Yet Another Felony

May 27, 2010

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Bikers love children. Children love motorcycles. And police hate motorcycles, children, bikers and letting people alone. So when all those elements get close enough the result is often a felony.

John Tuohy, who covers the police beat for the Indianapolis Star reported today that Edward Purnell, 47, has been charged with felony neglect of a dependent child for giving his two-year-old son a ride home from day care on his motorcycle. Purnell was observed by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Emily Perkins riding north on Centennial Street near 30th Street about five o’clock yesterday afternoon.

Perkins saw Purnell’s young son riding in front of Purnell on the neck of his gas tank. The child was not wearing a motorcycle helmet or eye protection. Indiana law requires riders under 18 to wear a helmet and eye protection. A passenger seat and passenger foot pegs are also required on motorcycles carrying passengers but technically passengers are not required to use them. And, there is no age restriction on motorcycle passengers in Indiana. So if the kid had just been wearing a helmet and a pair of sunglasses Purnell could have carried him in one of his saddle bags and still technically met all the requirements of the law.

Failure To Communicate

As so frequently happens in biker-cop encounters, neither Perkins nor Purnell seemed to appreciate each other’s point of view.

In her report Perkins, who apparently has never seen anything like this before, alleged that carrying his child in front of him impeded Purnell’s “ability to turn the motorcycle and his ability to see in front of him.”

Purnell also obviously has had a limited number of personal encounters with the police and is a not a regular viewer of Cops. When asked to explain why his two-year-old was not wearing a helmet Purnell replied, “It’s only from day care.” According to Perkins’ report, Purnell told her, “It’s not that big of a deal.”

According to Tuohy, Perkins was “going to let Purnell go with a traffic ticket” until he committed the unforgiveable crime of talking back. “Why don’t you go catch some real criminals,” he reportedly protested. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Which is how Edward Purnell, 47, earned his very first felony charge.

A recent scientific study discovered that besides hating motorcycles, children, bikers and letting people alone, 75 percent of all police and 97 percent of all ATF Agents also hate God, free speech, America, the Constitution, veterans, apple pie, baseball, beer, boobs, puppies, people who shoot back, the wind, the sky, the stars and the sea.

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22 Responses to “Yet Another Felony”

  1. britbiker Says:

    Think i posted same thing twice,sorry new to computers and to forums

  2. britbiker Says:

    Many years ago i used to pick my little sister up from school,she was 6 or 7,the parents always looked horrified,but always had a helmet for her.just phoned her about this and she says are you coming round to pick the boys up, i laugh her twin boys are 1yr old! One question do you guys have plastic pigs over there?(volenteers with no pay but limited power of arrest

  3. britbiker Says:

    Used to pick my little sister up from school when she was 6 or 7 in front of horrified parents but always with a helmet on.i phoned her about it just now and she said are you coming round to take the boys out,i laughed her twin boys are 1yr old!

  4. Harleyrider Says:

    I work with the jack ass. If he would have kept his mouth shut it would have been a ticket and on his way. As is at work, he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.

  5. pb68slab Says:

    We’ve all been cut off by cars who “didn’t see the motorcycle” and many of us have been hit. Having a small child on a bike with no head protection does seem kinda stupid. But certainly no less than those I see toting a baby in a car seat mounted on the back of a bicycle or towing them in one of those little trailers on the shoulder of the road in rush hour traffic.

  6. SKREEECH Says:

    I’ve been there and that sucks. Took my 4 year old son for a ride around the block last time I was in San Pedro at the exes house. Ended up with a cop call and a warning. If he’d actually seen it, he told me that I’d have been hauled in for “endangering the life of a child.” He’s been riding since he was 2 and loves it. I only put a lid on him if we go more than 500 feet from the house.

    I took a 10 year old burn victim from the Shriners hospital in Galveston, TX one time when I was down there. Got a $250 ticket for that one. The little shit thought it was funny too. Fuck it, he had a good time and that was what mattered.

    That shit sucks though.

  7. Aerrin Says:

    Daddyo: Rent-a-screw? LOL. More like pay-per-doughnut in my case, thanks. Don’t have enough hardware or money for therapy for the rent-a-screw nickname.

  8. Daddyo Says:

    Cops treat you according to the level of respect/admiration/worship you pour upon them.
    Just plain wrong because they are supposed to be applying the law equally to all, but they are after all cops. People who couldn’t get a real job. Who crave a uniform/badge/gun/car with pretty flashing lights. People who crave the authority to lord over “citizens”. People who crave the ability to operate outside the law personally, yet apply the law arbitrarily to others based on that persons “attitude” or “look”.
    Strange, but I can’t see 99% of what law enforcement does today in the principles, writtings or beliefs the founding fathers of this nation lived and died for.
    I do see a large amount of current leo activity in what the founding fathers and thier families fled in Europe. What they were trying to avoid. The circle isn’t complete, but it’s getting close now.

    We won’t even get into the wannabee rent-a-screws who’ve unwisely commented.


  9. Aerrin Says:

    Glad I’m not a police officer. Won’t even be a security guard once I can get my degree. Security is so much easier than retail as a college job. That said, I’ve had to learn to have a sense of humor. Sled Tramp’s kid would probably make me laugh, at least to myself.

    Big thing that has been drilled into our heads, at least in my security company, is that the uniform causes enough problems with people. We aren’t cops and a positive, professional attitude goes a long way in helping to prevent crime and keeps customers satisfied with our company.

