It Is Different For Cops

May 12, 2010

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The defense called its first witnesses today in the trial of Thomas White, the part-time cop in Ottawa Hills, Ohio who gunned down a man named Michael McCloskey (in the photo above) after a routine traffic stop. It was all recorded on a dash-mounted video camera.

White is charged with felonious assault with a gun enhancement. The maximum penalty for this crime is eleven years which means that White might be released after as little as a year and will probably be out in four years

McCloskey was left paralyzed from the waist down and he lives in almost constant pain. Until last May he was a seemingly normal 25-year-old who liked to call himself “Biker Mike” and who listed his hobbies as “Rollin My Harley Davey, Dirt Bike’n, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, MMA, Boxing, Lifting Weights, Hunting, Fishing, Etc.” He worked as a mason and he really liked to exercise. A couple of years ago he had his picture taken flexing next to former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Colman. Now all that is gone. Now he gets to roll his wheelchair.

If you believe only your base senses, like your eyes and ears, rather than your higher sense of reason, White is a trigger happy monster who should spend the rest of his days starving in a cage, suspended over a crowded street, just out of reach of a jeering, spitting mob. So today McCloskey’s lawyer Jerry Phillips asked the jurors, in the interest of fairness, to set their senses aside, to stop their ears and hear, to shut their eyes and see, to close their minds and pay attention to the defense’s impressive lineup of “experts.”

The first and most impressive of those today was a former FBI Agent named Urey Patrick.

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

If you are ever shot by a cop, without provocation, and you complain about it you can expect to meet Urey Patrick.

Patrick graduated from Princeton and he has taught courses in “crisis management,” “judgmental shooting,” and “arrest procedures” at the FBI Academy. Patrick is also the author, along with another former FBI Agent named John C. Hall, of In Defense Of Self And Others: Issues, Facts and Fallacies – The Realities Of Law Enforcement’s Use Of Deadly Force.

Armchair war hero and greatest writer ever Tom Clancy wrote the preface. Clancy believes that reading this absolutely essential contribution to American arts and letters “will make for better cops, and for cops who will be more likely to return home alive….” A quick glance through the book reveals that the essence of its wisdom is that the safest way to make sure you stay alive is to kill everyone you meet and then lie about it afterward.

Whatta Book, Whatta Book

The press release that accompanies review copies of this book explains:

In Defense of Self and Others comprehensively addresses the issue of the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. Beginning with a survey and analysis of the legal standards that define the authority of law enforcement officers to use deadly force, the book provides a detailed discussion of the practical elements that affect an officer’s capacity to perceive a threat and to respond in an appropriate and timely fashion. For example, observing that law enforcement officers are always in a reactive mode and responding to the actions of others, the book explains the limitations imposed by the principle that ‘action beats reaction’ and that officers are generally compelled to make quick decisions under severe time constraints.”

In other words, remember the magic incantation “feeling in great for my life” and if that doesn’t work just say, “a bug got in my eye.”

Swearing To Tell The Truth

On the witness stand today, without laughing once, Urey asserted that McCloskey practically shot himself. “If McCloskey had turned off the bike and raised his hands on the handle bars this wouldn’t have happened,” he told the jury.

Also singing a little song and doing a little dance on behalf of the rights of policemen everywhere to get away with attempted murder and maiming under color of authority was James Scanlon. Scanlon is a Columbus Swat Team member who has shot at least three suspects on the job. He killed a suspect in 1991.

Three years ago Scanlon told John Futty of the Columbus Dispatch that the police side of the story in officer involved shootings is often left unsaid. And that, “information void is filled by misinformation and criticism from friends and relatives of those shot by police. Officers, often traumatized by the experience, face additional stress when they are second guessed by the public without response from police officials.”

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39 Responses to “It Is Different For Cops”

  1. Kit Maira Says:

    The World’s Largest Street Gang

    Will Grigg has been documenting police abuse for years. I strongly recommend his pro-libertate ( blog for intelligent informed commentary on the subject.

    Kit Maira

  2. Apple Pie Says:

    Damn shame guy couldn’t even get his bike into nuetral (according to his) testimony before this would be killer with a badge shot him…I am glad to see that even though he was wearing a 3 piece patch the state still looks at him as a victim and decided to go after the cop.

  3. Swampy Says:

    Grumbler, thanks for the link. The article explained it all. As for the picture of White; now I know what a PRICK with ears looks like.

    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza
    Justice for Mike McCloskey

  4. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Not Surprised:

    Mazel Tov.

