Who The Tulsa Sheriffs Killed

May 21, 2010

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Russell Andrew “Roc” Doza was born in Munich, Germany on January 16th, 1961. He was named for his godfather, Russell Andrew Hall. His father was a career soldier and his father and his mother were often separated.

When Russell Doza was about two, he asked his mother, Leona, for a glass of Kool Aid. His mother, seeing the boy’s brightness, possibly in hopes that he might someday become famous, insisted that Russell repeat an advertising slogan that went, “Kool Aid! Kool Aid tastes great! Wish I had some! Can’t wait!” The baby refused. So his mother beat him. His four brothers and sisters watched. Russell Doza never said a word and eventually his mother stopped when her arm grew tired.

After his father divorced his mother three of his siblings went with his father. So he lost half of his family. Russell and his brother Francis moved to Phillipsburg , Missouri with his mother. She refused to allow the boys contact with their father and she eventually married a man named Leonard Decker, who is remembered to have had a temper. He beat and abused both boys.

Running After Dreams

Like the lowly private, Russell Doza endured. He managed to graduate from high school in Girard, Kansas. Last month, a classmate said “I will always remember his great smile and wonderful laugh and the kindness he always showed to me.”

After high school Russell Doza ran off to join the circus. After Russell’s brother left home Leonard Decker beat Russell’s mother into a coma with a baseball bat. No one seems to remember why. But she recovered and she also endured until she died on January 1st, 2005 in Lebanon, Missouri.

Little by little, Russell Doza made the most he could of the hand life dealt him. He lived with his brother until they fell out. He became an oil pipeline worker and a part time mechanic. He found and joined a family in the Rogues Motorcycle Club.

After he joined the Rogues, Doza lost about 90 percent of his hearing in an explosion. He wore hearing aids and he learned to read lips. He was arrested and spent a year in prison until his conviction was overturned. He had a dog who loved him. And, he was murdered by a Swat Team as he awakened on the morning of April 9th.

Who Swat Killed

As of today, Friday, May 21st, 2010 the murder of Russell Doza is still officially unsolved. Oklahoma is one of the few remaining states without a Freedom of Information or Open Records law. An investigation into his death has been reported to be underway, but the records of that investigation are all secret. Both the Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa Office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been rocked by corruption scandals in the last six months. And official statements about his murder are contradicted by accounts from knowledgeable sources. There appears, as yet, to be no federal or state grand jury investigating his death. If a grand jury has been convened, as of yesterday afternoon it had not yet begun to actually investigate.

When judged solely by the content of his character Doza was among the most kind, generous and honorable of men. He was sleeping in the Rogues clubhouse when he died because he had come there to work on the clubhouse roof. An evil man is one without a single woman to cry when he dies. At least a half dozen women cried when Roc Doza died.

Also among his mourners was an Oklahoma District Court Judge named Bruce David Gambill and Tulsa Police and ATF Agents harassed them all. Men, women and children who attended his funeral were stopped, questioned and photographed.

After his death, when asked to comment, his sister Charlotte replied: “Your question should be, how did Russell survive his life? As a member of the Rogues. The club gave him order in his life. The clubhouse was an inn…his stay was shamefully shortened…his soul will ride the wind.”

Another of the women who cried at his funeral wanted people who never knew him to understand that, “Your lives would have been so much richer for knowing him. Losing him covers my world in black, burnt, bleeding filled with ashes. It is a wound nothing can heal.”

Russell Andrew “Roc” Doza was 49-years-old. He never knew what hit him.

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21 Responses to “Who The Tulsa Sheriffs Killed”

  1. Yvette Says:

    I thought comments would be closed on this, but alas, they are open. I did not know Russell, but he was my brother’s brother. My brother still can get upset over the manner in which Russell lost his life. Russell Doza may not have gotten justice for his murder by Tulsa County Sheriff’s SWAT team, but but the truth in the corruption of the TCSO is starting to come out.

    Because of the accidental killing by an Advanced Reserve Officer, Robert Bates, with TCSO the corruption and cronyism at TCSO is being exposed. There is too much to report here, but Robert Bates is a millionaire friend of the top sheriff, Sheriff Stanley Glanz, that was allowed to be in his position without the required training.

    The truth is starting to rise to the surface, and while Russell may not have received justice me and my brother have thought of him often as this scandal at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office progresses.

