The Derringer In Doza’s Hand

June 4, 2010

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There were three people in the Rogues Motorcycle Club clubhouse in Tulsa when it was shock and awed at dawn on April 9th.

One of them, Russell Doza, was shot between seven and nine times and killed. He was shot in the side and the back. Two of the shots entered his neck around the base of his skull. Now the United States Attorney in Tulsa is trying to put the two survivors, Scott Lee Sollars and Albert Dee Ahlfinger, in prison for ten years each. Sollars and Ahlfinger are charged with being felons “in possession” of firearms.

Neither man possessed a firearm as most of the English speaking world understands the verb “possessed.” American prosecutors routinely torture English as former President Clinton tortured English when he wondered “what the meaning of is is.” Sollars and Ahlfinger are being prosecuted because they belong to the Rogues and they were there when Doza was murdered. Sollars and Ahlfinger were in the clubhouse with Doza. And Doza was killed because he was holding a gun. So Sollars and Ahlfinger were in a house with guns.

Assistant United States Attorney Joseph Wilson told the Tulsa World that his office “routinely reviews potential federal gun prosecutions and that these cases were selected because of the overall circumstances.” Cynics probably notice that these cases are being prosecuted before the results of any investigation into Doza’s homicide are announced. One friend of the Rogues characterized the gun charges as a “joke.” It is not a very subtle attempt to intimidate the Rogues into shutting up about that fatal raid.

However, after a very long silence the arrest complaints and supporting documents do shed a little more light on what happened on April 9th.

Not Exactly T.S. Eliot

The affidavits that support the arrest warrants were written, or at least signed, by a Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent named Amy M. Kuhn. And, as is usually the case with these sorts of things the statements they contain are written in prejudicial and self-important cop-speak, which is the noise cops make when they want to sound important, professional and authoritative – like an actor playing a doctor in an aspirin commercial.

“On April 9, 2010,” Agent Kuhn begins her tale, “members of the FBI Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at the Rogues Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Clubhouse, 1826 North Kingston Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to considerable safety concerns, members of the TCSO Special Operations Team were requested to knock, announce, enter and conduct a safety clearing of the location prior to the execution of the search warrant. While an entry and safety clear of the location were completed…” Sollars and Ahlfinger were “removed from the premises” and not placed “under arrest” but merely “temporarily detained for (their) own safety and for the safety of the officers involved.”

Kuhn’s sworn statement includes the usual pro forma admission that these sworn statements always contain, which is that that some of what she swears is a true is a lie of omission: “I have not included each and every fact known to me concerning this investigation.”

The Two Search Warrants

For the last two months, the raid on the clubhouse was supposed to be a search for “marijuana and methamphetamine.” There were actually two warrants issued on April 9th. They are both state warrants.

One was issued by Judge Wilma Palmer 30 minutes before the raid. In addition to marijuana and methamphetamine it also authorized a search for: Instrumentalities, monies, records, financial records, proof of residency, drug notations and unexplained wealth from the sale of controlled dangerous substances, monies and or items consistent with the diversification of wealth, firearms, financial records and drug notation and residency papers. In general, this is language that is used to accomplish the seizure of all written, photographic, financial and computer records so police can copy them, add them to their accumulated “intelligence” and inspect them at their leisure to see what they can use.

The first warrant names a member of the Rogues who was not at the clubhouse and has not been arrested.

The second search warrant, issued after Doza’s homicide and after the clubhouse had become a crime scene, sought all the items in the first search and: Human bodies, DNA, blood, impressions, trace evidence, firearms, ammunition, bullets including spent projectiles, cartridge cases, explosive devices (and) literature or documents associated with explosive devices or materials.

Two additional suspects, a man and a woman, are named in the second warrant and neither of them was in the Rogues clubhouse that morning either.

Fruit Of The Second Warrant

The only occupants of the clubhouse that morning were the two men charged this week, Ahlfinger and Sollars, and Russell Doza. Immediately after Doza’s murder an FBI Agent named Charles L. Jones questioned both survivors about the location of any weapons in the clubhouse. Neither man was Mirandized and both men cooperated fully with police. Both of them had just heard gunshots from inside the house and were obviously eager to prevent bloodshed.

Sollars told Jones he believed guns “might be” in the residence. Ahlfinger told the FBI Agent that he knew there was a shotgun behind the bar and that because he was a felon he never went behind the bar where the shotgun was kept. Ahlfinger also said he thought there was a gun in a locked safe in the house and that he thought there were probably numerous pocket knives in the house but no explosives.

