Bad Prosecutor No Donut

March 16, 2010

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The government case against the Pagans Motorcycle Club is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Prosecutors know it and the defense attorneys who told their clients to make plea deals for crimes they did not commit know it. The prosecutors are already trying to spin this travesty. Any minute now the United States Attorney will issue a press release explaining that the Titanic did not actually sink. It just morphed into a submarine.

Charges To Be Dismissed

Dismissal of charges against sixteen defendants in the case is imminent. Those defendants are: Christopher T. Brunner, Thomas William Connolly, Sergio Velez Cuevas, Stephen G. Dunn, Jr., Joseph Robert Fareri, Damian Foti, Stephen G. Hoffmann, Charles James Laverty, Vincent David Pezzano, Daniel J. Reilly, Joseph J. Schmidt, Vincent G. Talotta, Rocco J. Boyd, Joseph Frank Cotton, Dominick Carl Dipietro and William J. DeSalvatore.

All the men are charged with “Interstate Travel in Aid of a Racketeering Enterprise.” Legally two elements must be proved in order to convict an accused man of any crime. The two elements are usually named in Latin as mens rea and actus reus. In simple English the terms mean that before you can be guilty of a crime you have to intend to commit it and you actually have to commit it. All the sixteen men named above ever did was sell raffle tickets and give the proceeds to the club. None of them ever meant to do anything else.

Even if the government could prove that the Pagans Motorcycle Club is a “racketeering enterprise” the charges against these men would be paper thin. As a matter of fact, the government cannot prove that the Pagans was a racketeering enterprise because as a matter of fact it never was.

Let The Spin Begin

Charles T. Miller, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia and the immediate supervisor of the man who is actually steering this luxurious, cast iron submarine, Assistant US Attorney Steven I. Loew, told the judge last Thursday that the men named above were “undertaking plea negotiations in earnest.”

“It is a serious misrepresentation to claim that ‘plea negotiations’ are underway,” one of the attorneys who is actually fighting for her client immediately shot back. “Count-dismissal actions are underway. If one of these 16 defendants were ‘pleading’ they would be admitting guilt. Instead, these defendants are agreeing to allow the United States to dismiss all federal charges against them in exchange for a minor local citation of some sort. Defendant objects because the Government’s characterization makes it appear

that there is some legal substance to the Government’s case. That is a questionable

proposition for Count 11 (the Travel in Aid of Racketeering charge), and for the majority of the 29 counts remaining. More important, however, is the pretrial motions hearing that the Government seeks to avoid on Monday, March 15, 2010.”

Taking The Plea Deal

That hearing the government wanted to avoid was yesterday.

What the government fears is that Judge Thomas E. Johnston might discover, in the words of one defense attorney, “that the Pagans are not properly characterized as a business enterprise involving gambling simply because they raffled some motorcycles without registering with the secretary of state.” Because, “that finding would eviscerate many sections of the superseding indictment.”

The Pagans case, as with most motorcycle club cases, is about using the penalties available under the RICO statutes to bully defendants into making bad plea deals. Some cases are stronger than others. The Pagans case has always been weak. The FBI and ATF Agents who ran the case were weak. The prosecutor who manipulated the grand jury was weak. And the attorneys who eagerly secured plea deals for their clients also seem to have been weak.

Weak public defenders undermine American Justice. Nationally, at least 80 percent of all defendants cannot afford to pay for their own lawyers. An important class-action suit about to be argued before the New York Supreme Court may actually put this issue before the nation for a few days; unless Tiger Woods decides to play golf. That New York suit describes the public defender system in the Empire State as “dysfunctional, underfinanced and ‘in crisis,’ with often poorly trained and poorly supervised lawyers handling huge caseloads…indigent clients have been failed by their appointed lawyers….”

At least some of the 19 defendants who have entered pleas in the Pagans case have been failed by their lawyers. Last week Judge Johnston rejected a plea negotiated by an attorney named Anthony F. List on behalf of a client named Joseph J. Schmidt because the judge could not understand “exactly what Mr. Schmidt did” that was illegal. Also last week Johnston delayed sentencing for a man named Steven Stover because he doubted the factual basis for Stover’s guilty plea.

