Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost

There was a memorial service two days ago in Beckley, West Virginia for the 29 coal miners who died at the nearby Upper Big Branch mine April 5th.

Twenty-eight hundred people attended the service.  Most of them were there to pay their respects and console the grieving.  At least a couple of them were there to make symbolic, political appearances.

Many of the working class men who died were veterans and some of them rode motorcycles.  A source has told this page that “Families of the miners killed in the explosion…had requested the Patriot Guard Riders attend.”  The Patriot Guard Riders is an informal club of veteran motorcyclists which exists to make sure that all veterans are given respectful funerals.  And, they were banned from this service by federal officials because those officials believe the Patriot Guard is a security threat.

Cleared With Governor

The appearance of the Patriot Guard at the service, at the request of at least several families, was cleared by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin.  Travis Mollohan, a senior aide to the Governor worked with the Patriot Riders to arrange a staging location.

The day before the service, Joe Cumblidge, the West Virginia State Captain of the Patriot Guards emailed the men who were scheduled to participate:  “Due to circumstances totally and completely beyond the control of the Patriot Guard Riders and Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, we are regrettably ordering a STAND DOWN for this mission.  Specific details will not be posted here but, we’ve been told we are not welcome to participate because of certain high-level dignitaries that are scheduled to be in attendance.”

The “high-level dignitaries” were President Barack Obama and Vice-president Joe Biden.  A Patriot Guard Rider named Pat Hanifin told WSAZ in Charleston that Manchin had been forbidden to allow the Patriot Guard to participate “because of overwhelming security concerns with high-ranking federal officials – it was just not logistically possible for them to be a part of the event.”

A member of the Patriot Guard who had planned to ride that day told this page, “the reason was because the Secret Service did not want us there because of the possibility of the President attending.  Why?  So he can stand there like a fool and disrespect every veteran in attendance with his hands crossed?”

Obama And Biden

At the service, the President stood in front of a row of 29 crosses and told the mourners, “Our task, here on Earth, is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy.  To do what we must do, individually and collectively, to assure safe conditions underground.  To treat our miners like they treat each other, like a family. Because we are all family and we are all Americans.”

Vice President Biden, who spoke before the President, warmed up the crowd with a wise crack intended to insult West Virginia’s most prominent recent football coach, Rich Rodriguez.  Rodriguez left West Virginia for the University of Michigan after the 2007 season.

“They loved hunting, fishing, riding horses and four-wheelers,” Biden said of the dead miners.  “They hated the way Coach Rodriguez left West Virginia for Michigan.”  Biden’s remark seemed to charm the mourners, who applauded.

Both Biden and Obama managed to escape West Virginia unharmed.

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  1. Mr. America Says:

    Funny. Considering some of the Patriot Riders are probably ten-times more qualified to defend and protect The President than most of the wet behind the ears squareheads in the Seaquit Service. And being local, they would know where most, if not all, the escape routes would be, by heart. And, their ain’t a one of us who probably wouldn’t lay down our lives to protect The President. WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES! We are “FELLOW” Americans. HELLO, this is America calling. Are we reaching? Knuckleheads, I swear. Politicians with their heads so far up their self-righteous asses they can’t see reality any more.

  2. Hlywd Marc Says:

    According to The Prez, we are all americans, just the ones that served our country and ride motorcycles are Sub-Americans. What a hipocrite. Respects to all Veterans,and a special thanks to The Patriot Riders.

  3. Concerned Says:

    WTF these guys were invited by the familys. Since when did the President or the government start telling us who we could invite? This is blatent discrimination against these bikers. Is this the same guy whos worried about civil rights in Arizona? I think he needs to go back to school and study the constitution and maybe clean up the trash in his own DC backyard before he starts whining about Arizona.

  4. 10Guage Says:

    Not to mention there are plenty of current and retired COPS that ride in the Patriot guard.

  5. puterindabasketchief Says:


    Maybe Obama was worried they’d entrap in a coke and weapons buy, then confiscate his power tie.

  6. Bud Says:

    This is a blatant insult to not only the Patriot Guard but to the memories of the lives that were lost andto the families that INVITED them.
    And it seems more and more self evident that the phrase”My FELLOW Americans” really only comes into play from that end of the spectrum is when votes are needed.


  7. troyez Says:

    Who invited Obumbler? His presence there was for political brownie points, nothing more. He would never associate with these WV families if reporters (and their cameras) weren’t present. I could say more about this man, but out of respect for our host, I’ll tone it down; worst president ever.

  8. Rad4Ever Says:

    What a bunch of bullshit comments.
    What is it? Every fuck’n Offroad,Biker and Firearm site has it’s “Hate President Obama for everything” Trolls?
    Give a break…you lost at the polls and it’s over.
    Fuck the Patriot Guard..they’re no better than most Biker groups and let’t not be coy…it about Slamming the President of the United State’s who happens to be…”Black”?
    What bunch of pricks using the death of miners to crap all over the Prez!

  9. ShootFirst Says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it! Pretty simple.

  10. Hlywd Marc Says:

    Hey Rad4ever, what does the Presidents color have to do with this,Black? you better look again.and fuck you for your disrepect of the miners and their families, Obama was there for politics, simple as that, He doesnt care 2 shits about those miners.I ride with a large 1%er club in So.Cal. come call me a troll to my face, Punk.

  11. Dirk Says:

    Mr America, most secret service are former SF and SEALS so im sure they can handle it over the patriot riders no offense of course. still screwed up though.

  12. Bud Says:

    Youre a moron. Its obvious the prez was there just to score brownie points, using the death of the miners to do so, otherwise the Guard would not have been turned away, ensuring that all cameras and focus were on him.


  13. Beowulf Says:

    Hey Rad4ever, the Patriot Guard was invited, not the President. It’s not a black or white issue either dumbass. It’s about disrespect to a large group of riders who exist solely to assist and honor America’s fallen Warriors. The same fallen Warriors who gave and continue to give you and all the rest of us the right to voice our opinions. You are entitled to yours, even as fucked up as it is. You’re obviously not a Vet, otherwise I wouldn’t have to explain this to you. You disrespected many here, I suggest you take a fucking hike! My respects to ShootFirst, and Hlywd Marc for setting this guy straight.

  14. hightop Says:

    Rad, maybe you should read before commenting. I did, and didn’t see anything about “black” before you brought it up,typical stupid liberal shit. The issue is they were invited, because of him coming to score some political points they were rejected. When you attend something like that, you should expect there may be guests you may not like, and deal with it, but I guess he couldn’t. Bud’s right, you’re a moron!

  15. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    I do have to object to the implication that Obama told the Patriot Guard to get lost.I doubt that the president made the decision.

    I have two words for you. “Permanent bureaucracy”. It doesn’t matter who is elected to office; there are people who view themselves as the permanent government who are not subject to election. They tell the president and congress what they think they need them to know in order to continue to be funded to carry out their agendas.

    I do, however, agree that Rebel’s piece had nothing to do with Obama’s ethnicity and I am usually among the first to cry foul when that kind of thing comes up.

    Regarding the presence of the president and vice president at a funeral; onthe one hand, shame on him or anyone else for politicizing a funeral. On the other hand, I’d give a pass if it really led to a strong thrust for better conditions in coal mines–because left to their own devices, the guys who own the mines and have more money than God are sure to plead poverty and continue to tell miners that they must choose between their jobs and their lives.

    Condolences to the families of the deceased.


  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rad4Ever,

    Eric Harden? Is that you? We should talk. I’ll buy you a drink. Tell T-Dogg he can come, too.


  17. chainsaw Says:

    In the beginning some local families whose loved one was KIA in the sandbox hesitated when approached by the Patriot Guard because they were unsure about inviting a bunch of bikers. Our congressman Ted Poe approached them and said “believe me, you want these guys”. And Mayor White declared one day “Patriot Guard Day” in Houston. I would venture to guess most patriotic politicians love the PGR.

    I have never met a finer bunch of guys than the Patriot Guard Riders. A man or woman who takes a day off (many times uses a vacation day) to ride for hours, and then stand for hours quietly holding an American flag for a complete stranger…. wow.

    If the memorial service was open to the public, and they were invited by the families, the PGR should have been there.

    So Rad4Ever, ask yourself – why is Obama afraid of the PGR? Why is Obama (or his SS staff) afraid of one of the most patriotic American groups in the country? The answer to this question defines his presidency.

  18. Rad4Ever Says:

    Naw Rebel, just another rider.
    Typing this response cuz I screwed upped the original?
    The Brothers have to settle down and look in the mirror and say “Chill”!
    If they can’t take the same shit they themselves put on the floor…fuck them.
    Don’t know them, don’t want to if they can’t get beyond their petty hate and the lack of respect.
    Just in from River Run with a ton of bullshit comments regarding “Black” Obama which didn’t seem to be appropriate. It’s just gets to be redundant getting on to my favorite guy sites?
    Still would like to bang out some suds if ever we hook up!

  19. Snow Says:

    Rad, you are a fucktard, fuck you, we have a right to like or not like whoever the fuck we want, for whatever reason we want, you are the only one to bring color into the comments. The PGR were invited to attend, they should have rode in anyway, piss on anybody it upsets..IMHO

  20. Not Suprised Says:


    Yu may or my not be aware that last week, six US veterans protesting Dont Ask Dont Tell chained themselves to the north fence of the White House Grounds. They gace a very simple short and somehwat disjointed diatrie toi the few newsmen there. After a full 45 minutes, the Secret Service showed up, cut them lose and hauled them away. Then, the US Park Service closed the park. Obama was enroute from CA on AF! at the time.

    Make no mistake about it, this is one President who does what the Secret Service says. Incindentally, for the first time, a female agent (assigned to Mrs. Obama) is on the personal detail.

    Obama is no dummy, he knows his divisiveness will and is bringing the wahck jobs out of the woodwork. Secret Service quashed the plans for the Patriot Guard. Despite press release to the contrary, this President has gotten 16 times more credible threats of violence than any other US President.

    Extremism is alive and wel in this coountry. no one knows this more than Mr Obama. Just look at how many arrests across the country for making threats agaionst senators and congressmen.

    Now, dont blame us. Most of us did not vote for him, nor do I personally think anyone in this community would lketo see him killed ok?

    So cool your fuvking rhetroic and save it for you yuppie frineds who give a fuck.


    Secret Service agent. Most of them have been the very best students at leo enforcement academies and are sometimes recruited from the FBI and only a few from Special Services units of the military like the Navy Seals ect.
    Respect, Steve

  22. Rad4Ever Says:

    For the more sensible folks not having a prickly hair across their butthole’s…not going to back off on these morons. I’ve said my piece. If they’re easily flamed? Maybe they should log on to sewing circle sites and banter there.
    As for myself…I wont lie…I know I voted the right guy into office.
    Don’t much hang around with percenters, but, I know they would LOL @ Hlywd using such a gay 1% claim. They wouldn’t give a shit about me or anyone else using the internet boards. Got yo punk, Hollywood bitch!
    PS: Like I mentioned earlier..dig Rebel’s slant on things. And if he not offended…I sure the less hardier folks can take it.

