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May 8, 2010

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Copyright and Trademark Notice

Under United States law, any creative work is copyrighted by the author of that work and it remains the property of his heirs for 75 years following his death. Everything on this site with the exception of most videos and some photographs, is copyrighted by Rebel, The Aging Rebel and by any of several corporations to which this original content may be or may have been assigned at the leisure and discretion of the copyright holder. The verbal marks “Aging Rebel” and “The Aging Rebel” and the visual mark in the top right corner of this site’s home page depicting a black on white three piece patch claiming cyberspace are all trademarked by The Aging Rebel.

All content that appears on this page is already copyrighted at the moment of its completion by the author, Rebel, which is always before it is published on this page.

Anyone who wants to do so may excerpt, printout, forward, share, link to or electronically store any part of this site for personal use without notice to or the permission of the author. “Fair Journalistic Use” by any writer, reviewer, defense attorney or critic is allowed without notice to or permission of the author. Prosecutors and ATF Agents are encouraged to urinate on any of this content without compensating the author.

Any content on this site may be reproduced or republished for any non-commercial use or limited commercial use by any other author or publisher with the following conditions: 1) The author of this content, Rebel, must be notified and give his permission; 2) the author of this content, Rebel, must be credited as the author of this content; and 3) unless otherwise consented to by the author a link to this site must be included in that republication or reproduction.

Commercial reproduction or republication of any content on this web site is forbidden without the express written permission of the author. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing in advance the value of licensing each piece of content on this page is stipulated to be: Ten dollars ($10) per word of literary content for each day of use, $3,500 per illustration for each day of use and $1,000 for each original photograph for each day of use.

Under no circumstances, unless for a payment or series of payments to be negotiated and paid in advance, may any author or publisher reproduce or republish any original content from this page under any name other than the author’s name, which is Rebel, and which must be attributed as: “by Rebel, copyright The Aging Rebel,” followed by the year in which that original content was published by the author – whose name is Rebel.

Ignorance is no excuse. Publishers and authors are responsible for the truthful attribution of their content. In most instances, The Aging Rebel can be revealed to be the original publisher of this content with a simple and brief search engine query. The licensing fees stated above will not be waived simply because any other author or publisher has not bothered to determine the author of the content he publishes or submits for publication.

Following the discovery of instances of unauthorized use or plagiarism of any content belonging to this page, The Aging Rebel will demand recovery of the above stated licensing fees plus all other costs incidental to the discovery of this plagiarism and all fees incidental to the recovery of the unpaid licensing fees. In all cases the unauthorized licensors of this content are stipulated to be the unauthorized publishers of this content.

Unauthorized use or reproduction of the verbal and visual marks listed above is also strictly forbidden. The visual mark is an illustration and the licensing fee for reproducing that illustration is stipulated to be $3,500 for each individual instance (which expressly means each, individual item) including but not limited to shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, cups, license plate holders, plates, magic tricks, tooth brushes, Aging Rebel brand “Glow in the Dark floss,” sheets, blankets, pillows, decals, calendars, permanent and temporary tattoos, cup holders, scarves, pajamas, fishing lures, earrings, pistol grips, air cleaner inserts and all sexual devices and aids including Aging Rebel Brand condoms, lubricating lotion, furry handcuffs and Aging Rebel brand “Mister Big Stuff Vibrating Pleasure Wands For Her.”

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32 Responses to “Copyright And Trademark Reminder”

  1. willienelso3 Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    you probably already know about this,
    (and I’m not sure if it matters because I don’t think you ever directly quote anyone else’s news articles),
    but just in case you don’t and it does,
    here’s a link:

    (it’s about some rectum trying to get rich off of real people who do real work)

    respects and best wishes for your book endeavor,


  2. azrider Says:

    It is so easy to properly cite non-original works when paraphrasing or directly quoting another author. The Internet runs rampant with plagiarism and folks that don’t care. It’s a shame they don’t understand the work that it takes to produce quality copy. Then again, if they knew how to produce quality copy they wouldn’t have to steal it from another author!

