The One Big Investigation (Corrected)

October 21, 2010

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This is a revised and corrected version of a story published on October 21st. The original story erroneously reported that that three undercover ATF Agents, John “Hollywood” Carr, Greg “Russo” Giaoni and Paul “Painter D’Angelo left Operation Black Rain in October 2008, continued to pose as members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and subsequently infiltrated The American Outlaws Association. That is incorrect.

The infiltration of the Outlaws began in September 2008. Carr, Giaoni and D’Angelo may very well have headed east to assist in that infiltration but three additional undercover Agents awaited them. In September 2008, the Mongols had been infiltrated by at least seven, male, undercover ATF Agents. The names of those Agents appear in the witness list appended to the end of this story.

Another shoe dropped last Wednesday in the never ending ATF war against the Biker Menace.

Part of the ATF disinformation war is to chop different parts of what is essentially One Big Investigation into little, bite-sized, public relations pieces. One of the ways the ATF manipulates media coverage of the biker menace is by mendaciously blurring the line between investigation and prosecution. It seems immoral to use prosecution as an investigative tool. It is probably unconstitutional, too. Welcome to the new and improved America.

One Investigation

There has only ever been one investigation. It has been ongoing since at least 1998 and it is a product of the imagination of an ATF Agent named John Ciccone. Two investigations of the Mongols, including the current case, two investigations of the Hells Angels, at least two and possibly a third investigation of the Vagos, at least one investigation of the Warlocks in Virginia, two cases against the Pagans and the current case against the American Outlaws Association are all different facets of what is essentially the same case created by the same cabal of ATF Agents and sometimes the same confidential informants.

This week the now defunct Mongols World Chapter is hitting everybody in the face.

Coconut Dan

First Coconut Dan Horrigan started his publicity blitz for his forthcoming book Iron Warrior: The True Story of an Outlaw Biker Who Infiltrated Both the Hells Angels and Mongols Motorcycle Clubs. Forever, Ciccone has been telling judges and other gullible innocents that the Black Rain part of the One Big Investigation began in June 2005 after a Mongol named TJ Stansbury was busted for selling steroids to cops through the mail. Now here comes Horrigan to claim that Black Rain actually began in 2004.

After the Nevada Nomads charter of the Hells Angels asked Horrigan to please don’t come around us no more, Coconut Dan became Sergeant at Arms of the Mongols World Chapter. It has been tempting to blame this “World Chapter” fiasco on poor Doc Cavazos, who as it turns out is now cowering in a lockup in San Bernardino with his brother and his beaten and possibly brain damaged son.

But the longer one looks at the One Big Investigation the more it starts to look like Doc was set up just like everybody else was set up. The lovely inquisitor Reema M. El-Amamy probably described the One Big Investigation best when she called one particularly ridiculous episode in it “guerilla street theater.”


The World Chapter idea was sold to Doc by a piece of work named Lars Wilson. Wilson left several motorcycle clubs in two countries with a bad taste in their mouths. The extent to which he blatantly acted as an agent provocateur and may have entrapped other Mongols like Mike Munz is difficult to discern but it pretty clear that for a period of years Wilson was on the federal payroll. He seems not to be remembered fondly by the Loners and who he was actually working for when he rode with them is still unclear.

After the Loners, Wilson ingratiated himself to the Mongols, founded the World Chapter, whispered in Doc’s ear, convinced, he claims, Mike Munz not to murder people, then suddenly decided to become a Pagan. The upshot of that was three indictments against the Pagans. Wilson then decided to join the Outlaws in Virginia. Wilson’s adventures among the Outlaws culminated with a Federal trial that began yesterday in Richmond.


Outlaws National President Jack “Milwaukee Jack” Rosga, Mark “Lytnin” Spradling, Leslie Werth and William “Rebel” Davey (no relation) all stand accused of the usual RICO and VICAR counts. They are charged with RICO and VICAR because those charges carry draconian penalties and they justify the involvement of federal police in the investigation of relatively minor state crimes. These four men seem to be on trial for being “scary, evil, racist, sexist people.”

What might have been most interesting about yesterday’s opening statements were the questions they answered about the currently still active Mongols case.