  23. troyez Says:

    Way to backpedal Rad. And way to disrespect Rebel’s blog, that was really classy. And who is the troll here? I’ve never seen “Rad4Ever,” on this site before, are you sure you’re not T-Dogg? Finally, pissing on veterans is no way to make friends, I guarantee you wouldn’t show the same disrespect to our faces, at least not more than once. Wait ’til Sleddy (and our other brothers) gets wind of this!

    One more thing, I voted for Alan Keyes over Obama in Illinois back in 2004, so race is not an issue for me. Last I heard, both Mr. Keyes’ parents are black, not so much with Barry Soetoro, his mom’s white. So, am I still a “racist,” for ripping on Barry?

  24. sled tramp Says:

    4 words for ya….
    Go back to your R1.
    People don’t understand being reasoned with,
    People understand being cut
    Sled Tramp
    Ranger (tabbed not scrolled)
    Air Assault
    Oh, and by the way?

  25. Not Surprised Says:

    Rad if you aren’t a member of Hemet PD, I urge you posthaste to apply.

  26. DocB Says:

    I pretty much agree with SVD. I’m sure the president’s PR advisors saw
    a chance to politicize a funeral on a notional level and get a photo op out of it, and the president was stupid enough to go for it. I’m equally sure that once that decission was made it was also decided that they sure didn’t need a bunch of “right wing biker demonstrators” at the same event. A decision made politically and presented as a security issue. Typical lying Fucktards.
    Hey RAD, I don’t care who you voted for, it’s your business and none of mine. The issue here is not a black president, it’s the fact that he used a national disaster to further his own agenda. The guy runnin things ought to be smarter than that.
    “Don’t much hang around with percenters”
    No Shit? Say it isn’t so…… tell me you lied. I never woulda’ guessed.


  27. Damon Says:

    Condolences to the miners families. It’s a shame that the organisers didn’t fully appreciate the importance of the Patriot Guards presence to some of the mourners. Heads of State around the world attend disaster sites as a matter of course. All the time. Even the Europoean ones that don’t need votes. There’s probably enough shit to sling by sticking to the facts. Just a thought. I’m going for a ride. Have fun.

  28. Grumbler Says:

    Despite the headline, have my doubts whether Obama himself had anything to do with excluding the Patriot Guard. Wouldn’t be too surprised if those so-called high security concerns expressed by high-ranking federal officials came from the (drum roll) ATF. Sure, it might be nothing more than a conspiracy theory on my part, but I wouldn’t put anything past that exaggeratedly unprincipled John Ciccone and his violently arrogant toad sucking fiends.

  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rad4Ever,

    Did you just call Hollywood Marc a gay bitch? In general, in my experience and training, based on numerous conversations with sworn peace officers in multiple jurisdictions, as a semi-trained, semi-professional, journalistic investigator, my conclusion is that the people who talk like that are cops. Just saying. If it quacks…. You know? Birds gotta fly.

    And, I may have said this to you before but I will say it again, anyway. I don’t underestimate you. You should not underestimate me. I intend to treat you respectfully. How you treat me and other people here says more about you than it does about them. Okay?

    Write on. In general everybody is free to speak his mind here. But if you are a cop, just be aware that what you say here now may eventually turn around and bite you in the ass.

    If you are not a cop, if you are just some guy who feels better about himself by mouthing off, good luck with that. If you are a kid, God love you. Shut up, son. If you are ATF, just don’t underestimate my skills as a journalist. Okay? I ain’t much, but I am minimally competent. Even if I don’t empty out my big bag of tricks to show you everything I have inside, you should still just trust me. Okay? I have not even bothered to look to make an informed guess about who you actually are yet. Trust me, I have the plugins to get me close to you. If you have the software, you should assume that I have the software. Okay? I don’t care. I just hear, quack, quack.

    If you are just a guy, just riding back from Laughlin let me just give you a friendly piece of advice: Give respect, get respect. Okay? This is a public place. This is not a dark alley. What you say here, you shout. So maybe you should lower your voice. That is, if you are just a guy. Like me. I am just a guy, too. I am just a guy who covers this little journalistic niche.

    But since you are hitting all the hot buttons: Veterans, insulting officers of 1 percent clubs, being provocative, all that, I just immediately suspect that you are a cop and probably ATF. I haven’t even looked. Don’t care. Just want to give you a nice, respectful heads-up. Just in case you are ATF. One of the things I do here is investigative journalism. Help me help all of you not look like an amazing menagerie of punks and assholes. Okay?

    your pal,

  30. bob Says:

    not the first time an elitist liberal prez has alienated bike-riding vets.early on in the Clinton Regime,Bill thought he’d speak to the crowd at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.The crowd of Vietnam vets and Rolling Thunder riders turned their backs to him,rightfully so.

  31. Uesque Says:

    Rad, if you’ve not seen the PGR at a funeral in person, you probably shouldn’t be so obstreperous in your response. They are a visible but unobtrusive presence that brings more than a little comfort to the families. Imagine your feelings at 10, 50, even hundreds of bikers who don’t know you but care enough to come honor a stranger and protect their family from those that would sully their time of grief. You’ve probably not seen a mother distraught to the point of collapse yet who felt the need come along and thank each member in line personally, members unable to respond through the tears. You’ve not seen the businessman in the tie there on his lunch next to the grizzled combat veteran, the PhD student next to the hard working steamfitter, all standing together in harmony and respect. You haven’t seen the PGR standing with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs, Brownies and daycare students.

    You seem to think that you know the politics of the Patriot Guard. You may know the politics of SOME of the members, but those are always set aside to achieve the mission.

    Perhaps you should open your eyes prior to opening your mouth.

  32. RVN69 Says:

    You remind me of how we used to describe lifers when I was in the Corps (Since you are an Obama supporter that is pronounced “core”, not “corpse”) “Lifers are like flies, they eat shit and bother people.” Don’t be a fly.

    No Respect for you.
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  33. Reality King Says:

    Every now and then the Internet short bus drops these guys off on this site. And if this jackass Rad4whateverthe fuck insults one of us, he insults all of us. VFFV.

  34. sled tramp Says:

    RE Rad4Ever:
    “”There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” –HERBERT SPENCER”
    I would suggest that your continued presence only lends credence to the idea that you are L.E. at some level.We’ve spent enough time on this.

  35. Square Verbose Doc Says:


    Your scenario makes sense, but I do think that in addition to the photo op, it is possible that the politicos have at least some interest in making mines safer–if only because they consider unionized workers to be among their natural constituents.

    A nice ending to all this would be an investigation into what happened, better enforcement of existing regulations to prevent these kinds of events (from what I’ve read, the company running the mine had a bad history), and improvement of said regulations so that they are practical, enforceable, and sufficient to better protect miners.

    An additional nice outcome would be an apology to the Patriot Guard.

    Don’t worry by the way–I’m not holding my breath until either of those happen, so there is no need to bring me an oxygen tank.


  36. DocB Says:

    Dear SVD

    I agree. It’s also possible that some of the miner’s familys thought
    it an honor that the President of the United States attended the service. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    Condolences to anyone in my back yard who lost family, friend or brother.


  37. DD Says:

    “An empty wagon makes a lot of noise” as my Grandma used to say…

    God bless the PGR and all those who appreciate the sacrifice they make, all the while KNOWING that it is not a sacrifice, but an honor, and a responsibility that they proudly bear.

    For those who do not, God save you from such a day that you would understand the TRUE comfort they bring.

  38. Coal Miner Says:

    This really pisses me off….I’m a WV coal miner and a biker. I knew three of those men who passed. I have NO RESPECT for Obama.

  39. DirtyBruin Says:

    Considering that what helped bring the Patriot Guard into being was that loathesome whacko-loon Fred Phelps picketing military funerals – I do think it was an error to “disinvite” them. I don’t think that decision was made at Obama’s level, but at whatever level that decision was made, they do deserve an apology.

    Were it up to me, Massey Energy’s flaming hemorrhoid of a CEO, Don Blankenship would have gotten a highly publicized perp-walk and be facing 29 counts of negligent homicide at the very least. His insatiable greed led to ignoring mine safety and that cost 29 lives.

    Here’s MY problem with government regulation: it doesn’t hurt corporations run by scumbags like Blankenship anything close to enough. It should be MORE expensive to ignore the rules as he did than to just pay the fines – and compensation to the dead – than to follow them and keep miners alive. Fines need to be crippling, and thus need to be scaled to the size of the violating corporation; if a corporation gets big enough, they won’t even notice a flat fee that would bankrupt a smaller company in the same space.

    Hey – coal dust and methane is clearly explosive – maybe we should retask the ATF to make Blankenship’s life a living hell for the next 10 years or more and get them off the M/C’s backs at the same time! Imagine what the ATF would do if bikers killed 29 people with explosives, eh?

    Of course – what we REALLY need is to completely revoke this horrendous concept that corporations are “persons” under the US Constitution! I’m not saying the government is without its problems – but considering enormous corporations to be “persons” is simply insane.

  40. Stoney Says:

    Fuck u Rad.

  41. Rad4Ever Says:

    I’ve posted here before, but, had to change my info with new browser.
    Not anything but a guy who enjoys the outdoors. NRA Pistol Master, Steel Challenge, Hunt n Vegas Bow events and yes…until it got too fuck’n Redneck..SASS Cowbow shoots! Not very popular with most of them since most of my gear have “Save a Pub, feed them lead” plastered all over.
    As for the one who said “Go back to your R1″? LOL…scoot on a Heritage asshole!
    Haven’t threaten any one poster, but, as you may notice…others are as not circumspect?
    Still will not back off on my comments! Cuz that’ll sure make me a “PUNK”!
    ATF….Cop? Naw!
    you most likely have server apps tracing emails or a simple ping were my post have originated? Just a good old Verizon account.
    By the way..these fuck’n clowns are not too smart using threats over the internet!
    Got’s to get ready for Riverside HD event.
    Later Bro,
    PS: Been on Bikes for the last 45 years and still cracks me upped that somehow…Bikers have turned into “Standing on two legs SHEEP” which fellow popular political air? Fuck’n RUBS!

  42. Stewie Says:

    DirtyBruin….you gotta point. Rad…….your an idiot. I ride. Don’t belong to any organization. Don’t wear colors. Never been in the military. But, one thing that I have learned is that no matter what the cover the book looks like, inside, it’s the sweetest writing ever written. I have attended every bikeweek for Myrtle Beach for the last 10 years. If you’ve never been there, when you get there, you would think that you are surrounded by a bunch of hillbilly rednecks out to cause more trouble.

    But, what you really get are a majority of wannabees, like me, that like for one week a year to let the hair down, let go of all the strings that bind and have some fun. No violence, just fun.