Motions Hearing

The motions hearing yesterday lasted eight hours.

There are numerous defense motions for severance. Standard operating procedure in motorcycle club cases is to grandly describe the whole club as a racket, a street gang, a terrorist organization or all three and then arrest as many members as possible on as many petty charges as possible and threaten to try them all together as racketeers or gangsters or domestic terrorists. Some of the defense attorneys in this case have sought to abrogate that particular sophistry by demanding that their clients be tried separately for the crimes with which those defendants are actually charged.

An attorney named John A. Proctor argued to sever his client, Michael Lee Phelps, because he thinks the prosecution is trying to convict Phelps for guilt by association. Proctor told the judge that if all the defendants are tried together in one big trial Phelps “could suffer from a very bad case of spillover.” Proctor also estimated that one big trial would last at least three months and would cost more than $2 million just to pay for the defense lawyers.

A couple of the attorneys also attacked the need for official secrecy about the paid informants whose “reports” form the basis for most of this case. One Confidential Informant who has already been named here, Ronnie Howerton, has been paid at least $200,000 for his reports, tips and his future testimony. Howerton’s compensation might be much more than that. The government does not want anyone to know how much.

An attorney named Nick Preservati, who represents a defendant named Martin Craig Nuss, told the judge yesterday that at least one of the four informants in the case would email and text his government handlers and pretend to be busy at his informing job when he was not. But the prosecutors refuse to give Preservati those emails and texts so he can prove it.

Yet another defense attorney, Deirdre Purdy, hammered away at the blithe government assumption that members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club are employees of the club.

Next thing, these same attorneys who refuse to play nice are likely to try to find out how much this entire giant pile of Mongolian cluster love actually cost the tax payers. The prosecutors will probably want to get this case wrapped up before then.

Judge Johnston delayed ruling on most of these motions.

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136 Responses to “Bad Prosecutor No Donut”

  1. sweatpants Says:

    what in the fuck ever happened to “ARGO,NUNYA”?

  2. BigV Says:

    Cherry Pie: If you were capable of doing anything more putting people’s business on the street that doesn’t need to be there, you would speak to these men in person and not hiding behind a PC.

    Whitebear and others have left their emails and contacts if you still feel the need to vent via a PC.

    Otherwise, the only thing you succeed in doing is making yourself like another troll who can’t get the attention you so desire without lurking on a message board and posting lies.

    I shouldn’t have even replied to your bullshit, but it’s too cold to ride with all the snow on the ground in NC and I haven’t gotten my recommended daily allowance of arguing with pinheads.

  3. Cherry Pie Says:


    I find it funny how some many of you can run off at the mouth, when also all of you made a deal so save you ass!!! Oscar the only reason you couldn’t get up in front of is because you had so many charges of being a wife beater an a dead beat dad!!! You were one of the first ones to sing. You always act the bad ass but always run when it comes down to it..Hey Oscar what kind of bird don’t fly…….It was all good when you were at the club house taking the money from the bar for your candy nose. And pass out drinks free as if it was yours to give You actual stole money from your brothers an you thought no one knew!!! Why do you they they voted you out of bar manager. And good old Fritz you did shoot yourself in the hand just to get back to the States due to you wife cheating on you. All you do is drink an not talk care of your many kids. An you live like a pig I know I have been to your house. I guess you thought it was funny when you put your gun to Oscars head in the club house funny how Oscar cried to Jesse because he was so scared talk about sucking some ones tit Oscar you call Jesse 2 or 3 times a day. Jesse was your “Daddy” Its funny how all of you want to talk shit about a few when you are just as guilty. Many took pleas. Most of the brothers that was split due to this mess won’t even talk to most of the So Called Pagans I wonder why???? The only real Pagans left in Charleston WV well there is not any. I guess that is why I see 81’s all over. All you 16s better get your 81s t-shirts on because not any of the so call Pagans left here in Charleston will do anything to stop it. Only the cowards are left in the CLUB…fake ass Little Joe an Pauley what a joke. Bolt on as many as you can from what I see you don’t even need to prospect more than 30 days to get your Patch. Been in your club an there is noting that is about “BROTHERHOOD” Just from reading what you wrote above from all you so call real Pagans is real easy to put it here. An kiss there ass to there face. Has anyone of you said a thing to any of brothers that you call informants??? Hell NO!!!! Funny none of them are hiding from you Oscar.

