Property Of John

September 23, 2008

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Sarah Palin, John McCain and the celebrity bike builder Paul Teutel all converged in suburban Philadelphia yesterday, as the Wild Ones once converged on Hollister.

Ms. Palin, who may soon be a heartbeat from the Presidency, wore a red leather jacket to introduce Teutel on the steps of the courthouse in Media, PA. The multi-millionaire Teutel, who plays a grumpy and opinionated biker on reality TV, then rode one of his motorcycles up a ramp and onto a stage.

But Wait There’s More

He was accompanied by his sons, Paul Jr. and Mikey. Heavy metal music boomed from loudspeakers. And, as he took the microphone from Ms. Palin, the music faded and everyone cheered.

“How many people out there love their country and the military,” Teutel asked. There was general agreement that everyone loved America although Teutel neglected to raise the question of what everybody means by that. He also inferred that everyone loves the military and left alone the question of how most Americans feel about the military when it actually involves the enlistment of their own sons.

Plans Still Tentative

Neither Paul Jr. nor Mikey revealed their plans to serve, or if to serve when, in which branch or for how long.

Then referring to John McCain’s heroic service and the years during which he was tortured by the North Vietnamese, Teutel said his bike “represents that.” It represents, “All the people who have been POW-MIA. This bike represents that.”

“Marvelous,” McCain replied when it was his turn to hold the microphone. “Sarah and I are going to get on that chopper and ride it right to Washington and raise hell when we get there.” It was a fairly orchestrated event so McCain did not elaborate.

Dare To Dream

Nevertheless, bikers may continue to fantasize and hope that if only enough of them vote for McCain and Ms. Palin, they may someday be rewarded with a glimpse of the Alaska governor enthusiastically participating in one of the traditional biker field events. Like, oh, say, the weenie bite.

Ms. Palin continues to be the star of Senator McCain’s campaign. She is photogenic and seems good natured. She also seems to be almost supernaturally vice free and also appears to have virtually no public record for anyone to criticize.

Yesterday on the courthouse steps in Media, people chanted even more loudly for her than they did for the motorcycle and she spoke for almost as long as her running mate.

Former President Bill Clinton meeting the press in New York, was quoted as saying he understands why she is so popular.

“I come from Arkansas,” Clinton said. “I get why she’s hot.”

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