Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost

April 27, 2010

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There was a memorial service two days ago in Beckley, West Virginia for the 29 coal miners who died at the nearby Upper Big Branch mine April 5th.

Twenty-eight hundred people attended the service.  Most of them were there to pay their respects and console the grieving.  At least a couple of them were there to make symbolic, political appearances.

Many of the working class men who died were veterans and some of them rode motorcycles.  A source has told this page that “Families of the miners killed in the explosion…had requested the Patriot Guard Riders attend.”  The Patriot Guard Riders is an informal club of veteran motorcyclists which exists to make sure that all veterans are given respectful funerals.  And, they were banned from this service by federal officials because those officials believe the Patriot Guard is a security threat.

Cleared With Governor

The appearance of the Patriot Guard at the service, at the request of at least several families, was cleared by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin.  Travis Mollohan, a senior aide to the Governor worked with the Patriot Riders to arrange a staging location.

The day before the service, Joe Cumblidge, the West Virginia State Captain of the Patriot Guards emailed the men who were scheduled to participate:  “Due to circumstances totally and completely beyond the control of the Patriot Guard Riders and Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, we are regrettably ordering a STAND DOWN for this mission.  Specific details will not be posted here but, we’ve been told we are not welcome to participate because of certain high-level dignitaries that are scheduled to be in attendance.”

The “high-level dignitaries” were President Barack Obama and Vice-president Joe Biden.  A Patriot Guard Rider named Pat Hanifin told WSAZ in Charleston that Manchin had been forbidden to allow the Patriot Guard to participate “because of overwhelming security concerns with high-ranking federal officials – it was just not logistically possible for them to be a part of the event.”

A member of the Patriot Guard who had planned to ride that day told this page, “the reason was because the Secret Service did not want us there because of the possibility of the President attending.  Why?  So he can stand there like a fool and disrespect every veteran in attendance with his hands crossed?”

Obama And Biden

At the service, the President stood in front of a row of 29 crosses and told the mourners, “Our task, here on Earth, is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy.  To do what we must do, individually and collectively, to assure safe conditions underground.  To treat our miners like they treat each other, like a family. Because we are all family and we are all Americans.”

Vice President Biden, who spoke before the President, warmed up the crowd with a wise crack intended to insult West Virginia’s most prominent recent football coach, Rich Rodriguez.  Rodriguez left West Virginia for the University of Michigan after the 2007 season.

“They loved hunting, fishing, riding horses and four-wheelers,” Biden said of the dead miners.  “They hated the way Coach Rodriguez left West Virginia for Michigan.”  Biden’s remark seemed to charm the mourners, who applauded.

Both Biden and Obama managed to escape West Virginia unharmed.

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196 Responses to “Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost”

  1. William Says:

    Please stop this biased nonsense. There are significant security risks with any presidential appearance, and people need to be vetted, period. There is nothing special about the patriot guard that protects them from that requirement, period. I have seen patriot guard functions at active duty facilities cancelled for the very same reason even without a presidential appearance. So please stop trying to use the same security restrictions that ALL organizations face with presidential appearances to put your own political views on a situation that is not political. I’ve actually had to organize events like these are they are always difficult from a security standpoint, and when a presidential appearance is scheduled, every non-vetted non-active duty member is routinely barred. The security restrictions are the same regardless of who is in office, and have nothing to do with their individual politics.

  2. Ed O'Brien Says:

    The President, is The “Commander and Chief”, the Secret Service does what he orders. They may not like it or agree with it, however he has the final say .

  3. G Says:

    Obama IS AN IDIOT!!!!!

  4. paul Says:

    Yall do realize that the PRESIDENT ANY President does NOT tell the SECRET service to do anything right? So get off your paranoid high horses this was a SS decision not the Presidents. Good grief

  5. Sue Says:

    I can understand how not the Patriot Riders, but the deafening roar which they make could be used as a noise-cover by some lunatic who was not a rider. Remember how important the accidental audio recording was in Dallas in 1963. Seems that the families of the miners should have had a vote on this, because I bet that most would have chosen the Riders and told the pres to stay away! Or perhaps they could have been split into two funerals, on separate days… One with the Riders and one with the pres, and let the next of kin choose… but this could have been really embarrassing to the pres when very few chose him.