    What I have learned from all this, is that when men and women get together for a cause, no matter how they look or how they dress, they are good people. People that deserve respect and honor. Prime example is this bike club that’s sole existence is for the honoring of fallen soldiers…..WOW. You have to love and respect that.

    I think it was wrong of whomever’s decision it was to exclude them. It actually angers me. Oh…..and I have black friends and black family members…….

  43. Not Surprised Says:


    Still will not back off on my comments! Cuz that’ll sure make me a “PUNK

    No. Making them in the first place is why you are a punk.

  44. RVN69 Says:

    My you sure do have the lingo down, you sound just like every other HEMF (HotDog eating MotherFucker) who hangs around the shop where I work. Throwing out a few “bros” and “riding my scoot”, “riding my Hog” when they don’t even know the model or year of their bike. They strut around with a dozen patches on their vest, including “Lone Wolf No Club” WTF is that, a patch to say you don’t wear a patch!?! Their helmet covered with stickers about how they live the life and it’s all bullshit. They ride 25 miles or so to the shop, eat free food all day while talking about trailering to the next “Big Event” then leave to ride 25 miles home, having wasted most of a beautiful day hanging out at my shop instead of riding. You “scoot” on a Heritage, funny, I ride my bike, scooting is what my dog does when it gets worms. Not Surprised has you pegged, you ran your mouth about shit we were not talking about then you trashed anyone who criticized you. You are a punk, not for not backing off, but for making the comments in the first place. If you understand anything at all about this life, then you will under stand this. MY BACK TO YOU! No more time to waste on this “fly”

    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  45. Stoney Says:

    “NRA Pistol Master, Steel Challenge, Hunt n Vegas Bow events bla bla bla” whats the matter,scared?
    This is about vets being dumped on and you made it about race and started with name calling. Dont care what you ride or if you even ride. But as a vet this guy spit in our face and tried to tell us its raining.

  46. Rebel Says:

    Dear RVN69,

    Let’s not get carried away by every, little thing. As a matter of fact I have had two stickers on my helmets over the years. The one I made said “DOT.” The one I bought said, “It is customary to pay for motorcycle rides with oral sex.”

    Other than that I pretty much agree with you. Welcome home.


  47. hardtail Says:

    I’ve seen first hand what the PGR means to the family’s at funerals. I’ve seen what it means to our soldiers they stand for at their home coming ceremony’s and send offs. I’ve seen them visit vets at hospitals and nursing homes seeing the joy on the vets faces they are there!

    God Bless the WV PGR for being ready to stand for these Fallen Hero’s! Whom ever decided that the WV PGR presents may lead to a security threat made a mistake that I hope they don’t make again.

    The PGR is not a M/C nor do they want to be confused with one, I know, because I am one.

  48. RVN69 Says:

    Thanks, Welcome Home to you also. I guess working around those posers 8-10 hrs a day tears at my soul, but you are right, I shouldn’t be so harsh. In fact I too have helmet stickers, 3 in fact on a 20 year old Frenchies helmet, the fake DOT sticker is covered by an airbrushed club patch. The one in the front says “Support Freedom”, the one on the right says “Vietnam Veteran” and the one on the left says “Kiss my Rebel Ass” above a Confederate Battle Flag, that one has a story that involves a wealthy women pro golfer from Canada, but that is for another time and place.

    The last one out lights the fuse!
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  49. Philo Says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

    I’ll take Patriot Guards over those two assholes every day of the week.
    Period. End of story.


  50. Not Surprised Says:

    To Stewie:

    Beautifully put.

  51. Not Surprised Says:


    They strut around with a dozen patches on their vest, including “Lone Wolf No Club” WTF is that, a patch to say you don’t wear a patch!?!


  52. IZUFBLU4U Says:

    Can anyone confirm whether or not the PGR were near or at the memorial ..Or were they altogether banned from the services??? My heart and prayers go out to the miners and their families. Denying a final wish for the deceased and their loved one’s is shameful and tasteless and shows no mercy ~ NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN …. RAD, YOUR A REAL DUMB FUCK ~ WHY DOES EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO OBAMA ALWAYS HAVE TO BE BROUGHT TO A RACIAL ISSUE?

  53. IZUFBLU4U Says:

    I actually found the answer to my question and I think it is sad that these miners also VETERANS were not honored in the way they wanted to be and were so deserving of …

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The Patriot Guard Riders are known for helping to lead funeral processions, and standing in silent honor with their American Flags. But they won’t be at this weekends Upper Big Branch Mine Memorial.

    The ride captain, Pat Hanifin, says he sat down with someone from Gov. Joe Manchin’s office. During that discussion, he learned that –because of overwhelming security concerns with high-ranking federal officials — it was just not logistically possible for them to be a part of the event.

    Hanifin says it was tough to hear because some family members of fallen miners had asked for them to be there.

    “It is a great disappointment that we are not able to do what we were requested to do,” he said. “However, I felt no sense whatsoever either from the Governor’s office, or any indication that it would be a problem for the Secret Service, that we were going to be there. It was just the fact that they were challenged with security issues that would not allow us to participate.”

    Hanifin says they also tried to attend by showing support alongside the road but — because families were taking a different route and would not see them — the major effort did not seem practical.

    Several members, including Hanifin, say they are truly sad that they won’t be at there. But they want the miners’ families to know they continue to be in their thoughts and prayers.

  54. troyez Says:

    I found a little song that describes how I feel about your recent comments on this subject. I hope you take it to heart, friend-o.

    (special thanks to Blitz and the NJ crew!)

  55. RVN69 Says:

    Not Suprised,
    Gotta tell you about this, one day last fall, there were 3 people in the shop, all wearing a vest with that “Lone Wolf No Club” patch on it, the Service manager strolls up to me and completely deadpan says ” I wonder if they are all from different chapters of the No Club Club?” I spewed coffee all over the counter, and they had to know we were laughing at them.

    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  56. Rad4Ever Says:

    troyez Says:
    I found a little song that describes how I feel about your recent comments on this subject. I hope you take it to heart, friend-o.

    Kool Band!
    Thanks FuckHeads, now I feel like a Troll!

    First,President Obama didn’t tell anyone to get lost. Blame the Security detail, Governor, local police plus.. flat out warnings against Obama that kept PGMC from the funerals.
    Again, lets not be coy! Waving the “Get Lost” banner is just another vote getting tactic for 2012…period!
    For the old guys….I bet you won’t tell your fucking buddies that no matter how you got future medical care, you will not attribute it to the currant Congress and the best President we’ve had in 65 years?
    Than again, can’t make RUBs take notice of Pearls?
    Rasin in the pudding,
    PS: Old Bikers Jargon…Scoot= “Bounce”…”Hit the Road”… “Jam” “Let’s split” and so on!
    So as you see? As far as the West Coast in concerned, us older guys have been leaving goo in every strip joint for the past 40 years… the Stinky Chicken’s have come home to roost.

  57. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rad4Ever,

    Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Now let me tape record what you just wrote and play it backwards. Maybe I will understand you then.


  58. sled tramp Says:

    Hey asshole! I’m an OLD guy from Oakland CA, center of the universe.Son of the Bay with history.Now I have some guy like you with all this helpful information about what real scooter people say and do.Don’t call me a R.U.B. motherfucker.You ain’t earned the right to call me anything. Go fuck yer half a fag ass and leave.Seriously poser, thirty years in the service? Bet yer a Leg.All those trendy yuppy sports you cite as weekend fun with your butt buddies? Too many “Rednecks”? What, real men give you the heebie jeebies or just turn you on.
    Go over to hdforums with the rest of the wannabes and cuck some dick.
    Fuck Off

  59. Rebel Says:

    Dear Troyez,

    Very subtle.


  60. sled tramp Says:

    I think your comment was directed at me.
    Yeah, I’m shy.

  61. Not Surprised Says:

    Rad, Saying you think Obama is the best president we’ve had in 65 years has all the depth and sincerity of a prospective sorority sister during rush week.

    Yet you assert this knowing he is roughly 34% through his first term.

    You obviously have the political acumen of a fucking rabid guinea pig.

  62. RVN69 Says:

    Slap, Pow, Biff (sound effects from the old Batman TV show) sled tramp, Rebel and Not Surprised bitch slap Rad and he is probably too stupid to realize it.
    In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. ie: Rad, T-Dogg, Indian, Jarhed to name a few.

    Respect to all those who respect this site
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  63. Potsie Says:

    I find this all interesting, considering 4 years ago President Bush signed the Respect For Fallen Heroes Act in the Oval Office…..surrounded by Patriot Guard Riders. So I don’t for one second buy that it is protocol for well-intentioned people to be turned away in favor of the master bloviator that currently resides in the White House.

  64. ProudPGRMember Says:

    I just cannot fathom what it is that some folks have against the PGR. I’ve been a very PROUD member of this organization almost since its beginnings. The governor APPROVED the PGR’s attendance; we only attend when invited by the FAMILY; some if not all, of these miners were VETERAN’s of which we ALSO HONOR and hurt right along with the families. Apparently some of you did something you weren’t supposed to do, thus getting asked to resign from the PGR for one of those infractions. Matter of fact, I’m an Assistant State Captain for the PGR, of which I will not go further as to which state, etc. mainly because I’m not into hate mail. I still work with families of the fallen and they are so glad that I am there for them. For Obozo to do something like this is not a kick in the PGR’s face, we’ve dealt with stand downs before; but it is a kick in our military’s face, both active and veteran status. Of course, he, never having even served in the National Guard wouldn’t know what kind of close knit family those who are veterans and active duty and their dependents we are. Being that I am not just a dependent, as my dad is a 3-war Veteran and survivor; my husband was in Desert Storm, died 2 years after he retired; I am also a veteran and for Obozo to do something like this is a serious kick in the gut for me, personally, I can only imagine what it is for others who have done the same.

  65. A Vetran Says:

    Iam a Patriot Guard Rider and a Police Officer. I served my country in Viet Nam. I would expect nothing less from government offical’s that NEVER served in the military. I guess you have to wear a turbin to get respect in the USA

  66. A Vetran Says:

    Im a police officer and a vetran. I ride with the Patriot Guard Riders I guess you have to wear a turbin to get respect in the USA.I guess that’s what you get when the government officals never went serfved in the military

  67. troyez Says:

    What? I was just sharing a song that was running through my head when I read that douche-bag’s (rad/t-dogg/leo) posts! And, Sled Tramp, you’re as subtle as a SLEDGE-HAMMER! Ha ha! Keep telling it like it is! Re: “Four finger recon choke!!!” Is that the one where you gently grasp the trachea, and twist?!
    L H & R to Rebel, Sled Tramp, and you other folks (you know who you are)


    I am not only a very proud American but also a very proud member of the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders. I am completely and utterly dumbfounded that our fellow Patriot Guard Riders were told to “stand down” and not allowed to honor these fallen heroes. It is not bad enough that we have to deal with “uninvited guests” at funerals of our veterans that we are trying to honor for their service and ultimate sacrifice for our country, but now we have our own “Commander In Chief” telling us that we are not welcome due to “security issues”. UMMMMMMMM HELLO….THE PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS ARE THERE TO PROTECT THE FAMILIES AT ALL COSTS!!! Just because we ride motorcycles and wear leathers, which mind you alot show up in cars and every day clothes, we do it because we love our country and the men and women that provide our very freedoms. After reading this article I am absolutely heart broken. The Patriot Guard Riders only attend missions in which they are invited too by the request of the family. We do not just show up. We are at the beck and call of each and every family member for not only funerals, but for welcoming their soldier home from war or unfortunately for sending them off to war. I have been on missions where a mother came to us and ask if we could pick up the cigarette butts in the funeral home parking lot. We are a hard working group of volunteers showing the love for our country and I find it to be a damm shame that the one leading this country would not give these grieving families their request. Maybe before he or whom ever really made that decision for him, they might have checked into the Patriot Guard to see what we do and why we do it. Just another disappointed to alot of American citizens!!!!