    Love your work Rebel…

  3. willienelso3 Says:

    to SVD:

    is that a ‘self-taught’ person?

    (i’m too lazy/inconvienced to get the dictionary right now, but I will.)

    I enjoy words (as long as I don’t confuse them with the reality they represent). I especially enjoy the clarity of thought which can be expressed with words. and the authentic feeling, from the heart.

    so thank-you to all who post comments regularly here.

    and thank-you Mr. Rebel. (I’ll be looking at more videos — I mean ads — and still saving aluminum cans.)

    with appreciation,

  4. ironrider Says:

    So you posted that Dwight Yoakam video? Excellent choice, thanks! Another reason to hang out here!


    ? why not sell your own ad space per month or discount 6 months or more .
    Respect, Steve

  6. TigGirl Says:

    So do we need to make sure we on a page for a minute minimum or do we have to actually click on the add and (cough) look at it for a minute.
    Hey, I can click on something, then wander off for a minute – several times a day, if need be.

    Better yet, I can spend well over a minute reading and re-reading your writings.

    Thanks for all you do Rebel!

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Steve,

    I don’t actually sell the ads. I sell the space to Google and they sell ads. That is that shit over on the right side of the page arranged around the music videos and such. I put up the videos and so on. I must be polite to my advertisers. The ads are usually for background checks, biker patches and so on. Sometimes Hugh Downs tells you about retirement. Sometimes you are invited to learn about educational opportunities. Sometimes you are invited to learn how to become a cop.

    (Don’t tell anybody. Google can’t tell whether you are staring at a music video or staring at an ad.)

    If 1000 people stare at the ads for at least one minute each I get one cent. I love Google! I want them to get as rich off me as they possibly can! Without rich people, who could I victimize?



    Were do you sell ads ?
    Respect, Steve

  9. Miss Krista Says:

    I’ve been thinking it’s a strangely fulfilling pleasure to read this website, but now I’m thinking maybe I need to get my hands on one of those last items you’re including but not limiting yourself to…I’m thinkin’ maybe pretty bitch should too instead of waiting for SOA to start up again for one of those shower scenes…I’m just thinkin’…

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear SVD,

    Maybe next time your friend should have me ask.

    your pal,

  11. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    “He took it down and apologized politely.”

    A welcome contrast with the experience a friend of mine had with the “entitled generation” and plagiarism. A friend was teaching at an expensive but academically subpar private college in the northeast—the sort of place that is more about social credentialing than education–and assigned an essay. A student responded with an essay that answered a related but different question. On even casual examination, one could see in the margins, the erased comments of a prior professor who when contacted was able to confirm that the paper had been writtent for his class by a different student. My friend’s student did not even bother to recopy the essay–just tried, without success, to erase the professor’s comments in the margin. This feckless young plagiarist when confronted stated “if someone else wrote a perfectly good essay and was willing to share it with me, why should I have to write a new one!”

    It gets worse. The student, upon receiving an “F” complained to the Dean.

    It gets still worse; apparently after calculating the potential loss of tuition involved, the Dean advised my friend to give the student a “C” or a “D”. To his credit, my friend stuck with the “F”. He was leaving the next semester anyway, so we never did learn what his school would do inconvenienced by academic integrity.

    By the way, despite having a lot of degrees, due to examples like this, I’ll listen to an autodidact who cares about learning over a graduate who jumped through hoops for a credential, any time.


  12. azul Says:

    dear Rebel,

    spoken like a true gentleman–keep on telling it like it is–and how it should be…


    Boyle Heights

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Daddyo,

    He took it down and apologized politely. Good enough for me. I am not out for blood or to try to humiliate anybody or put them out of business or anything. Turns out it was all a big misunderstanding. Al Capone once said you get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun than you do with a kind word alone. Wise words I think. MotopsychozMC and I are pals again.