  6. Lance Bursch Says:

    The Patriot Guard has to be invited by the families, was Obama? ?

  7. 101crewchief Says:

    Typical anti-american BS from the so-called president. Wouldn’t make a pimple on a veterans ass.

    And oh…Dirk….I’ve been to the Federal Law Enforcement Academy…and secret service recruits come from all over…I doubt most are SF or Navy Seals…with all due respect to them, although many are prior military. There’s plenty other excellent LEO training facilities across the U.S. that are just as good as the federal academy….not that they were bad. Been there…done that.

  8. Big-MO Says:

    I am PRG rider and am VERY proud of it . I’m not going to cuss out anyone as this is not what we are about we are to protect the fallen hero’s from the tyranny of the Westbrook and others like them and you rad. is is so inspiring to stand at attention with the greatest flag in the world (American) in my hand and dare the lawyers of Kansas to cross me or our flag line. even when they get in your face calling you a baby killer and that god hates you, have you ever been at attention and had people spit on you cuss you try to push by you and all you can do is stand side by side and (stand firm) I had the pleasure of meeting the greatest hero of them all, a 20 year old soldier that gave his life to protect you rad and all of us. in aff. the Westbrook showed up and tried to cross our flag line, and just dared us to touch them. maybe you should walk in to the recur ting office and join up and go to aff. iroc. Africa. Korea etc. I swell with pride when the mother of the fallen soldier comes up and gives you a kiss on the cheek and says” god bless you for what you do and thank you for being here protecting us “AGAIN” ssg Don Franklin 1974 – 1983 Vietnam vet and damn proud of it .

    I live in Missouri come talk to me! in person rad !

  9. Bill Says:

    Obuttbrains isn’t even all black, but I know some who voted for him just because he isn’t entirely white, either. And they live the rest of their ‘lives’ by what their tee-vee tells them. It’s time to go, somewhere.

  10. JustineTom Says:

    What a crock. These are the best people in the country.

  11. Justine Says:

    What a crock. President should be ashamed.

  12. Double D Says:

    Im way late to this party..Just happened to find it when I Googled PGR
    ……….In response to a post from “Rad4Ever” on 04-28-2010………. You are a F**king idiot. IT’S ABOUT RESPECT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! …. You don’t know squat about the Patriot Guard Riders. You need to engage your puny brain before your mouth speaks. How many families have asked YOU to attend their loved ones services? How many soldiers have YOU greeted at the airport when they came home, after defending the world and the USA from tyranny, opression and terrorist threats? And how many funeral escorts have you been a part of ever?? Nope, you are to busy defending another idiot most of us don’t give a hoot about one way or the other. And we are nothing like any other “biker groups. It’s about respect for the men and women who gave some, or gave all. You would do best to bow your head in shame, and tell every Veteran and active ro inactivesoldier, “Thank you” for services rendered. Oh yeah, like so many others have told you B4 “FUCKOFF” u DICKHEAD……..signed “I wasn’t there, but I care”…..DD

  13. White Buffalo Says:

    This is a disgrace. I am fortunate enought to ride with the PGR on occasion. There has never been a more patriotic or dedicated bunch of people to represent the USA than the PGR. If they are afraid the PGR is a security threat they are truly stupid. He will never get my vote.

  14. J L Brock Says:

    What a nut to be in the office of president. He has no respect for these men or our veterans. He willn,t even acknowledge our flag. Any member of the PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS would be a better president and commander in chief than this joker !!!

  15. Eddie Featherston Says:

    Just wanted to say that as a member on the North Carolina Patriot Guard that most of our riders have more experience to be security than most of his Secret Service . I think that this is one more reason that he should not be even given another chance to run for the office of President. Still have my doubts as to his qualifications for the office anyway. As a veteran of the USAF I would like to see a major CHANGE in Washington all the way around.

