Russell Doza Was Murdered

May 9, 2010

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Informed sources, speaking on conditions of anonymity, believe that Russell Andrew “Roc” Doza was murdered by police, that a conspiracy exists within the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to cover up that murder and that neither the Tulsa Police Department nor the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office can be trusted to discover or reveal the truth about Doza’s murder.

The sources are not members or otherwise affiliated with the Rogues Motorcycle Club. The Rogues Motorcycle Club has retained an attorney who has advised members not to speak about the case.

Doza was killed by members of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Team during service of a search warrant for marijuana and methamphetamine about seven o’clock in the morning on April 9th, 2010. No drugs were found at the clubhouse. None of the suspects named in the warrant was present at the clubhouse at the time of the search. The affidavit requesting the search was based on evidence obtained from a “confidential informant.”

Doza was killed as he awoke from sleeping in a bed at the Rogues clubhouse located at 1826 North Kingston Place in Tulsa. Police have identified the shooters as Deputy Lance Ramsey, Corporal Tom Helm and Sergeant Shane Rhames.

This page has been unable to confirm that those were the three deputies who actually fired the shots that killed Doza. This page has also been unable to confirm that Agents from the Tulsa office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were present during the search.

Almost everything the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has said about the incident so far, either through formal statements created by Sheriff’s spokesman Shannon Clark or less formally to Tulsa journalists, has been self-serving propaganda.

Doza died instantly. A legally obtained copy of the “State of Oklahoma Certificate of Death” lists the time of death as, “07:06,” the manner of death as “homicide” and the “immediate cause” of death as “multiple gunshot wounds.”

Official Police Account

On the morning of April 9th, Shannon Clark made the following statements about the shooting:

“The Tulsa County Special Operations Swat Team responded to this location to serve a high risk search warrant at about seven oh six this morning. As they arrived on scene they started giving ver… commands that they were there to execute a search warrant. As they made entry into the location they located one male individual laying face down with his hands tucked underneath him. As they began giving him commands to show his hands the individual reached for a gun that was apparent laying on a bookshelf right next to him. As he grabbed the gun he turned it in the direction of the officers and we believe that at this time three of our officers fired simultaneously and at this time the suspect is dead. We are waiting on the medical examiner’s office to examine the body….

“The Tulsa Police Department’s Homicide Unit was contacted and brought to the scene. They’re willing it (sic) to investigate this, uh, because we are in the city limits of Tulsa and it’s involving the agency so we’re not investigating our…our own incident. Um, right now that’s all we have. We’re getting more information as the other specialty units arrive on scene and once we clear the dwelling for any devices then we’ll be able to get in there and take a look and see and we’ll have some more information for you….

“There is some more information now that the Rogues have utilized that building although we’re not for sure about that but we’re trying to confirm it…. The Rogues motorcycle gang…. It was a high risk search warrant for narcotics; marijuana and methamphetamine…. The scene commanders have not given me any information about any of the schools being put on lockdown because the way the search was conducted, uh, everybody in that location was contacted by our deputies and they were moved to another location so we don’t think we have anybody at large running in the neighborhood. We think that everybody involved we have in our custody to some degree.”

Those dissembling statements were the beginning of the cover-up.

Defensive Wounds

Russell Doza had lost between 80 and 90 percent of his hearing. He wore two hearing aids but even with those he used closed captioning when he watched television and he had learned to read lips. He was totally unaware of the loud and violent invasion of the Rogues clubhouse until he was already surrounded by militarized police. He was unarmed when he was killed.

Doza was shot at least seven times and possibly as many as ten times. Police fired at least nine shots and may have fired more than 12 shots. He was shot in the back. At least one Swat officer was standing directly behind Doza and at least one was standing by his side. He never rolled over far enough to see the men who killed him.

He was shot in one arm. That wound may have been a defensive gesture or he may have been trying to raise his hands. The pattern of gunshots indicates that a third shooter may have been kneeling below Doza’s line of vision and to one side and behind him.

Doza was shot at least three times in the back at close range. Two of those wounds left powder burns.

