The Hemet Hoax

March 21, 2010

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In 1954 a satirist named Leonard Wibberley wrote a six part serial for the Saturday Evening Post magazine called “The Day New York Was Invaded.” The next year the story was published by Little, Brown and Company with a title most people recognize, The Mouse That Roared. The comedy became a Peter Sellers movie four years after that. It failed as a television series in 1963 but was successfully produced as a play. The play is still an amateur theater standard. It will probably half fill some high school auditorium somewhere this year.

The Mouse That Roared is about a tiny, backward and insignificant European Country called the Duchy of Grand Fenwick that declares war on the United States. Grand Fenwick expects to quickly lose and then apply for the same sort of American foreign aid the United States bestowed on Japan and Germany after World War II.

Grand Fenwick must lose. It does not want to win. Its army wears chain mail and is armed with bows and arrows. All it wants is the money. Unfortunately the prank takes off in unexpected directions. The United States does not notice the invasion for two months. Then officials mistake the medieval Fenwickians for space aliens.

Mouse Meets Wild One

I keep waiting for somebody to call the city of Hemet, California the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. So far no one else has so I will. Hemet is the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

The plucky, little, Hemet Police Department is now at war with and under siege by the by the big, bad Vagos Motorcycle Club. Right this minute an agent in Beverly Hills is pitching this farce as “The Mouse That Roared meets The Wild One.” Clint Eastwood should play the police chief. The principal Vagos should be Shrek, the Hulk and Kermit the Frog. The happy ending will come when Hemet learns it has finally won that big pile of federal money and its police force has been saved.

Okay, probably the movie will fail. The great, Hemet motorcycle club war has already proven that the greater part of modern policing is theatrical performance. So a movie would just be superfluous. And, even if the movie was made nobody would laugh. The other thing the Hemet hoax proves is that in the last fifty years America has become a lot more stupid and a lot less fun.

Fifty years ago a cynical press would have instantly recognized that someone in Riverside County, on behalf of the Hemet Police, has made this whole Hemet story up. The story was invented because the Hemet Police really wants the money. Because Hemet has been hit particularly hard by the ongoing sequel to the Great Depression. And, keeping the peace has become an extravagant, insane cargo cult. The worth of modern police forces is now measured by how much money a department can get and spend on symbols of policing.

The Hero Has A Serious Problem

The current Hemet Police Chief is Richard Dana. Dana looks and sounds a lot like Clint Eastwood. He put on a badge in 1965. He took the Hemet job when he was 62. He replaced a man named Pete Hewitt who retired from the job at 61. Dana took the job because he “can’t imagine doing anything else.” And, also the job pays $163,000 a year. So besides pursuing his passion for goodness and justice Dana also gets to put a few dollars in his pocket. In his mid-sixties Dana still looks like a leading man. He might be able to stay on the job for another ten years, for another million and a half dollars. And, he is about to enter the fourth year of a five year contract.

When he took the job Dana’s supporters anticipated that he would be “growing” the Hemet Police Department. He was actually able to grow the force to 93 officers. The housing bubble made Hemet, which has about 70,000 residents, look like a budding metropolis. Then the Hemet of the future turned out to be just another illusion in a long con. The Los Angeles Times describes the city as “foreclosure-stricken.” Sales tax revenue dropped 27 percent in the first two months of 2009. During Dana’s administration the police force has declined to 68 officers.

To Serve And Protect Cops

The depression has left Hemet and Dana to fend largely for themselves. As part of the Economic Stimulus Package the Obama Administration promised $1 billion to keep cops employed. But nationally police forces applied for $8.3 billion to offset police layoffs. Hemet had to compete with all those other police departments in big mean cities like Oakland and Detroit for money. And, it probably did not help Hemet’s cause that crime in the city actually declined ten percent from 2007 to 2008.

Hemet applied for and did not get a $312,000 federal grant for traffic enforcement. The city also sought a $772,000 grant to pay for its police force and got less than half that amount. The police department also got a $213,000 grant to buy new computers and dispatch equipment but Hemet was forbidden to use the money to pay cops.

About a year ago the Hemet SWAT – of course Hemet has a “Special Operations Unit” – bought a $270,000 armored vehicle called a BearCat with a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. But again the money could not be used to pay for cop’s salaries. The money had to be used for an armored car.