    I have to say that anger management seems inappropriate in this case; from your posts I have an image of someone who is very measured in his responses, even if one of those responses is to slug someone.
    It couldn’t have been too serious a “slug” if this was the outcome.

    Of course this is a big win for the whole board. We will continue to benefit from your posts, and most of all from what I anticipate will be humorous descriptions of your journey through the mediation process.

    Anger management tends to be a watered down version of cognitive behavioral therapy given to people who are usually not well motivated to benefit from it since it was not their idea to go in the first place. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not necessarily good. Probably a step up from subjecting people to jail, though.


  5. Grumbler Says:

    The jury found that Ottawa Hills police officer, Thomas White, guilty Friday night of felonious assault with a firearms specification for a shooting during that traffic stop last year. White was released on bond, pending sentencing set for 9 a.m. on June 21. White faces up to 11 years in prison.


  6. Aerrin Says:

    Not Surprised:

    I don’t know the first thing about patron saints, but if you ever feel like reading Viking poetry, the stories of Thor fit particularly well.

  7. RVN69 Says:

    Sons of Amnesty, Priceless!!!

  8. Not Surprised Says:


    Gonna have to go waltz with Matilda. I’ve never Saint shopped, but I trust your judgement. My wife tells me thier is a patron Saint for television, even.

    All of this has inspired me though and I’m starting a new MC club

    The Sons of Amnesty

  9. Miss Krista Says:

    On the much lighter side the only amusing thing that I think has come out of any anger mangement class I’ve heard of is when the instructor asked the group what those with children did when they were getting frustrated with their children not minding/being loud etc., and a guy answered “We play the hostage game. That’s where they get tied up and gagged and put in the closet until someone pays their ransom.” I don’t think the instructor was amused…

  10. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Not Surprised:

    I looked at both official and unofficial sites, and the best I could come up with was St. Matilda. She is the patron saint of the ignorant, prisoners, and of children who disappoint their parents.

    Two possible alternatives are St. Arnold (patron saint of beer) and this guy:


  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Basket Case,

    Anger management! Cracks me up! If you get angry some judge sends you to therapy or to school. Therapy and school make me feel all frustrated and angry. Screaming at people makes me calm. What sense does any of this make?


  12. puterindabasketchief Says:

    I had to go to court-ordered anger management for trying to extract a motorist though his wing-window.

    It worked, too. Until I saw that I had to pay $600 for the privilege of attending said classes. That pissed me right the right the fuck off.

  13. Grumbler Says:

    It’s obviously easier to do Monday Morning Quarterbacking *after* an incident turns ugly. Too easy to remain detached and objective from the outside looking in. Those of us who’re actually involved in, for example, a traffic stop with a cop trying to bait us, won’t have an easy time of it trying to stay cool, calm, and collected. That said, once we lose control of our temper, we lose control of the situation and the consequences could be dire. In short, don’t let the problem become bigger than you are.

    The Ottawa Hills shooting has definitely affected my perspective on traffic stops. Instead of going with the SOP, have to be acutely aware of every single movement I make thanks to trigger happy cops like that lying SOB, Thomas White. As far as I’m concerned, it’s open season on bikers.

  14. DocB Says:

    If they ever send me to anger management classes I’ll probably get a pretty good grade on the anger part. I’m pretty angry….. Maybe not so good a grade on the management part.

  15. Stoney Says:

    cocksucker need to staked out in a red ant bed, come to think about it we can use the one in my back yard.

  16. Not Surprised Says:

    Sled Tramp and RVN69:

    I been shaking my head all day. Where I went to high school (you know the small town type where the principal is also the football coach), the principal’s solution was to take two guys behind the field house where he kept a folding lawn chair and tell ’em to settle their shit and keep it out of his school. I kid you not.

    What have we devolved into that “mediation” and “anger management” are tools of the courts? Hell, I shook the dude’s hand for even agreeing to pursue this avenue, but really, my heart wasn’t fully in it cause he should’ve just hit me back.

    I heard about these classes from some guys who got jacked on domestic violence, and once my company wanted us all to go through “sensitivity/diversity classes.” It wasn’t mandatory but fully expected. When I told my boss I felt like it was all a Human Resources maneuver to avoid lawsuits, he said I didn’t have to go….

    Now I got my almost 16 year old cracking on me about it….telling me next time I piss him off he’s calling the Center.

    In gratitude to the “patron saint of assholes” of which I am now a devoteee, I did donate a pint of blood to The American Red Cross.

    Karma, justice and reducation. God, I love this country!

    Next week I think I’m switching to those new low-fat cigarettes.

    I like the T Shirt ideas….