  69. James Spy Reilly Says:

    These kind of stories smell. As a Patriot Guard Rider, Veteran and American Citizen I find the fact that the family wishes were not honored terrible. I wonder who our next Preident will be in 2012?

  70. PapaWolf Says:

    To bad me and Marine Mike were’nt the RCs once the family makes a request that becomes law!!! I bet the families didnt even invite that pinhead! Wouldnt be the first time authorities or press have been set straight… its all about the families and respect.

  71. Nimrod Says:

    Rebel..Rad is no cop. I can tell because I am one (retired). He is just a dick-head out to start shit. shit and die! I am a former marine, ride “rice”, I am PGR and I am SCV Mechanized Cavalry. I’d just love to discuss your issues with you in person.

  72. Not Surprised Says:

    RVN69: A definite Kodak moment. I gotta go away again for a short short. Its a good deal for me. Don’t want to be melodramatic, but didn’t want to just disappear either. I’ll be thinking about you guys and grinning…………………

  73. Steam Says:

    Please………..hold on a minute.

    First, you should know that I am a Senior Ride Captain of the Patriot Guard in South Carolina. I am a past State Captain. I am a past Regional Captain for much of the East Coast (including West Verginia) and the former National Vice President of the Patriot Guard Riders.

    With that background let me say that while this could have been handled better perhaps, I do not have heartburn with President Obama (who probably knew nothing of the decision) or with the Secret Service official who made the decision. Here’s why:

    The Patriot Guard is made up of volunteers. The organization only exists on the internet and in cemeteries during military funerals. The Secret Service would want to know how many Patriot Guard Riders would be there. And we don’t know. We’re all volunteers. Ride Captains stay up late the night before a mission trying to guess how many might show up.

    And the Secret Service would want to know who is coming. We certainly couldn’t answer that. We might have Riders roll in from 3 or 4 states.

    Would it be probable for someone to ride in on a motorcycle into the Patriot Guard staging areas, mingle with our guys, blend in and have a completely different purpose for being there? No, not probable. But is it possible? Of course it is.

    The bottom line is this: If you have a secure area that an unknonwn number of bikers rolls into. You don’t know who they are or where they’re from………… no longer have a secure area.

    The Secret Service did its job. Perhaps less tactfully than could have been done but their job is to protect the President, not to make sure we don’t get our feelings hurt.

    Now, if I am not upset about this event having ridden probably more that 250 Patriot Guard Honor Missions, then why should you be upset?

    Randy ‘Steam’ Stevens
    Laurens SC

  74. Robert Ryan Says:

    Gimme a break. The Patrolit Guard is no threat to national security. I spent 22 years on active duty. I guess since I don’t agree with all the presidents policies I to am a threat to national security. Get off your high horse Mr. President. The Patroit Guard only honors people who lost their life in service to the nation, or in times of diaster sucsh as the miners who died. Your life or the life of the VP was never in danger from any Patroit Rider.

  75. Rad4Ever Says:

    Sled Tramp…Dude! What with the theatrics? Who in the fuck cares where you dump yo shit? Last time I was there left a “Cup of Goo” running down her legs.
    Something wrong with fuck’n loser’s continuing to beat the old drum….”Fuck off the site I own!” motherfuckers?
    Naw…really like this site. You and the rest of lame “I own the board” pricks can go a GAY porn video room and suck each other’s dirty dicks. By the way moron…learn to spell ! It’s spelled with an “s” not a “c”!
    As for the near future when the Doc’s start reaming your asshole because of prostrate cancer….you’re gonna love President Obama’s overhaul of the health cares system, because, you will not have to sell the farm to save you life? So stop playing for the audience and STFU!
    Rad in yo soup

  76. sled tramp Says:

    Why Rad….if I didn’t think we were pals…..why, I don’t think I could stand it.

  77. Grumbler Says:

    here I was, on a 90-inch V-twin, leading 4 sportbikes (one of the riders fixed my furnace) from my digs to Trudy’s Kitchen in Idaho City for lunch. Did the pace which is all about riding smoothly and assertively on the winding backroads without using the brakes. It was an exhilarating change of pace from the sluggish group rides I’ve participated in before. Riding witn sportbikes enables you to sharpen your skillsets as long as you stay within your comfort zone. Was last bike in that group on way back home, but had no problems staying with ‘em as they actually rode a bit slower. My point – we need to get out more. BTW, check out the flyer from Deathtraps MC for the 2nd Annual Chopper Campout in Copperopolis, CA:

  78. Wolf Rider Says:

    As a Ride Captain I could get upset at being told not to come after the family invited the PGR. But also I can see SS point with security. But also it should have been discussed with the Gov and the families. Of course it was a political visit and that is why I stay out of the politics. PGR is not political and that is why I am a member, it is for the family and to honor the fallen.

  79. Lee Says:

    Maybe if we called ourselves Mexican bikers for rights we’d be welcome! I’m a rider and I vote!! So Mr. Biden you’ll see another “BFD” in November when we start voting your asses out and again in 2012. Maybe the next President will welcome real patriots and veterans! God Bless America JUST ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL !!!!!

  80. troyez Says:

    This rad character is starting to sound like a little kid; notice how shrill and obnoxious he’s getting? I’m almost convinced he’s T-dogg, or that Jar dude (he sounds really familiar). Maybe we could all invite him to an event (non-club by the way) out west (half of the country’s west to me in IL) to discuss this post, and other matters of importance, but I don’t think he’d show. He would definitely leave the event with a raw(er) snatch! Yes, Rad, I think you’re a c*nt. You’ve not proven otherwise, and like Rebel said, if it walks, quacks, and water rolls off its back, it’s a duck.

  81. Allie PGR Says:

    I’m a cager who first found out about the PGR when I saw what the people of that “church” were doing at funerals for our brave military. As soon as I found out that I could join without owning a motorcycle, I signed right up. These are the greatest bunch of people I have ever met. They have a deep respect for our fallen and their families. We are not talking Biker gangs here. These are everyday people many of whom are vets. I’m proud to stand a flagline with them and call them my brothers and sisters.

  82. Not Surprised Says:

    troyez, Rad is trolling for a date to the prom. She isn’t getting many takers though I’ll wager…

  83. Damon Says:


    Thank you for your response, it clarifies some issues for me. Also, thank you for the contribution you make to the families of grieving veterans. We could do with more like you.


  84. Rad4Ever Says:

    Fuck, I’m a Troll?
    Yeah, I get it. Bunch of real bikers get together and chorus “Don’t you just hate RAD?” like a bunch of fuck’n sheep!
    I’m a getting the “Petty Party” feeling from the so called Vietnam Vets lamenting sorrow serving a lost war 40 years ago? Fuck them, not every military personal went into the field. For those who did engage and made it back…I’m happy for you. Nuff of the that shit!
    WTF is this T-Dogg thing?
    Listen…in the real world, I say “Black” and you say “White”? Doesn’t bother me, why should it fuck with you?
    Ladies,topics here pretty much mirror my Jones. Just don’t expect those of us to kiss your ass every time a topic comes along that screams “Bullshit!”.
    Again….Patriot Guard doesn’t have the key to the crapper dictating the Presidents agenda! If they feel left out of the service…do a private one on get on with life?
    Just one more thing Rebel! These readers and responders are why too long addressing or creating topics to be real? Long and verbose iterations can mean only one thing. They’re students given instructions by their teacher/professors to debate/create on sites like this. Thereby increasing their literation skills?
    Or…a juicy LEO Troll hole to dope out the outer fringe?
    Can anyone here believe that some of the comments and flat out hate/threats go under the LEO’s radar? I know they don’t! Just typing out the “Catch Words” are crunch and cataloged for future HLS action!
    PS: Trolls come and piss on your leg and split. I’ve had this sites address for a couple of years now! Name calling bitches!

  85. TigGirl Says:

    My personal opinion – Obama et al used the miners funeral as a theatrical opportunity – a parasitic behavior of sorts.

    We’ve all seen the funeral grand standers. You know the type – the long lost cousin, nephew, aunt, brother, ex wife who the deceased couldn’t stand, showing up and making that big theatrical production over the death of the person they SHIT on while the deceased was living.

    (I’m still surprirsed my Ol man didn’t shoot up out of the casket, knife in hand, when his ex-wife acted all broke up.)

    All the time, the people who are considered REAL family are humiliated or enraged to see this parasite. It may be weeks or months or even years before the family knows that the parasite et al is the reason the Patriot Guard “didn’t bother to show up for them.”

    I wouldn’t put it past the “et al’s” to plant that seed of deception in the family’s grief stricken thoughts.

    This situation is a larger version of what we have all witnessed or lived through.

  86. TomPier Says:

    great post as usual!

  87. Tank1% Says:

    Obama won’t always make the right decision, and I don’t agree with the way this was handled however I did vote for the man and have confidence he will, and has done the best job he can do for us. Lets not forget about Timmothy McVey, at one time prior to his bombing he was considered to be a Patriot by his coo coo militia. I appreciate the personal support Obama and Biden gave to those miners families.

  88. Concerned Says:


    While I believe you are entitled to your opinion I do not think you are getting the point. This is not about the PGR being pissed at being rejected. This is about a government intrusion into the lives of the people. While I personaly did not vote for this president and do not like his policies he is still the president of the United States. It is then an honor for him to show at these funerals and probably made some of these family members proud. However not him nor any other government official had any right to uninvite anyone invited by those familys. If you dont like who is going then dont show up. They have no right to come into these peoples lives and inpose their own will at the expense of these grieving familys. As Americans we can no longer stand by and let the government trample all over our lives. God bless America its time for the people to own our country again.

  89. Robert Ryan Says:

    if you want to get rid of organized crime, vote the people in office now out. This way we can a new crop of criminals. Politicans are the domectic enemy to the Constitution. They sure know how to manipulate it for thier own good.

  90. Uesque Says:

    “Rad in yo soup”?!?!

    Doesn’t work backwards either. Little help here?

    “Petty Party”?!?!