Hemet invested, as many foundering police departments have, in the red light camera racket. The reason why these cameras are a racket is because they do not do what they are advertised to do and they make insiders rich by preying on innocuous citizens. Almost all of the infractions these robots ticket are for a rolling stop when a motorist makes a right turn on red.

Last summer, on Dana’s recommendation, Hemet signed a contract with a company named Nestor Traffic Systems. Nestor was in bankruptcy at the time. The penalty for a right turn on red after a rolling stop in Hemet was set at $446 and the city guaranteed Nestor Traffic Systems $60,000 a month. Anything more than $720,000 dollars a year, which works out to about 1,600 tickets, will be gravy for Hemet. So if the ticket robots issue a mere 9,100 tickets a year Dana can get his force back up to 93 officers. A study of the busiest intersection in Hemet discovered around 1,600 rolling stop right turns on red in a single day. So it seemed very feasible that the Hemet Police might be saved by robot red light cameras.

Save Our Police

Alas, by last fall Hemet was running about $800,000 in the red. Several radicals suggested that Hemet fire its entire police force and contract out the job of policing Hemet to another agency like the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The situation had degenerated that far. People had begun to ask unthinkable questions. Did Sheriff Andy make $163,000 a year. Did Mayberry have a BearCat? A Swat team? How much did Barney Fife make? People began to ask rude, despicable, naïve, uninformed, stupid, sarcastic questions like that.

City Manager Len Wood, who was sitting next to Chief Dana at the time by the way, explained at a “roundtable:”

“I just don’t think that (contracting out police services) is a viable option. My experience includes contracting and full service. I found that while initially there might be some saving from contracting, what usually happens and what does happen is you lose control of how you set your rates. What generally happens is, whether it’s the county or whatever, they set the rates, they set the salary levels, they set the retirement levels and you’re going to pay for it. If the contract is cheaper, it usually means the service level has suffered considerably.

“The current state of the economy has put many police forces on the defensive. Thoughtful people of disparate political philosophies have questions why America needs so many police investigating and prosecuting so many people, why the police must be so elaborately militarized and technologically equipped and what will result from America imprisoning a higher percentage of its citizens than any other nation in the world.”

Gangs Gone Wild

Fortunately for Hemet, this is an interesting time in human evolution when people’s understanding of life and the world around them is shaped at least as much by mass media as by direct, actual experience. Mass media are also, for the most part, self-perpetuating, profit seeking, competitive businesses. And, in the two decades since Cops and America’s Most Wanted both debuted on Fox a symbiotic relationship has grown like a cancer connecting the mass media business to the police business.

A media critic named Colin Gunckel has named this weird development “Gangs Gone Wild.” Gunckel uses the phrase to describe one way conventional journalism has “begun to compete with and incorporate the conventions of reality programming.”

More and more, police get praise and cash for attracting media attention. As the world becomes increasingly “post-literate” the line between Sons of Anarchy, Gangland, America Most Wanted, TMZ, the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times grows ever fainter. Unless you live in a cardboard box you know that an ever more hysterical, mass-media fueled panic about safety and crime has been growing for years. And, even if you do live in a cardboard box you must have noticed that policing everywhere has become increasingly “performative” – a word coined by social scientists to describe how the mundane behavior of ordinary people has begun to mimic the behavior of Heidi and Spencer and Snooki and Tha Situation on MTV.

The cops are not immune to the social forces that buffet everyone else. Some police agencies, like the ATF, are very sophisticated about mass media. And, even if people are much stupider than they once were there will still pause to read the alarming phrases “Terrorist Threat” and “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.”


There is always federal money to fight terrorism and gangs. Especially for smart, old cops who get how the world really works now. Much, but hardly all, of the money comes from a federal program called COPS. COPS is an acronym for Community Oriented Policing Services. According to its web site: “The COPS Office serves a noble purpose. In alignment with our component partners within the Department of Justice, our mission is to create safer communities across this country through the advancement of community policing.

“Community Policing, in its simplest terms, is about building relationships and solving problems. Our Office strives to make it possible for Police Chiefs and Sheriffs across the country to achieve these objectives in the most effective manner possible, consistent with their local requirements.”

And really, what could be a nobler than trying to save a town that is being overrun by menacing outlaw bikers? Policing in Hemet in general has become more performative as the survival of the department has become more tenuous. If people are going to be so rude as to ask why Hemet needs a police department then the Hemet police are left with no choice but to show them.