  17. RVN69 Says:

    Not Surprised,
    Congrats on the outcome, you can probably do the angermanagement class standing on your head! Like SledTramps T shirt, another good one would be one from Wicked Jester, “Violence may not be THE answer, but it is still AN answer” or the patch a friend in another club has on his cut “Violence solves everything.” Bet the neighbor stays on his side of the fence.

    Respect to all that have earned it.
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  18. sled tramp Says:

    Not Surprised,
    My oldest walked into anger management class with a “You say psycho like it’s a bad thing”….
    Congratulations on the day’s outcome.Neighbors and fences historically have their problems, 1863 comes to mind…

  19. I.J Says:

    The numbers are stacking up for bikers being shot. Thank God there was a dash camera to witness this unprovoked attack, otherwise the cop could of said anything in his defence. How can you justify shooting a man in the back that is waiting patiently to talk to you? It makes me feel sick….
    Bud I have to disagree with you on Military training for cops. I think it is because the cop training is being based on a military code that these cops think they are in a war zone.

  20. c8652 Says:

    @ Doc B,

    Well said. Too many scared people are trying to fill the bill as cops. They are compelled to use thier side arm because they are already in fear for their lives.

    The most telling part of the story is when he confided in another officer that he hoped he hadn’t fucked up.


  21. c8652 Says:

    @ RVN69,

    if you ain’t got the gear to tote the load then find another job motherfucker!!

    Isn’t that the truth?

  22. DirtyBruin Says:

    Rebel: Author Peter McWilliams was killed by the “justice system” some years ago; lots of authoritarian types didn’t like his writing, and he was a user of medical marijuana and advocate for same. He underwent a federal prosecution – and he wound up choking to death on his own vomit while trying to stay on his other medicine without the marijuana to deal with the nausea and vomiting it caused.

    People who bitch that “kids can get weed easier than beer!” miss the important point that the sale of beer is regulated, and the corner store can lose its license to sell that beer if they’re caught selling to minors. The local weed dealer may or may not have any scruples about selling to kids. I say legalize, tax and regulate it just like alcohol. Sales to 21+ fine, sales to minors gets you busted. (And yes, I do plan to vote for the legalization initiative here in California.) Not that it matters, but I’ve only been stoned once in my life – last fall, because I thought it would be incredibly lame to hit 45 without having ever tried the stuff. Didn’t care for it, but now I know. ;)

  23. DirtyBruin Says:

    Not Surprised: Glad to hear things went better than you expected!

    CJ: And even adding up all the dead doesn’t really cover it. Granted, it’s hard to quantify things like a kid being traumatized by SWAT pigs bursting into their home at the crack of dawn and killing the family pet dogs for no good reason, and similar abusive behavior. Of course, the number of people who are killed for no reason is bad enough….

    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza
    Justice for Mike McCloskey

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m not a religious man but there must be a patron saint for assholes…

    My case was remanded for “mediation” (the guy is my neighbor) and he agreed, I’m guessing because he thinks he may get some money.

    Apparently in the progressive little community wher I reside, when one party files a magistrate charge ie: the police did not see it happen, and there is some connection (like me living in Mr Roger’s Neighborhood) the plaintiff and defendant share, the very nice ladies for “The Center For Dialogue” approach both parties right after the DA asks if you are there and do you want a lawyer.

    Me and the guy will meet one week from today and “negotiate” something (I cannot imagine what), sign an informal agreement for the DA.

    I pay $75.00 and it was “strongly suggested I opt for the Center’s anger management sessions.”

    I’m gonna go light a candle to the Saint now…………………..

  25. Not Surprised Says:

    Dear CJ:

    I don’t know if you’re a Cop or whatever. Congress mandated in 1995 that LEO collate and report the number of civilian deaths, but it is done in such a manner that the average citizen cannot readily access the info.

    Add back the number of deaths while incarcerated not of “natrual causes”

    Add back deaths by officers who used their service weapon, but were not on duty. (Re: the ATF guy in AZ who killed his wife)

    Add back the number of “accidental” deaths by officers that don’t get counted.

    You would be approaching a civilian body count of an estimated 250-350 per year CJ.

    By comparison the officer’s “in the line of duty” roster for thus far in 2010 lists a Cop who was shot in 1980, but died “as a direct result of wounds sustained”.

    All of this is an academic exercise anyway. Most cops never fire their weapons.

    I challenge you personally to go to You Tube and type in these words:

    “the biggest street gang in the world”.

    There is no commentary. Let the facts speak for themselves.