  4. WV Fritz Says:

    Reposting from ANARCHYFACTORY

    January 9th, 2011 at 8:06 pm
    James “Bone” Claypool flips and now is posted on under foe.
    still looking for any help on uc agent pictures .
    Respect Steve”

  5. Oscar Says:

    Well said, the only way to fight this infestation is to obey the rules, GET TO KNOW SOMEONE before u patch them in. Floyd Moore patched Copen in in 68 days. What a joke. He had NEVER been in a club of anykind, NOBODY knew him, he had only been riding for a year(his wife rides better than he does by the way) and he started crying like a baby because someone else got patched in and he didnt. What a fukin joke. Moore patched him in cause he was is personal DRIVER. Bean took the wrong side in an internal conflict, lost his colors, came back, trown out for smokin meth, then allowed to come back again. Workman, he quit then was allowed to come back. Howerton allowed to run around unaccounted for, answered to nobody, and just did his thing. Told Moore he was workin for a lawyer..LOL..well that turned out to be true. Also was given permission by Moore to collect pictures for a book on the history of the Pagans MC. All of this just aint supposed to happen, but Moore being the smartest man in the world, self proclaimes 7 felony arrests 4 convictions and twice in the Peneteniary so he knows more than us. I hope he enjoys being a bitch again.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Got me, I forgot that one! Sad thing is we know they are lying to save their own ass, but John Q Citizen thinks they are good people who lost their way and are now telling the truth because they are sorry for their actions. The Feds and the Rats tell lie after lie, get paid to lie, get to commit crimes and not get arrested for lying and the public believes all their bullshit, then good people either end up in prison or go broke trying to prove they are innocent or both! Fucking Rats, there is nothing worse. Anarchy Factory sad to say Rats will never be a dying breed as long as the Feds shelter and feed them. There will always be somebody who can’t tote the load of their own deeds and will sell their soul to save their own worthless ass.

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks and Charles Nichols

    Honesta Mors Turpi vita Potior

  7. Oscar Says:

    My bad, ur right there isnt a song long enough to sing that ass Never thought cheese was that fatning but I guess when u eat enough of it u swell…

  8. WV Fritz Says:

    Oscar: That is an unfair and innaccurate assessment of Sneed. There is no way he “sang his ass off”. He is still a FAT-ASS RAT! There is just to much fat there for that to be possible. Other then that your assessment of him is completely on the mark.

  9. Oscar Says:

    RVN69, dont forget about Snead ( Bean ). That flipper flopped, rolled and sang his ass of to any tune the feds played…

  10. Anarchyfactory Says:

    all have been posted on under FOE for over a month remember those faces.are rats a dying breed ? or more to come
    Respect, Steve

  11. Oscar Says:

    RVN69, I agree with you wholeheartely. He was caught with multiple firearms, AR-15, AK, several pistols and rifles, along with pot and pills, never spent a second in jail. All the time he was in the club strutted around being Moore’s puppet and chouffer, thinkin he was some kind of “personal bodyguard” then all of a sudden was mislead as to what 1% He and Workman were the biggest powder heads around, and they got nothin just because they signed whatever Loew wanted them to say. Dont matter, the real men that are having to pay for this shit are gonna get thru it, learn from it, get their lives back together and most of all NEVER FORGET..

  12. RVN69 Says:

    Isn’t this the way it always is, when Copen was arrested, he was the biggest threat to western civilization on earth. Now that he has turned rat and told the lies the FBI wanted him to tell, he is just a confused guy who made an error in judgement. Bullshit, I’ve been wearing a patch since 84 and one truth seems to be self evident, the more a man hides behind his patch, the less likely he is to be a real brother! Some people never learn the patch doesn’t make the man, the man makes the patch. It is a shame that good men like White Bear, and Bart are paying the price for someone like Copen, Workmen, Moore and Howerton.
    Respect to the Pagan Nation.