  14. Daddyo Says:

    If you determine who his web host is, it’s a simple matter to file a copyright claim with them. I’ve done it when my entire website was copied (I’m a self employed welder guy), the thieving bastards site was gone, poof, disapeared into the twilight zone just like that.
    They only let him put it back up after deleting every bit of stolen content.
    I hope it’s that simple for you.
    If you don’t pursue the thieves they’ll pick your bones dry.
    Credit where credit’s due.
    The punk lost his site for several months.
    Go after em and don’t quit. It’s the same as if they came in your yard and took your dog and your 80″ flathead cases.


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    I sell ads. That pays the cost of phone calls, faxes, document downloads and foia requests. Almost.


  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ Skinhead,

    Thanks for your kind and supportive words. It is just a pain in the ass but it isn’t like I can’t do anything. First thing, you sue his server provider. He may have no money but they do.

    As far as embedding a copyright notice on everything I publish goes, uh nah. I want people to read me. I am not trying give people a hard time. I want people to pass me around. Even some quasi-publications like Brothers Behind Bars are basically what I consider to be non-commercial. Any guy in prison who wants to read or quote from anything I write gets a pass for everything.

    And secondly, under the law, everything I write is already copyrighted when I write it. Copyright works differently than patents or trademarks. And, then on top of that I keep a digital record of the exact time when everything is published. Down to the minute. I also see the google web bots come crawling through everyday so I know down to the minute when google knows I have published anything. And, I keep a record of that. So my actual ownership of the copyright is kind of indisputable.

    This guy, Champ Rauch, at motopsychozmc is just stealing from me because he thinks it ain’t no thing to steal my shit. Within a couple of days I will know whether his service provider thinks that as well. And, of course the other people I sent what is called a “DMCA Legal Complaint” (for digital millenium copyright act) to yesterday will also let me know whether they think I am just bullshitting around. One of them is google. I hear google also has very deep pockets. So we will see. This might be the best thing that ever happened to me. Who knows?

    I do kind of think Champ Rauch is in over his head here. His big mistake was fucking with me when I was busy, stressed and pissed off and didn’t feel like being polite to somebody who was fucking with me.

    Champ’s email address is [email protected], by the way in case you would like to say hello to him. He is also on facebook and myspace. His face book page informs us that he majored in “police science” at Milwaukee Area Technical College and graduated in 1998. Police Science. Not exactly a total surprise. Police Science sure seems like an oxymoron to me. You know, like “auhthentic reproduction” or “Aunt Jemima light.”

    I’ll get this straightened out soon. I just thought I had better put up a notice on the front page to the effect of “don’t steal from me, steal from somebody else.”

    your pal,

  17. 10Guage Says:

    Fuck Champ Rauch…Lazy, self righteous, thief.

  18. BigV Says:

    Detroit Dutch:

    In my line of work, I’d like to go back to the Horse Thief Rules. Hang those fuckers.

    BBB is a service to read in PDF. Thanks for making it available, even to those of us who aren’t patched.

  19. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    I’ve had my art and text co-opted by internet twats too often, and I add © and ™ to everything of mine that I post anywhere. The same thing has happened with my website-owning friends. Sometimes even that doesn’t stop em. You may want to post in small type on the front page (under the title) ” ™ and © 2010 by The Aging Rebel. All rights reserved, in other words, DON’T FUCK WITH IT.” I think sending trademarked documents (this site and its name) across state lines automatically protects them, but you may want to go official with US Patent and Trademark.

    If you want to sue this unwiped anus, I’ll donate what I can to it.

    YYZ Skinhead

  20. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Those of us at NCOM who help publish the Brother’s Behind Bars newsletter, wish to thank the Aging Rebel for many wonderful stories that have helped “lighten up” an otherwise miserable day.

    We will be sure to cite properly (in all acceptable formats; APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian) the work in “honor” of the author and wish to only continue in our efforts.