    Incidentally, the only manner an ordinary person can derive a national accounting of deaths by police is to individually file a FOIA for all 50 states and poursue it through the proper court.

    Why do you think that is CJ?

    There are some disturbing trends, is why.

    In the case of Mr. MCcloskey you say “he had every advantage as he knows who he is being stopped by.”

    I beg to differ.

    Had he truly known, he would be riding his bike today.

  26. Detroit Dutch Says:

    CJ you fucking turd! It shows with a comment like this, ” When fighting a war there is a clearly defined enemy. In law enforcement every encounter is different”

    Ya there is clear difference when a child runs up to my amtrac and sticks a bomb under the tread. Of course we could see them and they even wear uniforms (NOT) You fucking waste of my precious Free American Air!

    Im spent my entire career in the US Marine Corps, only to come home and find you morons killing civilians with almost impunity. You got to be crazy and trying to sell that shit here, but we ain’t buying it fucking LEO or Head LEO Cock sucker! We got enough of your crazy, go sell it somewhere else.

    As for us, (The US Military) we don’t AIM AT CIVILIANS PERIOD. You turd LEO’s must get your jolly’s shooting the unarmed. I guess that’s where we draw the line. Must be why you would NEVER catch me dead wearing a stinking LEO badge, my Eagle Globe and Anchor out weights any kind of thing you pukes wear.


    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza
    Justice for “Biker Mike” McCloskey

  27. Charlie O Says:

    I want amend my previous post. 126 cops were NOT KILLED in the line of duty. That’s how many died in while on duty. Many were in auto accidents and a few were from heart attacks. Probably from too many donuts.

  28. Charlie O Says:

    CJ, Get off your knees and take the cock out of your mouth. In 2009 only 126 cops were killed in the line of duty. Only 48 of them from gunfire (two were accidental, taking it down to 46). That’s a far cry from your numbers. Unfortunately, no one keeps records of how many citizen are shot or killed by cops in this country, but I’d be willing to bet it far outnumbers 126.

  29. DocB Says:


    To Date no one keeps a list of bikers who were shot for free,
    People who didn’t deserve the brutality they got at the hands of officers of the court who are sworn to serve and protect.
    At what point do these atrocities cease to be police brutality and become human rights violations under international law?

    I’m keeping a list and it starts here
    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza
    Justice for Mike McCloskey

  30. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    DocB, you have it right on all points. “I was in fear for my life or the life of another” is the standard response at court. And, as you said, there is NO justification for the officer’s actions. I still believe he just screwed up, and then decided to go with the ‘I thought he had a gun’ excuse. The good thing is that the prosecutor and the grand jury did not buy that. If they did not, then hopefully the jury will not buy it either.

    CJ, because you are typing on here, I assume you have eyes and ears. If you have watched all of the available video, and you are not capable of making a judgment call on this one, then I would question your impartiality. Last night I showed this to 7 cops. 6 of them, (and myself), believed it to be unjustified, no ifs, ands, or buts. One wanted to argue because we don’t know what the officer’s view was. My point to him was that it does not matter what the officer’s view was, because the victim did not do anything!!! He did not move enough to justify a push, a punch, a macing, or a tasering. With that being said, he sure as hell did not deserve to be shot!

    Just my thoughts.

  31. Charlie O Says:

    Cops are essentially all cowards. That’s why they become cops. My father was a cop. He was afraid of everything around him. I’m amazed this POS was actually charged with a crime. LEOs generally get a free pass for murder. Just read Balko’s webisite “The Agitator” for a week and you’ll see what I mean.

    People in this country have GOT to take these SOBs off their pedestals and quit viewing them as all shining knights and heroes. They are not. The public needs to get off its knees and stop sucking blue dick. Put these SOBs in prison where they can get a real taste of real life.

  32. Detroit Dutch Says:

    I don’t know just how much of this we are going to take.

    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Russell Doza

    And now… “Biker Mike” McCloskey

    Before we ….. (in the words of William Shakespeare)

    “Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial”

  33. CJ Says:

    Civilian law enforcement is not comparable to the military. When fighting a war there is a clearly defined enemy. In law enforcement every encounter is different. The Guy on the motorcycle has every advantage as he know who he is being stopped by…a cop. The cop doesn’t know if the person he just stopped just killed someone or is just a jerkoff that doesn’t feel like stopping. I’m not saying this was a justified shooting because frankly I don’t know enough about it to judge. In general, over 150 cops are killed per year, about 45% from gunfire. If police kill 150 citizens per year, which sounds high, how many of those do you think are unjustified? Maybe 2-3%? So the bottom line is most police shootings are justified. For every case of a bad police shooting I can show you ten cops that should have shot and restrained themselves and paid the ultimate price.