Last June, Hemet lost three police sergeants, a detective and two officers. And later that same month, a regional gang task force announced the arrests of 16 adults and one juvenile during a gang “sweep operation” of the Hemet-San Jacinto area. “We target violent gangs every day in the city of Hemet,” Dana said in his press release. “But today we gave them a little extra attention. The regional gang task forces are very effective in their communities, but when we bring them together like this, they are able to strike multiple targets at once. It’s impressive and effective. The citizens win and the bad guys lose when we pool our resources.”

In just the last month Hemet has absurdly over-reacted to a couple of “possible terrorist threats.”

On February 22nd a Filipino immigrant left a suitcase at the federal building in Hemet that houses the Social Security Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Hemet cops evacuated the building, detonated the suitcase, and took the disgruntled man into custody. It was categorized as a bomb threat although there was never any bomb.

Just last Thursday, as Chief Dana was trumpeting another threat, police closed much of downtown Hemet because a homeless woman had abandoned two empty suitcases. She later claimed the cases were not hers after police destroyed them with a water cannon. The remote controlled destruction of the two empty suitcases was supervised by a “hazardous materials team.”

Lord Deliver Us From The Fury Of The Vagos

All of this is the context in which Hemet police and the Riverside County District Attorney announced the arrest last Wednesday, Saint Patrick’s Day, of at least 30 members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

Riverside (California) County District Attorney Rod Pacheco called a press conference to announce that some unknown number of police, but more than 400, from more than “sixty local and federal police agencies” raided 94 locations in four states. Pacheco and Chief Dana, who also attended the media event, both implied in the strongest possible way that the raids were retaliation for a series of attacks on police in Hemet by the Vagos.

Pacheco even gave the purported series of raids an ATF style name. He called them “Operation Everywhere.” But unlike most large scale, multi-agency police operations, neither Pacheco nor Dana nor anyone else has ever produced an indictment, a list of departments involved, a list of arrestees or an elaboration of the crimes with which they have been charged. The details of “Operation Everywhere” are like Joe McCarthy’s list of hundreds of known communists in the State Department. The details are a piece of paper to be waved around in plain sight but never read.

Last New Year’s Eve somebody improvised a way to fill the “Hemet/San Jacinto Valley Gang Task Force” headquarters with natural gas. It was very smelly. Somebody was forced to find a wrench, turn off the gas, and let the building air out. The more time that passed the more dramatically this “deliberate act” has been described. Last week a Hemet cop described it as an attempt to take “out half a city block.” In February a zip gun was attached to a black steel gate. When a cop opened the gate the zip gun fired. The more days pass the closer the small caliber bullet is said to have come to the cop’s head. On March 5th, somebody attached an explosive device, presumably a pipe bomb, to another cop’s car.

The fact that neither Pacheco or Dana would actually come out and say that the Vagos were attacking police in Hemet only emphasized the mendacity of both these men and the hoax they have perpetrated for their own cynical gain. Pacheco and Dana just stood next to a table covered with Vagos paraphernalia and insisted that the press draw its own conclusions. The press has been more than willing to oblige.

That almost everything Pacheco and Dana said at the news conference was an obvious lie has gone unreported. The story continues to run. Yesterday the story was advanced by “news” that a threat to bomb “a police vehicle in retaliation for the Vagos arrests” had been phoned into Hemet Police headquarters. Saturday night, television reporters in Los Angeles were still reporting this story at the top of the news and doing their “stand-ups” outside a dramatically fortified Hemet Police Department.

Thomas Watkins, who is flamboyantly and incompetently covering the story for the Associated Press, reported the other day that, “Investigators are trying to determine what may have prompted an outlaw motorcycle gang to set three booby traps on gang enforcement officers in Riverside County.” Watkins does not hesitate to report as fact that the Vagos have gone to war with Hemet. He goes on to report that, “one theory is that members of the Vagos gang could have been affronted when a gang enforcement unit in Hemet monitored their group as they attended a funeral.”

Sure. Or maybe the Hemet Police Department is just looking for some attention and some money.

Letting The Story Run

Sunday morning this story ran in China.

And, the AP was reporting, “The tense atmosphere surrounding a California police department plagued by booby trap attacks has been stepped up a notch following the latest threat against officers… About 30 members of the Vagos, California’s largest motorcycle gang, were arrested in Riverside County on Wednesday, as part of a crackdown across the state and in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The gang specializes in methamphetamine sales, identity theft and violence…Dana said someone he believes may have been a gang member tried to get into a news conference Thursday at the district attorney’s office in Riverside. The person was turned away, he said, because he didn’t have a press credential.”