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks and Charles Nichols

    Honesta Mors, Turpi vita Potior

  13. Oscar Says:

    Copen a Green Beret, strived to be the best, always broke up the fights and never participated, left the club when he became aware of criminal activities..LMFAO. What a bunch of bullshit. He and Workman both wore the patch on their sleeves, strutting around like some kind of badass, posed as 1%ers and then turned on thier brothers, lied their asses off and said whatever Loew wanted them to say to get thier chicken shit asses off the hook. But hey they werent the only ones, dont forget Snead and the biggest punk of em all Floyd Moore, Good riddens to them. Its just a shame the good men and brothers that had to suffer thru this shit so some prosecutor with a peanut brain could try to further his career. Two bothers dead, several lost jobs and thousands of dollars defending themselves. There should be an investigation into the ATF ( All Those Fools ) that participated in this, and the rediculous amount of tax dollars spent by Loew on this witch hunt..

  14. BigV Says:

    The two rats got off on probation.

    See below:
    Oct 30, 2010 (The Charleston Gazette – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two former members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club who pleaded guilty to drug-related charges were sentenced to probation in federal court Friday.

    Donnie Ray “Hoss” Workman, 36, of Red House, and William Dan “Danimal” Copen, 50, of Charleston, were among the 55 defendants named in a sweeping, 44-count racketeering indictment against members and associates of the Pagans.

    Both men were charged in multiple counts.

    In February, Copen pleaded guilty to participating in a drug conspiracy by joining other Pagans to buy and use cocaine in the bikers’ St. Albans Clubhouse during 2008. Five months later, Workman admitted that he possessed a Smith & Wesson revolver while he was a regular user of cocaine.

    Workman said that he handled the gun while taking a gun safety course after he was ordered by Pagans national vice president Floyd “Jesse” Moore to obtain a concealed gun permit so that Workman could carry a gun around Moore, who could not carry one because he was a convicted felon.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Loew asked U.S. District Judge Thomas E. Johnston to give Workman a reduced sentence because of his cooperation with government investigators, including testifying before a grand jury and during another Pagan’s trial in August.

    Workman’s attorney, James Atkins, said that Workman had a job waiting for him at the construction site of the new Buffalo High School as soon as he was released from custody.

    “He just needs to start life over without any bad habits,” he said.

    Workman thanked his family in the gallery for supporting him during the past year.

    “It was me who made the selfish decisions and put myself into trouble,” he said. “I can sit here and say I’m sorry one hundred times, and it wouldn’t change the [bad] decisions I’ve made.” Johnston noted that Workman faces state charges stemming from a hit-and-run incident in June, when Workman allegedly struck a woman while driving drunk.

    Police charged Workman with DUI, DUI causing injury, leaving the scene of an accident causing injury and three other misdemeanors.

    Atkins said those charges are still pending, and he is working on a plea deal with prosecutors.

    Johnston said that he was not taking those charges into account as he decided Workman’s sentence. He placed Workman on probation for four years, to begin after Workman is released from custody on the state charges.

    The judge also fined Workman $1,000, and also ordered him not to drink any alcohol while he was on probation.

    Copen, who earned multiple commendations when he served as a Green Beret during two stints in the U.S. Army, was visibly upset as he addressed the court in a separate hearing.

    “I’ve always loved my country, Your Honor. I’ve served my country honorably and with dignity,” he said. “I feel like I’ve [brought] disgrace [to] my country, and I feel like I’ve [brought] disgrace on my family, and for that I am truly sorry.” Copen’s attorney, Mike Del Giudice, said that Copen had always been driven to be the best, not content to simply serve in the military but rising to serve in the Army’s Special Forces.

    When Copen was looking to join a motorcycle club, the Pagans told him that they were called a “1 percenter” club because they represented the elite of the biking world, he said. Instead, he quickly learned that the Pagans were involved in criminal activity, and voluntarily left the group after being a member for a little more than a year.

    Copen did not join in when Pagans got into fights and scuffles, he said. Copen refused to assault a confidential informant in a hotel room in New Jersey in January 2009, even knowing he might face a beating himself, he said.

    “Dan never threw a punch, never hit anybody. Dan would be the one breaking up the fight and getting the Pagans out of the bar,” he said.