That case, US v. Cavazos et al., was investigated by six, acknowledged, confidential informants like Horrigan, an unknown number of de facto informants like Wilson and by four, male ATF Agents. Those four Agents included two long-time, known associates of the John Ciccone organized criminal enterprise, Darrin “Dirty Dan” Kozlowski and John “Hollywood” Carr, as well as relative newcomers Greg “Russo” Giaoni and Paul “Painter D’Angelo. Kozlowski hid out in Washington DC after the conclusion of Operation Black Rain but eventually returned to Los Angeles. Carr, Giaoni and D’Angelo, however seemed to disappear.

What has not been generally acknowledge until Wednesday, however, is that the four ATF Agents on the West Coast were not alone. Three more ATF Agents had infiltrated the Mongols on the East Coast. In September 2008, at least seven ATF Agents had infiltrated the Mongols. The three East Coast Agents subsequently patched into the Outlaws.

Pitch Meeting Meets Prosecution

“You are about to embark on a journey into a world that you can hardly imagine,” an Assistant United States Attorney named Peter S. Duffey promised jurors yesterday. He used those words that way because another important facet of the One Big Investigation is its pulp fictionalization of ATF Agents as mythic heroes and outlaw bikers as mythic villains. If Duffy was just a little more hip and Hollywood he might have pitched his case as “Bad Lieutenant meets Donnie Brasco.” But, Duffey is a moron. All these prosecutors are morons and they seem to succeed only on account of their inability to feel empathy or shame.

In his opening statement Duffey told jurors they would hear from the three missing agents. “It’s an extraordinary tale of sacrifice and courage on their part,” he claimed. The three were “inconstant danger of being exposed.” Doesn’t this sound like a great movie?

But this pitch also raises the question of what Duffey thinks the three undercovers might be in danger of being exposed as. And, whether defense attorneys in this case will be allowed access to any of the surveillance footage in the Cavazos case. Or whether those attorneys will even be smart enough to ask to see those 110 DVDs.

Duffey promises the three ATF Agents will all testify. Presumably, that will open the three to cross examination.

The complete witness list in the Outlaws case in Richmond follows.


1. Daniel Anderson

2. Dr. Henry Atkins

3. D.Timothy Ayers

4. William Bank

5. Lyle Beatty

6. Matthew Berger

7. John Blais

8. Joe Bradley

9. Zac Breitenbach

10. C.S. Chester

11. Keith Cobb

12. Jerry Delaney

13. Officer A. Dolster

14. Timothy Franklin

15. D. Scott Glenn

16. Jeffrey Grabman

17. Richard Hankins

18. Mark Kelly

19. Hugh Landry

20. John Lindman

21. David Lowrey

22. Michael Mariaca

23. Brian McDermott

24. John Oakey

25. Daniel Ozbolt

26. Steve Parker

27. Michael Pedini

28. Robert Redd

29. Glen Smith

30. Michael Smith

31. Alan Townsend

32. Charlene Tyler

33. Charles Williams

34. Josh Valot

35. Scott Wright

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330 Responses to “The One Big Investigation (Corrected)”

  1. FNU LNU Says:

    The ATF is a rogue federal agency that manufactures criminal activity by throwing Boston Tea Parties and blaming it on the Indians.

    The media loves it and the public believes it.


  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anarchy,

    Yeah. Ruben cavazos Jr. will probably soon walk and like most things that happen anywhere ever, it will be Rebel’s fault. All them Mongols guilty pleas? Rebel did that.

    From a brief filed this summer by defense attorney Gregory Nicolaysen:

    “With the exception of Defendant #3, Hector Gonzales, every defendant in this 79 – defendant case has pled guilty, the vast majority of them during the two years in which Mr. Cavazos, Jr. and his father, Ruben Cavazos, Sr. have been cooperating pursuant to their plea agreements.

    “Although the plea agreement was filed under seal, news of the cooperation plea agreements signed by both Cavazos defendants managed to leak out into the biker community, as reflected by the numerous web site postings on the Mongols biker club web site ( and on a web site entitled, The Aging Rebel (

    “A clear illustration of the public availability of information regarding the under seal guilty pleas is Exhibit 1 hereto, which is a PDF printout of a page from the The Aging Rebel web site dated “Fri, Sep 3, 2010”, which contains a verbatim excerpt of the transcript of the under seal change of plea hearing for Ruben (“Doc”) Cavazos, Sr. There is no doubt that it was known throughout the entire litigation, as well as the entire Mongol biker community early on, that the two Cavazos defendants were cooperating.