Heaven forbid any outsider should get into the press conference. That might mark the end of the world. Better to let the real pros like Tom Watkins cover this stinking, heaping pile of news product.

Sunday morning this story was being headlined: “The evolution of crime: Urban terrorism.” That angle on the story was coined by Jerry Brown, who is one of the three multi-millionaires in the running to become the next Governor of California.

“It is incredible and even unprecedented for police officers here to be subject to terrorist attack,” Brown said at the news conference which skeptical journalist were forbidden to attend.. “We have seen it south of the border, but not here yet.”

Hemet hasn’t gotten its money yet but it has already gotten more attention than the Duchy of Grand Fenwick ever did. So far this phony news story manufactured on behalf of the money hungry Hemet Police Department seems to have made a pretty good start.

The only real question is how long news coverage of this absurd hoax is going to go on.

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79 Responses to “The Hemet Hoax”

  1. Sieg Says:

    Damn Larry, you sure you’re not talking about the whole xamn USofA?!?!?!
    FTF / FTP

  2. Larry Smith Says:

    Every negative post I’ve read is accurate and should be instructive to those who call themselves the leaders of this so called municipality. Problem is before they can read, they need to be educated. Even lacking that, common sense is a necessary prerequisite to running of any city such as Hemet. Doubt me? Just look at the wonderful new “Hemet mall” fronting the mafnificent Florida Avenue, the new Burlington Coat factory which they would have you believe is another Macy’s and infinitely better even than Sak’s Fifth avenue. I wouldn’t take my worst enemy to shop here. Hemet is kaput and will remain kaput until all present so called leaders are kicked out, given a one way ticket out of town and replaced by rational, clear thinking citizens which seem to be in very short supply because they are stampedint out daily, or as soon as they can dislodge themselves from this sinkhole. Like me, most have been kicking themselves in the ass bemoaning the day they closed escrow on their homes which now are little more than habitats for humanity, if that

  3. Arizona Citizen Says:

    I can’t wait to see what new Arizona state law will be passed next!

  4. Corporate Bob Says:

    Dried up old town on the brink of bankruptcy. Dried up old police chief looking for federal funding. DA Rod Pacheco looking for votes. AG Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown looking for votes. Blame the bikers. Blame the white guys.

    Wait, this would make a great TV series.

  5. Fish Says:

    My guess is that all the nationwide publicity about this town is being over run with “biker and white supremacist” gangs, the property values will be dropping faster than the Titanic. Were I the City Council or a Hemet businessman I would seriously consider dumping Chief Dana. Making these headline grabbing raids only serves to make Hemet look like a bad place to live. Families will be trying to sell their homes to get out and persons with decent incomes will avoid buying there. The tax base will shrink drastically. A small town with a small town street gang problem will become a low income gang infested area with no future. About all one can say to that is “GOOD THINKING CHIEF”

  6. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Ah, Ride you have pegged it.

    The IRA will begin to supply Hemet and the rest of southern California with all the weapons they get from the donation boxes from the east coast Irish pubs. Those guns will then be funneled to Mexico to supply the drug lords, allowing the DEA and ICE to join the Hemet task force.

  7. Ride Says:

    Yup, sounds like the Hemet PD has been watching too many episodes of Sons of Anarchy. OK, first we go after the bikers…can’t get them, so we’ll go after the white supremacists. Makes me wonder if they’ll “uncover” some devious plot by the IRA next.

    Buncha fucktards…

  8. Doc B Says:

    Well said. Totally agree with your coments about the 22

  9. DocB Says:

    lets see, from what I’ve read from a bunch of sources the Hemmet LE
    community is taking a stand something like this.
    Well we busted a bunch of guys in that biker gang cause most of the guys busted were on parole and we can fuck with them whenever we want and the rest of em don’t really have any rights anyway. We didn’t have any actual evidence or anything but we figured if we fucked em hard enough and long enough they’d give us something we could misconstrew as probable cause. Guess they didn’t do it after all. OOOps …my bad.
    Well we busted those white power guys for the same reasons. We don’t really think they did it, no evidence, but if we fuck em long enough and hard enough we’re pretty sure there is a chance they might give up something about someone that’s related to a person who knows someone that might have some information on somebody that knows something that
    might be misconstrewed into evidence or probable cause.
    Great police work guys, and some equally good press coverage.