    All I can say is Russell is getting an indirect route to justice as the corruption of Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office is revealed for the world to see.


  2. Arthur Says:

    Listen to the song by Straylight “Hands in the Sky” and try your damndest not to think of this man when you hear it. Welcome to America, the biggest open-yard Prison in the world. Do what they say, when they say it and pray to God you don’t piss them off or your next. Oh, and keep in mind that we all know where the crack house is….except the cops.

  3. Susie Geiger Says:

    To read stories like this just breaks my heart. Here is yet another person who is trying to make something out of his life. Then the oh so happy FEDS jump in why??? No one ever knows. The part that pisses me off the most is the fact that they get criminals to make/create cases for them, they don’t do an honest job. They shit on people and theirs lives period. It is a sickening thing. People that have to go through things like this know what I am talking about. There is going to be an over throwing of the governtment one day maybe in my lifetime due to the absolute crooked, corruption led by our “fearless leaders”.
    To Russells family and Club family my heart goes out to all of you. May he live on up there and give a little help to us here still to knock the Federal people off their high horse!

  4. harleyquin Says:

    This sort of thing is happening all over the country. It is so bad, Readers Digest of all the media out there, carried a story in the March 2010 issue. Take the time to read it. http://www.readersdigest.com. In the search bar put When Police Raids Go Tragically Wrong. It is so bad that there is now a resource guide for Victims rights put out by the Office of Justice Programs, google it. Get informed out there and DO something. Marsys law in California is for victims rights. Just because some of these things are aimed more toward children AND criminals, does not mean that it does not affect rights for ALL American citizens. Things CAN be done. But it is an uphill battle, time consuming and a hurry up and wait game.
    Russell was a victim of a violent crime. Whether the police try to cover it up or not the truth will be told.
    Currently friends and family, associates etc. of Russell “Roc” Doza have started a newsletter based on complete fact and TRUTH and they are trying to fight to get to the bottom of this ridiculous mess to get something DONE. It isn’t going to bring our beloved friend back, it isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to FIGHT FOR HIM. It is just getting started. Anyone out there interested in the TRUTH is welcome to contact and be put on the e mail list as the newsletter is updated.
    [email protected].
    Thank you so much Rebel for all your articles on Russell, making all of us think and not letting him fade from the public view. This could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Enforcement agencies in this country are way out of control. I agree with Half-Bob wholeheartedly.
    I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK and the public IS crying out. We want justice. I want people to have their rights they are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and most of all I want justice, the best we can possibly get for Russell. We are all American citizens in this country, regardless of the style of life chosen, regardless of affiliation, regardless of beliefs. My condolences and heart go out to all who NEED justice as victims of our “secret police” squads that try to red tape and cover everything up, make the true victims look like monsters and pat themselves on the back for the outrageous deaths they cause as well as THEIR supporters. We have to STOP the profiling, stop all this madness that our enforcement agencies have more rights than the people. THEY work for us, they need to be reminded of this. ONLY public outcry is going to get their attention.
    We love you Russell and we DO NOT intend to give up.

  5. Miss Krista Says:

    Half Bob – Don’t forget the Grand Jury in the county it happened either, AND the State Bar, and the US DEpartment of Justice- go to them and DON’T STOP – DO IT IN WRITING. These are VIOLATIONS of state and Federal law and if you can show a pattern and practice of it that’s a DISBARRABLE FELONY – A CRIME THAT NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED. We need to get these DAs to DO THEIR JOBS FOR EVERYONE Not Just Them! Equal protection under the law is supposed to be just that – and what this country is supposed to stand for, what our forefathers died for. I share your pain and outrage. God Bless. Love and Respect to you and your family.

  6. I.J Says:

    This is clearly an abuse of authority…. hiding behind the banner of terrorism. No wonder the youth of today view the police as the enemy and not to be trusted. Absolutely discusting!