  34. DocB Says:

    I feared for my life is the standard line for justifying a shooting.
    There’s absolutely no justification for this shooting. This guy is a citizen motorcyclist and doesn’t look like any kind of threat to anybody. Even if he was wearing a three piece that read “Fuck Cops Club”
    on the top rocker, there’s no justification in anything the kid said or did. Absolutely no reason to use any kind of force at all, let alone deadly force.
    There’s no justification for this at all and if it was an accident, it was preventable. That scared little girl of a cop never should have had his gun out at all.
    Most of the time when a cop shoots they shoot at least twice. This guy only shot once. Does anybody else wonder about that?


  35. Dan the Man Says:

    its a cop…doing hard time.

    There gonna know he’s a cop in the can.

  36. Miss Krista Says:

    I agree completely – they wanted the job, they supposedly trained for it, they are getting paid to do it, if they can’t hang or are so scared they can’t function, get another job. End of story. And you’re right – premeditated murder – they need to be held to a HIGHER standard, not a lower one, when they don’t do their jobs the way they should, which obviously doens’t include shooting unarmed people, in the front, back or anywhere. How can we actually justify trying soldiers who are out there actually fighting wars for this country and at the same time holding trials where “law enforcement” tries to justify bad cop behavior? More of the same sickness we’re all expected to continue to fund.

  37. Bud Says:

    Its apparent to me that the training these cops get before theyre let out on their own isnt what it should be.
    A more military style training would be more effective to where theyre drilled over and over again until emotion is not a part of the equation.
    Im a firm beliver in do it over and over until you no longer have to think about it. That also goes for knowing when NOT to do something. Bruce Lee said” when its time to hit, I do not hit, it will hit all by itself”
    Im inclined to agree that after McCloskey and his partner sped off from the initial stop sign the cop felt “disrespected” and copped an attitude resulting in this travesty.

    I also find that the mainstream medias coverage in these cases to be biased and openly siding with law enforcement. Listen to what the reporter says in this video..”ALLEGEDLY Shot by police” and the cop”allegedly in fear of his life” and the cop”NOW haveing to live with his decision”, taking the point of view the cops lawyer is taking that Hes the victim, HES the one whos suffering. Fuck him, moone snatched him out of his bed one night and forced him into becoming a cop, he freely chose to do so, which is why I believe this should be tried as premeditated attempted murder. This was his purpose for becoming a cop. sound ridiculous? No more ridiculous than his lawyers trying to make the claim that hes the victim and McCloskey is at fault.


  38. Not Surprised Says:


    The FBI keeps stats onlt on officers killed in the line of duty.

    There is no central data base I am aware of of citizens killed by police.

  39. RVN69 Says:

    Bullshit, Bullshit and more Bullshit, this is the attitude that leads to these types of shootings. Somehow cops are always fearful of their lives in each and every interaction with anyone who does, or does not immediately follow their commands. Derek Hale was shot sitting on the front porch of club brothers house with his hands in his pockets, Derek Hale was not wanted for any crime and had no criminal record. The offense that earned Derek Hale the death penalty administered by one cop, but witnessed by at least 7 more was failure to comply with the commands of the officers to take his hands out of his hoodie pocket which placed them in fear of their lives, as a result he was tased until the juice ran out and then shot point blank in the chest 3 times. Michael Mcloskey was shot in the back for the crime of placing one hand on this thigh while keeping the other on his handlebars while attempting to turn to see the cop who was yelling at him.
    What the fuck are these cops so fearful of?? Has there been some recent spate of cop killings by bikers that I haven’t heard about?? I’d like to know what the number of innocent civilians killed or maimed every year by cops as compared to the number of cops killed and maimed by civilians. I believe my original point made on this case stands, yes sometimes enforcing the law may be a dangerous job, not as dangerous as being a grunt in Iraq or Afganistan, but dangerous, but if you ain’t got the gear to tote the load then find another job motherfucker!! I did my time in the bush, I know a bunch of deadly motherfuckers who have been in SF, SEALS, USMC, Rangers, Delta, SAS, SBS and CIA, they know the risks of their jobs and do them well, some live some don’t but they do not go about their missions paralyzed by fear ready to shoot the first person that says boo! Cops have got to be held responsible for actions that violate the boundries of common sense. Cops are not an occupying army on our streets and highways and it is time some of them stopped acting like they are or face the consequences.

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks, Russell Doza and Michael Mcloskey.
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

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