers made from Buell’s as well. Cool bikes.

  4. RVN69 Says:

    Thats a Buell 1125R, technically an American made V-Twin. Some clubs outside the US have used those bikes and VRods for a while

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  5. Anarchy Says:

    Are rice bikes on there way to the USA 1% clubs ?

  6. not surpised Says:

    LOL Shyster…………

  7. Shyster Says:

    That’s right YYZ! He wanted to be a cop so he became a whore for the pigs. When I was a Public Defender I had the misfortune of representing two fucking rats out of Inglewood Court. How I knew they were rats was because the fucken D.A. Was compelled through the discovery statutes to advise me that these lowlifes were “working” with the pigs and that’s why the crimes they were currently charged with were being reduced. Both of these fucks were pieces of shit. Everything about them was shit. The way they looked. Dressed. Spoke. Real fucken dicks. Fuck em all.
    Other than that I had a really good day today.


  8. Anarchy Says:


  9. bob Says:

    about Coconut Dan:is there a funeral service?is there a death certificate?Undercovers’deaths have been faked before. About six years ago,a UC in Northern Va.,who was known as “Poet”,faked his demise.And the Washington Post even printed his obit.

  10. Not Surprised Says:


    Yeah all those type books are horsehit really. They rely mostly on police reports, court records and the fact that no one is going to come out an refute the author.

    But they Do sell no doubt.

  11. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    “Horrigan” was misspelled in the article about the three-headed rat. The correct spelling would be “Whore Again”.

    Not Surprised,
    I bought Julian Sher’s Angels of Death used on Amazon. After reading most of it I wished I hadn’t. I am currently using it to mop tobacco-laced water on my workspace floor. (It sucks that the co-writer of this compilation of horseshit is named William Marsden, because “Marsden” is a cool name.)

    YYZ Skinhead

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    Canada covers “biker wars” like the US covered the Casey Anthony trial. It generates seriously large amounts of revnue for the media; sort of a perpetual Gang Land series to the extent that some of the players have beome household names. The top four so-called “biker experts” who have written 90% of the books are all from Canada and there are full time reporters who are assigned to cover nothing else.

    Australia runs a very close second as far as coverage.

    Sonny Barger once suggested that if they would give him the money generated by the media and the money spent on prosecutons’ he’d retire. As far as media, Sonny also said “why do they have to lie so much when the truth is bad enough?”

  13. Anarchy Says:

    No disrespect why wasn’t his throat cut every club new how to find him ?

  14. BigV Says:

    And that he was such a fucking sleaze.

  15. Shyster Says:

    Amazing that such an accomplished martial artist was a whore for the Feds. Fuck him and his crippled bitch.


  16. RVN69 Says:

    If this is true then good news, he deserves to be maggot food.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  17. Muck 1%er Says:

    I received a call today from a trusted friend in Nevada where Coconut Dan has been running a tree service. It seems that Coconut Dan died of a heart attack while working up in a tree yesterday :)

  18. RVN69 Says:

    Doc B & Doc Jones,
    They didn’t even ask for a ransom for me??? Just ran away screaming?

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  19. DocB Says:

    That’s pretty good Doc.
    Don’t pay the ransome, I got free too…………

  20. Doc Jones Says:


    Biker gangs have turned Canada into a war zone. The end of the world is near (2012) due to the blood thirsty savage biker gangs. The biggest biker gang of all called HOGS have recruited main stream America and will lead to the destruction of the United States!! I automatically joined the HOGS when I bought my Harley and was held hostage for a year flat. I didn’t think that I would ever be set free but when I didn’t pay my dues lo and behold I was kicked out. I never got my patch but then I never attended church either. These days I have to always look over my shoulder in case they ordered a hit on me for leaving. Savages I tell you!!

    Doc Jones

  21. BigV Says:

    I’ve been following the Rock Machine articles that are coming out. It sure looks like the Canadian media is going to do everything they can to create the image of the evil biker menace as a threat to public safety.

    I don’t think people truly realize how insidious the efforts of the media can be.

  22. BigV Says:

    Dear Rebel:

    Are you still alive ?

    Had any chance to work on your book ?

    How is your MS coming ?

    Take care, man. You are much missed but not forgotten.

  23. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    (curtseys) Much obliged, sirs.

  24. RVN69 Says:

    YYZ Skinhead,
    Great post, thanks for the uplift! I send some bucks when I can to the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  25. troll7552 Says:

    skinhead thank you there is one i belong to( they help vets trying to get agent orange compensation. all money goes to brothers in arms coming home from foriegn lands also.

  26. Doc Jones Says:

    Damn YYZ Skinhead………….That was an outstanding post!!

    Doc Jones

  27. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Happy birthday USA! Fly your Stars and Stripes. Celebrate the freedoms which Americans have left post-“Patriot” Act and the fact that we can fight the freedom thieves by voting. Reverence the American Warriors, active and inactive, alive and dead who have sacrificed themselves for our country. Support our Allied nations in the various wars that our nation has fought and is fighting today. Stand together with every individual everywhere who supports the good old USA.

    If you can, donate to a Veterans’ charity and/or help some of the homeless Veterans who have been used and discarded by the cancerous governmental agencies that infest this great country. I would like to donate to Veterans’ charities but I dunno which ones are legit so I would be grateful if you fellow readers could post some links.


    YYZ Skinhead

  28. willienelso3 Says:

    good. very good.

  29. Anarchyfactory Says:


  30. Doc Jones Says:

    MONGOLS WIN!! Yep, they get to keep their patch!! The federal court just ruled in their favor. Cavazo reports that he “owns the Mongol Nation!!” How’s that working for ya Cavazo?? Hey little ruby…….are ya proud of your daddy and the way he raised you?? HAW!!