    “Thus, even without having the benefit at this time of the government’s 5K1.1 motion for a downward departure based on cooperation, it can be reasonably inferred that one of the key factors that induced many co-defendants opted to plead guilty was the decisions by the two Cavazos defendants to cooperate.

    “Accordingly, a six-level downward departure for cooperation would properly reflect the value and extent of the cooperation rendered.

    “Exhibit 1 hereto also illustrates how closely this prosecution has been
    monitored and in particular, the actions / decisions by the two Cavazos defendants.

    “This animosity has taken on a variety of depictions, including sarcastic ridicule of Mr. Cavazos, Jr. as reflected in Exhibit 2, which is a posting on The Aging Rebel web site that mocks the medical order that counsel for Mr. Cavazos, Jr. obtained from this Court.

    “There can be no question that the risk of retaliation is real and is thus worthy of being factored into the court’s overall assessment of the amount of credit that should be awarded for cooperation.

    “Taking the foregoing considerations into account, Mr. Cavazos, Jr. respectfully submits that a six-level downward departure under U.S.S.G. 5K1.1 is appropriate, thus bringing the advisory range down to Level 20 / Criminal History I.

    “This produces an advisory guideline range of 33 – 41 months.”

    Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.


  3. Anarchy Says:

    AL ” THE SUIT ” CAVAZOS back on the st
    Is ‘LIL’ RUBE next ? coming soon

  4. Rashomon Says:

    That’s interesting stuff. There seems to be a trend towards hacking into organizations and publishing stuff like this. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I could easily imagine the feds hacking into a club website or something and adding whatever crap would best serve purposes that particular day then releasing it just to start some shit.

    Computers being what they are, you just never know who’s on the other end. Fuck it I guess. Back to work for me.

  5. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Fuck me with a circular saw, I posted an article quoting the original article as opposed to posting the original. Aargh. Here’s the link: <a href=" of Neo-Nazi Organization Contracted to Work in the Middle East

    Check out the comments, particularly the one stating that there is nearly $10,000 in the pic, paid by the Gangland folks to the hate gang Volksfront; and the one about how Gangland, while doing a show on a black street gang, had pigs arrange a $200 “interview” with an underage gang flunky without his parents’ consent. Whaddya bet the pigs who set it up got paid more than $200?

    YYZ Skinhead

  6. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Gangland is a recruiting device for street gangs AND THE GANGS SAY AS MUCH. Volksfront is a gang of neo-Nazi boneheads (which is what we non-bigoted skinheads call the neo-Nazis who ape our label and look) who don’t mind showing off all the cash they got from the Gangland brass for their circus sideshow (check out the picture at the bottom of the linked article). I would imagine that the “biker” rats, and pigs on the various club shows–13 of them so far–get equally lavish rewards from Gangland for regurgitating their well-worn anti-biker propaganda.

    YYZ Skinhead

  7. not-a-hippie Says:

    I take it this Gangland is some HBO deal. Never trusted t.v., except for cartoons, and then I was always paranoid about that Roadrunner. I woulda kilt that bird first try. I do have Netflix—is cool.

    Up north, there’s real life drama. Some full patch 81 got killed in a BMW SUV. Can you dig that?

    /whine I got flushed out of the 81 apprenticeship program a long time ago for being into hard, hard drugs and look at the club now…buncha drug dealing geeks. I was actually a trailblazer, you big ugly thugs. /whine

    Good to see you around, Rebel.

  8. 10Gauge Says:


    A close friend of mine was portrayed as a contract killer and a rat on one Gangland program about a club in California. They used a picture of him that had been taken with one of their “characters” (over five years ago) so they would have an interesting face to go with one of their villians in a story about dope and murder. My friend also belongs to a motorcycle club and this juicy little plot line could be very detrimental to his health…Fortunately the men in the clubs involved, who do watch this drivel, know the truth. He contacted his attorney and they have removed his picture and apologized for the “mix up”. The fact that the ATF is involved in this makes me sick and makes me wonder where this photo originated from.