The shots that killed him were “execution style” gunshots to the base of his skull. The pattern of those shots proves prima facie that he was laying on his stomach when he was killed. One shot entered from his side through the top thoracic vertebra and exited through the opposite side of his neck severing his carotid artery. The other kill shot entered the very base of his skull, broke his back and severed his spinal cord in the region of the first cervical vertebra. That shot would have instantly paralyzed him.

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42 Responses to “Russell Doza Was Murdered”

  1. DirtyBruin Says:

    Something about what BlackTwerp wrote didn’t sit right with me, and it wasn’t the obvious. It finally dawned on me that it was his use of the term “combat ineffective” with regard to a SWAT raid, as if the goal was to leave blood on the floor.

    The police aren’t (supposed to be) military. They aren’t supposed to be engaged in COMBAT against the general populace – not even against people on whom they are serving a warrant.

    Justice for Russell Doza

  2. JAMES Says:


  3. RVN69 Says:

    Go Away Black top, you are not welcome here, your bullshit is not welcome here. We are tired of being human training aids for people like you.
    F.O.A.D, E.S.A.D

    Justice for Derek Hale
    Justice for James Hicks
    Justice for Charles Nichols
    Justice for Russell Doza

    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  4. Miss Krista Says:

    But Rebel tell us how you really feel

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Black Top,

    Thanks for the tip you Rear Echelon Mother Fucker War Hero. I have reconstructed the death of Russell Doza about a half dozen times. Starting with the search warrant that was signed at 6:35 am and ending at 7:05 am when one of these three clowns yelled “Clear” and they all turned to leave. You are an ignoramous. You are just shooting your mouth off. You know nothing — nothing about the circumstances of Russell Doza’s murder, nothing about combat and certainly nothing about me. If you think you are an authority on fucking “combat effectivness” why don’t you go use your skills on some mother fucking Hajis?

    I know why. It is because you have no dick. You are a punk.

    Ten thousand of you are not worth one Russell Doza.

    This was second degree murder. This was yet another Swat attrocity perpetrated by a bunch of self dramatizing, self-glorifying losers who cannot even convince themselves that they are men without putting on costumes and playing at being war heros. In America. In the United States of America. Not only are you a coward and a Nazi, you are a traitor to the very notion of America.

    Combat effective? You are a humanoid. You know the world from television.


  6. Black top Says:

    You people are full of shit. Deputies don’t line up facing each other with a target in the middle, that would be combat ineffective and lead to self inflicted casualties. If he had shots to the back and head that is because he was shot as he fell back down. He shouldn’t have pulled a gun and tried to point it.

  7. Bud Says:

    Thanks for that site, quite informative.


  8. DocB Says:

    To everyone:

    There’s probably a whole lot more I don’t know about how warrants are issued.

    Well, turns out there IS a lot I don’t know. Someone who would know just called to inform me of the following;
    In some states a magistrate is the judge. In others he is more like a justice of the peace. Some stetes give a magistrate judge authority to issue arest warrants and such. I guess in Illinois a magistrate is in effect a judge.
    I still stand by my “ruber stamp” statement and none of this will bring back that little girl

    Hope I didn’t cause a bunch of confusion but I always just referred to him as “The Fuckin’ Judge” Now I guess I’ll have to refer to him as the “Fuckin’ Magistrate Judge” ……… Oh well whatever!


  9. Miss Krista Says:

    Jeez – “the court keeps no copies” of search warrants? WTF? Isn’t that just settin things up for f-ing with them if whoever got the warrant thinks they “need” to for their own selves? This is the problem – no “checks and balances” that are supposed to be “built in” to this system seem to ever actually be there. IT’s like the “pattern and practice” statute under federal law – supposed to be prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office, but they only take referrals from “agencies” – but it’s the agencies whose pattern and practice is criminal…

  10. DocB Says:

    Sooooooooooooo….. this warrant was signed by a magistrate, not a judge. Judges are probably too bussy to be bothered with murder warrants?? Sounds like “rubberstamp” to me. There’s probably a whole lot more I don’t know about how warrants are issued.

    Condolences to the family, loved ones, and friends.