  31. RVN69 Says:

    Considering how much the BATF and the JUSTUS department have perverted justice in Black Rain, It wouldn’t suprise me to see Doc and the other snitches in his family get a fat government paycheck, relocation and witness protection. It is no satisfaction to all the patches and their famlies put thru hell by his lies, but deep down inside, every time he looks in the mirror, he will know he is nothing but a punk and a snitch and all his bullshit was just that bullshit.
    Much respect to all the Mongols who stood tall during this ordeal.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  32. Doc Jones Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering about whatever happened to Cavazos and the other members of his family who turned rat. I think back to when he thought he was such a tough guy. The way he portrayed himself in his book and all of his pictures on the Mongol website. I guess anyone can say the words, it’s what happens when the time comes to stand up that counts. This piece of shit is a take it up the ass punk!! I’d rather be dead than be like him. I wonder how he acts in the pen…..oh yeah……I forgot that he’ll always be in PC!!

  33. Anarchyfactory Says:

    depends on the upcoming ruling and if his still needed

  34. proudmongolwife Says:

    Does anyone know how much the piece of shit DOC got?? Or has he yet not been sentenced!!

  35. sled tramp Says:

    All the way to the fuckin’ wall amigo.

  36. Muck 1%er Says:

    The feds and their puppet judges/courts just don’t get it. No matter what they do, the Mongols will still be here until the last Brother takes his dying breath. That’s what pisses them off. They can’t break the Mongol Nation.

    If the gov’t wins this battle, it will be a significant blow to EVERYONES freedom/rights in more ways than one. Yet we all know, that the strong everywhere will survive because they can never break the spirit of a true warrior. Nor can they take away the basic instinct of self preservation.

    Mongol on. HUAH!!!


    The Mongols will survive there fight with the government ( the strong will survive)
    But the weak ass’s that have done nothing to help fight the fight will drown in their own vomit

  38. RVN69 Says:

    I know I am preaching to the choir, but did anyone here really think the cops would, after conducting a “fair and impartial” investigation of themselves, find themselves guilty of anything? Fuck em all, I used to think there was some small need in society for cops, but not so much anymore, just leave me to take care of me and mine and I’ll be fine.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  39. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    SWAT = Stupid Weaponized “American” Terrorists

    YYZ Skinhead

  40. Doc Jones Says:

    As a protector of the peace. It is my sworn duty to protect all of people from the savages who wear scary patches. I am also stepping up my cause and will be arresting those who choose to wear various colors which means they belong to a gang. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re disabled, wear any gang color and I’ll put you in jail. I just arrested a raiders fan who was wearing her patch. I also arrested an 87 year old man for wearing a red t-shirt. These days all colors represent a gang which is why I busted that guy wearing the grey suit.

    OK, this is absurd and I made all of this up…..BUT…..where do you think we’re headed? It’s not the patch, it’s control of the people. Maybe I’m crazy but maybe I’m not!!

    Doc Jones

  41. willienelso3 Says:

    the latest on the Tucson shooting–

    this stuff still surprises me.

    the feds and the mongols’ patch saga, too.

    I should know better by now, but I keep thinking “you’ve got to be kidding” when I read the reports.

  42. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Nothing pigs do surprises me any more. They do it BECAUSE they are above the law and can get off scot-free. That proposed GA law is just more proof that pigs wipe their ass with the Bill of Rights. Why do disabled people (with PTSD) need to be singled out for discrimination? What have we done to the pigs, to deserve yet another trauma in our lives? Marking people for discrimination because of a disability is Nazi bullshit. Contemporary pigs would be glad to oblige.

    YYZ Skinhead

  43. DirtyBruin Says:

    RVN69: That cop must have been feeling particularly virile that day – worked his way up to “unconscious” from “dead”.

    Jabba: I think most Americans don’t appreciate Canada as much as they should; the USA couldn’t have a better friend. A Canadian friend of mine gave me a maple leaf flag pin, and it’s right next to the stars & stripes on my vest. I’ve not actually been Down Under, but from what I’ve seen the Australians take ANZAC Day very seriously.

    I find it revolting that soldiers in the UK can be treated so badly. I realize this is an echo of what others have said, but if someone is living in a country and doesn’t like seeing that flag or uniform – they should find somewhere else to live.

  44. RVN69 Says:

    YYZ Skinhead Says:”I think pigs target people with symptoms of PTSD because they can claim “oh, he did this and he did that so we had to torture him or shoot him to death”

    You May be on to something, last year here in Georgia, the State Legislature attempted to place some kind of indicator on peoples drivers license if they had been diagnosed with PTSD. They said the reason was to give police warning of who they were stopping! The bill would have passed if it hadn’t been leaked to the press and then there was a real shit storm from Veterans groups. If they could have kept it quite a while longer they would have been sucessful.
    Did you read that last week in New York, a cop who fucked a drunk women after they got a call to check on her welfare and found her passed out, was found not quilty, even after she taped him apologizing for doing it! The sheeple who make up juries just don’t want to believe that they have such scumbags wearing badges.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  45. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Two tours of duty serving our country and this is the reward he gets from yet another pack of kill-happy, cowardly un-American pigs.

    I think pigs target people with symptoms of PTSD because they can claim “oh, he did this and he did that so we had to torture him or shoot him to death” (I know a child rape survivor, who is not a Veteran but who was sexually molested by pigs after telling them she had PTSD).

    YYZ Skinhead

  46. Jabba Says:

    RIP Sergeant Arsenault and far too many more to mention.

    Best wishes to all who knew and loved them.


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