    Loew said Copen was perhaps the most extreme example of a trend typical in many Pagans defendants: good work history and little or no criminal background, with their trouble with the law stemming from their involvement with the motorcycle club.

    Loew also asked the judge to give Copen a reduced sentence because of his cooperation with the government.

    “Frankly, he’ll be looking over his shoulder for a long time because of his cooperation,” he said.

    “I am amazed, given your background, how you got involved in all of this,” Johnston said. “It just boggles the mind how you ended up with the Pagans.” Johnston sentenced Copen to three years of probation and fined him $2,000.

    Reach Andrew Clevenger at [email protected] or 304-348-1723.

    To see more of The Charleston Gazette, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to Copyright (c) 2010, The Charleston Gazette, W.Va.

  15. Oscar Bailey Says:

    Something needs cleared up here. First, Rebel you have done a great job providing a place where people can share info and vent thier feelings. This case has been a joke since the beginning, but a joke that has taken and ruined lives of good people, all for the purpose of furthering one assholes career. What I am on here for, and for the first time I will add, is to put the rumors to rest. Rebel u now have my IP address and I would apprectiate you letting everyone know that I am not Apple Pie, so concrete can now begin to wonder who that person actually is. He has made his bed, and now he can lie in it. I am no keyboard commando, just a brother Pagan trying to get thru this mess and get on with my life. Hopefully this will put alot of rumors to rest and give these jTerks somethin else to talk about. “right hand” you are absolutly right, these assholes that ran thier mouths, lied to help themselves, and spread crap all around about us will have to live with this forever. But I doubt that lookin in the mirror will have any effect on them or change them cause they have been lookin at the same shit all thier lives. I just hope that this judge has the wisdom to see thru the smoke and do the right thing, as did the State Judge with White Bear and Tyrone. There is a good man still in jail, and he has been there too long already. Thanks again Rebel and I hope this will clear the air a bit

  16. right hand of Says:

    ive been around for many many years! i am very saddened by a fucking bunch of what were suppose to be brothers. i never have alot to say but im a little pissed as i know alot of you out there are. over my many years i have what you could count on one hand that i trust and it took along time and actual events and proof to trust those select few. not because of the closeness but because of their actions and being fucking real and their proof is in their pudding. some are retired, some are LOA and some are active. what they mean to me is without words, simply because they are brothers and what it is all about. as far as shiny new patches and prospecting goes, does anyone know these “shiny new prospectless path holders”? well i do and have for many many years and they are damn good brothers and i am proud to call them brother. i would rather have those shiny new ones than those peices of shit that lie, embelish, make fradulent statements and flat out fuck there brothers for their own gain. they say out with the old and in with the new. well maybe the new is the old and as far as that goes! its time for old school ways. i was raised that way and i believe in it. Pagan bothers, you know what i bleed! and to those of you out there still, thank you and much love and respect. for those locked up because of bullshit, your are sadly missed .I was told once an excuse is a weakness! there is no excuse for the bullshit that took place. i shop at home depot now because FUCK lowe s! you out there that purposely fucked your brothers know who you are and how you sleep at night is now your problem. my opinion you need sleep. those of you that did what you were suppose to do! thank you and God bless you for being your brothers keepers. you did what you were suppose to do as a brother instead of being a pussy and thinking of yourself. thats what the ones did that ran their mouth falsely and made lies and aqusations to better themselves. im done rambling now and thank you rebel for letting vent. IT IS WHAT IT IS! no reason for words, actions speak a hell of alot louder.

  17. RVN69 Says:

    Amen Jabba,
    Sounds like somebody needs to learn the meaning of STFU!

    Justice for Derek Hale, James Hicks and Charles Nichols.

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

  18. Jabba Says:

    Is it just me, or has this topic turned into one big “nunya fuckin’ business” lesson?

    Just a thought.

    Much respect to the true Pagan Nation.


  19. ncpagan Says:

    And I quote –
    “no one is to post anything else on here that does not relate to the case”
    What fucking part of this do you not understand?