  11. Detroit Dutch Says:

    The country is NOT in a state of rage about little Aiyana (7 yr old girl shot to death last weekend by the Detroit Cops) they certainly won’t care about US!

    This whole mentality of 24/7 cop shows playing on every station around the country also fosters this attitude. “Hey if the cops are there, then the people inside must be guilty right?”

    Well Geoffrey Fieger managed to change the Television crowd when he sued and won against Jenny Jones, maybe he can make some inroads into this mess.

    Other than that, how can we overcome the fact that cops “cover-up” anything they want and run rough shot over the legal system?

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear TigGirl,

    Yes. It is a good site. Please surf on over. Be sure to come back.


  13. TigGirl Says:

    I came across this site & thought it might be of interest to our kind host & fellow readers.


  14. RVN69 Says:

    Thanks God you straightened me out, with all the shootings of unarmed innocent people, trumped up charges and such I was beginning to think I had awakened in some parallel alternate universe where cops were the criminals and we were the good guys. It was like a bad twilight zone episode!!!

    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  15. JAMES Says:

    Guess I need to watch more COP SHOWS than WESTERNS.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear James and Harleyquin,

    I don’t see RICO being applied here, personally. Police departments have been charged with RICO but only when they were running for profit rackets. RICO gets used against motorcycle clubs strategically. RICO is a tool to bully anti-authoritarian dissenters. RICO gets used against police departments strictly.

    The whole mess in Tulsa of cops, including an ATF Agent, shaking down drug dealers and framing people has been going on for as long as there have been police.

    I get that Tulsa is a disaster. In my opinion, it is remotely possible, but not likely, that a civil liberties attorney there might bring a suit that might result in a federal judge putting the local police and sheriff’s in receivership. It is possible, but not likely that there might be an FBI investigation. Probably what will happen is that everybody in Tulsa is going to just have to learn to live with corrupt, incompetent, violent cops.

    Okay? You do not charge the police with RICO. They charge you. The police are “good guys.” You are “bad guys.” Have you learned nothing from television?

    your pal,

  17. harleyquin Says:

    Same question as James. I have heard rumor that the organizations can in fact be R.I.C.O. by the federal government, from another source. Is this true? Researching the info on the R.I.C.O. act it seems plausible. I am told that it has been done once before on law enforcement. It most definitely would be in order on this case as well as the ATF agent Brian McFadden in Tulsa.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    BOGART just for clarity, in the instance of Mr Doza this was not a “no knock” warrant it was “knock and announce.”

    READ: Knock once, mumble something then kick the doors in after ten seconds…

    You couple this with the military “pre dawn raid” mentality and what you have is exactly what you have:

    8-10% of these type warrants result in either death or serious injury to either side, but mostly those being “served” the warrant.

    If a manufacturer produced a drug or whatever that 10% of the time resulted in death or serious injury what would happpen?

    The “no knock” thing dates back to the Nixon era war on drugs…

    In 2005 (don’t know about now) the DEA Agents field manual stated:

    “Federal law does not contain a provision for a “no knock” warrant. Although some states still issue “no knock” warrants, DEA Agents need to recognize that such warrants are actually no different than a normal warrant with respect to the duty to knock and announce. The duty to knock and announce before entering a residence is a matter of Federal constitutional law, and the duty can be excused only by showing that exigent circumstances actually existed at the time of the search. DEA Agents must not under any circumstances participate in a search warrant execution that fails to comply with the knock and announce requirement unless they are aware of specific facts that demonstrate that their safety will be compromised or evidence will likely be destroyed if they do not effect an immediate.”

    So “no-knocks” these days are being replaced with “High Risk Knock and Announce, Dynamic Entry”.

    Remeber that a Judge had to sign off on this. Some rubber stampt them, others ask for more than “your affiant declares..”. Theoretically the Judge has to adhere to the 4th ammendment.

    Also, the “entry team’ (SWAT or whatever) never gets the big picture. They are given only sufficient intel to execute the warrant or maybe a total of about 20% of the available intel.