    Specific enough for you officer?

  9. Doc Jones Says:

    Big V,

    That sums it up pretty damn good!!

    Doc Jones

  10. RVN69 Says:

    Big V,
    My guess is that Anonymous is in some fashion associated with Law Enforcement. He came here to poke a stick in the cage and torment the beast. If his reason for coming here was honest he would have read the relevant postings concerning the subject he put forth and could have then asked some reasonable questions if he was unsure of something. He is smug because he feels superior to us lowlife criminals. Unfortunately he will learn nothing from either Rebel’s detailed answer, or your explanation of who we are.

    Anonymous, I don’t care if you are offended, FOAD, ESAD.
    Fuck the Police, Fuck the Feds.

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks, Russell Doza, Tombstone Charlie, and all the other’s murdered by law enforcement under color of authority.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  11. BigV Says:

    This is just another person whose seen Gangland and figures they know what we are about. He feels that he’s being the righteous voice of truth, the Agent Provocateur on the side of reason. This makes him feel important that he’s putting us scummy bikers into our place.

    To that end…

    Dear Anon: We are who we are. What you see is what you get. The reason we’re in this world is that we value honesty over pretense, and we don’t need your approval or anyone else’s. How we feel and the way we see the world is plainly displayed on this site- take your Fuller Brushes to the next house.

  12. BigV Says:

    YYZ Skinhead: Propranolol wiped my goddamned memory, made me feel like a slug, and caused me to sleep for hours on end daily.

    I did a hell of a lot better on Toprol, and even better when I got a doctor to give me a script for clonidine. You’ll get looks like you’re a dirty junky for filling clonidine bc not many docs will prescribe it for BP, they’ll only give it for dope withdrawals.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear anonymous,

    Yeah. You strike me as a prosecutor.

    Most of the prosecution of motorcycle clubs is circular. The logic, which has been explicitly stated to me by both federal and county prosecutors as well as by ATF Agents, is that members of motorcycle clubs are guilty of the crime of being criminals. Therefore they should be prosecuted. Because they are criminals. Because they are guilty of the crime of being criminals. Everybody knows.

    Sometimes, often tragically, men in the outlaw world are criminals. But they are rarely prosecuted for being what most people think of when they think of criminals. Sometimes, they are framed. Just framed. Entrapped. An undercover ATF agent begs, really begs, in tears, a member of a club who happens to be a recovering addict to please get him some crank to repay a debt or he will be killed. (The putative killer is also an ATF Agent.) So the outlaw bites. Eventually. And three or four years later at the outlaw’s sentencing, the prosecutor cynically and sophistically portrays him as a major drug dealer who sold “an amount fo drug” equal to “5,000 street doses.”

    I think the psychological and historical context of all this is interesting but mostly outside the scope of a note. The context of what the motorcycle outlaw world is what I think is interesting. I am working on a book, some people who read this know. (I am working on a version of a book I can sell, that is. And, personally, it has cost me not less than everything in the last year, by the way.) It begins with a quote from a Steve Earle song, “Those of you who live through me, lock me up and throw away the key.”

    I shudder to think what the modern police state would make of outlaws like Patrick Henry, Tom Paine or Ethan Allen, for whom the Devils Desciples (their spelling) are named.

    And, none of this is to mention the awesome power of propaganda in the modern panopticon state. Roger Ailes, as an advisor to Nixon, gave us the “War on Drugs.” Decades later, Roger Ailes, of Fox TV gave us America’s Most Wanted and the ongoing Jay Dobyns show. Because people are easier to control when they are afraid. Because people comfort themselves by buying things when their lives are empty and they are afraid.

    Today on Fox, a nice guy named Kurt Sutter is running a show called Sons of Anarchy. The show, which is a roman a clef about the Angels and the Mongols and a bunch of other shit, follows the current, dominant American myth. The myth of the romantic gangster. But motorcycle outlaws are not gangsters. That is not what these institutions are about. Motorcycle Clubs were shaped by the Great Depression; the great American myth, which is the myth of the American frontier; and by Vietnam. For about a minute, until Vietnam, motorcycle clubs were about “juvenile delinquency” and about what before Vietnam was the greatest American virtue, non-conformity.