    Theft of literary works in America go back further than Emily Dickinson but she was used in order to write the laws on copyright infringement. Prior to that we treated “theft” just like the stealing of a man’s horse. Maybe we should go back to those laws?

    Detroit Dutch

  21. troyez Says:

    Pistol grips? Where can I get a set?

  22. bob Says:

    Wow.Champ Rauch must think he’s Stephen Ambrose.Just read about the acclaimed author’s plagiarisms in the Sunday paper.

  23. Not Surprised Says:


    Not speaking for you and not patronizing you either. But if you stuck a Pay Pal button somewhere on this site, I’d hit it now and again, and I’m betting there are many who would. Not because anyone thinks you are a chairty case (a basket case, maybe), but out of sheer gratitude. If you can’t support with your wallet what you say you support with your heart, that ain’t right……………

    Just to defray expenses. Shoe leather ain’t cheap these days..

  24. Bud Says:

    If by lawyer you mean someone trained in taking a stand for the common man and ensuring that justice is served and no further wrongs commited I know some lawyers in that area, be glad to make a call.


  25. RVN69 Says:

    Unfortunately all walks of life are full of spinless lazy motherfuckers who think nothing of claiming someone elses work as their own. Class, Respect, Dignity and Honor are words that have no meaning to most of the sheeple who walk around aimlessly waiting for their next set of instructions from big brother. What would reaally set him straight is a through ass kicking!

    Thanks from the heart for your site and work
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  26. DocB Says:

    None of us would let anybody steal from us on the street without some sort of retaliation. I expext this site is your street corner.

    I’ll bet we could all pool resources and put a few lawyers on his door step some night to help him understand the legal side of this. (just kiddin, everybody relax, just kiddin) You do have some loyal readers, and keep the news comming. I personally respect what you’re doing here very much.


  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear BigV,

    Yeah. A dickless punk named Champ Rauch, who has a web site named motopsychozmc in Milwaukee, decided it ain’t no fucking thing to steal my shit. He ripped off both the copy and the illustration from the Doza story and published it under his name.

    You know, how sometimes little things just set you off? This guy sets me off. He caught me on the wrong day. And, that is why I put up this particular story. I spent about twelve hours yesterday trying to make some headway with a follo on the Doza story. In the course of that I stumbled on Champ Rauch.

    I love how half of his site is a big lecture about his honor and his integrity. I am not sure it would have bothered me as much if I had not first run accross a blog entry from another nitwit called The Old Blastard about what a great writing job Champ Rauch had done with his Doza story.

    You know, I just think people should know about what happened to Russell Doza, so all this Rauch motherfucker had to do was use question marks, attribute what I said to me and speak a little from his own heart. But he has nothing to say so he stole from me. And, what really pisses me off is that he obviously thinks I must be weak.

    So now I have to waste my time dealing with this piece of shit. Not working on, like, the Doza story, but I have to pay attention to this asshole Champ Rauch. So before this happens again I thought I would just remind everybody of the rules. People reprint me all the time and I think I am pretty reasonable about it. I mostly do this site pro bono. The line is when somebody steals my work and puts his name on it to make money for him.

    I did not want to think that I actually had to tell somebody that they should not steal from me. But as it turned out I do. So I did.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    your pal,

  28. TigGirl Says:

    Too many ingnorant fools out there in cyberland think that they can simply steal whatever they want.
    Thank You Rebel!

  29. WV Fritz Says:

    You forget to include “The Aging Rebel™” Action Figure”… wait my mistake it was listed under “Mister Big Stuff Vibrating Pleasure Wands For Her.”
    Have a great day Rebel.

  30. BigV Says:

    I believe the little sportbike idiots at Motopyschos ripped off the Douza story with a one word change.

  31. Rashomon Says:

    Our curiosity is suitably piqued – what happened?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  32. ShootFirst Says:

    “Fishing lures”. Priceless!

    So who is ripping you off Rebel?

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