    25 to 30% of these type warrants do not, repeat do not produce the items listed in the warrant: (drugs, etc.) or produce misdemenaor amounts at most.

    In addition, a highly charged entry team usually succumbs to “Kent State Syndrome” where (since usually each person entering can really only see the back of the agent in front of him) shots ARE fired, they will fire in repsonse without actually witnessing a threat.

  19. JAMES Says:

    REBEL. I have a question, the FED. AGENT along with TPD, and the DRUG DEALING CONSPIRACY that is under investigation, along with many other coverups in TULSA makes me ask, could the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT come in and R.I.C.O. the lot of these people?They do it to citizens and other groups.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bogart,

    The militarization of American police and the misuse Swat is not an issue of national import. Tiger Woods sex life is important.


  21. BOGART Says:

    my god why are no-knock still legel in this country why are they in place i do not get it ????????? sorry i do not comment very much but there must some kind of law that can stop leo from kicking in your front door or home before daylight or anytime just my 2 cents my prays go out to all the fallen brothers and familys

  22. willienelso3 Says:

    JAMES said,
    “REBEL, TULSA POLICE this past year was in some very bad financial troubles and had laid off quite a few officers . . . .”

    Tulsa = Hemet

  23. chainsaw Says:

    This morning I ran across that video about SWAT shooting the family dog as the wife and child cowered on the floor. On the video you can hear the guy asking why they shot his dog and family members crying.

    According to one news article, after a fully armored SWAT team busted down the door, rousted the man, wife, and small child out of bed, and killed the family dog — they found a small amount of marijuana.

    The mayor says he will ask for a review of SWAT procedures, presumably because the dog was killed.

    Killing a dog rips at the public’s heart, makes SWAT look bad, and might cause a politician to lose his job. Killing a biker, well, uh, I guess not so much.

  24. JAMES Says:

    REBEL, TULSA POLICE this past year was in some very bad financial troubles and had laid off quite a few officers, well lo and behold the city was faced with some kind of crime wave and were trying to figure a way to put these people back to work, well we started seeing more and more news about drug dealers and shootings by the police, then funds came through to put these people back to work with some of them taking cuts in a few areas as pay and compensations.I in my own belief think they fabricated a lot of the raids and measures they used to make it look like these people really were needed to lower the crime level, but it took a sour turn and went to shit.Now all kinds of things are surfacing along with the corruption within and coverups,no telling what else is going to be seen in the future.

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Oh yeah. ATF Agent was dealing drugs last year. As usual, with these are big stories that I know I am getting into for the duration, I always know more that I say. Medical examiner snafus. Inter-agency feuds. Tulsa is a corrupt, fucking mess. I haven’t even really said anything about the harrassment of the mourners yet but I have pictures of that. I am pretty convinced right now that this was second degree murder. Not manslaughter but second which is a big jolt. The question right now is “Why haven’t they brought charges against the cops? What is going on? Who is doing it? How?” I already know why. They have to release the records at some point. Somebody will crack. Somebody always does.

    I wish I had as much on James Hicks. I haven’t forgotten about that one either.

    We will see if I can uncover anything here or do any good. I am on it. TCSO has my attention. I might routinely use some techniques and might be able to get access to some sources that they don’t bother with at the Tulsa World. We will see.


  26. not surprised Says:

    Philo: Very, very profound.

    Dutch: Kudos to you for BBB. Great effort, great coalition, super newsletter and I’ve personally heard from guys locked down who say nothing but good things.

  27. Rebel Says:

    Thank you Champ Rauch,

    Champ writes: Sorry about the post that some people feel I stoled, but all I was trying to do was get the word out to the biker community and support his cause. If you would like to see this post please visit this is a sad story and I recommend all to read.

    God Bless!

    No problem Champ. Give respect get respect, hey. Ask anytime.

    your pal,

  28. not surprised Says:

    Something else…Tulsa City SWAT shot another guy who they said “removed a cap and produced a handgun” during a raid on a motel where the guy was staying. Guy broke into a cop’s house and stole his guns. Cop who had the guns stolen was in on the raid….

    So guess who is investigating this one?