    I’ve had all kinds of interesting people want to chat. Had a French Canadian truck driver try to teach me French. It sort of worked. I could say his name. At least, I hope it was his name, ha. Truck drivers with the little dogs were my favorite. The dogs were cute, even when they were barking like they were 10 foot tall dobermans.

  10. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    “A recent scientific study discovered that besides hating motorcycles, children, bikers and letting people alone, 75 percent of all police and 97 percent of all ATF Agents also hate God, free speech, America, the Constitution, veterans, apple pie, baseball, beer, boobs, puppies, people who shoot back, the wind, the sky, the stars and the sea.”

    Now that’s some funny stuff.

  11. The Creep Says:


    You are entirely accurate in that women cops have to deal with jackass guys that don’t know when to shut up and think that because they are talking to a woman, they don’t have to listen. They’re life can be stressful and in a situation where there is an actual possibility of getting a ticket, it would be a good idea for a guy to be extra nice to a female cop, since they have a tendency to expect the worse and over-react when it happens.

    But when encountering a female cop on patrol, it can be good times. Once I was with some friends, all on our bikes, and these two cops (one male, one female) were patrolling around the parking lot, taking license number and whatnot. My drunk friends and I decided to go have a chat. The dude cop was kinda taken aback by it and started stuttering and whatnot, the female cop was the “cool” one. Took a little cowboy stance, right hand firmly planted on the butt of her gun, talking out the side of her mouth, with a crooked smile. Ooooh, she wanted to play. Started ribbing her a little, she ribbed back, she made comments about biker trash, I made comments about doughnuts and whatnot. I think the thing that got her to finally snap was when I asked who drove the squad car. She said “her” partner. I notice he was a Corporal, while she was a private or whatever the hell po-lice ranking at that level is. I corrected her and pointed out the rank and said I think she meant her superior, which is odd because she was clearly older and more aggressive than her counterpart. She didn’t think that was funny. Her partner did though haha. I started snickering. She realized she lost the little game we were playing, calmed down and told me “Well played bud. You’re pretty clever for being drunk.” I said “You should see me when I’m sober! By the way, when are you off your shift?” She laughed and walked away. Breaking my heart.

  12. Aerrin Says:

    As a female security guard, I’ve gotten more than my fair share of sass, especially from truck drivers. It’s just something you either learn to deflect with a positive attitude or you go insane trying to deal with. Looks like this female cop has chosen the “go insane” route.

    The big reason female cops are bitchier than male cops, at least if things work the same way they do for me as a female security guard, is that females in uniform tend to catch all sorts of vaguely-suggestive hell. You either learn to ignore it and take it as the joke it is or you get really bitchy and people have no clue why you’re always in a bad mood. In my line of work, the bitchy ones never last in a good company. Guess cops don’t need to worry as much about pissing off the customers.

  13. DirtyBruin Says:

    I realize cops aren’t emotionless robots – but I’m sorry, they’re all adults and they can take some sass. If someone’s yelling threats at them, that’s one thing – but anything less than that they should simply ignore.

  14. Stoney Says:

    Kids enjoy riding on bike with their dads lap, siting in their dads laps steering the care and just being a (gasp) family. Would I have done it, no. But it his kid and his choice. freedom has all but died in America.

  15. sled tramp Says:

    Way my luck goes…
    Cop stops me,we play the game,I’m quietly sitting on my sled,suddenly my kid says,”My daddy says you’re all a bunch of latent homosexual assholes,DONTJA daddy?…”

  16. TigGirl Says:

    But by the grace of God…
    My boys grew up riding with me, including trips from & to daycare, elementary school, little league & across Texas.

    I never smarted off to a cop at the same time I was transporting one of my boys, maybe thats the key.

  17. DocB Says:

    This is the kind of case that can go all sorts of places. If Child services gets involved you can loose your child without any trial or anything. It could take months to get the child back. You can spend a fortune in cash and sleepless nights just because an overzealous bitch wants to be a controoling mommy with a badge.
    This guy needs a very good lawyer to keep his family together, let alone protect his right to vote and bear arms. They will probably use his family as leverage to get a plea.

    Good luck

  18. not-a-hippie Says:

    “A recent scientific study discovered that besides hating motorcycles, children, bikers and letting people alone, 75 percent of all police and 97 percent of all ATF Agents also hate God, free speech, America, the Constitution, veterans, apple pie, baseball, beer, boobs, puppies, people who shoot back, the wind, the sky, the stars and the sea.”


  19. The Creep Says:

    Felony, harsh. Granted, I have given a friend’s child a ride on my chopper and they insisted on sitting in front of me so they could see the road. I don’t recommend giving anyone a ride this way, it is pretty unsafe and kids get all grabby and shit. At the same time, lady cops = definition of bitch. Anything more than an infraction issued by the cop is god damned rediculous. Felony? HA! Hopefully the guy gets a lawyer that isn’t brain dead and a judge that isn’t snorting rubber cement and he should be able to get this thing busted down to an infraction. Mr. Biker Man will have to learn to not add his two cents though.

  20. RVN69 Says:

    Our tax dollars at work. Pervert, she was probably pissed about being held up from getting the fresh donuts, thats why she locked him up. Cops shoot people like it’s free and this guy gets locked up for a felony. FELONY=Talking back to a cop.

  21. Aerrin Says:


    Of course! Can’t be caught implying you want to give those nasty trans fats to a minor.

  22. pervert Says:

    It could have been worse, John could have ask the cop for directions to the nearest donut stand. That would have resulted in a 5 to life sentence.

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