Fernando Fernandez

March 19, 2010

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Fernando Fernandez of Chula Vista, California and a member of the Dago chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club died at 9:40 pm Thursday, March 18th in the Intensive Care Unit of Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. Fernandez was removed from life support yesterday morning, briefly flat lined, revived, and finally succumbed last night.

Fernandez died as a result of stab wounds to his chest, head and neck.


Fernandez was on a date with his girlfriend Monday night when the couple became involved in a dispute with two men at a bar in the North Park area of San Diego north of the San Diego Zoo.

Fernandez and his girlfriend left the bar around midnight Monday and rode about a mile to Los Panchos Taco Shop at 409 Washington Street in Hillcrest. The two men in the bar followed the couple and tried to continue the argument with Fernandez’ girlfriend at the Taco Shop. Fernandez confronted the two and was stabbed at about 12:15 am Tuesday.

Witnesses described Fernandez’ murderer as an athletic, white male in his twenties wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans. He was last seen running away on Washington Street.


Friends remember that Fernandez “fought to survive” and “died a strong brother, died much too early and will be greatly missed.” Members of his family, who are still grieving, have not yet completed funeral arrangements.

Fernando Fernandez was just 30-years-old. He went down fighting.

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148 Responses to “Fernando Fernandez”

  1. theone Says:

    mike ottinger did murder fernando
    ask me how i know…
    im the witness

  2. blood Says:

    Joker you still around?

  3. Yodaddy Says:

    diamond your trash ass is still around? dont you have meth to push or beat up on girls somewhere. run along little boi. oh wait chris needed help cuz he’s a pussy like that pig.

  4. Diamond Says:


    Your sweet Rambler ran his mouth about the bar being a Mongols bar and Fernando WANTED to stab a guy with a red flannel before his last supper at the taco shop. You didn’t even know he was a Mongol so keep quiet about your nephew. Chris will be fine, trust me. If you don’t believe it ask Fernando. Let it rest.

    Ocean Beach misses Little Chris.

  5. YODADDY Says:

    YOMAMA, well by your screen name alone, I can tell you’re not that bright, but I will try anyway. Ok so you do know 10 years is a long time, right? Nod your head yes. Ok good boi. Now you know that your “little boi chris” has to SURVIVE those ten years before he gets out. Again nod your head yes. Ok now after being in there that long, and his petite features I highy doubt he will be doing any riding. BAM!

  6. YOMAMA Says:

    My boy little Chris will ride again.. Fuck yeah ! DAGO MOB

  7. Auntie Says:

    Missing you, always loving you mijo.

  8. justin Says:


    My name is Justin I am sorry to hear about ur loss I had barely found out not to long ago from friends of mine that I went to hilltop high with.I went to hs with Fernando.He was a good person and did’nt deserve this.if your family needs anything please feel free to contact at [email protected] also if you can let me know where is resting place is I would like to go pay my respects thank you and GOD BLESS your family

  9. Auntie Says:

    Rejoice!! It was a good day! God Bless.

  10. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear diamond,

    Your drivel is tedious, and your disrespect born of being oh-so-cleverly concealed by a screen name is unimpressive at most. You’re not even interesting enough to make me sick. Run along; surely your XBox is missing you.

  11. One Eye Says:

    @ diamond: We get it; you’re a cheerleader who no undoubtedly tries to ingratiate himself to others. You’ve made your point, I think; by the way what exactly is your point other than a verbal drive by without really saying anything worth reading?

  12. diamond Says:

    Mind your business Carebear Fake HAMC 1% er,

    It’s a free country and I love america for it. So how exactly was paladin suppose to hand an ass whopping to me ? E-Mail me a knuckle sand which ? shut the fuck up.

  13. Paladin Says:

    BigV & Cartaker,

    Let it go. Diamond is who, and what he is. The bar is set too high, so Diamond will never measure up.

    Because of his disrespectful and cowardly ways, Diamond may have a problem, when venturing out from underneath his rock. If that should ever happen, there will be no one to care.

    Long May You Ride,


  14. Caretaker Says:

    I don’t know you and I don’t want to. Around here we show respect,no matter what patch you wear (if any) or side with. You have shown zero respect and the only one on this thread that deserves a fuck you is you. So kindly shut the fuck up nobody wants your shit here.

    Big v-
    You have my respect for not handing him his ass,as I would have.

    Respect to all who have earned it,
    Caretaker 1%er

  15. diamond Says:

    fuck you big V…..

  16. BigV Says:

    Dear Diamond: If you aren’t patched- shut the fuck up. You don’t have a dog in the fight. You haven’t earned a patch, you haven’t earned the right to say anything about a “war”.

    “Supporters should be seen and not heard”

    -I now go back to being a quiet supporter.

  17. diamond Says:


    What happened to all your laughter and humor you seemed to be expressing from my messages ? Ok I understand I’m being a lame by barking on here about this shit but don’t forget there is two sides to each coin and the men your prematurely convicting and celebrating about have friends and family members grieving too but you know what its war and all though I know the defendants and we know for sure one is innocent and that since their is no evidence linking him to the crime except 3rd party hear say from paid informant testifying in order to save him self from a life sentence. Its going to take more then that to convict anyone of murder thats for sure.. I honestly think this was two other mongols who did it. Their is another Mongol that went missing but was found dead a few days ago. His fellow mongols called him to meet after a party and was never seen again.