    How did we get from the PGR to NASCAR? Were the complaints about rednecks a smokescreen?

  91. AZUL Says:


    dear sledtramp:
    thanks for the laughs—its always fun to read the internet gangsters getting blasted with a well written post.

    hope mom’s doing well

    love and respect,


    pinche puto who is calling names , get up of your momma’s ass man up and stop hiding behind the computer . And take this note muerte a usted y a todas sus hermanas del alfabeto del asno de la concha.
    Respect, Steve

  93. Grumbler Says:

    Rad4Ever – sure does look as if you were enjoying a warm brew:

  94. sled tramp Says:

    Good to hear from you! Thanks for the nice thought on ol’ mom.She’s still causin’ me grief.You’d think my going up on weekends during visiting hours (MAN, 15 years IS a long time huh…) would have mellowed her out. Come to think about it, they never did find much of Dad…(gotta try to remember the brand of that tree mulcher…that was a nice machine..).But yeah, she’s going out but with a snarl so it’s all OK.
    All my love and respect to you and your brothers.

  95. SKREEECH Says:

    Wow, gone for a week and all the drama! When did we get another keyboard commando? I might not be the oldest kid on the block, but I know a few things. Don’t come into somebody else’s house and stir their soup.

    Anyhow, I can’t believe that the PGR was forced to stand down from a mission after a family had requested it. I’m a recent veteran, but began riding with the PGR back in Texas when they started up. Been on many a ride, none more memorable than when my brother’s son came home from overseas with one of those nice medals that they give your mom. Hadn’t rode with them for a while, but that is about as fine of a motorcycle organization as you will find.

    Rebel, I didn’t catch you in PHX. Next time your passing through let’s down a few.


  96. DirtyBruin Says:

    Steam: Thanks for the explanation, and I hope the people ranting about Obama will read it until they get it.

    I’ve never been at an event with the President, and I can only imagine the security; I have been to events where everyone had to provide their name and some ID in advance in order to get in and I can totally understand why the Secret Service would want to know who everyone is. It seems clear they weren’t set up to handle registering a relatively loose-knit group like the Patriot Guard Riders.

    So no, this was NOT the President’s fault. I agree it’s an issue that should be addressed but ranting about how it’s all Obama’s fault just makes you look foolish … though with “Rad” in the thread, it’s less noticeable than it would be otherwise. ;)

  97. Motorcycle Madness Says:

    Face it….. No white Republican, want a black Democrat President..

    why don’t people just admit THAT.. ADMIT IT!

  98. RVN69 Says:

    Sorry Dirty Bruin, but your wrong, it is Obama’s fault, the Secret Service works for him, his Homeland Security Secretary started all the “White Veterans are potential homegrown terrorist” bullshit, they keep it up still denying that all the actual terrorist attacks on our soil have been comitted by Muslim terrorist ie: Major Nadal and the most recent attempt in New York, everyone in his administration tried to cover the fact that is was muslim male who did it, How many news accounts of a “suspicious white male leaving the scene” did we hear until they caught the acutal “muslim male” who did it!!! No this is all part and parcel of him and his administration and their absolute distain for veterans, perhaps you have forgotten candidate Obama refusing to visit with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed because he couldn’t turn it into a photo op, or his statement in Iraq to the troops that “You guys make a pretty good photo op” He may not have given the order, but the responsibility is his! 2 people in this entire thread agreeing with you is not proof that you are correct.

    No Respect for Socialist
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

    Rebel I apologize for making a political rant on your site. Won’t happen again.

  99. DirtyBruin Says:

    RVN69: While I’ll agree with you that it is ultimately Obama’s responsibility – he is President, after all – surely you can agree that the President has more pressing business than all the fine-grained details of arranging a trip. Yeah, someone screwed up and as the guy in charge it winds up on his plate – but I don’t buy that he personally ordered the PGR disinvited from the memorial as you seem to be suggesting. Did you actually read Steam’s remarks about how the PGR works and why it didn’t fit with how the Secret Service handles presidential appearances?

    Hm. Tim McVeigh was a muslim? The Hutaree Militia are muslim? The loser who flew his plane into an IRS building was muslim? News to me. Simple fact is that militant muslims aren’t the ONLY terror threat this country faces, and Homeland Security appropriately recognized that.

    As for the reference to Walter Reed, you seem to have some facts in disarray. The flap during the campaign was over a cancelled visit to Landstuhl in Germany, and I dispute your characterization of the reason for cancelling the visit:

    And no – having two people – or any number – agree with me is not proof that I’m correct.

    BEING CORRECT is proof that I’m correct.

  100. troyez Says:

    Motorcycle Madness,
    That’s racist and ignorant man. Grow up.

  101. RVN69 Says:

    Dirty Bruin,
    I gave my word to Rebel that I would not indulge in political rants on his site and I intend to keep my word, but surely you could do better than a political web site as a “Fact check” and if you agree with Janet Napolitano’s assesment that military veterans are the most pressing terrorist concern then we have nothing further to discuss. You believe the government, I don’t.

    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  102. Daisy Says:

    I have had the honor of seeing the Patriot Guard in person, unfortunately on many occasions. The last time is when I presented the Flag to the widow of a WWII vet. They are a very honorable group of Americans, and I think it is a travesty that they were not allowed to fulfill the request of the miners’ families. As both a Soldier and an Army wife, I would want them to honor our family with their presence. HOOAH.

  103. WAgirl Says:

    While I don’t like Obama as a president I do recognize that it would be an honor to have a president at your loved one’s funeral. That being said, aren’t the very people whose funeral he was attending very likely the same type of people he denegrated by saying with disdain that they cling to “guns and god.” Just sayin…

  104. Nerf My World Says:

    So the Secret Service felt it was okay to tell the Patriot Guard, who’d been invited to attend by the miners’ families, that they couldn’t attend because of a potential security risk. Alright, the Guard couldn’t say how many of their number would attend, or who specifically would be there. So what?

    Did everyone else who wanted to attend the funeral services get to be there? Did the Secret Service agents turn away anyone who might have shown up from out of town because they didn’t know those people’s names ahead of time?

    How many people show up at any other convention or other public engagement where the President is appearing? How many of them get turned away from those events because Secret Service doesn’t know their names or have time to run a background check on each and every one of them? But the Patriot Guard is turned away from a funeral they were specifically invited to attend by grieving family members who probably never invited the President to attend in the first place! I mean, it’s nice that the President made an appearance. I think that was a good thing he did. But he’s the gate-crasher, and the invitees got turned away at the door.

    Give me a break!!!

  105. troyez Says:

    Amen. The Obama administration is just like (actually much worse) the Clintons, in its disdain for and disrespect of veterans.

    On November 05, 2008 I had an old friend (Korean War combat veteran – Army, 11th Airborne Div) tell me that for the first time in his life, he was ashamed of America. While I partly agreed, I withheld judgment for the moment, hoping Obama might keep his promises of being a different type of politician.
    After almost 2 years of Obama’s “leadership,” I’m definitely thinking that this administration should be ashamed of itself, most recently for imposing itself on the families of those WV miners for a photo-op, and for waving its middle finger at the Patriot Guard, and all veterans.

    P.S. I don’t know if I’ve told you before RVN69,
    Welcome home and thanks for your service.


    “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – Winston Churchill

  106. bstrent Says:

    I am proud to say I am a part of the PGR from the State of Virginia; this article is incorrect in assuming that all PGR members are Veterans or that they ride Motorcycles. Neither of those apply to me.

    I stand to honor those like my family past and present who have defended the ideals of this country in times of war and times of peace; this exclusion of a group as honorable and as respectful the PGR is a slap in the face; to those who wish to honor our Veterans.

  107. DirtyBruin Says:

    RVN69: is not a “political website” – it’s a nonpartisan fact-checking website. They’re just as happy to point out errors from the left as from the right. The Annenberg Foundation that backs them isn’t exactly screamingly liberal….

    Your characterization of the report on the possibility of home-grown terrorism is, to my reading of it, inaccurate. The specific quote from the report is “DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence. The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.” I hate to keep returning to notorious examples, but – Tim McVeigh was a veteran, and he killed 168 people and wounded many more. Just because someone is a veteran doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to become involved in shocking, violent activity. And if the government ignored that possibility with disastrous results, people would undeniably be screaming about that.

    I don’t believe everything the goverment says, but neither do I assume that absolutely everything they say or do has the worst possible motives.

  108. ST8LEG Says:

    My condolences to the family of the miners. As a rider with the PGR & a vet, and a non-supporter of Obama, I am not surprised that the PGR was denied access to the service. Shortly after Obama took office, the DHS put out a memo calling all veterans, especially those from Vietnam & Iraq right-wingers. Also included in the right-wing was motorcycle riders. Not just 1%ers, but ALL. He is scared of everything and everyone. As for Rad, you are an IDIOT!!! Riverside HD? Is that the one in San Bernadino, CA or Kansas City, MO? Some people have criticized you for for being a punk, or a cop/ATF, etc. I do not criticize you for being any of these things. You are just like my dad. My dad is a motorcycle enthusist and has no tolerance for any bike club/group, association. I ride with a Motorcycle Asociation and the PGR, and he doesn’t say it verbally, but you can see it in his facial expressions that he condemns me for it. So just because you don’t like something, don’t hate it. You know the old adage, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. As for you claims to your gun activities, that’s all fine and dandy, nice to see you can shoot in a controlled environment. Here are my claims, 2 tours to Iraq, combat badges, expert qualification in M9 pistol, M4/M16, M249 SAW, M240, M203, M2.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention, you are black to aren’t you? Of all my friends, I only have 1 that is white and protects Obama like you do.

  109. Rad4Ever Says:

    Motorcycle Madness Says:
    Face it….. No white Republican, want a black Democrat President..

    why don’t people just admit THAT.. ADMIT IT!

    They won’t!
    This and just about every guy site being invaded by the cadre of the GOP…period! It’s about the next great 2012 Savior of the GOP!
    What cracks me upped….not one us 40 years ago would’ve given a shit?
    Guess their testosterone bar has lowered to level of a bunch of sewing circle bitches?

  110. RVN69 Says:

    Dirty Bruin,
    Let’s agree that you and I have arrived at entirely different views of the same set of facts and are very likely never going to modify our views based on the others opinion.

    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  111. Not Surprised Says:


    The only thing this site has been invaded with is gerbil boosting nimrods like yourself.

    We have a black president. He’s earned it.

    Now will you shut the fuck up?

  112. Not Surprised Says:


    Thank you for your service. Thank you as well for the tribute you and your group pay to the fallen.

    I don’t say lightly:

    You have my respect……

  113. Not Surprised Says:


    I am a selective racist. I do not believe in any “supremacy” shit and I do not believe my own race is superior. I’m not racist against certain individuals, not entire races.

    For example, I disdain a man using his skin color to extort from me and the American taxpayers some sort of victim status. I’m speaking here strictly to black people like you.