    One other thing. The green deserves a big respectfull shout out for holding their mud in the face of all this bull shit. Good job guys.


  10. Fish Says:

    I preference my remarks about the arrests of these “White Supremacists” with the word “alleged”, because for all I know this could be another attempt on the part of the cops, feds and D.A. to smear another group without any evidence the way they did the Vagos.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    Fucking unreal. one headline read “Police Arrest 23 in Officer Attack Case” and then said it wasn’t directly related. I don’t know who is more full of shit, the cops or the idiot press.

    it does seem Hemet is expanding its “powers’ under this threat umbrella.

    Pretty convenient.

  12. Fish Says:

    It would be great to learn that none of the people arrested in this latest round of arrests were Vagos, because the Vagos Motorcycle Club is anything but a white supremacist group. However, one must remember that the cops are famous for making unsubstantiated allegations and statements. That is what they have done with the Vagos M/C.
    Also, it is interesting to note that’ while the cops are quick to label people, they are unable to admit the truth when it changes.

    The real story here is Rod Pacheco and Jerry Brown, as has been pointed out here by the Aging Rebel. For additional reading and links on that, see this month’s online edition of Quick Throttle Magazine, Page 11.

    Today’s headlines of (alleged) White Supremacist arrests. 4/21/2010

    Again, a big thanks to the Aging Rebel for his extensive investigative work and Quick Throttle Magazine printing a rebuttal response.

    Respects, Fish

  13. ShootFirst Says:


    It will be the Tea Party movement next. Mark my words…

  14. RVN69 Says:

    First the Vagos MC, now white supremacists, and if they cannot hang the crimes around their neck, who will be next?? Maybe those radical, seperatists in the Boy Scouts, everyone knows those homophobes hate the cops!!
    WTF are they smoking out there!!!!

    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  15. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    …And it continues.

    Just read an article where White Supremacists are now being raided because of all the booby trap assaults against the police. They then go on to talk all about Hemet…

    You gotta love it.

  16. Rad4Ever Says:

    All this drama for an $70,000 Hemet police headquarters upgrade? Bet when the FBI gets involved, some folks close to the Hemet city government are going to be up the creek!

  17. tmfp Says:

    Glad to find your site, a biker that can write is a good thing.

    Found a couple of quotes from Dana in this LATimes article

    “I don’t think it’s the Vagos, and I am not just saying this as an investigative tool to relax them,” he said. “I think it’s a gang, but another one.”

    It’s not very often a cop admits to being a tool. And

    “The morale is about as bad as it’s been. How much of that is due to the assaults and how much is due to force reduction is hard to say,” he said. “You are getting paid less, you work more, and now someone is trying to kill you.”

    Top of Google news today for Hemet PD is this

    with an invaluable contribution from the vice mayor/Investigator

    “We’re having things happen almost every couple of days” (20 days since the truck fire) “We can’t have a member of the public out there harming police officers. They’re a danger to the rest of society as well.”

    and Tami Wilhelm

    “Let’s get it done, and let’s get back to living our lives in Hemet like we always have. We’ve all said Hemet is heaven. We want to get back to it.”

  18. Interested Party Says:

    The second the feds got involved, all the attacks stopped. That perpetual stink coming out of Hemet is not the sewage treatment plant out on North Sanderson.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Skreech,

    Sort of. Hemet “gang intelligence” indicates that the city is about to be attacked again at any moment. The other night the city council passed an emergency appropriation to “fortify public buildings.” To tell you the truth, I could probably write about this shit for the rest of my life but unless some politician slanders the Vagos or some other club again I am going to ignore it until I write my “whatever happened to” piece. I figure that will be in about six weeks.

    You know, it gets really hot there in the summer, right? And try to stay out of Sheriff Joe’s jail.


  20. SKREEECH Says:


    Any new stuff on this? It seems that the blip has fizzled off the media radar. Course, I haven’t had TV since I moved out to Phoenix.