    Three philosophical currents have run through America from our beginning: Jefferson, Hamilton and Jeremy Bentham. Jefferson’s singular act as President was to ensure the frontier, the end of the rainbow, by buying Louisiana. Hamilton thought citizens should be worker bees. Bentham believed in the perfectability of man by round the clock surveillance. Motorcycle outlaws are sons of Jefferson. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are the very last of the American frontier — the frontier as an idea, which is why they can be exported all around the world.

    Two years ago in Sevastapol, Vladimar Putin, riding with the Night Wolves, said to them, “Bike is the most democratic transport vehicle. Bike is the most daring, challenging as it gives its owner the tempting feeling of freedom. That is why one can say without exaggeration, bike is a symbol of freedom. You came here, because you are a free people and you can go wherever you want.”

    The demonization and prosecution of motorcycle outlaws is, in the largest extent, an attack on the American soul. It is not about attacking crime. It is about attacking the notion of a free people. Vladimar Putin, former head of the KGB, gets it. You seem not to.

    To the extent that you are very opinionated and uninformed, that you are unfazed by what you do not know, that your own reasons for posting here are unexamined and that your reasoning is circular, you strike me as a prosecutor. Yeah. But maybe you are just a good citizen.

    All due respect. No offense intended.


  14. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    REALLY good to see you back, Rebel. This has probably been asked previously (thank you, propranolol and Seroquel) but do you have an agent?

    YYZ Skinhead

  15. A1 Says:

    Anonymous, I suggest you read “Using Prosecution For Punishment” and “Four Scenes From A Prosecution” on this website. If you fail to see how the Government conspired to create a crime in the case of Mr. Solis (Using Prosecution) or Mr. Trevino or Mr. Owens (Four Scenes), you are blind. The government has perverted the instinct towards saving the life of a friend into a crime multiple times. They have used this tecnique against both Owens and Trevino, and previously against a club in Florida.

  16. Doc Jones Says:

    Or……maybe your convictions are threatened and you are trying to take the focus off of you and putting it on Rebel for some weird reason. You know what this site is about. Why don’t you find a site that’s more your style? You sound like a cop or maybe a yuppie. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, hell, when I got out of prison for the third time, I turned my life around and now my Bro’s call me a yuppie. The thing is, I participate on this site because there are folks here that think along the same lines as me. We may not agree on everything but for the most part we have an understanding that you seem to be missing.

    Doc Jones

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Rebel, do I actually strike you as a prosecutor or is that just the line you take against people who threaten your convictions? It does not take a hidden agenda to see that your whole mythology of the evil ATF versus the good OMCs just doesn’t add up.

    Maybe it’s easier to just tell yourself I’m part of the conspiracy rather than someone who is simply curious about the matter and knows hypocrisy when he sees it?

  18. BigV Says:

    Some fools can’t learn Rebel.