    I disdain you and people like you who cry “racism” whenever something happens you don’t like.

    I disdain homosexuals who want to turn their private bedroom antics into a public political agenda.

    I equally disdain rabid church people who think homosexuals have a special place in hell.

    I believe SVD said it best; “Everyone wants to be special” Well you ain’t special. America is turning into a country of well defined groups. Political correctness, diversity, shit like that. I you aren’t in one of those groups you are “inconvenient”.

    Call me racist, homophobe bigot,or any number or new “buzz words”. What the fuck do I care about some label you or another puts on me. Only one person defines who I am, and that is me.

    That’s the thing I never understood about the term “nigger”. If it doesn’t apply to you; if you do not define yourself as such, why get all bent out of shape about it.

    The funny thing about when the KKK, or any other number of whackjob groups assemble, THE ONLY PEOPLE GOING TO JAIL ARE THE COUNTER PROSTESTORS. WTF BE UP WIT DAT?

    So Rad, I’m coming outta the closet: I am a practical racist ok?

    Barrack Obama came from nothing. He is two generations away from welfare. No matter what else can be said for the man, he embodies what I like to think America once stood for: freedom and opportunity. You can be all you can be.

    The downside is that amobebas like yourself think that because he is black, you have gained something. You have gained nothing because you deserve nohing just because you ARE black.

    I can admire Obama but not support him or agree with a lot of his policies.

    Take your hating, race baiting pseudo political jello head self the fuck on out of here.

  114. yah right Says:

    Obama is a pussy

  115. T Says:

    FOR Rad$ever…typical keyboard commando and racist commentary.If you voted for Obama you must be stupid. I bet you thought he was gonna pay your light bill. You’re a sheep and a poser. Now go fuck off -you’re dismissed.

  116. DocB Says:

    Dear Not Suprised

    Your last post pretty much put the period at the end of the sentence for me. I just don’t need to read any more of this thread after that.


  117. Rad4Ever Says:

    Not Surprised Says:
    May 6th, 2010 at 10:28 am

    The only thing this site has been invaded with is gerbil boosting nimrods like yourself.

    We have a black president. He’s earned it.

    Now will you shut the fuck up?

    Well…one of my points about fuck’n dick heads thinking they own every guy site on the net.
    Prick….I just begun to WolfTrap morons like those whom use race, religion and politics for their own agenda.
    What gets my shit going….fuck’n losers who nothing better to do but push GOP buttons for future votes no matter how shit flies!
    So…I’ll shut the fuck up as long as those motherfuckers do the same!
    This fuck’n topic has really turned my enjoyment of hanging for a couple of ten minutes viewing on what happening with Aging Rebel?

  118. Emery Says:

    Rad4ever, you are a complete JERK !!!

    what have you done for your country, in respect to honour? I stand tall and silent, giving respect to a fallen hero, who by the way also preserves that right for YOU. No one discriminates when it comes to that.

    You say we crap all over the prez coz he is black? NO more than YOU trying to force the never ending ‘black people are against white’ crap down our throat.

    If you and yours voted for him because he is black, then you are the biggest idiot yet.

  119. chainsaw Says:

    Rad4 you are the only moron who brought up racism and tried to say everyone’s comments were political. You also insulted veterans and the PGR which really makes you a low-life slug in my book.

    The point is that the President disrepected bikers and veterans and the wishes of the miner’s families to not have the PGR participate. If you disagree, that is your right, but all your bullshit about racism and politics is crap. I’m betting the posters on this site would have crapped on any president who disrespected the PGR and veterans.

    Now crawl on your slimey belly back under your rock and back to your liberal chat rooms. Just to let you know I am not really a bad guy, if your face ever catches fire during one of your flag burnings, I will be happy to beat out the flames with a shovel.

  120. Emery Says:

    Everything ‘earned’ is by sheer luck, that goes for ALL of us.

    If Michael Dell, with his brain and money would have been born in Ethiopia, chances are he would have been dead by the age of 5.
    It has to do where we reside, where we live, who our parents are and on and on.

    Think about it.

    And you are not very intelligent if all you can use the F word.

    Slow your roll – FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Emery Says:

    LOL @ Chainsaw. Well said !!!

    and you are correct…it would have been the same response for any president. It is simply outrageous to ‘label’ the PGR as a security risk.

    I will continue to stand tall, silent and with honour for the fallen hero’s, past and present. Nothing can deter my appreciation for their sacrifices. It is just disheartening to see the President of the United States of America consider us a security risk. He totally took over the funeral arrangement by going against the families wishes, in the name of so called security.
    When we, the PGR, stand to build a human wall against anyone trying to disrupt a funeral service.

  122. Not Surprised Says:

    My vote is to boot Rad……….

  123. sled tramp Says:

    I without hesitation,wholeheartedly second giving a big size fifteen engineer boot to Rad4ever.I have no problem with another guest voicing their opinion good bad or ugly, but repeatably disrespecting the groups and people he has and purposefully instigating trouble is inappropriate in my mind.As a guest here,just my two cents.
    ” Just to let you know I am not really a bad guy, if your face ever catches fire during one of your flag burnings, I will be happy to beat out the flames with a shovel”.


  124. troyez Says:

    I also agree that Radtheturd should be booted. He sounds like he’s a retarded parrot.
    And the shovel idea is brilliant – lol!

  125. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rad4Ever,

    Or Rad On Wheels. Or Totally Rad. Much as we all enjoy your geeky sense of humor and so on you should be good now. I have a lot to do, writing my little stories and such. I want to try to pry some public documents out of the state of Oklahoma, there has been a little development on the Mongols patch, another Harley dealer went under, I understand that yesterday was an interesting day in court in Charleston, West Virginia and I am sitting here, writing for you! Only for you, because you are rude and that is what you demand. Pay attention to Rad everybody! Hey everybody, its Rad! And, he has opinions! He is free of racial prejudice! Isn’t that special?

    You demand that I pay attention to you! Yes Rad, you are special. Very special. Thank you for your insightful critique of us. It has been fun. Good job.

    We understand each other? I am not too subtle for you am I?


  126. troyez Says:

    This administration’s take on people like the Patriot Guard (the Tea Party people).

    Thanks to One Old Vet


  127. Rad4Ever Says:

    Well…at least the F bombs have vanish?
    Believe or not…the shovel gig made me LOL for sure.
    See, I can laugh out loud looking back at some of my responses, but, don’t take back one line concerning my opinions. They’re mine and I take responsibility for content…period!
    PG isn’t a legal arm of military services when it come to burials and shouldn’t snot sling if kept out for security issues. If Families have requested them to participate in the burial…more power to them. Just not when the President of the United States security is concerned.
    Again gentlemen, concerted efforts to “Bitch Out” opposing folks contrary views serves upped a go-large plate of latency?
    Which, by the way….very much a military disease prevalent for the past thousand years. The most educate would know that..I suspect?
    Boot Rad out? How? Block C’bundle (200 Million Possible?)IP addresses? Rat Rad’s email address? Wast of time since names are available by the millions! Latency in full bloom gentlemen!
    If one remembers…this isn’t a member forum! More like a War Room mirroring other sites I have participated in. far as I’m concern, I think this topic has weaned out the PG tit?
    RAD in your soup

  128. DirtyBruin Says:

    sled tramp: Wow – you’d actually be willing to get that on your shovel?

    My usual phrase is “I wouldn’t waste piss on him if he were on fire and holding a pile of cash.”

  129. Snow Says:

    I stand behind what Not Surprised said, also my feeling are that if the families wanted the PGR there and the president or his security had a problem with it they should have stayed the fuck away, no matter who was president, or his color, white, black, green with pink dots, whatever, learn to play well with others or fucking stay home…

  130. JAMES Says:


  131. Not Surprised Says:

    What seems clear to me is that the grieving families very, very definitely invited the PGR and probably were not directly consulted re: Obama. In their angst, in their time of great loss, perhaps they mistakenly believed the presence of Obama would in some manner dignify the senseless death of their loved ones.

    Likewise, the families were not directly informed the PGR would not be alowed to attend, but the PGR iotself was ordered not to attend, and out of repsect, have not publicly raised a big stink.

    This “respect” was not for the president, I don’t think, as much as for the families. I am still scratching my head as to what went into the thinking that there was a “security risk.” I’d like to see the memos..but we all know that will never happen.

  132. sled tramp Says:

    “RAD in your soup”
    I finally got it…stirring the pot…
    Whatever….now toddle off…
    “sled tramp: Wow – you’d actually be willing to get that on your shovel?”


  133. Not Surprised Says:

    Dear Rad:

    You are correct that this is not a members only forum, but it IS an estbalished community. I don’t know who exactly appointed you as Obama’s personal cocksucker, but frankly, you’re not doing a very good job.

    Your stated agenda of terrorizing “guy sites” where rehtoric towards the current administration is not to your standards, is of course your right.

    Here is some very kindly offered direction for you Rad:

    When you and your boy friends gather at The Puckered Anus Cafe huddled among frothing cups of Perriwinkle pink latte with sprinkles, working yourselves into a lather ’bout how white peoples just don’t like Obama (just admit it), remember this:

    You are being hypocritical to continue to attempt to impose your particular brand of “group think” on a forum where clearly, your presence is not welcomed.

    You are neither respectful nor honorable, nor particularly bright, might add. Internet jargon brands you a “troll”.

    In other words Rad, by continuing your harassment, you show a lack of the courage of your own convictions.


  134. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rad4Ever,

    Bring me your torch. It is time for you to go. The tribe has spoken.

    Oh and look, pal. You are correct that your Verizon account assigns dynamic ISPs but you are browsing in Safari on a Windows NT 4.0 system in the greater Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland metro area so you are not that hard to spot and log. Even when you do not comment. Even when you just come on and browse. And then, on top of that, you have imprudently left a big enough web print that you are not at all hard to find.

    So just a friendly piece of advice. It is a big, naked world. And, you are a chatty, outspoken guy. I am just positive that you intend to be amusing. And, I am sure that in private conversation you probably are. But on the page, not so much. And, some of the people you have gone out of your way to insult here might be different from some of the people you have gone out of your way to insult before.


  135. solobaric Says:

    Wow I’d got mad respect for the bikers. It’s getting sad to be an American. Why are you giving up Liberty, and Freedom for Comfort? We’ll be sorry when it’s gone.

    BTW Rad are you crazy? You sound like the annoying kid at work that runs his mouth and needs knocked out of his boots. Not saying you are just that’s how you come off to me. I def wouldn’t be talking smack to bikers. Insane!

  136. guy Says:

    I’ve been reading for a while now, how the President considers Veterans to be (DOMESTIC TERORIST) . The patiot Gaurd Having many Veterans in their group, Would fight again for our Great Country, ( NOT DESTROY IT ) I would bget they are more deticated to our vets than President Obama will ever be, He himself not being a Vet. Some of us don’t believe he is even a citezen. We would like to know who is really the threat, It’s NOT the Patriot gaurd, and it’s NOT the AMERICAN VET. November is the time to get the real THREATS voted OUT.

