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April 29, 2010

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Ronald Smith, the well known Seattle pawn shop unit detective, police union official and proud patch holder in the Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club, is suing the Seattle Police Department for $169,800.

Smith alleges his department slandered him days after he gunned down and severely wounded an unarmed member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the Loud American Roadhouse in Sturgis on August 9th, 2008. Smith alleges he suffered emotional distress when Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said Smith had used a Police Department Glock automatic pistol to shoot Joseph McGuire in the stomach and the leg. Smith maintains that he actually used his personal Glock automatic pistol, purchased from the Seattle Police Athletic Association, when he tried to kill McGuire.

Smith demands $150,000 to heal his emotional wounds. He also demands $19,800 to pay his lawyer and to compensate him for lost wages.

According to the suit, Smith only tried to kill McGuire because he was “defending himself from a violent premeditated attack, and he responded in a manner which was neither excessive nor unreasonable.” Smith also believes his reputation was harmed when then-Chief Kerlikowske called him an “embarrassment.” Kerlikowske is now Director of National Drug Policy in the Obama Administration.

The Iron Pigs

The Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club is a three-piece-patch motorcycle club comprised of sworn piece officers, prison guards, security guards and fire fighters. The club was founded in Oroville, California in December 2000 by disgruntled members of another cop club, the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club.

The club intends to either parody or outdo other three-piece clubs. Members wear state bottom rockers and a diamond patch enclosing “99%.” The club motto is “Never Let The Bastards Wear Your Down.” Before the shooting in Sturgis, the club website proclaimed, “In our professions we are forced to deal with a lot of crap on the job; we don’t need it when we play.”

A Massachusetts criminologist and retired cop named Mitch Librett wrote one of the few scholarly articles about the strange phenomena of cop motorcycle clubs. The monograph, “Wild Pigs and Outlaws: The Kindred Worlds of Policing and Outlaw Bikers,” was published in Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal.

Librett sees “striking similarities in self-presentation” between cop clubs and other three piece patch clubs. “The colors, slogans, and monikers adopted by the members are often indistinguishable,” Librett has said, “I really have to question why any police officer would feel that emulating the (outlaw) lifestyle is an attractive way to spend their free time.”

About two years before the Sturgis shooting, Iron Pigs National Vice President Anthony “Kornbread” Barber explained the attraction to WBOY in West Virginia, “Some of us get a kick out of pulling up at a red light and watching people lock their doors.”

The pugnacious Iron Pigs once sued a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania, an affiliate of the Phillies called The Iron Pigs – after a common raw ingredient used in nearby steel mills – with trademark infringement.

The Fight At The Loud American Roadhouse

Official and published accounts of the shooting differ radically from what eyewitnesses have described to this page.

Officially, Smith and four other Iron Pigs who were involved in the incident described themselves as being surrounded and attacked by Hells Angels. News media have described the attack as unprovoked. Charges were brought and dismissed against all five Iron Pigs. After months in the hospital, McGuire was charged with aggravated assault. He eventually pled no contest to simple assault in February 2009.

Uncontrovertibly, Smith has a long history of trying to bully Hells Angels. In 2005, Smith stalked, threatened and then charged a Seattle motorcycle shop owner named James Magnesi with threatening him. A tape recording proved that what had happened was that Smith had actually called him a “dirtbag,” told him to watch his back and told him that belonging to the Hells Angels is a crime.

Witnesses have told this page that McGuire and one Hells Angels prospect were surrounded and harassed by the five Iron Pigs. Smith insulted McGuire. When McGuire punched Smith in the face and knocked him down Smith shot the Hells Angel twice.

Smith claimed to be acting in self defense because he reasonably felt himself to be in mortal danger. But none of the four other Iron Pigs who witnessed the fight made any effort to break it up or to defend Smith.

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  1. .lol sled tramp Says:

    Hey sled tramp I doubt 100% that you were EVER IN THE MILITARY. WHENEVER someone calls u a name you bring up your supposed service. I have served with and known TONS of REAL VETS and no-one ever talks about their service TOGETHER LET ALONE ON SOME TRASH SITE (no offense Rebel) do u know what stolen valor is you fraud??

  2. Suckit, Assholes Says:

    Aww, poor widdle HA trash took a bullet.


    Plenty more where those came from.