Both warrants authorized a search for firearms. Implicit in Kuhn’s affidavit is the allegation that neither the FBI nor the TCSO knew who was in the house at the time of the raid because they had to ask. It is more likely – unless this is the worst FBI Field Office ever – that the police knew exactly who was in the house when the raid was conducted; that an informant knew the exact location of at least three of the firearms and may even have planted one of them in the clubhouse himself; and that the point of conducting the raid then was to contrive the charge with which Sollars and Ahlfinger have now been arraigned.

Both men were arrested on state felony gun possession charges the day of the raid. The arrest report states that guns were “accessible to all subjects in the house.” The state charges were dismissed earlier this week when the same charges were filed federally.

The four weapons recovered from the club house were the Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge shotgun Ahlfinger told Jones he could find behind the bar; a TEC DC9 ghetto blaster; an “SKS 7.62 rifle” which describes a broad range of bolt action and semi-automatic weapons but probably is meant to describe an antique, five shot, bolt action rifle; and a “Cobra Firearms .22 caliber handgun” which describes a very narrow range of firearms.

The Derringer…

Cobra makes two .22 caliber handguns. One fires .22 magnum rounds and the other fires .22 long rifle rounds. They are both derringers. The guns are specifically marketed to bikers as self-defense weapons. The Cobra web site describes them as follows:

“Derringers have more than 100 years of popularity and they continue to top the charts in sales today! From the Cowboy Action Shooter to the Harley Davidson rider, there’s a Derringer to fit your personality. Even Grandma likes a little Derringer in her purse. Cobra Derringers are beautifully handcrafted with a wide range of calibers and barrel lengths.”

Actually they are all between three and a half and about four inches long, cost about $150 and are not very good guns. A common complaint is a heavy trigger. Another common complaint is that the trigger just falls out of the frame. Bikers like to carry them and sometimes brandish them but they are very rarely fired.

It is beginning to look like this will be the gun that investigators will try to put in Russell Doza’s hand when he was killed.

The derringer might very well be connectible to Doza. He had a legal right to own a gun. There may not be a record connecting him to the weapon and it might still have been his gun. He might have bought it in a private transaction. Or it might also have been a “throw down gun” carried by one of the police officers on the scene.

…In Doza’s Hand

The official account of Doza’s death has always been that three Swat officers found Doza asleep on a floor and he picked up “a handgun,” intending to murder them. So they killed him in self defense. But that account has never rung true. One of the reasons for the long official silence is that is that the official account has been flawed with obvious inaccuracies from the time is was first recited to reporters. For example, Doza was not lying on a floor. He was in a bed in a bedroom.

Russell Doza’s hearing was very impaired. He was not quite deaf but he wore hearing aids and he used closed captioning when he watched television. That explains how he was able to sleep through the Swat raid. If he had known that a commando team had invaded the clubhouse he would have undoubtedly acted exactly as Sollars and Ahlfinger acted. He would have cooperated. But he was awakened and as he started to roll over he was shot. The top secret forensic evidence is fairly clear about that even if it is too dangerous for the Tulsa World to report. He was sleeping on his stomach, as he always slept, and he never had time to roll all the way over.

So the gun that was “observed in plain sight” that Doza is supposed to have brandished at his killers was either a bolt action rifle, a TEC 9 or a derringer. And, no one who knew Doza has ever described him as the sort of a man who sleeps with a TEC 9. So the most likely weapon that police can put in Doza’s hand is a tiny, inaccurate, shoddy, .22 caliber, single action, two shot pistol.

It will be interesting to read the cop-speak description of how threatened three cops in body armor felt when they saw that tiny gun – if there ever is a publically accessible official report. But the description of the great derringer danger will hardly be the most interesting passage. The interesting part will describe the five seconds before that.

Nobody knows exactly what happened in that bedroom that morning except the three shooters. But for almost two months there has been a consensus of informed speculation about what probably happened.

Apparently, this informed reconstruction of events goes, the three Swat officers rushed into Doza’s room. Roc Doza was sleeping so soundly the Swat commandos walked right past him. Then they decided the room was clear and turned to go. They might have decided to poke around before they left or they might have just turned to go. They might have finally noticed Doza at that second or the next. They might have laughed at the sleeping man and poked him in the back with the muzzle of one of their guns. They might have pulled the covers down from around his head with one of their guns.

And, that was when Doza awoke. Or, maybe they never saw him until he awoke. It was a dimly lit room and as he rose to see what was going on he might have looked like a Haji who had been lying in ambush in the desert sands. He might have awakened with a start but whatever he did he scared at least one of the cops. One cop fired first then they all fired and Doza was dead.