  137. Pat Riot Says:

    Rad4Ever probably has had his ass whipped several times over the years by bikers, veterans, West Virginians, republicans, Christians, third graders, florists, dental hygenists, etc. and has a great deal of built up frustration. He’s truly enamored with the “hope and change” the facade of a president has wrought upon our country.

  138. JT Says:

    I think we need to vote Obama and his crew out starting in 2010.
    That said, I’d like to clear a couple of misprints I found in this article.
    It says in the Article that ” The Patriot Guard Riders is an informal Club” That is not true. The PGR is not a Club or a Gang , they do not attend formal or informal meetings, they don’t ride together unless it’s for a mission, they don’t pay dues… ect. The PGR is a “Military Support Group”, not a Motorcycle Club or a Gang. Some PGR members don’t even own a motorcycle.
    The article also says the PGR is a Club of “Veteran motorcyclist”, not all PGR members are Veterans or the family of vets, some are just private citizens who wish to show respect and honor for our troops.

  139. MoralsMan Says:

    @ Rad & Motorcycle Madness Says:
    Face it….. No white Republican, want a black Democrat President..

    Well, let me tell you all a fact, obummer is not a black man, he is 50% white, 43% Muslim, and 7% Kenyan, so how can you say he is a black man…As for myself, I don’t want a black or white Socialist President, which obummer is…One more thing, obummer has never proven he is eligible to be the president since his father was born in Kenya…In our Constitution of the United States of America, in Article 2, Section 1, paragraph 4/5, you must have two parents(plural) born on American soil and you, yourself must be born on American soil in order to be the President and/or Vice President…So as far as obummer goes, he has duel citizenship with Great Britain due to the fact that Kenya in 1961 was a territory of GB…You can not be a president of the USA in you have duel citizen with another country…It is all in our Constitution…So Rad, if I were the admin. here, I would have already, after your first post kicked and booted your azz off of here and made sure your IP Address could never signed up on here again…BTW, I am a supporter of SOLS from Tennessee…

  140. Rebel Says:

    Dear Pat Riot,

    Mister Rad, he gone.


  141. DirtyBruin Says:

    MoralsMan: You are mistaken. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution reads as follows: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    Note that there’s absolutely nothing in there about the parentage of the president – simply that he needs to be a natural born Citizen – and as Obama was born in Hawaii, he is. End of story. Given how easy it is to find a copy of the Consitution, it does your argument no good to make such a patently erroneous assertion about its contents.

  142. Miss Krista Says:

    OK I’m coming into this one a bit late but anyone who would doubt the president’s own grandmotherS (yes that’s right BOTH of them) who said he WASN’T actually born in Hawaii, his mother had a Hawaiian birth cert issued days AFTER his birth when she flew in…Oh but that’s right, THE AMERICAN who brought that lawsuit was told he didn’t have standing! Who the F does then? Its the same circular BS I got when told it’s not the “policy” of the US Dept of Justice to prosecute crimes committed by elected public officials against citizens – the report must come from an “agency” but whoops, it’s the agencies committing the crimes! Now What – OH – Police State! Turn in your guns, you’ll be safe with them in charge…until your doors are kicked in and you’re shot while reaching for your hearing aid/glasses/pants…

  143. beckncall Says:

    You must remember this………this is the same President that someone felt a need to call out a swat team in Quincy Illinois to ‘protect’ the President against a tea party group. Almost all of them sported red white and blue……..and some of that white and blue was in their hair……mostly very patriotic seniors that were NO threat to anyone. Odd, we are willing to coddle terrorists that kill our soldiers and fellow citizens, tolerance must be shown to rioting illegals and G2 summit protestors but a veteran’s group get respect, no way!

  144. DirtyBruin Says:

    Miss Krista: Because his grandmothers said no such thing. And even if they did, the assertion that he was born in Hawaii have been thoroughly looked into by nonpartisan groups such as and and proven true. Even if some family members did claim otherwise, the documentation says he was born in Hawaii – and that’s what counts legally. (And how clever of his parents to plant those birth announcements in the newspaper in case he’d need them decades later! *eyeroll*)

    If you don’t like Barack Obama, that’s fine – everyone’s entitled to their own opinions about politicians, and anything else for that matter. Reality, however, is quite inflexible and holds for everyone, no matter what you might think about it, or wish were true. Repeating these completely unsubstantiated “birther” rumors just makes people look foolish.

  145. Not Surprised Says:

    Dirty Bruin, this issue is no different than the one about how Bush stole the presidency from Gore, which even Bill Clinton was reciting in very recent months.

    Take a breath man….

    Right now, Congress is secretly looking into allegations that Obama is a direct descendent of Moses…

    Really, I read it on FactCheck……

  146. DirtyBruin Says:

    Not Surprised: I can’t help it. I’ve got an allergy to inanity and a dedication to reality. I’ve seen a lot of people ranting on this thread about what DHS supposedly said about veterans; I wonder if any of those people have actually read the freaking memo (I have, it’s available online) or if they’re just going by what someone told them they heard from someone else who thinks they remember seeing something about it on Faux News.

    Facts are what matter in politics and public policy; I don’t care whose ox they gore, whose sacred cow they turn into hamburger – but facts are really all we have. People are entitled to their varied opinions about them, but they’re not entitled to claim their favorite fantasies are the same as facts. The amount of lying out there is mind-boggling and it seems like a lot of people have left off their bullshit filters.

  147. Not Surprised Says:

    Dirty Bruin:

    “Facts are what matter in politics and public policy.”

    This may be the model, but BELIEF is what matters not truth.

  148. Not Surprised Says:

    DB I’m not pickin on ya…most people are not informed voters. There is a factual and very famous story about JFK’s maternal grandfather running for mayor of Boston.

    He ran a whsiper campaign that his opponent was:

    “a well known practicing homo sapiens”

    Truth and politics are anathema.

  149. Jomoe Says:

    Rad4Ever….What a complete TOOL
    Your just one more part of the problem

  150. Grizzly45 Says:

    Towards the end, the subject got lost, from the article the PGR was invited, the president and vp were not. Now having ridden for four years with the PGR, they only ride when requested. So, what went down was out of line by everybody from DC. They wanted to do a photo op and security did a really bad job of handling the situation. Nothing new really, this has been going on since 2009. But, the bottom line is some very dedicated people that do this to honor were insulted by some people that had to have that photo op. A shame really that this kind of thing gors on, it cheapens the very service that was meant to be honored.

  151. Sue Says:


    Seriously???? REALLY???? You know nothing about the PGR, that much is painfully clear.

    We couldn’t care LESS about any photo opportunity or knocking this POS that YOU all elected. We stand in respect for the victims and the families

    When was the last time YOU took your own time and money to escort a soldier home to his/her final resting place that you didn’t even know???? Mine was…. uh…. last week. And the week before, and the week before. (Usually more then once a week alot of times) Vacation time off work (or unpaid totally) gas money (my own) wear and tear on my bike, etc etc etc. All for nothing, no glory, no photos, no praise, nothing other then to honor the fallen!

    FU** off you little prick.

    And FU** off Mr President who doesnt have a CLUE!!!

    Informal motorcycle club my ASS!!!! Take a look at the site and see more then 100000 members – probably far more since I don’t keep track of us all.

  152. Don Carpenter Says:

    What a shame. (That he did this)

    What a shame. (Last sentence of the article)

  153. Lee Says:

    All the Obama supporters can defend this asshole all they want. A real commander in chief would have said to his security let them in they would have been in. He didn’t want PGR’s there because then his liberal base would have pitched a bitch. How dare he be seen with VETERANS the mere thought would make you hair stand up! 2 1/2 years to go I hope we make it !!

  154. Rich Biddlecome Says:

    I wouldn’t jump so quick to blame the President for what happened. Blame the Secret Service for not taking the time to find out more about us. The safety of the President is of the utmost importance and they need to be educated as to who the PGR is. We have had to do that here in California as it has been necessary everywhere else in the USA.

    Rich Biddlecome
    California State Captain
    Patriot Guard Riders

  155. Bob Says:


    The point here is not who is to blame. Although the secret service does work for the president so ultimately he is responsible for there actions. What is the saying? The buck stops here. The point is that the President or any other government agency or official have NO RIGHT to decide to show up anywhere uninvited and tell an invited guest they cant come. If you are crashing someone elses event its not up to you to chose whos coming and if you dont like whos there than dont go. This is the problem with our county from the ground up. All these liberal fags think that evryone else owes them whatever they want and then they bitch if we dont let them take it. Why is it that only the takers and not the earners have rights? Ill tell you why becouse to many sit idly by and what while they take and pass the blame without doing anything about it. Its time for Americans to stand up and denounce this behavier even if its the president behaving this way.

  156. Miss Krista Says:

    Dirty Bruin – just saw your post. What makes me think the FACTS are getting confused here is OBAMA’S own college entrance application where HE lists his own citizenship as OTHER THAN U.S. At the time he did that, there was no dual citizenship with the country he claimed, SO, even IF HE WAS BORN HERE (which I personally DON’T BELIEVE and NEVER WILL) (birth announcements are put in the paper by the parents – which is what his grandmotherS claimed his mother was doing – setting him up for the future) then he DENOUNCED HIS OWN US CITIZENSHIP by claiming citizenship somewhere else, in a country where no dual citizenship existed, thereby making him a citizen of THAT COUNTRY, NOT THIS ONE. So, anyway, I guess we all have to go by what WE personally believe are the facts, but I did read the documents filed in the lawsuit, and the exhibits attached to them, and as a certified paralegal I can tell you this much – if that judge had gone by the FACTS WHICH WERE PRESENTED, rather than just saying the suit did not have standing, we’d have a different president today. And I believe pretty strongly that the Patriot Guard would have completed that ride, as invited by that family.

  157. pervert Says:

    After two hours of reading all, yes all, of the comments I have drawn an interesting conclusion. A little history, me and five friends started a riding club in Northern Utah in 1969. We sold a little dope to finance our rides and just had a good time. We rode with Brother Speed out of Boise, Empties from Pocatello, Sundowners from Ogden and SLC.
    We were told to get rid of our top and bottom rocker cus it looked like HA, Red and White and it did look similar. Anyway we colored ‘em in with a black magic marker and now we were black and red.

    Now my observation gained after two hours of reading. HA, Vagos, Bandidos, Pagons, Outlaws, Warlocks Gallopin’ Gooses Gypsy Jokers and all the other club members who visit Rebel’s site have joined together against a common enemy “Rad4 whoever”. Why can’t you do that against ATF, crooked cops, common threats?

  158. Dan the Man Says:

    this isn’t as bad when he labeled vets as potential terrorists.