  20. Apple Pie Says:

    I know can you believe that! The biggest cheese eater of all is let out of jail to sell his stuff to get another lawyer…for sentancing. He knew he was going down and he took his club with him. Hell of a guy don’t you think? He ran around like he was king of the world and expected his “brothers” to treat him as such and to mindlessly obey his every command. Most did but even that didn’t matter in the end. It was because of him that in the end that all but one club brother in his chapter was named in the indictment. Not sure how that happened but good for him. He also got several others in other chapters while he was at it. Yes I know there were others involved however if he had not been running around thinking he was everything Pagan, perhaps he would have seen what was going on right under his nose. This leads to several questions though. If he is so violent and lawless why give him the chance to be semi-free even if it’s just for 30 days? What if he wields his “power” to go after those who testified like our buddy above…Concrete? Oh wait a minute he can’t do that anymore because he is no longer a beloved member. Which means for once, Jesse, if he were to so choose to do so, would actually have to do his own dirty work. Which brings the next question into play…I’m no expert but, letting him out “to sell his assets” ,this seems like favor for testimony. How much did he say to the FEDS and was all the info he gave on his club alone? Afterall isn’t he the one that bragged about brokering some sort of “treaty” with the Black and White to work together to go after their mutual enemy? I am by no means saying he did, I’m just wondering as I type. I mean afterall through the actions of this one so called man, members from at least two other clubs were named in the papers that essentially hit the WV Pagans hard. I’m sure just as they did in the 80’s the Pagans will reform and rebuild. I just hope they can do so with someone at the helm in WV that doesnt use his patch as an excuse to run around town acting like a first class ass that is above the law and thinks he is untouchable. I’m sure anyone who may now feel the slightest bit intimidated will now call the law. Something to thnk about for the new Pagans who seem to be popping up all over town with their shiny clean full patches. Wonder what happened to probating and prospecting? Anyway I digress…sorry. They will need someone who is there for his club and not his own benefit. Someone who knows the true meaning of brotherhood. You don’t turn your back on them. You walk beside them until you have absolute proof that you should do otherwise. You don’t make-up testimony to lessen your stint in the custody of the FEDS, or with some grandiose delusions that some publishing company will actually give two cents for your “story” and write a book about you. If they were senseless enough to waste their money I wonder what they would name it? Life and Times of a Coward? Anyway sorry for my varying rants but I thank you rebel for allowing me to do so.

  21. Apple Pie Says:

    LMAO…again with the Bailey thing…my my how do you do it. Sleep at night that is. Are you seriously thinking that anyone gives a shit if you missed a few days of work when REAL MEN are fighting for their freedom? Fighting to keep thier homes,families,jobs and so on. Do you really think that we are stupid enough to believe that you were drunk when you went to the grand jury and gave your testimony? Really? Come on now even someone with your inferior I.Q. should know better than that. My whole point from the get go with all of this has been the fact that you went to the grand jury and ran your mouth. Which is part of the reason that all this crap occured in the first place. So when you got called out in court about lying to the grand jury that automatically means you testified! So there it is big man…its a matter of public record and out there for everyone in the public to see. Just like me.

  22. concrete Says:

    I like you Apple Pie wonder how some people got threw this with out a scratch. My heart goes out to Fritz and his family he is good man,and lost his job because of all of this crap. I was asked several questions about the drug usage of some members which they already of course new the answer to and like you stated prior I get pretty twisted and loud when I get drunk and don’t remember very much which is what my testimony had stated. My life has been affected somewhat by this trial,I’ve had to miss several days of work,had people I thought were my friends shun me, but not as bad as many others whose families and jobs that has been affected. I enjoyed many goodtimes and found friendship threw some members I never did anything wrong to anyone. So I really don’t know what your problem is with me,and if you wish to speak to me directly let me know. I hope the best for everyone affected by this I have met alot of good guys in the 16’s over the years and hope everyone gets there lifes back on track.

  23. concrete Says:

    Whose testimony damaged who,Apple Bailey? What I thought.

