Dulaney Out Of Pagans Case

May 17, 2010

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William L. Dulaney, a college professor who studies motorcycle outlaws, has withdrawn as an expert witness in the Pagans Motorcycle Club RICO case in Charleston, West Virginia.

Dulaney (above) is a former member of the American Outlaws Association who has become a common source for journalists seeking insight into the outlaw world. He has appeared on The National Geographic Channel, The History Channel and The Biography Channel in the last two years. He contributed as essay to The Mammoth Book of Bikers and wrote a well known “history of outlaw motorcycle clubs” for The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies. A year ago the Christian Science Monitor quoted Dulaney in an article about the demise the Myrtle Beach Rally. Last October, the Associated Press turned to Dulaney for some instant insight into the Pagans case.

We Have Video Of That Expert

Dulaney, as opposed to most biker experts, clearly gets it. Last February, he stated that he was prepared to testify that:

“The Pagans Motorcycle Club (PMC) is not a criminal organization or a national criminal organization. Instead, the PMC is best described as a series of motorcycle organizations predominately scattered across the Eastern United States whose members are overwhelmingly not criminals. The PMC is a relatively small motorcycle club with chapters coming into and out of existence over time in locations limited to Florida, West Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and Kentucky.”

Dulaney’s testimony would have provided a refreshing contrast to the ceaseless demonization of motorcycle clubs by cynical, and occasionally deranged, ATF and FBI Agents and other professional experts – like rap aficionado Chuck Schoville, President of the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. (See video below.)

Daubert Voir Dire

Dulaney decided to withdraw from the case after what is called a “Daubert hearing” on May 10th. While police are automatically assumed to be “expert witnesses” who can speak authoritatively about bikers, other witnesses who disagree with the police must prove their authority to do so. There are a couple of different standards used in the Federal courts to determine whether a witness knows what he is talking about or not. They are called “Daubert” and “Frye.” Failure to meet the Frye standard, for example, is the reason why polygraph examinations are not admissible in federal court. The Daubert standard is designed to ensure that what the “expert” knows is, “relevant to the task at hand” and is based “on a reliable foundation.”

Before an expert can testify he must submit to a trial within a trial called a voir dire. In this case it was a fight between Dulaney and prosecutor Steven I. Loew over Dulaney’s credibility.

Loew wanted Dulaney “to produce the names of members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and other motorcycle clubs whom he had interviewed in preparation for testimony in this case.” Dulaney refused. The judge in the case, Thomas E. Johnston, agreed with Lowe.

The next day the defendant who had hired Dulaney, Richard Timothy Weaver, sent the court a formal notification that, “Dulaney asserts that he has a professional ethical obligation not to disclose those names. To avoid being required to produce those names, Dr. Dulaney has requested that he be withdrawn as an expert witness in this case.”

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7 Responses to “Dulaney Out Of Pagans Case”

  1. Trapper Says:

    Its all BS, ya gotta college professor who has made a study of 1%er bike “Clubs” not f’n gangs and he cant testify and tell the actual truth?? BIG BROTHER is watching us. Computers & cell phones just make it that much easier. Bastards probably know what I ate this morning

  2. BigV Says:

    Something else to consider… Universities make it very difficult for people who want to research things that aren’t popular or outwardly socially acceptable. I can imagine that the parochial world view of Western’s administration probably hadn’t made a young assistant professor’s life all that easy, either.

    It’s interesting- given his peer reviewed work on the world of 1%ers- that they could challenge his status as an expert.

    Between having to violate a source in confidence- which could potentially professionally hurt(or ruin) Dr. Dulaney in the world of sociologists and social science in general, and the fact I can’t see WCU being happy he’s testifying on behalf of the Pagans, and the fact that the Feds have just changed the rules one after another I believe he was put in an untenable position.

    I believe he reads this site, so much respect to you Dr. Dulaney, and continued best wishes and respect to the Pagans.

  3. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Doe’s any one remember an earlier post of mine ? Where I stated don’t count the Feds out yet.This is exactly what I was talking about.Cocksuckers change the rules in the middle of the game.It’s still going to be a long battle.Stay strong in the struggle and long live the madness.
    Hose-a 1% P.F.F.P.

  4. Miss Krista Says:

    Figures the one stand up expert is chased off by the load of shiite piled on top of the actual facts…another example of “just them” instead of justice

  5. Oilslick Says:

    About the video……simply fuckin amazing. My home state just can’t keep out of the national news. This LEO is a fucking idiot. Stands to reason that he would be president of such a prestigious group of biker experts.

    I imagine he’ll get busted down to bicycle cop to appease the racism outcries. I think I’ll offer up a mexican hat dance if I ever have the pleasure of being pulled over by him. Pour salt in his wounds.

    I think I’ll move to Hemet. Unless of course you need a partner for that machine gun business Rebel.


  6. RVN69 Says:

    No pun intended, but I am not surprised that the feds found a way to disqualify someone whose testimony would have been helpful the defense. While their case falls apart before their eyes, the prosecutor still tries to hang on to the myth that this was anything but a malicious persection of people who he and the feds don’t particularly like.

    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    Dulaney is from my neck of the woods and teaches at my old alma mater.

    He is among other things, a stand up guy……….

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