And then somewhere either the derringer or the TEC 9 appeared. Finding, or planting, it does not matter, the gun would have given the shooters the out they needed. Finding a gun allows the cops to claim self defense.

It would probably be easier to put the derringer – rather than the TEC 9 – in Doza’s hand because it is a kind of gun commonly carried in the biker world. But then, putting the derringer in Doza’s hand raises the most haunting question of all. In the dimly lit room they saw the derringer but they did not see Doza. They saw the four inch gun. They did not see the six foot man.

They did not see Doza but they saw the derringer in his hand. And then, acting in great fear for their lives, they killed him.

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41 Responses to “The Derringer In Doza’s Hand”

  1. BigV Says:

    Ms. Krista:

    Good to hear. Hopefully the pig that took your husband will have to suffer on earth before he burns in Hell for all eternity.


  2. harleyquinharley Says:

    Ms. Krista,
    My biggest and heartfelt congrats to you on WINNING THE MURDER CASE against the cop that killed your husband. May he ride free on the winds of change.

  3. bikerbrian Says:

    got ten now and thanks,not a quitter just figuered after 30 plus years i could proudly retire.the current police situation plus the rat factor made it a more appealing decision also. its nice to be off the radar!!!

  4. DocB Says:


    Congrats on the 9 mo thing………… been there,done that,
    hang in there. best wishes


  5. willienelso3 Says:


    I was wondering about you just the other day. glad you’re still around in the land of the living. god I remember all that horseshit of having to pretend to be hungry etc. happy thanksgiving to you too.

    respect and gratitude to all who post here,


  6. bikerbrian Says:

    hope every scooter tramp has a happy thanksgiving i know i am im not locked up niether is my mind.shit im even going to eat turkey without having to force myself to act hungry or attempt to look like i didnt do to much speed before dinner. nine months clean aint always as exciteing but i dont miss whats in front of me because of worrying whats behind me.i miss my old lady who is doing 15years more than i miss getting high, and to the rat that ratted you will slip in your own shit someday and nobody will help your sorry ass and you can rot in shame because its YOU whose to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bikerbrian Says:

    wow willie we aint lonely no more.personally david allen coe “un-censored” is my favoite lefty frizzel not to bad either.BUT God i love this old panhead of mine is a true love song we can all appreciate.sure i got a button starter now but i still miss them to drunk to walk but still gotta kick to leave nights,Amen

  8. BigV Says:

    It’s on “I’ve Got Something to Say”

    Hillbilly music, a hillbilly like me’s forte.

  9. BigV Says:

    Take It Easy Rider by David Allan Coe.

    Sometimes I used to wonder which one of us wouldn’t make it to the next show, me or him… Wild times.

  10. Miss Krista Says:

    speaking of good songs though has anyone ever heard and know where I can find the song that goes like this: “Take it easy rider you can make it easy rider, there’s no one to stop you doesn'[t it look easy rider now. I saw shirley stroker up in panhead west virginia, she and county shovel head were standin in the rain. They both were wearin dresses lord they sure were lookin’ pretty, motorcycle fever has almost drove me insane (chorus again and 2 more verses about trucks and horses ending in) horses are like women they are fast and fancy free!”

  11. bob Says:

    I think Lee Clayton wrote that one.Waylon made it famous.D.A.C. is a good song writer.He’s also a pathological liar.He’s claimed that Jimi Hendrix was once a side picker in one of his bands.Never fuckin’ happened.

  12. bikerbrian Says:

    wish someone would have told me that a long tome ago,all I heard was dont come home if you ever buy a motorcycle.I havent been homeless since I bought my first basketcase 30yrs ago.Ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs(david allen coe I think)But I live within the law these days to many cops living outside the law for me!!!!!!!!!

  13. willienelso3 Says:


    “don’t ask; don’t tell” !

    keep the rubber side down.


  14. bikerbrian Says:

    Well life got better today!I just bought a 1995 bagger.Now Im officially an old fart.Dose that grant me passage to be crazy?That means less self changes have to be made in my current mental state!Ive never been arrested when my scooter was up,go figure I also never pulled over,that was someone eleses job.Usually someone with a valid DL and no major warrant.Being clean,not soapy,sure has its advantages in life today.Now I just gotta get a post-conviction done for my old lady.Did anybody else just notice the harley came first?Damn looks like jackin might become a lifestyle.There are those who do and those who lie about it!