  24. Apple Pie Says:

    Well it like the old saying goes everything comes out in the wash. “Concrete” Ballard had to admit in court that he did testify to the grand jury. Although I will say that he admitted that he lied to them as well. My point thought is he did testify just as I had stated all along. The damage was done the day he did so. As for Donnie Workman who was mentioned above several times he is currently a house guest of the govt. in his own lil room. While on probation awaiting hearing not only did he get one DUI, but two. Unfortunately he was released on the first even though he violated that probation. So probably thinking he was untouchable like his buddy Ballard, he was out drinking again. This time he hit a woman that was walking with some friends with his truck and nearly killed her. The powers that be saw fit this time to not let him out. The shame about this whole ordeal is that it has put friend against friend as everyone seems to have been taking sides and brother against brother. So now there is a man dead because of this, one committed suicide (not a loss there)men have lost their jobs, family, and freedom…all because of some little rat bastards and Jesse thinking he was king. You Ballard stated that I didnt know the facts…evidently I knew them better than the people you were fooling into thinking you were a friend.Now the facts are coming out and there are there for all to see…where are you? So glad you didn’t get that support shirt. You don’t deserve to wear one. Thanks Rebel for allowing me and the others to have a place to type it like it is.


    Amazing !!!!!!!!!someday pay back will come down hard on these bitch’s. Thanks for the update

    Respect, Steve

  26. BigV Says:

    I wanted to post a comment as an update, that if anyone is unaware, the prosecution’s case has continued to fall apart and it has been exposed for the kangaroo court bullshit that it really is.

    More importantly the jurists hearing these cases have made it clear with their sentences that they understand that this case against the Pagans has been a terrible miscarriage of justice.

    While it would have been nice for the jurists hearing these cases to have outright dismissed these charges with prejudice, the legal old boys club makes it costly for jurists to do their jobs and provide justice, so it really isn’t realistic to expect to see cases dismissed outright and prosecutor’s getting their hands smacked.

    The reality is that the best anyone could hope for in these cases was for the jurists to hand down sentences that reflect their views of the infractions they’re being assigned to “judge”.

    Kanawha County, WV was in charge of sentencing two members for “conspiracy to commit kidnapping”.

    While this sounds like a real crime to Joe Citizen who catches the even news, the sentences handed down on these charges reveal just how much of a crime the Kanawha County Circuit Court jurists believed occurred.

    Both defendants were sentenced to unsupervised probation for this so called conspiracy.

    It would have been nice for the jurists to have just come out and said that a crime wasn’t committed and these charges were a sham, and have provided real justice to the two defendants. However, we live in a world where we mistake jurists for judges, and where the legal old boys club prevents jurists and lawyers from actually enforcing professional ethics and prevents the professional from keeping themselves honest. The closest we could come to actually having a jurist admit that these charges are a sham, was to pass what amounts to no punishment because there was really no crime.

    The sentence was essentially no sentence, no punishment, and unsupervised probation. Which pretty much means Kanawha County admits that no crime was committed and the charges against the defendants were fraudulent. Fraudulent just like the rest of the Pagans case, fraudulent like Operation Black Rain, and fraudulent like the case facing the Outlaws.

    So much for “…and justice for all”.

  27. WV Fritz Says:

    Correction: Thanks for the update Not surprised. (I apparently misread the person posting) My apologies

  28. WV Fritz Says:

    Thanks for the update Mr. America

  29. not surpised Says:

    ATF agent apparently kills wife, self in No. Ariz.

    Associated Press – April 6, 2010 5:34 PM ET

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) – Authorities say an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives apparently shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself at their home in Flagstaff.

    ATF special agent in charge Bill Newell said Tuesday that 37-year-old Daniel Raponi and his wife, 34-year-old Jessie Raponi, were found dead by Flagstaff police.

    Police said three children ran from the home to a neighbor who is a police officer after they heard gunshots inside their residence late Monday.

    Newell says the children were Jessie Raponi’s from a previous relationship. Daniel Raponi also leaves two young children from his previous marriage.

    Flagstaff police and the ATF are jointly investigating the apparent murder-suicide.

  30. not surpised Says:

    mr america:

    here is the final outcome..

    Former ATF Special Agent Indicted for Drug Offenses and Money Laundering

    LITTLE ROCK—Jane W. Duke, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas; James E. Finch, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Oklahoma City Division; and Wayne D. Beaman, Special Agent in Charge, Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, Dallas Field Office, announced today the arrest of Brandon Jay McFadden, a former special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”).