    P.s Paladin I never wanted to be in a club in my life. My friends might be in some clubs but thats not for me.. I understand it but its not for me. I know more then auntie knows about her nephews murder so I just had to tell her to stop celebrating early. I have to go sons of anarchy is on soon..

  18. Ol'LadyRider Says:


    I know making the decision to abandon life support and donate organs is an awful situation for a family. I admire the strength and compassion your family displayed in doing so. To know that recipients of Fernando’s organs have gone on to happy lives must be some comfort, at least I hope so. Thank you for your posts.

  19. Auntie Says:

    This will be my final post with regards to my nephew. My nephew Fernando Fernandez was the heart of many and loved by a lot of people. He is no longer with us, but because my nephew wanted to help others and he was young and strong, his organs were donated to folks who still had a chance to live on. And because of my nephew, these people have moved on to live full lives. He is a hero. So if anyone has any information pertaining to my nephews murder please contact the police or the DA’s office. Do the right thing.

    Please be a donor.

  20. Paladin Says:

    Dear Auntie

    Diamond can hide behind a name, but he/she can’t hide who they are, or what they are. Diamond’s posts leave no doubt that the only two clubs Diamond could be a member of are SOA or the L.D.s. Any respected MC would have given Diamond an ass whipping and a kick out, long ago.

    So, who is Diamond? Diamond is really nothing more than internet troll trash. Unfortunately, they show up from time to time. If ignored, they tend to move on.

    So, what is Diamond? Diamond is a poser/wannabe fake, who’s watched way too much SOA, Gangland, History Channel, Discovery, etc. If you have any doubts about this, read the posts that have been left on the “Eric Garcia Dead” thread. Yes, there have been some “troll posts”, but the majority of respectfull posts have been left by MCs patched members, and not all were left by members of Garcia’s club. True bikers, patched or not, know how truly painfull the loss of a family member or brother is. Obviously, Diamond doesn’t “get it”, because as stated above, Diamond is a poser/wannabe fake.
    I too, am sorry for your loss.

    Long May You Ride,


  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Diamond. Whoever you are, there is nothing honorable about harrasing a grieving relative online. Punks do that. No excuse, no respect.

    Auntie, sorry for your loss.

    Not Surprised.

  22. Auntie Says:

    Diamond! Stop! You can’t spell and you are so uneducated, you are embarrassing yourself. Please stop. LOL OMG hilarious. Saints? Close, but no just a good Catholic family .Don’t hate the blessed. Sorry that we really can’t relate to people like you.
    One last thing, caps represents influxion in voice.

  23. diamond Says:

    I was going to leave this alone. I can tell by your grammar and use of HAHAHA and capital letters you must be young or just un educated…. No Jail or drug use in your family ? You guys must be saints… Well then if little Fernando was so sweet maybe he should’ve joined the Jahovas Witness MC. You don’t know about anything so stop using this Post as your entertainment. … War is war and if this was a Hells Angel who killed your sweet Mongol which I doubt then pay back is a bitch… Read link below and tell me who’s the cowards..


  24. Auntie Says:

    This is so entertaining, I haven’t dealt with ignorant people in a while. Thanks for the laughs. Gang bangers, HAHAHAHAHA that’s a good one, no one in my family has ever been to jail nor is anyone a drug user, including Fernando. OMG I am having a good laugh.

  25. Auntie Says:

    Diamond, is that your name? You sure don’t know how to read or follow orders. I told you do NOT address me in any way. But since you have, let me EDUCATE you silly boy. FIRST he was my NEPHEW! Got that? Or do you need it in another language? Second,Unlike you and I am sure the rest of your family, I AM FAR FROM DUMB!! Third, the humor is in your first post. YOU DON’T KNOW MY NEPHEW AT ALL and I am not going to take the time to tell you who he IS! But I will not let you or anyone else write here and try destroy who my nephew IS! And Diamond, he was AMBUSHED by PUSSIES!! Say whatever it is you’d like, you will NEVER change my mind. Oh by the way it took TWO! TWO COWARDS to do this animal like crime. Fernando would have mopped the floor with that fat white biscuit fucking ugly bastard using Bain as the MOP!!! Without a weapon!!! So don’t fucking think you know my Fernando!! And how STUPID of you to think one is innocent. WOW who’s playing dumb?

  26. diamond Says:


    I dont see what was so funny about what I wrote. Read it again and tell me he didn’t sign up to this war when he got his patch ? I didn’t know your cousin and Im sure he was cool at your family gatherings but once he puts that patch on he is also sworn to attack on site. Don’t play dumb and don’t pretend to find any humor in this. Your cousin got what he signed up for. Your gonna find one man guilty and this war will continue and your little cousin will become just another reason to poor out your 40’s or whatever you gang bangers drink at parties……… Ambushed ?? He’s a mongol, can’t be slippin..He should’ve went home instead of getting that burrito.