  7. half-bob` Says:

    Don’t that video break every your heart.!#1.to miss.krista,i am planning to support marsys law,and am heartbroken for you and your children,my condolences and my prayers to you and your family.#2.to melissa,i pray the holy spirit touch you and comfort you.#3. i said at the funeral,if it wasn’t for jesus i don’t know what i would do and had to give HIM this to deal with as i can not.before i came to love JESUS more than myself,a 22.250 woud have hit a green meanie,and what would hit the fan next,i would not have cared.EVEN if i could have pulled it off,there would not be the satifaction my heart seeks.Revenge is not a sweet fruit,it only tastes that way at first,then becomes a bitter poision that seeks to destroy the distributor.#4.We seek JUSTICE for Russell,our families,friends and neighbors.Frankly i don’t think we will get it ,but we MUST try.If the D.A.will not convene a grand jury,then i will go to the election board,do what ever is necessary to be able to register voters.tea party,dem.,repb.,libertarian,i don’t care what.i will have a petition called a “public outcry” and with 5000 signatures,by law a grand jury must be convened.I want my country back!My dad recieved (count ’em al gore) 3 purple hearts surviving 3 navy plane crashes in the 50’s.he did that so he would have passed down a country to be proud of.He has been betrayed.we have got to stop the MADNESS of swat teams enforcing or executing No Knock Warrents,and/or the “Threashold” DRAMATICALY RAISED TO OBTAIN ONE.I don’t know,somthing like a real investigation,with real evidence,maybe a phone tap or two with a controlled buy or two thrown in for good measure,AND USE SWAT ONLY IF HOSTAGES ARE TAKEN.the ROGUES M/C as most all M/C’S have been profiled every where we’ve gone,been put in gang books with the recent of recent pictures,with all the info the pigs could gather,FOR THE LAST 30+ YEARS,and the Southern Poverty Law Center,A.C.L.U.only worry about musliums,people of color,and gays(to include child molesters)being profiled.Hold a PATCH,or be without influence,hangaround the what is considered the un-popular,then you have no civil liberties,freedom to associate is deemed VOID!#5.capital punnishment was at it’s most cruel at the time of CHRIST,and he got it.one of the most painful ways of death on GODS earth.He knows our pain.He was set up by a f—– snitch,he knows our pain.He was NOT GUILTY,and died anyway,Just like Russell,and so many,many others i have been reading about on Rebels blogs and i am sick about each and every one of them.Tell your friends and family to register to vote if you have not yet done so.accorn got it done for theirs,we need to get it done for ours.THEY DESERVE THE EFFORT AND RESPECT,BECAUSE THEY EARNED IT.!! I pray for strength,courage,honor and love for us all to combat injustice,corruption that face us in our personal lives,and within those that govern us all.Come soon LORD JESUS!!GOD BLESS REBEL AND THIS FORUM!(even tho a certain name should not have been printed) Half-Bob,Rogues M/C Chaplain,Wichita,Ks.

  8. Miss Krista Says:

    Sled Tramp – thank you for that – I hope Rebel feels the urge…and scratches it. A LOT going on there that’s not being seen by most. And for the children – blessings from God. Only thing getting me through – or at least keepin me from endin it the easy way :)

  9. Not Surprised Says:

    It is my profound belief that grieving loved ones, some silent-some not so silent, come to this forum for some solace, maybe some closure.

    A very wise man once said “pain shared is pain lessened”.

    I am ashamed when people like Black Top, Sport, Indian and a hundred nameless, faceless other cowards betray the memory of the fallen and misuse this forum because they can hide behind anonymity.

  10. Miss Krista Says:

    Exactly my feelings – part of what I was sayin in my last comment on Burgess Case Now..thank you for that.

  11. Oilslick Says:

    harleyquin and Miss Krista,
    My condolences to you both for your losses. Their stories are becoming all to familiar in our world. Unfortunately the press is more of a propaganda machine anymore.

    What is not being reported is that these men(and little girls) are more American than the facist storm troopers that are doing the dirty work. Their values and way of life are what the forefathers had in mind when they were constructing the Constitution not early morning flash bang entrance. Our liberties are threatened more and more everyday.

    Thanks for the great reporting Rebel.


  12. sled tramp Says:

    Miss Krista,
    Pulled a recon through your site.Very sad story and my upmost sympathies to you and your family on your tragic loss.I’m thinking our host may want to investigate it a bit,good luck with the next trial.BTW, you’ve got some VERY Irish lookin’ kids there :-)…..

  13. Miss Krista Says:

    I am crying because you have just painted a picture of my amazing John Scully O’Sullivan who was murdered by a LE “known associate” a short time ago, and ALL OF US including his 4 little children will always miss him every minute of every day. Justice for our fallen heros, their deaths must stand for something and site page is helping make that happen. Thank you again Rebel.

