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June 14, 2010

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It is Monday, June 14th and Rebel is busy right now trying to convince some people who live in New York City that he can too write books and stuff; that motorcycle outlaws are interesting, noble and misunderstood; and that the ATF is the American secret police. Amazing though it might seem, some of the suits actually seem to be buying this, this time. Rebel will be back in about a week.

Meantime, feel free to browse.  And don’t forget, it doesn’t count unless you stare at each page for at lest 61 seconds.

your pal,


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77 Responses to “Rebel Will Return”

  1. Shyster Says:


    Just thinking about ya. Missing the insightful posts and wishing you all the best.


  2. BigV Says:

    Neal Cassady was definitely the inspiration. HST actually did sound recording of the event(including the gang bang on Neal’s first wife who was there).

    There is sound recordings of the event available that Douglas Kennedy had and a couple of other archivists.

    The HST biographies and some of HST’s letters that have been published mention that they made him remove Neal’s name, same as Oscar Acosta’s name was replaced in FLLV.

    Rebel writes better than HST, so it’s sad I know this shit.

  3. Grumbler Says:

    sled tramp – Snortster, to me, usually denoted a Sportster engine stuffed into a Norton Wideline Featherbed frame. Yeah, I feel your pain as I owned ’75 FLH1200 and ’68 Triumph 650 Trophy for awhile. Used the Triumph’s shifter as a brake pedal more times than I’d care to admit. Shifter was moved to the left (weird seeing shift lever in Triumph primary cover) when the 1976 models went into production. Used to take AC Transit bus btw Berzerkeley and Baghdad By The Bay.

  4. sled tramp Says:

    I ride by “Further” every once and awhile.It’s parked in a field in Pleasant Hill,OR not too far from Kesey’s grave up on the mountain.
    I had a 1959 XLCH once.Tearing into the garage one morning late for work, I took the Snortster over my FX as it had prroooobbably enough gas to make it.Jamming through town, an AC Transit bus crossed my path.I kept hitting the rear brake but nothing happened.
    Oh yeah, reversed foot controls.
    I hit the side of the bus like wet liver on a stainless steel countertop.That and frantically cranking the throttle to get my magneto rear light to be visible watching a cage coming up in my rear view was enough Snortster experience for me.

  5. Grumbler Says:

    A crew from Fox Movies was in Cave Creek last month scouting out locations for a movie based on Sonny Barger’s autobiography. He has been waiting almost a decade for it to go into production. Source: www dot travelswithace dot com/?p=27353 (not taking chances of link getting snagged by Rebel’s nefarious spam filter).

  6. Grumbler Says:

    Great, almost every other time I post something I get that dreaded “Your comment is awaiting moderation” ….

  7. Grumbler Says:

    I’ve the Then Came Bronson pilot movie on VHS. Two versions were filmed for the Bonnie Bedelia beach scene in Big Sur: One version featured Bonnie stripping off a wedding dress down to her bra & panties, and the other version reveals her stripping the wedding dress down to her panties -and going topless (the topless version was broadcast in Europe and is now available on DVD). My VHS has the bra & panties version with the topless section added after the ending.

    Bronson’s bike was a red 1968 XLH 900cc Harley-Davidson Sportster masquerading as a kickstart XLCH. Had that huge, fugly oem exhaust system. Producer Bob Justman created the “Eye of God” symbol on the bike’s gas tank.

  8. RVN69 Says:

    I had a 60 FLH when “Then Came Bronson” came out. Used to watch the show every week trying to figure out how he could completely disassemble his XL with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers and I had to keep half my toolbox in a pouch just to keep mine running!!!

    Honest Mors, Turpi vita Potior

  9. bob Says:

    Oh yeah,in the same book,”Preetam Bobo” is Birney Jarvis,the inspiration for “Jim Bronson”.I admit ,the ’83 XLX I later bought during an enlistment on Oahu,was influenced by “Then Came Bronson”.That one-year wonder show sold a shitload of Sporty’s for the Motor Company.

  10. Grumbler Says:

    bob – could you divulge how you knew it was Neal Cassidy? Speaking of LSD, I recall looking up at the bathroom mirror during that era one night while trippin’ on acid.Hundreds of squirming anakes had taken over my face. That was pretty weird. Having the presence of mind to see it as being far fucking out as opposed to freaking out didn’t hurt. Ride free, and enjoy the trip, MAN!

  11. bob Says:

    the cursing individual was the late Neal Cassidy.Besides providing the inspiration for the Dean Moriarty character in “On The Road”,he drove the bus named “Further” for the Pranksters.

  12. RVN69 Says:

    That paragraph is taken from Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hells Angels. The incident described allegedly took place at a party put on by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters for the Hells Angels on their private property during the period of time that LSD was legal.

  13. Grumbler Says:

    Rashomon – the name of protagonist, who wrote several novels, was deleted by the publisher’s lawyers when HST’s book was printed. That said, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was Ken Kesey (1935-2001 RIP).

    It was at Kesey’s enclave in La Honda during a loud and wild Merry Pranksters/HAMC par-tay with plenty of beer and LSD. It’s in chapter 21 of the HST’s HA book. Incidently, Hwy 84 btw Skylonda and the coast is killer. Apple Jacks Inn, located in La Honda, is a popular biker hang.

  14. Muck 1%er Says:

    It is a quote from Thompsons book “Hells Angels”
    Can’t quite remember who it was launching the tirade at the cops though. Some funny shit.

  15. Dante Says:

    My guess is Hunter S. Thompson

  16. Rashomon Says:


    Now I’m intrigued – who was the protagonist?

  17. Grumbler Says:

    Rebel – since you’re having arguements with various official motherfuckers, copied/pasted this from a famous protagonist:

    stood naked on the private side of the creek and screamed off a long, brutal diatribe against the cops only twenty yards away. He was swaying and yelling in the bright glare of a light from the porch, holding a beer bottle in one hand and shaking his fist at the objects of his scorn: “You sneaky motherfuckers! What the fuck’s wrong with you? Come on over here and see what you get … goddamn your shit-filled souls anyway!” Then he would laugh and wave his beer around. “Don’t fuck with me, you sons of shitlovers. Come on over. You’ll get every fucking thing you deserve.”


    more info to come

  19. KK Says:

    Rebel, Hey man keep those fingers pounding away on the keyboard.

    Tom Choad “Seems like the government’s got more interest in a dead man than a live one”.

    Looking forward to the book. KK

  20. Detroit Dutch Says:

    wb buddy!

    If only for the news article

    Was thinking about sending out a platoon to search for ya.

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dante,

    Working on a book. Have little arguments with various offical mnotherfuckers. I will be back. I am like Tom Joad. I am there.


  22. Dante Says:

    Where are you man? Are you alright? Send us a signal!!!

  23. Miss Krista Says:

    I have seen nothing but respect in pretty near everything rebel writes, except when none is due lol and we all know when and whom that goes to…yeah where is everyone? summer I suppose. hope so anyway. Respect to those of you who have earned it.

  24. willienelso3 Says:

    I saw nothing but respect toward the men who died in everything that Rebel wrote here about the events of Feb 17th

  25. sled tramp Says:

    Apparently not……………

  26. Dante Says:

    I am guessing this would be in reference to the “Sober Murders”.


  27. Miss Krista Says:

    This is what I mean – they video and audio tape citizens – I know because we’ve taken depositions where they’ve admitted it! The law normally goes if one person is aware then it’s ok – we used to tape record phone calls of stock trading transactions because so much money was at stake and the “legal department” confirmed it was ok because one side knew, so really this is just another attempt to intimidate the general population into eating as much shit as possible, as far as I’m concerned.

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