  16. Mae Says:

    ok so come on people. This was the Secret Service decision. I would not be surprised if Obama didnt even know of the decision to not have the PGR in advance of the event. You dont really think the SS bothers the Prez about every choice they make. Place blame where it should be with the leadership of the Secret Service not the Prez and I dont want to hear he is there boss cause I am sure he lets them do there job with out a lot of micro managing.

  17. Mikey (Hog Boyz Colorado) Says:

    I ride with the PGR and damned proud of it. This Rad4 clown is stepping on a lot of Vet’s toes, mine included. Obviously don’t have the brains or balls to be seen with us!!!!!!Hey Rad, ever bury a young hero who gave ALL for you? Doubt that! Stay away from me you piece of SHIT. Mikey

  18. swaindaddy1 Says:

    Ever noticed how Obama look like a taxi with the front doors open when you look at the front, LOL The Patriot Guard Riders have done some outstanding things for the FALLEN and their FAMILIES. I am a PGR member and have enjoyed being able to bring the families some releif and easiness about themselves. For Obama to tell the PGR to get lost was a sad mistake, not only for himself, but the family who invited the PGR. Obama is afraid of the PGR or any other organization that are PATRIOTIC and AMERICAN, I wonder why? I feel sad for the state of our country.

  19. Slammin' Says:

    Oh’bamma is just scared of all the swastikas and rebel flags.Guess he doesn’t like freedom of speech.I would like to see a run on the capital for biker rights.

  20. Jabba Says:

    You know, I read Mr. Morgan’s post a few days ago. So much of it rankled a bit, but as has been said above, you have a bit of respect for other people’s opinions, and I cut a lot more slack for ex-armed forces than most.

    But I shouldn’t be so lazy and now that somebody else has “got the ball rolling”. What the Hell.

    “BIKER GANG” – I’ve never met anything like it, or anyone in one. Go on a ride with some colours Mr. Morgan. Meet a few people, talk to a few, socialise and don’t let your opinions get tainted by the popular media and organisations with an agenda all their own. You might sing a different tune.

    “disrespectful to the FALLEN SOLDIERS OR POLICE” – Well, you won’t find many on here that are disrespectful to the former, many have fought for their country and know that it could easily have been them.

    As far as respect for the police go’s, well, you’ve probably got most of us there. I think I don’t just speak for myself when I say, on the whole, fuck ’em, and fuck ’em with something long, hard and covered with lethal STD’s.

    Anybody that knows an MC, knows that respect is given where it’s due. There’s an ex-cop who posts on here occasionally, and the general consensus is one of respect for the guy. Aint many cops who could claim that. But the reason he gets that respect is because he gives it, and gave it first. You might want to try thinking about that before posting again.

    Don’t lecture us about a lack of respect, whilst showing that in great, stinking, cart loads. Just a thought.


  21. sled tramp Says:

    “I will not be a participant of any group that looks like a BIKER GANG which has a Big Bark but NO TEETH”.

    While I always respect another’s opinion, I, nor anyone I know, am not in a “Biker Gang”.Should you be the type that profiles or automatically fits guys like myself into a neat little catagory,may I suggest you post on another site like Iron Pigs or HD forums.I have enough problems getting a burger wearing my colors.More citizens in cages listening to comments like yours out in the world ain’t making my day easier.

  22. Mike Morgan Says:

    As a Former Patriot Guard Rider I can understand the concerns of the President & Vice President due to security and other reasons! Anytime where the leaders of our country are present, security & logistics are of the utmost concern, therefore it is reasonable to comply with this Stand Down!
    I am a Former Patriot Guard Rider/Member due to the fact that I found it counter-productive to mirror the protestors by Reving up Motorcycle engines to drown out the protestors & by doing so only adds to the disturbance & noise & the main fact that I am not a Patriot Guard Member anylonger is because the laws of our land allow these protestors to do the evil they do which is very disrespectful to the FALLEN SOLDIERS OR POLICE, therefore I will not be a participant of any group that looks like a BIKER GANG which has a Big Bark but NO TEETH to do anything to these protestors!
    Mike Morgan

  23. wotthehell Says:

    Obama YOU get lost!

  24. bob Says:

    Not a fan of Obama.But one reason he would call himself “our first black president” is that he grew up in a “one-drop’ country.And how many people of mixed-race background call themselves “half-white” ?