  3. Used to be in the Mix Says:

    Here’s the truth about the oinkers! First it’s nothing more than a group of rogue cops who drink and ride and then go on duty the next day and arrest folks for DUI. Every one of them truly believes they are well above any laws of the land and can do whatever it is they want to do. BTW, I’ve been in the mix and seen it all first hand. A bunch of cops attempting to emulate 1% MCs and not doing a very good job of it. When things get tough and one of them shoots their mouth off and they get challenged, they simply pick up their phones and dial 911. Really? Hypocrites.

  4. Ummmmm Says:

    Bottom line is the Iron Pigs won. The 81’s lost and keep on loosing. How many 81’s been shot, beaten and imrprisoned in the last few years? A shitload and most of the damage has been done by other 1% clubs. Bwahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. sled tramp Says:

    “you are all sooo tough.”-I’ve been married twice.NOTHING scares me anymore.
    “He shouldn’t be acting like me”.-Anyone dumb enough to emulate me is beyond redemption and probably deserves what they get.
    BTW, I think one is supposed to JAQ by one’s self at Christmas but I’m not sure (Trying to be helpful here ya know?).
    Merry Christmas.

  6. BigDaddy## Says:

    Ok – Here people – you are all sooo tough. I know you all can beat all kinds of people up.. I’m scared just typing on this forum.

    My point is that you are two separate groups, tough groups of course (dont want to get yelled at for name calling), who act basically under the same pre-tense, and then yell at each other for acting the exact same way. “He shouldn’t be acting like me”..

    Your a tough biker – your a tough cop – this forum is two groups arguing the same point.

    Merry Christmas. I’ll be spending it with JAQ.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    You know JAQ.

  8. sled tramp Says:

    BigDaddy## Says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 9:08 am
    “You guys are all a bunch of pussy’s”

    When I was sweating Ranger school and the “Q” course at Bragg,they kept yelling “You bunch of pussys!”
    The first time as an apprentice I had to walk beam 200 feet up on my first bridge,my pusher yelled “What are ya? A pussy?”
    A cop once smirked at me while I was sitting cuffed on the curb and called me a pussy (I had just put three of his fellow sophisticates in the ER) so I guess THAT counts…
    But before I continue,why would someone obviously elevated above our lowly selves bother to visit here much less comment?
    Oops, gotta go, feeling insecure.Need to go intimidate someone.

  9. BigDaddy## Says:

    You guys are all a bunch of pussy’s.

    BOTH of you groups hide behind your “Badges”.
    Yes – both.

    A cop carries his badge all over the place with them and when they get in trouble they pull it out and yell “I’m a COP”.

    A biker wears their badge (3 Piece Patch) and if they get in trouble you hide behind intimidation efforts.

    You guys are both in groups that attempt to intimidate and bully, and try to show everyone who’s tougher.

    “Your a pussy” – “No your a pussy”

    “Im tougher” – “No I’m tougher”

    Give me a break. We’re not in high school any more children.

    Why don’t both of you go your seperate ways and leave each other alone, and quit trying to show each other who has bigger nuts.

  10. Rick Pettis Says:

    Well I know I’m late here but I hope someone will read my response. I don’t know why and law enforcement agency would allow their officers to dress up in “costumes” and act like outlaws on the weekends. I have more respect for the actual 1%ers. The cops who ride with cop clubs are sure giving the cops that are taking care of their business a bad name. I would love to see some numbers, from accross the country, of how many arrests were made by these cop club members while wearing their colors? I mean how many of them have actually arrested someone for illeagal activity, public intoxication, narcotics…whatever. I bet the number of arrests are dismal and I bet the only arrests are when one of them gets their ass kicked or threatend by a real biker while drinking at some bar. To tell the truth, if you held up, say Hells Angels colors and some of the cop colors in a court room would you (average citizen) be able to tell the difference between which one is the cop club? I’m betting not, see thats the point. The cops want to be outlaws and they want to be cops and when you look at the big picture they are not good at either one!

  11. DirtyBruin Says:

    FATF – I know gay men who would be grievously offended to be associated with a cretin like Ummm.

  12. Rashomon Says:

    Jabba – I think the term you’re looking for is “unmitigated wanker” – just trying to be helpful …

  13. FATF Says:

    Ummm, go swallow some cum you fucken fag!!!

  14. Shyster Says:

    Ummm …… Fuck You!


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