    Support Your Local Motorcycle Club

  19. Stroker Says:

    Been reading this site for a while now, never contributed, til now.
    Rebel, thanks for all you do and have done, glad to see you’re still
    “in the hunt.” In my opinion, the battle lines between bikers and cops
    (catch-all phrase for all law-enforcement) began with the Life magazine article about Hollister, and the Wild One (flick) which followed. That set the stage, and everything that’s followed since then could be said to be variations on the theme. That does not in any way mean I approve of the “us vs them” mentality of the cops. It simply serves to explain.
    Cops see themselves in their role. Bikers see themselves in ours. Cops always have to combat the “Evil empire(s) of the Biker “gangs”. It doesn’t matter if we call ourselves “clubs”, they want, ne they NEED us to be “gangs!” We provide at the least the reason for their existance. Without us, what would they do? Well, they’d have to actually go after the street gangs for one thing, but dammit! Those ol’ street gangs are hard to get aholt of! Much easier to target them bikers….they’re right out in front, struttin’ their stuff, rubbin’ their greasy leather look in everybody’s face. Hell yeah. Go after the bikers. They have no social redeeming value anyway. That’s what we’ve got kids…..a mind-set that LEOs encourage, and yes, even foster, to get funding in the form of grants and public support, to take us ner-do-wells down! They see it as their God-given mission in life to strike down our culture.
    I think Rebel probably has all the statistics to go with what I’m saying here, but let’s talk about the total number of deaths in our culture, compared to the deaths in the street gang culture. I’m of the opinion that biker wars have a lot fewer deaths overall than what goes on almost daily in street turfs. Hell just look at what’s going on south of the border in the drug wars! Do we kill each other sometimes? Well, yeah, it happens…..but what’s the ratio between what the biker world has and the street or drug gangs do? C’mon. The reason the cops come after us is, we ain’t running and hidin’! We’re right out in the fucking open. Much, MUCH easier to prosecute us than the street gangs.
    Much easier, and maybe even more fun for them! Right now in my home town I’m heading up a fight against the local “gang-enforcement task force”, who just recently received funding to combat “STREET” gangs. How did they choose to spend it? By conducting a joint 6 agency checkpoint immediately adjacent to a run being held by a major club (nameless, cuz fight is on-going). Who did they fuck with? All the other clubs attending, and the independent riders who showed up! And I’m afraid this type of action is going to escalate. All law-enforcement agencies are suffering cut-backs, and to keep revenues flowing in, they are stepping up their citations. Confederations here in my state are fighting, but it’s an up-hill battle all the way, and I’m afraid it’s only gonna get worse! But we can’t give in, and we can’t give up. I’m a vet, and I hate to think I fought for the sorry sons-a-bitches who get their kicks takin’ down bikers cuz they gotta prove themselves……but I will not quit fighting them either. And I’ll finish this rant by saying I expect all you out there who read this excellent site, to never let down your guard, and never give up.
    We are true Americans in every sense of the word, and if we have the means to fight this crummy almost police state, then we have to.
    Rebel…..once more….thanx for being here.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Don,

    I think you are both condescending and fatuous and I am really busy. Think what you want. Are you a prosecutor? Just out of curiousity?

    Experientia docet stultos.

  21. RVN69 Says:

    Which law enforcement agency are you gathering information for? Are you writing a paper for an ATF class?

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, while I appreciate the reply, that was not specific enough at all.

    What I would like is an example of a crime or two falsely alleged on Gangland.

    As far as I can see your case against Gangland boils down to two claims:

    (1) The ATF instigated the production of Gangland in order to churn up usable “evidence”,

    (2) Many of the biker interviewees on Gangland exaggerate.

    The first point is an empty ad hominem. Even if one concedes the show has ulterior motives, what does that do to establish that it’s false?

    The second point I can readily believe, that there is a lot of hot air on the show. But on the other hand there are plenty of specific allegations that have resulted in arrests and convictions. Is it really your contention that all these bombings, murders, meth dealings, rapes, etc. are pure government fabrication?

    Also as an aside I want to point out how absurd it is to blame the ATF for Laughlin.

    If it were even possible to have “advance knowledge” of the riot that would imply that the riot was premeditated.

    How can you in the same breath protest the innocence of the 1%ers while simultaneously implying that either the HA or the Mongols or both planned to have a brawl with guns and knives in a crowded public place, resulting in fatalities?

    Look if you want to make the claim that there is a lot more to OMCs than crime, and that Gangland exaggerates, and that the ATF can be pretty dirty, that’s one thing.

    But to carry on like the OMCs are not responsible for their actions because the big bad ATF is “instigating” and “manipulating” them is just pathetic. Is this even the position the OMCs themselves take? When they are out their doing what they do do they see themselves as outlaws or as puppets manipulated by the government?

    Or are they outlaws until they get busted and then it’s all the ATFs fault?

    Just to be clear I’m not saying anything against the OMCs here. They do what they do and that’s that. I just think your approach of blaming everything on the ATF and media bias is preposterously one-sided.

  23. RVN69 Says:

    Just waiting to learn where and when I can buy the book.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  24. C8652 Says:

    Alive and kicking !!! Glad you were able to get a post out Rebel, it is food for the soul.