  15. bikerbrian Says:

    Hey Wilie,yup still clean and life ain’t perfect but dope won’t make a damn thing any better,so when Ithink about using Ifinish with the knoledge that I don’t quit with out a new felony.I got to live(get to live)in the real world today.Also it looks as if I may be gatting a neww(1995)scooter this week.Its a dresser old fart bike but I think I’m old enough to ride one now,at 50 I’m seeing a little mental maturity.Some joints are stiffer and some(1)are not.But I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again(Tobie Kieth).Man thanks for the support too!Well I’m off to an NA meeting,glad to know somebody still around this site I keep up with it because I knew Russell he was a damn good man!

  16. willienelso3 Says:


    yeah. where did everybody go?

    105 days. excellent. by now it should be 120 days (or 121).

    can’t help you with the scoot (I’m too ignorant and inexperienced still regarding things mechanical), but I’m hoping you’re still clean.

    I’ve been living that way for some years now. I couldn’t have ever owned a motorcycle w/o laying aside all the intoxicants. the land of the amphetamine dream was not conducive to . . . living. not for me anyway.

    stay w/the new lifestyle — I’ve found that it makes everything else possible.


  17. bikerbrian Says:

    where did everybody go? well i guess i will go play with myself.i should be back in thee minutes!and people think bikers cant be honest

  18. bikerbrian Says:

    23years off the coke 105days from evrything else scooter still down me too a little

  19. bikerbrian Says:

    ok enuff about politics an aircleaner bolt went through my carb you can probably figure out the angle of the throttle blade on your own it splattered my piston bent my rod(connecting) and damaged the head(on motor mine was burnt years ago) I would rather ride in the rain than drive a cage in the sun any help would me from a nut check in the mail 92 evo

  20. sled tramp Says:

    LMAO….you ain’t alone…

  21. bikerbrian Says:

    i dont spell so good do i

  22. bikerbrian Says:

    hey although in my past i didnt vote or couldnt vote (felonies) but now can we can chage some things if we do exercise that one right which many dont do just think if every ex con got their right to vote back and voted to change laws that affected us in the past and in some states they can vote absentee while incarcerated its quite painless and i feel like this “dont vote dont bitch” and being a still practied confrontational (bitcher) type i try to vote.and if a bunch of scooters are at the polling stations maybe the weak wont vote

  23. bikerbrian Says:

    somebody tell arogant to call me

  24. bikerbrian Says:

    brother im one who knows what im capable of doing i got no good reason behind using in the past after 3year clean i got hit on my bike got 5 months in traction and i thought meth would put me back on my feet it worked sort of but i forgot the snitch factor OOPS my bad with my past im broke worse thanm the ten commandments but im on papertime and drug court im hoping to get certifried as a drug and alcohol councelor in the meantime cops arent happy but they have never done anything but shoot my dog steal my shit and lockup beatup or shootup people i care about im going to win this gig by just being ME if i can anybody can im not a quitter i choose to do something else God is great beer is good people are crazy

  25. DocB Says:


    Good job. It was a 1%er that helped me out with the first 90 days. I didn’t trust anybody but bikers. Maybe you can help somebody do the same thing you’re doing.


  26. bikerbrian Says:

    no sled tramp this time its easy my first 90days clean started on 8th floor of county jail 1995 and i went to granite,in county we had 28men in a 12man cell.but its 2010 now and the code of ethic in the world of speed has all but erroded it makes me sick ,sick enough to know im done and the dope they planted on me has netted me 10 more i just want to fix my scooter and BE FREE my old lady gets out in 2013(dope case)the benefits of getting high are out gunned by the consequences rats,dirty cops and 14yearolds who say they are old school shit they cant even spell it . but your support sent my way is very accepted i didnt expect that comming a snitch killed russell just as much as did TCSO.right is right wrong is wrong i knew i was doing somthing illegal when i smoked my first joint 30years later its still illegal 26 years slamming meth im done but i can hold my head up(both of them) by now a few know me im still 100%scooter tramp i just just squish my shocks more

  27. Not Surprised Says:


    First 90 days is the roughest, good job dude.

  28. sled tramp Says:

    Outstanding! Keep goin’,all support to ya.

  29. bikerbrian Says:

    hey i got 83 days today clean and sober

  30. not-a-hippie Says:

    Cops around here are kinda nervous seeing that 5 cops were killed and 1 seriously shot up in less than a year. Everyone from the street people to the coloreds are sick of their b.s. The cops have backed way the fuck off since then….they got the message, ya think?