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Detroit Dutch,

    Go for it.

    your pal,

  22. redpan Says:

    Here’s the deal, not that most of it’s not well covered already.

    like about every damned other govt. agency, the pd is totally strapped for cash, e.g., budget money. they’ve cut and cut and cut to the bone, as did fire, admin, public works, etc.

    the money keeps running out.

    now the scythe is traveling again, and they are pissed; pissed at how dare you cut us brave public servants yet again… and to add fuel to that fire, how dare you not pass measure O, a “public safety tax” albeit relatively minor, half the old folks in town are on dog food already anyway.

    dana came from the big city, bright lights, and wanted to establish his empire building skills even more so than his predecessors, who quite frankly did a bang up job… see the tv ad. “unlimited overtime…”

    anyway, so here comes the uglies again, boat payments, havasu condos, and general fun money are seriously threatened.

    what better way to suck that retarded public in but to hire a few local dirtbags to run absolutely horseshit ops, hey, we can blame the bikers! everyone hates them anyway! but hey, boss, what happens when the morons that we hired get caught? they’ll roll right over on us, for goddsakes!

    stupid, that’s why i’m the boss and your’e not! we are the ones that do the catching, dumbass! they’ll never BE caught, get it? the memory will fade, we’ll be glorified for being attacked, we’ll keep our paychecks intact, and times will come back, everyone will forget about those dirtbags that got away,but they’ll never forget how us poor heroes almost ate shit, almost stopped a bullet for them! free coffee at am/pm and hometown buffet! we can’t fucking lose!

    next year, we’ll go back after that public safety tax, repackage it, sell it, and get our “public safety campus” where we can be like fire, sit around in our high dollar laz y boys and wear out remotes on debbie does dallas… fuck those fire bastards, we’ll show them!

    you think i’m kidding.

    a local warehouse / costco type store quit giving easy credit to the entire city because the fire fags ran up thousands… er, THOUSANDS of dollars in filet mignon, and every so haughtily literally declined to pay for it.

    kid thee not.

    nice work if you can get it.


  23. Detroit Dutch Says:

    sorry posted this under a different title…

    repost with your permission Rebel?

    Nice pic Doc!

    You should smile more… would make a good advertisement.

  24. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Hemet fancies itself an artsy community tucked away in the San J mountains. They must be good actors because they have been able to pull off one of the best acting jobs I personally have seen in many years.

    The community puts on one of the longest running outdoor plays every year called “The Ramona Pageant” which tries to tell the tale of Ramona & Alessandro, a love story based on the conflicts between the American Indian and the early California settlers.

    California History is a mandatory requirement for any degree issued from a University in California, so I had to (unfortunately) lumber through this saga. It is a love story about Ramona in which I opted for the Cliff notes version. Needless to say I’m not a fan of Love Stories.

    The memorable things about the San J and the San B mountain ranges are the great riding that is available there. No wonder many clubs are located nearby to take in these great runs with spectacular scenery, quaint bars and eateries.

    To the person who doesn’t ride a motorcycle they have to wait for winter to come and try snow skiing because they don’t realize what a rush it is speeding down a mountain road, doing the turns and “yes” tempting fate as the drop off from these cliffs is deadly.

    So as you look at the HOAX above and try to figure out what these people are doing, be aware that they live a perpetual “Renaissance Fair” life and are easily swayed by the “Town Jester” of sorts their Prosecuting Attorney, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and the Evil Jerry Brown.

    We can articulate Robin Hood (we all remember Robin Hood is the Hero in that story) and understand some what the hell is going on in this place. I’m not dismissing all of the trouble this has caused but they don’t call California Granola Land for nothing, and its no accident they have Hollywood there!

  25. PlainOl'Dave Says:

    Perhaps they are trying to cash in on being a “Charming” California town…

  26. desert dog Says:

    I once lived in that world for a brief time. All my respect to the green nation. this will all prove out to be what it so obviously is . It is a shame they always go after the MC world . It is because we do not hide so we are easier to find.

  27. Shyster Says:

    Another great post by the rebel. Who wants to take my bet that any reward paid for a criminal conviction in this “case” will not be because a Vago Club member was convicted.


  28. Hemet Queen Says:

    Curiously no one has been injured by all these “attempts” at harming the HPD! I believe if in fact a “gang” was responsible they would have succeded in at least getten it right by now. I think it’s an attempt to cement the idea of bikers being terrorist in the minds of Joe Q citizen, and indeed the fed. govt pay-off dose’t hurt! Hemet PD has always had a hard on for anyone that’s not over 65 yrs old, and showed their fear of bikers back in the early 70’s when the city council made it an offense to wear certain club colors in the city limits! And PLEASE no one forget the quote of Riverside DA Pacheco “A good prosecutor gets a guilty man convicted, but a great one gets an inocent man convicted” As reported by the Press Enterprise.

    Let’s all pray that the truth does prevail, and Riverside County LEO’s are seen for the true thugs that they are!

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