  25. Jack Says:

    First off I am a white veteran. Years ago when it was rumored that Colin Powell might run for president, I was anxious to vote for him. I guess there are some people who need to be told that Powell is black. So knock off the racist crap before you start. I once heard Obama refer to his difficulty “growing up half black and half white.” Ever wonder why he himself and his adoring fan club only refer to him in terms as “Our first black president”. Why is the white part never referred to, especially why not during his campaign ? Could it be he was aiming for the quite substantial black vote And figured the idiot fringe in the white population would suffice with all the asshole “Hollywood celebrities”, along with Oprah and her millions of fans and dollars. I guess he was right. If given the chance I would still vote for the likes of Colin Powell any day. “Obummer” is a fucking disaster.

  26. larryneal Says:

    pres should be tared ^feathered he is thestupisted presendent we ever had he wants to be in lime light he dont care about this country or the people in it just plain igorant no comon sence i could say more but would be put in solitar

  27. Sue Says:

    OMFG !!!!!! Tank%: you dare to compare a POS like Timothy McVeigh to ANY member of the PGR????

    You are as big of a POS and MORON as Obama is

  28. Eric Jaeger Says:

    Why would anyone want to take a bullett for Obama?

  29. Miss Krista Says:

    Ya never know I just might – some of us crazies have crazy-like esp ;~)

  30. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Ms. Krista:

    I can’t agree with you about the president, but you get extra points for mentioning one of my favorite adages.

    You have my blessings to stay crazy–and you’ll never guess what line of work I’m in.


  31. Miss Krista Says:

    I’m just gonna repeat that old adage that has proven all so oh too true: Just beacause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ya.

    Just awfully nice cooincidence that one of the main witnesses, who happened to be his grandmother in Hawaii, dropped dead during the debate…shades of the past…I’m just sayin’

    And by the way, I’ve always been crazy – and plan to stay that way til the bitter end…

    Miss Krista

  32. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    “Here is what the Republican party needs to do, we have to say that’s crazy. So I’m here to tell you that those who think the president was born somewhere other than Hawaii you’re crazy … let’s knock this crap off and talk about the real differences we have.

    — Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, October 1, 2009”

    Oh no, you mean Lindsey Graham is in on it too?!?!

  33. DirtyBruin Says:

    Miss Krista: The fact is that he has a birth certificate stating he was born in Honolulu in 1961. Any other theories are irrelevant in the face of that point. The fact that ALL of the attempts to have him declared ineligible have been thrown out – and there have been quite a few – tells me that there’s nothing to it, because I find it extremely unlikely that ALL those judges in various parts of the country were ALL bought off or otherwise influenced without blowing the whistle. The bigger you make the conspiracy, the easier it is to punch holes in.

    Here is what the Republican party needs to do, we have to say that’s crazy. So I’m here to tell you that those who think the president was born somewhere other than Hawaii you’re crazy … let’s knock this crap off and talk about the real differences we have.

    — Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, October 1, 2009

    Dan The Man: Read the freakin’ DHS memo! They expressed concern that vets might be targeted for recruitment by extremist groups due to their military skills – because it’s happened in the past. That’s a far cry from “label[ing] vets as potential terrorists.”

  34. Dan the Man Says:

    this isn’t as bad when he labeled vets as potential terrorists.

  35. pervert Says:

    After two hours of reading all, yes all, of the comments I have drawn an interesting conclusion. A little history, me and five friends started a riding club in Northern Utah in 1969. We sold a little dope to finance our rides and just had a good time. We rode with Brother Speed out of Boise, Empties from Pocatello, Sundowners from Ogden and SLC.
    We were told to get rid of our top and bottom rocker cus it looked like HA, Red and White and it did look similar. Anyway we colored ’em in with a black magic marker and now we were black and red.

    Now my observation gained after two hours of reading. HA, Vagos, Bandidos, Pagons, Outlaws, Warlocks Gallopin’ Gooses Gypsy Jokers and all the other club members who visit Rebel’s site have joined together against a common enemy “Rad4 whoever”. Why can’t you do that against ATF, crooked cops, common threats?