    The Sheriff’s office. They each have two pending cross-investigations of each other’s SWAT shootings.

    Guy was not killed, this was late last month.

  29. ShootFirst Says:

    Right on Philo. Well put.

  30. Philo Says:

    I bet if you were able to sit down and talk to each one of these cops, they’d tell you with total sincerity, that they think they are working in the best interests of the nation, and are defenders of the Constitution.

    Meanwhile, they march on, storm troopers of the tide, turning the soft fascism of the American police state into the hard fascism of the American socialist utopia.

    It’s smart for them to march on, in the darkness of the night, in the wee hours of the early morning. For if they had the fortitude to march in mass, in the light of the day, the people would surely meet them at the wall……..

  31. Detroit Dutch Says:

    We missed the first article on Roc, in the last BBB newsletter, so hopefully we will be able to include this update with the initial story when released soon as the delegates return from the NCOM Convention in Orlando this week.

    I know for sure… Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks and Russell Doza were talked about at the Convention. My only regret was that I did not have the funds to attend myself. It’s a bitch living on a Military Retirement, an E-6 one at that!


  32. RVN69 Says:

    Given the new information supplied by Not Surprised, it makes one wonder if the shooting of Russell Doza was in fact premeditated murder to silence a particular person who may have been aware of the police/ATF corruption.

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks and Russell Doza
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  33. Bud Says:

    The theory of the pre-dawn/early morning raid as I understand it is to catch any suspects involved while theyre sleeping so that during the commotion and while being disoriented gives leo the opprtunity to secure the premises before anyone has a chance to react and minimize casualties. Given that its not possible tha those pigs didnt know or even think that Doza was asleep when they entered. Kinda like the kid gettin caught with a cookie from the cookie jar and tryin toargue he didnt know there would be cookies in the jar when he stuck his hand in.
    Also since they shot him point blank in the back of the head not only has murder written all over it, it says premeditated as well.
    Another personal point of view is that during a home invasion or while encountering a threat in your house, if the homeowner shoots the intruder in defense of his home and that intruder turns to run and is shot in the back and dies as a result that homeowner is charged with murder because the intruder was trying to escape and therefore PRESENTED NO DANGER so the use of deadly force is not warranted. Seems to me that this should apply in this instance as well.


  34. Not Surprised Says:

    Tulsa, OK – A Tulsa federal agent pleads guilty. He admits to stealing money, planting drugs and framing innocent people. His arrest is part of a larger investigation into possible corruption within the Tulsa Police Department.

    34-year-old Brandon McFadden confessed to the crimes as part of a plea deal with the US Attorney’s office. McFadden will also be a witness for the prosecution in other cases against law enforcement officers.


  35. Not Surprised Says:

    Something is very definitely “up” in Tulsa. Last month a top cop in Tulsa as well as an ATF agent from Oklamhoma were indicted on several charges including setting people up with drugs, stealing and selling drugs, etc.

    It may not be too far of a reach to say more were involved, maybe even the guys who murdered Mr. Doza…………

  36. BigV Says:

    We’ve lost property rights, we’ve lost the right to associate in clubs, we’ve lost every damn right we ever had. It’s just not completely clear yet. It will get clear though.

    It will get very clear.

    Instead of “into the oven jews” it will “into the oven bikers”. And then Mister Modern Middle Class will smell the patching.

    I probably won’t be here to see that. But it’s coming.

  37. RVN69 Says:

    Contact wounds to the back of the head! Kinda hard to claim self defence. This was a murder plan and simple and the guilty will very likely never even see the inside of a courtroom let alone suffer any consequences. A civil lawsuit may establish some liability, but criminal charges will never be brought, not for the death of a biker, not even someone who very obviously, due to his extreme loss of hearing, did not understand what was happening. I get the feeling that the Tulsa County Sheriffs Dept considered this a training exercise, but with live targets.

    Respect to those that have earned it
    Si vis pacem, Parabellum.

  38. troyez Says:

    Yeah, those pigs need to rot in jail, and hopefully they’ll lose their jobs and homes for this travesty. I’d sue until they put bullets in their own brains. Worthless cunts.


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