    The feds are riding the War on Terror laws to the max, but how much longer until another Tim or a maybe a 1% club declares all out war? Well, the 1% is a stretch; they’d have to sober up first, ya know?

  31. bikerbrian Says:

    clint eastwod (dirty harry)was agun shooting cop but his movies wouldnt sell to good if he didnt find NOT SUPPLY the drugs in a drug raid nor be veiwed as a hero if all he shot were sleeping ,deaf or unarmed innocent people .if it did go that way he surely would have shot the snitch next!!! WAY TO GO TCSO,next time you dig youself a hole jump in dont put an innocent member of society in it. this oklahoma where you can and shouild knock and announce POLICE war produces hatred have you forgotten PROTECT AND TO SERVE.We are bikers but we are also father sons BROTHERS and members of the society they serve!!!!

  32. bikerbrian Says:

    look out first they they wouldnt know sex if they didnt they didnt use a hand (there own) they went to running into people with cars they live in fear (alone) they are mad at all dogs (they wont)come to them so they poison or shoot them they are scared of bikers but only feel courageous when they are in large numbers and find on asleep and deaf(they shoot the shit out of him) so now what if i was WE TODD DID im sure to be next o TCSO hit list

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Half-Bob,

    Best line of the month.


  34. half-bob` Says:


  35. DirtyBruin Says:

    Miss Krista: Ah, but since they use these insane tactics against people they suspect of having really minor amounts of drugs, the one flush already in the toilet tank is obviously too big a risk to take; therefore they are forced to break in the doors, kill any dogs (even little ones in crates) they see and maybe blow away a person or two as well just to ensure that no one flushes any drug evidence.

    I can understand the body armor if the cops are really going after a major player in the drug trade; they’re often very well armed. But doing this crap to ordinary people over truly trivial amounts of drugs is simply obscene – especially considering the all too frequent results of dead, innocent people.

    These “dynamic entry” scenarios seem (to me) to be designed more to provoke a response from anyone inside that will “justify” the use of deadly force than to secure evidence and protect the cops.

  36. Miss Krista Says:

    That crap about being worried something will be flushed is bullshit too. How about this if that were a genuine concern – turn off the water DUH. But then they’d have no excuse for using military tactics against US Citizens, which is specifically forbidden in the US – so think about it – just who are the criminals here?

  37. chainsaw Says:

    The point is not whether or not he had a gun. I have a gun and so does most everyone I know. The point is that the SWAT team startled a person out of a sound sleep and shot him when he reacted normally to being startled awake suddenly by intruders invading his room. Nobody in his right mind thinks Doza realized it was a SWAT team and was going to take them on with a derringer.

    It does not appear there was any reason to use a SWAT team for this type of search warrant. I realize that in drug cases the cops are worried the shit will get flushed but they need to come up with something better than this.

  38. Vacuus Cura Says:

    If the derringer doesn’t sway public opinion, maybe they’ll conveniently find a submachinegun under his pillow.

    Murdering bastards.

  39. RVN69 Says:

    I was so pissed off when I first read this I couldn’t comment, now the cops are going to try to justify the murder of Russell Doza by saying he was armed and are going to persecute two more innocent men to cover their crimes! Remember when Derek Hale was murdered, the justification given by the Delaware cops and approved by the Attorney General was that the cops feared for their lives because Derek wouldn’t take his hands out of his pockets. They later claimed to have found a pocket knife in one pants pocket although Derek’s hands were in his hoodie pocket. These are murders pure and simple and all you cops and feds lurking out there reading this site know I am correct! If this keeps up, sooner or later we are going to fight back.

    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Charles Nichols
    Justice for Russell Doza

    Respect to all that have earned it.
    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

  40. troyez Says:

    The youtube vid kinda makes one wonder if SWAT had this technology when Doza was killed; it was just a couple months ago, and the video was posted June 30, 2009, so I say “yes.” Where is the video evidence? Maybe SWAT will say that the cameras won’t pick up low light conditions? Our night-vision goggles in the Army had infrared, along with the night-vision technology, and IR is way cheaper, so I think the cop’s cameras probably had IR. Where is the video evidence?

  41. Aerrin Says:

    At least one of the cops around here carries a “throw down weapon”. One was talking about it after a robbery at a local store. They found the would-be criminal huddled under the office desk because he couldn’t get back out of the store. Older cop asked the younger cop why he didn’t shoot the guy. Younger cop said the guy was unarmed (and obviously hiding under the desk, scared out of his wits). Older cop told him about the “throw down weapon”.

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