  14. harleyquin Says:

    Russell told very few people in his life anything about his childhood at all. He figured there was never a reason for people to know in his opinion. And he didn’t want people to know. He was a very private man about a lot of things. He distanced himself from his blood family years back with no contact at all for his own reasons. If you knew him, even for a long period of time, you would never have guessed what befell him at an early age. He never gave a clue of what he had been through, and NEVER accepted sympathy or pity from anyone for anything. There was NO ONE he cared about that he would not help whenever and with whatever they needed. Sometimes people he didn’t even know. Though he had no children of his own he was “uncle” to everyone else’s children he knew. The kids loved him and he loved the kids. He always knew exactly what you needed as well. He was confidant and counselor to many. He was the kindest, gentlest person you could ever meet when he needed to be. He had the ability to make people see the upside of things when times were bad. He truly believed every cloud had a silver lining, and he could make you see it. And if Russell said it, then it was so. Russell was a true American, a real man, and the epitome of a biker. He was as real as it gets. He believed in doing things right, and that old ways should never be forgotten, whatever it may be. He believed in respect, honesty, manners (when called for), helping one another as necessary and most of all honor. He IS loved by all who had the blessing of knowing him. And you were family to him if you were a friend, affiliated or not. He believed you take care of your own, whomever it may be. He could make you smile or laugh at the worst point in your life. His laugh, smile, hugs and joking attitude are what are missed most. He loved life and lived his truly free and in the wind. GBNF. A man of this caliber could never be forgotten. He is missed every minute of every day.

  15. Mr. America Says:

    Another outstanding job Rebel, thank you. Brings back some old memories of the 60’s and 70’s. Four Dead in O-H-I-O. I almost cut my hair. But, I think I’ll just let my freak-flag fly. It’s time for a march on Washington Sqaure. If not for anybody, for a little 7 year old girl who was abused (By throwing a fucking grenade into the same room she was sleeping in)and murdered (By being then, shot in the head) in her bed. By Out of Control Marauding-Criminally Minded Cops.

  16. Bud Says:


    Not only are we paying more attention but the information is more accessible, thanks to sites like Rebels and the internet in general.
    Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesnt do much in the reporting of these crimes on a national level and do even less in follow ups. Even the local news channels are weak in reporting these cases, and when they do its seldom a lead in story, more like a story that precedes the weather or the sports when most people arent really watching. My opinion on that is that they dont want to paint le’s in any bad light but only report just enough to make it look to the public that theyre being impartial when in fact I believe they are completely biased on the side of police and believe that they can do no wrong.

    As an example I ran into one of the local news casters here in town and I asked them why there was no follow up report on Black Rain. When that went down the news stations were all over it here in Vegas, so why no follow up? To me the biggest atrocity is the amount of taxpayer money that was spent on virtually nothing. Although Im glad some of my friends arent doin any time for it, its appaling to me the wasted resources like that. This particular newscaster told me that no hard convictions and nothing more than a few fines and some probation wasnt newsworthy. And said (without actually saying the words) that would make the feds look bad and they couldnt do that.


  17. RVN69 Says:

    DD well said, when will things reach a tipping point and which side will emerge the victor? My only slight disagreement is that this has been going on for a much longer time than just the past 9 years. We are just paying more attention now.

    Justice for Derek Hale, Semper Fi.
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza

    Respect to all that have earned it.
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  18. Jabba Says:


    My love and respect to all those he left behind.


  19. Miss Krista Says:

    Well said Dutch.

  20. Detroit Dutch Says:

    These are trying times, fearful times, I can’t imagine that this country would have evolved into this. The government and local LEO’s are using the fear caused by the 9/11 attacks to totally dismantle our civil liberties and freedoms that we took for granted just a few years ago.

    As a career US Marine (now retired) I can’t even think of a time in my whole tour of duty (including many combat missions and operations) of fear, like I feel today-last night- and for our future in this country.

    What in the hell is going on?

    Why are we allowing LEO’s and the government to do this to us?

    When are we going to stand up and say enough is enough?

    Today a little 7 year old girl is being laid to rest in Detroit, another murder by the hands of “gun happy” SWAT LEO. Senseless and tragic as this murder is, it bears so many similarities to the events leading up the riots in Detroit of 1967. Lets hope these LEO folks develop some common sense or there might be a repeat of citizens taking action in the streets to avenge such murders.

    Justice for Sgt Derek Hale USMC Ret.
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell “Roc” Doza

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