  27. Auntie Says:

    Diamond, I don’t even want to give u the time, but fuck you, my nephew didnt deserve to be ambushed in a pussy way. You don’t know him, you know the trash that did this crime. My nephew had balls and was a better man than you only wish to be. And what men? you mean pussy cowards? LMAO go away little boy and dont address me again, you are not worthy of addressing me…you PEASANT! Innocent…LMAO FUCKING DUMB SHIT.

  28. diamond Says:

    Hey Auntie…

    Your nephew signed up to this war when he got his patch. He got what he deserved cause I’m sure he wishes he had the balls to do the same.. One of the men on trial is innocent.

  29. Auntie Says:

    Mijo, I know you are here with us and it is taking every fiber of my being to remain calm, but I will because WE are better than all of this. I love you so much, miss you lots and think of you everyday. You are in the hearts of everyone in your FAMILY.

  30. Joker Says:

    I would sure hate to be a proscution witness in that case. the da’s dont give a shit about there witnesses,and I sure as hell would hate to spend the rest of my life in the witness protection program and have no contact with my friends or family again.What A drag!!.

  31. Joker Says:

    @ Blood!
    its past your bed time. get off your mommies computer and go to bed so your not late for school in the morning. this is a place for grownups. and be sure to brush your filthy teeth and use your pro active,your mommie can wash behind your ears.Fool!

  32. Joker Says:

    Some times clubs murder there own! something to think about! I say, these two clubs should eather cease fire, or meet up in the desert with out wepons and fight it out to the finish. The losers get there patches pulled
    and life gose on. Now there’s a bitchin idea.

  33. Auntie Says:

    Get it Right, well looks like there was enough for an arrest. HMMM so do you think they just walked into custody? I dont think so idiot. Every man is due process, these are not men, they are coward animals. So please STFU.

  34. Rebel Says:

    Dear get it right,

    I hear you and I agree. I haven’t seen the evidence against either man and I also do not trust the police. So it is quite possible that they are both innocent.


  35. get it right. Says:

    I just think its typical for the DA to pin the murder of a mongol on two Hells angels. I just think people ought to wait til a case goes to trial sbefore people start pointing fingers. Since when are we believing every hunch a detective has as fact. As of now its just speculation.

  36. Rebel Says:

    Dear get it right,

    Neither Ottinger nor Bain were mentioned in the obituary on which you have commented.

    In a story titled “Fernando Fernandez Suspect Charged” I reported that, “Michael Edward Ottinger, a member of the San Diego Charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been charged with the March 18, 2010 murder of Fernando Fernandez, a member of the San Diego Chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.” I believe statements made in that story were reasonable, respectful and provably true.

    Christopher Lee Bain was arrested on February 17 for one count of first degree murder. He was arraigned on February 22. I did not cover that arrest or arraignment. To the best of my knowledge he remains in the San Diego City Jail.

    In the comment thread in which you are participating, an anonymous poster named “Ramblers Friend” asked a year ago if there had been any arrests in the case. A few days ago an anonymous poster named “Auntie” replied, “it was Michael Ottinger and Christopher Lee Bain.” I think Auntie’s comment was reasonable. I do not censor reasonable comments.

    Thank you for commenting. If you have anything to add about Ottinger or Bain and you wish to remain anonymous I would love to hear it. I protect sources.


  37. get it right. Says:

    Neither ottinger or Bain have been convicted. Unless you were there you have no idea who is responsible. Maybe make sure you know what you
    r talking about before you go blabbing names like you know some shit.

  38. Auntie Says:

    @Neutral, I stand corrected. Thank you.
    @Ramblers friend, it was Michael Ottinger and Christopher Lee Bain. Both belong to HA. The two are in custody now!

  39. neutral!! Says:

    To the family and the mongol nation,sorry for your loss. facks! the child molester your refering to is not the same michael ottinger,sorry. I seen the dude in court from MCC-“Fed lockup” definatly is not the same cat. I would also like to add,war is hell,and in war there are always casulties! on both side’s!! and this war has been going on sents the 70s!! these two “clubs” need to come to a “sincere” truce between each other and End this war! and stop breaking the hearts of there famileys and lovedone’s!.Thats the sadist part! Not to mention how bad it is for business!! A man has to fight for his life,or die,or go to prison for life because he chose or wants to join a bike club!?. That some fucked up shit my brother enthusiasts,where’s the fun in that? God bless you all and be safe. Im just another familey member with a broken heart, and it hurts my brother bikers,it really fuckin hurts!!!. Please stop the war!!!.

  40. OCrebel Says:

    He’s also a snitch !!! The other fag walked !


  41. OCrebel Says:

    Did you say child molester ?!

  42. auntie Says:

    this ottinger trash was also a child molester

  43. auntie Says:

    oh happy day.

  44. auntie Says:

    they caught the pig that killed fernando. his name is michael edward ottinger. he was a hells angel. let justice take it from here.

  45. annymous Says:

    They caught the guy that killed him

  46. auntie Says:



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