  36. Miss Krista Says:

    Dirty Bruin – just saw your post. What makes me think the FACTS are getting confused here is OBAMA’S own college entrance application where HE lists his own citizenship as OTHER THAN U.S. At the time he did that, there was no dual citizenship with the country he claimed, SO, even IF HE WAS BORN HERE (which I personally DON’T BELIEVE and NEVER WILL) (birth announcements are put in the paper by the parents – which is what his grandmotherS claimed his mother was doing – setting him up for the future) then he DENOUNCED HIS OWN US CITIZENSHIP by claiming citizenship somewhere else, in a country where no dual citizenship existed, thereby making him a citizen of THAT COUNTRY, NOT THIS ONE. So, anyway, I guess we all have to go by what WE personally believe are the facts, but I did read the documents filed in the lawsuit, and the exhibits attached to them, and as a certified paralegal I can tell you this much – if that judge had gone by the FACTS WHICH WERE PRESENTED, rather than just saying the suit did not have standing, we’d have a different president today. And I believe pretty strongly that the Patriot Guard would have completed that ride, as invited by that family.

  37. Bob Says:


    The point here is not who is to blame. Although the secret service does work for the president so ultimately he is responsible for there actions. What is the saying? The buck stops here. The point is that the President or any other government agency or official have NO RIGHT to decide to show up anywhere uninvited and tell an invited guest they cant come. If you are crashing someone elses event its not up to you to chose whos coming and if you dont like whos there than dont go. This is the problem with our county from the ground up. All these liberal fags think that evryone else owes them whatever they want and then they bitch if we dont let them take it. Why is it that only the takers and not the earners have rights? Ill tell you why becouse to many sit idly by and what while they take and pass the blame without doing anything about it. Its time for Americans to stand up and denounce this behavier even if its the president behaving this way.

  38. Rich Biddlecome Says:

    I wouldn’t jump so quick to blame the President for what happened. Blame the Secret Service for not taking the time to find out more about us. The safety of the President is of the utmost importance and they need to be educated as to who the PGR is. We have had to do that here in California as it has been necessary everywhere else in the USA.

    Rich Biddlecome
    California State Captain
    Patriot Guard Riders

  39. Lee Says:

    All the Obama supporters can defend this asshole all they want. A real commander in chief would have said to his security let them in they would have been in. He didn’t want PGR’s there because then his liberal base would have pitched a bitch. How dare he be seen with VETERANS the mere thought would make you hair stand up! 2 1/2 years to go I hope we make it !!

  40. Don Carpenter Says:

    What a shame. (That he did this)

    What a shame. (Last sentence of the article)

  41. Sue Says:


    Seriously???? REALLY???? You know nothing about the PGR, that much is painfully clear.

    We couldn’t care LESS about any photo opportunity or knocking this POS that YOU all elected. We stand in respect for the victims and the families

    When was the last time YOU took your own time and money to escort a soldier home to his/her final resting place that you didn’t even know???? Mine was…. uh…. last week. And the week before, and the week before. (Usually more then once a week alot of times) Vacation time off work (or unpaid totally) gas money (my own) wear and tear on my bike, etc etc etc. All for nothing, no glory, no photos, no praise, nothing other then to honor the fallen!

    FU** off you little prick.

    And FU** off Mr President who doesnt have a CLUE!!!

    Informal motorcycle club my ASS!!!! Take a look at the site and see more then 100000 members – probably far more since I don’t keep track of us all.

  42. Grizzly45 Says:

    Towards the end, the subject got lost, from the article the PGR was invited, the president and vp were not. Now having ridden for four years with the PGR, they only ride when requested. So, what went down was out of line by everybody from DC. They wanted to do a photo op and security did a really bad job of handling the situation. Nothing new really, this has been going on since 2009. But, the bottom line is some very dedicated people that do this to honor were insulted by some people that had to have that photo op. A shame really that this kind of thing gors on, it cheapens the very service that was meant to be honored.

  43. Jomoe Says:

    Rad4Ever….What a complete TOOL
    Your just one more part of the problem


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