Hemet Held Hostage Day 85

March 25, 2010

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Hemet, California, home of the internationally famous Ramona festival; a city so important that it has not one but four sister cities; a city of light; a city of magic; a city most of the world still cannot find on a map with a magnifying glass; remains a city besieged by relentless, invisible vandals.

“We will prevail on this thing,” Police Chief Richard Dana promised the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Dana did not promise when he was going to start prevailing.

Four official Hemet code enforcement trucks burst into flames about 11:30 Tuesday night outside Hemet City Hall.

The other thing Hemet has been burning lately is money. Earlier this month, the Hemet City Council voted a $55,000 expenditure to help fortify police headquarters. At that meeting, Dana told Councilors that a terrorist could drive a car bomb through the front door of City Hall and kill them all. “We are out of date,” Dana explained. “We have not kept up with changing times in the world.”

Half Empty Or Half Full

But Wednesday, after the four city vehicles appeared to spontaneously combust, Dana was more upbeat. “This is still a superb Police Department that has acquired an enemy engaged in terrorist activity,” he said.

The terrorized pick-up trucks were the latest victims in a series of nasty pranks that goes back 85 days, to New Year’s Eve. That day, someone re-routed a gas line through the roof of the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Gang Task Force headquarters, possibly inspired by a scene from Live Free Or Die Hard. On February 23rd, somebody booby-trapped a gate. On March 5th, somebody attached a “deadly device” to an unmarked police car. The “device” fell off at a gas station. Last week, somebody made a threatening phone call to police headquarters.

Then there were the trucks. The putative arson was in a lot surveilled by video cameras. As of today, Hemet police were still investigating possible ways to back up the DVD.

Dana and a host of other public officials have been gutless about identifying who those terrorists are. Hemet Police Lieutenant Duane Wisehart sounded inscrutable when he said of the incidents, “If they are related, I would think it’s gang-related. There’s an organization to it…There has been some cartelish activity.”

A week ago, Dana and a couple of politicians unabashedly tried to blame the Vagos Motorcycle Club for all this “cartelish” terrorism that has been going on in Hemet. The theory seems to be that the Vagos have chapters in Mexico. There are cartels in Mexico. Voila!

Vote For Me

One of the architects of this conspiracy theory is the Riverside County District Attorney, a man named Rod Pacheco. Pacheco faces reelection in June and is opposed by two challengers. His opponents are Paul Zellerbach, a judge and a former prosecutor and Michael Flory, a prosecutor in neighboring Orange County.

Last week, Pacheco conflated the “cartelish activity” in Hemet with some vague, region-wide round up of Vagos and associates of the Vagos. Pacheco made what amounted to a campaign speech about the series of unsolved vandalisms in Hemet while surrounded by Vagos paraphernalia.

Those raids, whatever they entailed, wherever they were and whatever they accomplished were arranged by California Attorney General Jerry Brown. Brown is running for Governor. Last week Brown stood next to Pacheco and announced that there would be a $200,000 reward for the capture of the vandals. Brown called the vandalism “urban terrorism.”

But yesterday, a week after blaming the Vagos, Hemet Chief Dana was talking out his other face. “To connect this to the Vagos, I’m not sure I’m ready to do that,” Dana told the Los Angeles Times. Dana seems unaware that video evidence exists that he already did connect all of this to the Vagos.

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20 Responses to “Hemet Held Hostage Day 85”

  1. DocB Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder why they’re so pissed at detective Greedy.
    Ya think maybe he only turned in some of the drugs and kept all the money? Or maybe they didn’t really have any drugs at all and he planted some that was left over from the last bust. The Greedy fuckers have been known to do worse. Hmmmmmmmm

  2. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Two men charged with police attacks in Riverside County allegedly targeted one detective – Hemet, California – Riverside County Dist. Atty. Rod Pacheco on Tuesday filed charges against the two men suspected in a series of attacks against Hemet police, a campaign of violence that apparently targeted a single detective who had arrested one of the suspects on a drug charge last year.

    [opinion] Now how does an attack on one dective become an attack on the whole department? Stupid Ass Hole LEO …. that’s how [end of opinion]

    The two men are said to associate with white supremacists, although they don’t belong to a specific gang. Both men had contacts with white supremacist groups and the Vagos MC, Pacheco said, but prosecutors did not have enough evidence linking those groups to the attacks to seek a gang enhancement.

    [opinion] since both are men, and probably former memebers of the Boy Scouts of America, should the Boy Scouts of America be involved? WTF ..Sounds like the Law Enforcement community is trying to cover their asses!!!!

    Detroit Dutch
    LRMC- Detroit

  3. ShootFirst Says:

    That’s some funny shit SVD! Nicely done.