    McFadden, age 33, of Lubbock, Texas, was indicted by a grand jury for the Northern District of Oklahoma on April 7, 2010. The four-count indictment, which remained sealed until McFadden’s initial appearance today, charges McFadden with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana; possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute; possessing a firearm during a drug trafficking offense; and money laundering.

    According to the indictment, from July 2002 through approximately September 2009, McFadden was employed as a special agent with the ATF and stationed at the ATF’s Resident Agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During that time, McFadden regularly investigated potential firearms and drug trafficking offenses. The indictment alleges that beginning in January 2007, and continuing through October 2008, McFadden conspired with other individuals to distribute marijuana, powder cocaine, and methamphetamine in the Northern District of Oklahoma. As part of that conspiracy, McFadden is alleged to have planted drug evidence on suspects; stolen drugs and money from suspects; and testified falsely in court. The money laundering count charges McFadden with using proceeds of the drug trafficking to purchase a Chevrolet Silverado on June 8, 2007.

    “When any law enforcement officer betrays the oath to protect; serve; and uphold the law, he tarnishes the badge of all law enforcement, violates the trust of the people and therefore should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the very laws he has broken,” said Finch.

    “Department of Justice law enforcement officials are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity, and allegations that an official has engaged in criminal misconduct are vigorously investigated by the Office of the Inspector General,” stated Beaman.

    If convicted of the drug conspiracy, McFadden faces a potential sentence of not less than 10 years’ imprisonment and up to life. The offense of possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute carries a potential sentence of not more than 20 years’ imprisonment. Under federal law, a conviction for carrying and possessing a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking offense carries a mandatory consecutive sentence of five years’ imprisonment. Finally, the offense of money laundering is punishable by up to 20 years’ imprisonment. Duke noted that the investigation is ongoing and additional charges and/or defendants are certainly possible.

    This case was investigated by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice – Office of Inspector General. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Arkansas was appointed by the Department of Justice to handle this matter upon the recusal of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

    The case is being prosecuted by United States Attorney Jane Duke, Assistant United States Attorney Patrick Harris, and Assistant United States Attorney Patricia Harris.

    An indictment is only an allegation of wrongdoing based on probable cause. A defendant is presumed innocent until such time as he or she is adjudged guilty either by plea or jury verdict

  31. White Bear 13 !% Says:

    Valerie I had thought that this had stopped sorry to you and My Brother, If the rest of you have not understood I will make it clear
    no one is to post anything else on here that does not relate to the case, I am tired of you doing your laundry on here. If anyone involved with this club in any way including ol ladys, continues then bring anything you have that says Paqan on it to the nearest in good standing Pagan. Enough is enough I am tired of the bull shit. Concrete you need to stop also. I will be in Charleston for court in the very near future and I have no problem in coming to where any of you are to talk of course. To everyone else I hope they understand and leave you all to the real reason this site is important.

  32. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Very well put Val.ALL of you dumb fucks need to meet in a field and settle your problems and leave them off of here.

    My P.L.&R to you and your family and especialy to Bart.

    Stay strong,hoping for the best.

    Hose-a 1% P.F.F.P.

  33. 1st Lady Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please remember that there are still people being held without bond. My husband has been away from his family for 6 months. Please stop fighting amongst yourselves and remember some people are still paying for this with their freedom. Show them the respect they are due and stop bickering on here. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all of the support!

  34. Cherry Pie Says:


    Sounds like you are falling apart!!! As for Oscar thinking he is Apple Pie is just to funny…..Stop an think you have many people that don’t like YOU!!!! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO OUT A BROTHERS BUSINESS your not a part of the Pagans so shut up before someone shoves your broke down flip flops up your ass. You better PRAY that Oscar don’t read this. ( What YOU said above) Don’t let mouth run something that your ass can’t pay. Please let us all know when you make your trip to Scott Depot to face Oscar. Tick tock my timer has went off. LOL Apple pie keep it up he is about to crack. Its funny how he can’t prove himself no matter how much he tries. It seems to be catching up to him an that is just to funny about him running to his truck and locking the doors. What a big man (thats a joke) always running out when he might get his ass kicked!!!! Apple pie keep hitting a nerve.

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