  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    All of the Gangland episodes about one percenter motorcycle clubs were pitched to Gangland Productions and Discovery Networks by ATF Assistant Director Larry Ford. Period. Fact. Gangland sometimes hides behind journalism and sometimes it is an intelligence gathering device for the ATF and the Department of Justice. The episode, Mongols Nation, was particularly ripe. The show was produced — begun, was intended to — to provoke Mongols into making statements to “journalists” that could later be used to incriminate them. Immoderate subjects and statements were suggested to the participants in that piece of shit. The idea of appearing on the show was suggested to Doc Cavazos by three undercover ATF agents. Outtakes from the show were entered into evidence in federal court. Everything you have seen on Gangland about outlaw bikers is propaganda. The goal of that propaganda is to enrich and glorify the ATF as an agency and individual ATF agents in particular. Jay Dobyns for example, spent last Christmas in Bruge. Fucking Bruge. How many cops do you know who spend Christmas in fucking Bruge? Agents are routinely dramatized as “heroes.” The ATF has a particularly nasty history with, in no particular order, the Sons, the Outlaws, the Bandidos, the Angels, the Mongols, the Pagans and the Vagos. I do not believe that Gangland is actually making up things. But only because the producers don’t have the balls and they do not have to. The ATF blatantly manufactures lies and Gangland, and other outlets, present those lies as truth.

    I have known a lot of outlaws. In my opinion, there are far more ATF Agents who are psychopaths that motorcycle outlaws who are psychopaths. It is a fact that Gangland lies because the lies make a good story and that Gangland does not follow even the most basic journalistic good practice. Gangland is a parody of journalism. It is journalism for morons.

    The argument can be made, and has been made publically, that the same cabal of a dozen ATF agents (including John Ciccone, Darrin Kozlowski, John Carr and Jay Dobyns) instigated the Loughlin riot, had knowledge before hand that the fight at Harrah’s was going to occur, and intentionally did nothing to prevent it. The argument can also be made that the same little cadre of agents were at the very least accessories to the murders of Hells Angel Christian Tate and Mongol Manuel Vincent Martin. I do not have videotape of either murder and I believe the agents would be acquitted if they were tried for either murder. And, I am aware that at least some Angels think Mike Munz was behind the Tate murder and, probably a majority of, Mongols think Martin was popped by Toonerville. I think it is pretty clear by now, by inference, that Munz had nothing to do with Tate’s murder. I think Occam’s razor points to the the Department of Justice, at least as high as Deputy US Attorney Christopher Brunwin, as accessories both before and after the fact in the Martin murder. I also have reason to believe that the ATF had a contract employee at the scene of the murder of Pape Guardado. That dude is now dead, however, so I can’t prove that either. And, I also know which agent told newspapers after a subsequent bombing in San Jose, that the Angels must be slippin’ because they didn’t actually kill anybody. And, I know why the agent said that. The same ATF agent has been trying to stir trouble between the Angels and the Mongols for at least ten years. Because biker violence is good for his fucking career. Biker violence is good for shit journalists like Julian Sher, for TV networks like Discovery and for the same major publisher’s who have been shitting all over me for two years including Random House, Crown and William Morrow. How ’bout that Anonymous? Specific enough for you? If you want more you are going to have to buy a copy of the book.

    Real soon now,

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Just a question for anyone, not related to this topic but not sure where else I can post it.

    I have seen a lot of complaints about Gangland’s treatment of OMCs, but I haven’t seen anything specific. I’m sure the show sensationalizes, but is it actually false or just misleading?

    I mean I can understand that a lot more goes on in the clubs than just nonstop murder and meth dealing, but on the other hand… unless Gangland is flat-out fabricating things, there clearly is a lot of crime going on in the clubs. (I just recently saw the HA Canada episode…100+ murders apparently, plus the prison guard assassinations. Seems to me the facts speak for themselves there…)

  27. not-a-hippie Says:

    Can’t seem to find any new Rebel articles. Where they at?

    Loyalty to US companies is dead. I ride my Kawasaka more than anything.

  28. Doc Jones Says:

    I guess that I can’t adjust to these new times. I see members of 1% clubs wearing full face helmets and switching from one club to another, all to suit their needs, not caring about the needs of the club. What happened to being loyal? Then there’s the ratting off your brother to further your needs. Then again, there are way too many clubs and support clubs. Why I would be in a club that supports and is controlled by another club is beyond me. Then there is the idea of members who don’t have a bike can join a club. OK, maybe I’m missing something here. It isn’t really any of my business what others do. I am just having a hard time understanding how diffrent it is now. I’m just stating an opinion of an old timer. I’m not trying to offend anyone…….well……except the rats!!

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