  159. DirtyBruin Says:

    Miss Krista: The fact is that he has a birth certificate stating he was born in Honolulu in 1961. Any other theories are irrelevant in the face of that point. The fact that ALL of the attempts to have him declared ineligible have been thrown out – and there have been quite a few – tells me that there’s nothing to it, because I find it extremely unlikely that ALL those judges in various parts of the country were ALL bought off or otherwise influenced without blowing the whistle. The bigger you make the conspiracy, the easier it is to punch holes in.

    Here is what the Republican party needs to do, we have to say that’s crazy. So I’m here to tell you that those who think the president was born somewhere other than Hawaii you’re crazy … let’s knock this crap off and talk about the real differences we have.

    — Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, October 1, 2009

    Dan The Man: Read the freakin’ DHS memo! They expressed concern that vets might be targeted for recruitment by extremist groups due to their military skills – because it’s happened in the past. That’s a far cry from “label[ing] vets as potential terrorists.”

  160. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    “Here is what the Republican party needs to do, we have to say that’s crazy. So I’m here to tell you that those who think the president was born somewhere other than Hawaii you’re crazy … let’s knock this crap off and talk about the real differences we have.

    — Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, October 1, 2009″

    Oh no, you mean Lindsey Graham is in on it too?!?!

  161. Miss Krista Says:

    I’m just gonna repeat that old adage that has proven all so oh too true: Just beacause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ya.

    Just awfully nice cooincidence that one of the main witnesses, who happened to be his grandmother in Hawaii, dropped dead during the debate…shades of the past…I’m just sayin’

    And by the way, I’ve always been crazy – and plan to stay that way til the bitter end…

    Miss Krista

  162. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Ms. Krista:

    I can’t agree with you about the president, but you get extra points for mentioning one of my favorite adages.

    You have my blessings to stay crazy–and you’ll never guess what line of work I’m in.


  163. Miss Krista Says:

    Ya never know I just might – some of us crazies have crazy-like esp ;~)

  164. Eric Jaeger Says:

    Why would anyone want to take a bullett for Obama?

  165. Sue Says:

    OMFG !!!!!! Tank%: you dare to compare a POS like Timothy McVeigh to ANY member of the PGR????

    You are as big of a POS and MORON as Obama is

  166. larryneal Says:

    pres should be tared ^feathered he is thestupisted presendent we ever had he wants to be in lime light he dont care about this country or the people in it just plain igorant no comon sence i could say more but would be put in solitar

  167. Jack Says:

    First off I am a white veteran. Years ago when it was rumored that Colin Powell might run for president, I was anxious to vote for him. I guess there are some people who need to be told that Powell is black. So knock off the racist crap before you start. I once heard Obama refer to his difficulty “growing up half black and half white.” Ever wonder why he himself and his adoring fan club only refer to him in terms as “Our first black president”. Why is the white part never referred to, especially why not during his campaign ? Could it be he was aiming for the quite substantial black vote And figured the idiot fringe in the white population would suffice with all the asshole “Hollywood celebrities”, along with Oprah and her millions of fans and dollars. I guess he was right. If given the chance I would still vote for the likes of Colin Powell any day. “Obummer” is a fucking disaster.

  168. bob Says:

    Not a fan of Obama.But one reason he would call himself “our first black president” is that he grew up in a “one-drop’ country.And how many people of mixed-race background call themselves “half-white” ?

  169. wotthehell Says:

    Obama YOU get lost!

  170. Mike Morgan Says:

    As a Former Patriot Guard Rider I can understand the concerns of the President & Vice President due to security and other reasons! Anytime where the leaders of our country are present, security & logistics are of the utmost concern, therefore it is reasonable to comply with this Stand Down!
    I am a Former Patriot Guard Rider/Member due to the fact that I found it counter-productive to mirror the protestors by Reving up Motorcycle engines to drown out the protestors & by doing so only adds to the disturbance & noise & the main fact that I am not a Patriot Guard Member anylonger is because the laws of our land allow these protestors to do the evil they do which is very disrespectful to the FALLEN SOLDIERS OR POLICE, therefore I will not be a participant of any group that looks like a BIKER GANG which has a Big Bark but NO TEETH to do anything to these protestors!
    Mike Morgan

  171. sled tramp Says:

    “I will not be a participant of any group that looks like a BIKER GANG which has a Big Bark but NO TEETH”.

    While I always respect another’s opinion, I, nor anyone I know, am not in a “Biker Gang”.Should you be the type that profiles or automatically fits guys like myself into a neat little catagory,may I suggest you post on another site like Iron Pigs or HD forums.I have enough problems getting a burger wearing my colors.More citizens in cages listening to comments like yours out in the world ain’t making my day easier.

  172. Jabba Says:

    You know, I read Mr. Morgan’s post a few days ago. So much of it rankled a bit, but as has been said above, you have a bit of respect for other people’s opinions, and I cut a lot more slack for ex-armed forces than most.

    But I shouldn’t be so lazy and now that somebody else has “got the ball rolling”. What the Hell.

    “BIKER GANG” – I’ve never met anything like it, or anyone in one. Go on a ride with some colours Mr. Morgan. Meet a few people, talk to a few, socialise and don’t let your opinions get tainted by the popular media and organisations with an agenda all their own. You might sing a different tune.

    “disrespectful to the FALLEN SOLDIERS OR POLICE” – Well, you won’t find many on here that are disrespectful to the former, many have fought for their country and know that it could easily have been them.

    As far as respect for the police go’s, well, you’ve probably got most of us there. I think I don’t just speak for myself when I say, on the whole, fuck ‘em, and fuck ‘em with something long, hard and covered with lethal STD’s.

    Anybody that knows an MC, knows that respect is given where it’s due. There’s an ex-cop who posts on here occasionally, and the general consensus is one of respect for the guy. Aint many cops who could claim that. But the reason he gets that respect is because he gives it, and gave it first. You might want to try thinking about that before posting again.

    Don’t lecture us about a lack of respect, whilst showing that in great, stinking, cart loads. Just a thought.


  173. Slammin' Says:

    Oh’bamma is just scared of all the swastikas and rebel flags.Guess he doesn’t like freedom of speech.I would like to see a run on the capital for biker rights.

  174. swaindaddy1 Says:

    Ever noticed how Obama look like a taxi with the front doors open when you look at the front, LOL The Patriot Guard Riders have done some outstanding things for the FALLEN and their FAMILIES. I am a PGR member and have enjoyed being able to bring the families some releif and easiness about themselves. For Obama to tell the PGR to get lost was a sad mistake, not only for himself, but the family who invited the PGR. Obama is afraid of the PGR or any other organization that are PATRIOTIC and AMERICAN, I wonder why? I feel sad for the state of our country.

  175. Mikey (Hog Boyz Colorado) Says:

    I ride with the PGR and damned proud of it. This Rad4 clown is stepping on a lot of Vet’s toes, mine included. Obviously don’t have the brains or balls to be seen with us!!!!!!Hey Rad, ever bury a young hero who gave ALL for you? Doubt that! Stay away from me you piece of SHIT. Mikey

  176. Mae Says:

    ok so come on people. This was the Secret Service decision. I would not be surprised if Obama didnt even know of the decision to not have the PGR in advance of the event. You dont really think the SS bothers the Prez about every choice they make. Place blame where it should be with the leadership of the Secret Service not the Prez and I dont want to hear he is there boss cause I am sure he lets them do there job with out a lot of micro managing.

  177. Eddie Featherston Says:

    Just wanted to say that as a member on the North Carolina Patriot Guard that most of our riders have more experience to be security than most of his Secret Service . I think that this is one more reason that he should not be even given another chance to run for the office of President. Still have my doubts as to his qualifications for the office anyway. As a veteran of the USAF I would like to see a major CHANGE in Washington all the way around.

  178. J L Brock Says:

    What a nut to be in the office of president. He has no respect for these men or our veterans. He willn,t even acknowledge our flag. Any member of the PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS would be a better president and commander in chief than this joker !!!

  179. White Buffalo Says:

    This is a disgrace. I am fortunate enought to ride with the PGR on occasion. There has never been a more patriotic or dedicated bunch of people to represent the USA than the PGR. If they are afraid the PGR is a security threat they are truly stupid. He will never get my vote.

  180. Double D Says:

    Im way late to this party..Just happened to find it when I Googled PGR
    ……….In response to a post from “Rad4Ever” on 04-28-2010………. You are a F**king idiot. IT’S ABOUT RESPECT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! …. You don’t know squat about the Patriot Guard Riders. You need to engage your puny brain before your mouth speaks. How many families have asked YOU to attend their loved ones services? How many soldiers have YOU greeted at the airport when they came home, after defending the world and the USA from tyranny, opression and terrorist threats? And how many funeral escorts have you been a part of ever?? Nope, you are to busy defending another idiot most of us don’t give a hoot about one way or the other. And we are nothing like any other “biker groups. It’s about respect for the men and women who gave some, or gave all. You would do best to bow your head in shame, and tell every Veteran and active ro inactivesoldier, “Thank you” for services rendered. Oh yeah, like so many others have told you B4 “FUCKOFF” u DICKHEAD……..signed “I wasn’t there, but I care”…..DD

  181. Justine Says:

    What a crock. President should be ashamed.

  182. JustineTom Says:

    What a crock. These are the best people in the country.

  183. Bill Says:

    Obuttbrains isn’t even all black, but I know some who voted for him just because he isn’t entirely white, either. And they live the rest of their ‘lives’ by what their tee-vee tells them. It’s time to go, somewhere.

  184. Big-MO Says:

    I am PRG rider and am VERY proud of it . I’m not going to cuss out anyone as this is not what we are about we are to protect the fallen hero’s from the tyranny of the Westbrook and others like them and you rad. is is so inspiring to stand at attention with the greatest flag in the world (American) in my hand and dare the lawyers of Kansas to cross me or our flag line. even when they get in your face calling you a baby killer and that god hates you, have you ever been at attention and had people spit on you cuss you try to push by you and all you can do is stand side by side and (stand firm) I had the pleasure of meeting the greatest hero of them all, a 20 year old soldier that gave his life to protect you rad and all of us. in aff. the Westbrook showed up and tried to cross our flag line, and just dared us to touch them. maybe you should walk in to the recur ting office and join up and go to aff. iroc. Africa. Korea etc. I swell with pride when the mother of the fallen soldier comes up and gives you a kiss on the cheek and says” god bless you for what you do and thank you for being here protecting us “AGAIN” ssg Don Franklin 1974 – 1983 Vietnam vet and damn proud of it .

    I live in Missouri come talk to me! in person rad !

  185. 101crewchief Says:

    Typical anti-american BS from the so-called president. Wouldn’t make a pimple on a veterans ass.

    And oh…Dirk….I’ve been to the Federal Law Enforcement Academy…and secret service recruits come from all over…I doubt most are SF or Navy Seals…with all due respect to them, although many are prior military. There’s plenty other excellent LEO training facilities across the U.S. that are just as good as the federal academy….not that they were bad. Been there…done that.

  186. Lance Bursch Says:

    The Patriot Guard has to be invited by the families, was Obama? ?

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