  4. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Apparently, today’s Baja earthquake was felt in Hemet, CA where some windows were broken. Local authorities are now investigating in order to learn just how the Vagos MC produced the earthquake, cleverly concealing the true target by placing the epicenter in Baja California.

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    On a more bizzare note, today, the public was invited to attend a “pep rally” for the officers under siege. It was orchestrated by some ciy cuncil people.

    gimme a V
    gimme an A
    gimme a G

    what’s that spell???????????/

    My old man always said “everything wierd starts in California”

  6. Magnet Says:

    Lieutenant: “Say, just what are you fellas cartel-ing against?”

    Johnny: “Well, whaddya got?”

    Deja vu.

  7. Beowulf Says:

    Maybe the Hemet PD needs to hire someone who could guarantee their protection…………

  8. c8652 Says:

    “We will prevail on this thing,” Police Chief Richard Dana promised the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Dana did not promise when he was going to start prevailing.

    STOP. Stop now. That was too funny.

  9. Apple Pie Says:

    I agree…sounds like a cop trying for some job security.

  10. Reality King Says:

    One thing that is peculiar is that there were no injuries sustained at all in any of these attacks. And the last incident, setting Hemet city vehicles on fire…if the Hemet PD was INDEED under attack, what does torching city vehicles have to do with anything else but keeping the story in the News Cycle? It has to me a cop who was laid off, or a cop that wants more toys..

  11. GUSTO Says:

    their own PD is doing it, theyre doin it to get more money!! just keep drinking your coffee and eating your donuts and leave us bikers alone

  12. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Funny, Tim McVeigh wasn’t a Vago, even a biker for that matter. Mohammed Atta wasn’t a biker. The Order weren’t bikers. The suicide bombers in Israel aren’t bikers. Animal rights kooks who destroy research labs aren’t bikers. Osama bin Cunt is not a biker.

    All of the above are/were terrorists, and they probably couldn’t ride a bike without falling off. So when there is “terrorist” vandalism, who does Hemet accuse of it? The cartelish (I hope that nonexistent word doesn’t become a neologism) bikers! Those evil Vagos! Just what the Vagos would stand to gain by vandalism is never explained, but since bikers are a scapegoat for everything, it must have been the Vagos! *cough* Prove it *cough* After all, they have Mexican chapters, so they must be a “cartel”!

    YYZ Skinhead

  13. TigGirl Says:

    ” As of today, Hemet police were still investigating possible ways to back up the DVD. “You gotta be shittin’ me! Hell, I’ll volunteer to do it for them. It takes, oh, maybe 15 minutes.
    Rebel I sure hope you filled out your FOI request. Be sure to ask for the 24 hours before the incident…I want to see the prep work!

    With Respect & cheering you on!

  14. Interested Party Says:

    Maybe somebody on the Hemet City Council noticed that Hollister gave up a ton of tourist dollars when they ejected their “Hollister Outlaw Motorcycle Riot Days” and decided that Hemet could use the bucks. Welcome to the 2015 Hemet “Biker Terrorism Days”. Saturday night will be the big truck burning event and marshmallow roast for the kids. Sunday’s events will be topped off with Pomona PolyTechnic’s “zip gun accuracy” contest, . . .featuring competition by the various schools of engineering in the Southland. Don’t forget to get that special daughter of yours entered in the Miss Hemet Vago Queen contest. If she can suck start a shovelhead, she might be a winner.

  15. ben Says:

    Sounds to me like someone wants martial law in Hemet.

  16. Not Surprised Says:

    Truly this is such a bizzare media circus I cannot tell if the alleged bad guy or the Cops are enjoying it more.

    This guy Dana..does he want sand bags and snipers on the top of City Hall? WTF “terroists could drive a car bomb………?”

    I’m seeing a made-for-TV movie outta this and I’m really surprised the Governator has not yet exploited the publicity.

    The genuinely truly scary part of all this is not the acts of “cartelish” vandlaism, but that is this day and age, petty public officials can declare a state of emergency by inneuendo with no appranet recourse for thier actions

    Maybe the second most scray part is how many people have fallen for it.

  17. Hlywd Marc Says:

    It could be a gang of gremlins,Fairy dust, who knows, now the citizens are praying for their PD…..its so wierd how this story just keeps morphing. This Chief of police did say my club was involved last week,and even went so far as to “Declare war on the Vagos” and so on…. wow really? Now it is cartelish? what the fuck does that mean Barney Fife? Protect us? Serve us? Yea right. VFFV

  18. RVN69 Says:

    I want some of whatever it is that they are smoking, that must be some good shit!

  19. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Did he really say “cartelish”? And not one reporter laughed out loud? Amazing. I about choked just reading it.


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