Iron Pig Beats Charge

September 19, 2008

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All felony charges against a member of the Iron Pigs motorcycle gang who tried to murder a biker in Sturgis have been dropped.

Ron Smith, 43, a Seattle police union official and member of the elite Seattle Police Pawn Shop Unit, where all the very most professional peace officers are assigned, was originally indicted on charges of aggravated assault, perjury and possession of a concealed weapon without a permit.

Smith shot Joseph McGuire, 33, a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the Loud American Roadhouse in Sturgis on August 9. The shooting occurred in the course of a fist fight that followed a verbal altercation. Apparently McGuire had the audacity to ask Smith why the Iron Pigs were allowed to wear their colors in the Roadhouse while the Hells Angels were not.

The Majesty Of The Law

Meade County, South Dakota State’s Attorney Jesse Sondreal said this week that he dismissed the aggravated assault charge because evidence no longer supported it.

In a press release, Sondreal said that an investigation by South Dakota police “establishes that Ron Smith was defending himself from a violent premeditated attack, and he responded in a manner which was neither excessive nor unreasonable under the circumstances.”

McGuire still faces a charge of aggravated assault. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

The Cops Are Always Right

Sondreal said that a key factor in the dismissal of the charges against the Iron Pig was that the members of that club trusted and were eager to cooperate with police. The Hells Angels, meanwhile, exercised their constitutional right to remain silent about the incident.

Sgt. Rich O’Neill, president of the Seattle police officer’s union of which Smith is an official, said “the case illustrates the importance of reserving judgment until all facts can be thoroughly examined.”

“We feel vindicated,” O’Neill continued. “As we said earlier, after a careful examination of the evidence, it would be obvious that Detective Smith was a victim of a brutal assault and was merely defending himself,”

Detective Smith was not injured in the incident. His alleged attacker was shot twice and spent two weeks in the hospital.

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8 Responses to “Iron Pig Beats Charge”

  1. Enlightened One Says:

    Change the scenery, but not the scenario. Thanks for what you have done for years (obviously) and continue to do.

  2. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    bikers are any group that gets together to ride motorcycles as an MC. They need answer to no one, especially criminals who call themselves ” MC” who weren’t in existence when real MCs were

    I applaud Iron order for not taking shit from idiots and I notice no one has tried to use violence against Iron Order they way they have against others.

    Anyone is entitled to wear a three piece patch and call themselves MC

    How dare any cunt tell me I can’t do this or that within the law

  3. Jim666 Says:


  4. Sieg Says:

    JJ, fucking pigs aren’t that good at lieing, everyone knows if their mou ths are moving it’s to spew bullshit. Onliest ones that believe the whole Bacon-Biker trip are other pigs. Note that ya only hear of these incidents at real public venues, never the scooter-trash bar on the corner. There is an article on here about the Iron Panties on here that explaons that…check out the quotes from Ray Lubededdie about never stepping ou tside.

    5 TO 1

  5. jj solari Says:

    i’m not surprised that cops are now pretending to be bikers, they’ve been pretending to be americans for a lot longer; so they’re good at lying.

  6. John Says:

    Willy, I would’nt be so sure that 2 EXTREMELY overweight middle aged white men would be the cure all in a little rumble, they more than likely would have gotten themselves dealt with if they were indeed the ONLY two there.

    Also, all this “brother” talk is a bunch of CRAP! These guys are the rejects of the world that can’t stand on their own two feet, kinda like the little man syndrome, need numbers to be of any signifigance! It only takes one to ride a bike!

    Just my $0.02

  7. Willy Says:

    Wah dan, Wah… You were there huh? Where were you? Cowering in a corner I’m sure OR hiding behind another cop in that establishment? Have your ‘lady’ in front of you maybe?
    Your story has holes big enough to drive through. 25 Angels are not going to do the work that 2 can do first of all. So your lie about that one is blown. Those cops were being loud mouth braggarts and got the beating they deserved. “Family….”? those were whores asshole. That term “family’ was coined a long time ago MEANING WIFE, CHILDREN. Not road whores that see a cop coming from a mile away then overcharge them for blowjobs. Take your family and get the hell out. JUST like a cop to use that term to paint a false picture for people that were not there to think that a real family was with them. Which they weren’t.
    The 25 Angels that the law moved around in the story to their advantage were closing in to help their fallen brother AFTER the coward shot him. They (nor anyone else for that matter) new what those cops were going to do next so when they saw the same guys that shot their brothers closing in, they retaliated THEN, not in the beginning of the story like the cops so lie about here.
    Tough words there ON LINE about shooting a Hells Angel in the head. I wonder how far you’d make it out the door if you told that to one’s face.
    You don’t want your skanky bitch having nightmares then don’t take her to a place that incites violence dummy..

  8. Dan Says:

    You might want to get the facts on this dummy. I was there and saw the whole thing. This guy was sitting with his family and a couple other guys with their families. This guy comes up, and says “hey you fucking cop, what gives you the right to wear your colors in here. We run this county, not the cops”, and sucker punches the guy. Then about 25 Angels or so go after these 4 guys with their families, and one of the angels tried to grab the cops gun so he shot him in the gut. Then one of the other cops gives the angel first aide and saves the ass holes life! I would a shot the dumb bastard again, but in the head next time. My ‘ol lady still has nightmares about the angels. Dude got what he asked for!

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