It’s A Club! Not A Gang!

February 24, 2010

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If you are a biker, especially if you are a patch holder, you only have to read the next paragraph.

When your club gets hit with a RICO charge the first thing you should do is call an attorney is West Virginia named Deirdre H. Purdy. Her phone number is 304-655-7232. You may also find yourself in need of an expert witness to rebut the ridiculous things the ATF and the DOJ is saying about you. Your expert’s name is William L. Dulaney. And his phone number is 828-227-2329. You already know almost everything else in this article, whether you have ever actually bothered to say it out loud or not. Have a beer.

If you are a loyal reader who happens to be an FBI or an ATF Agent or a prosecuting attorney keep reading. No beer for you. Consider this is your final warning. Defense attorneys, do your damn job.

Everybody else. Your call.

The Pagans Case

Last fall, 55 members and associates of the Pagans Motorcycle Club were hit with a 44 count indictment that called the club a “racket.” A fistful of defendants, including former Pagans National Vice President Floyd B. “Jesse” Moore have already been bullied into “confessing” that the Pagans is a racket.

Specifically, the indictment (and a superseding indictment filed three weeks ago) describe the motorcycle club as “a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in kidnapping, robbery, extortion and conspiracy to commit murder.” The indictments also state that “the purposes of the enterprise included…enriching the members and associates of the enterprise through, among other things, extortion, robbery and the operation of an illegal gambling business.”

A similar indictment with similar results was filed against the Mongols Motorcycle Club 17 months ago.

Earlier this month Purdy, who is one of the defense attorneys in the Pagans case, wrote a motion that attacked extensive passages in the indictment itself as “both irrelevant to the (actual) charges and prejudicial to the defendant(s).” Purdy characterized portions of the indictment as “surplusage” which is a legal way to pronounce bullshit.

Loew Strikes Back

Two weeks ago, on February 10th, Assistant United States Attorney Steven I. Loew, the author of the indictment, defended his choice of words.

Loew justified his colorful descriptions of the Pagans by arguing that, “The defendants are indicted for crimes they committed that were related to their membership in, and their association with, the Pagan Motorcycle Club, its support clubs and associates. The indictment charges that the defendants are a part of a criminal enterprise, and that those members, as individuals, committed crimes.”

Loew then went on to tell the judge in the case, Thomas Johnston, that “since all the defendants were members of the Pagans or one of its support clubs, it is obvious that describing the criminal enterprise is material and relevant to the charged offenses.”

Among the accusations in the indictment that Loew thinks are perfectly reasonable to throw around are:

Pagans Are Criminals

“The Pagans Motorcycle Club (PMC) was a national criminal organization located primarily in the eastern half of the United States.”

“The Pagans was territorial and protected its territory from rival motorcycle gangs through the use of violence and intimidation. Two of the Pagans’ main rival motorcycle gangs were the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. When members of rival motorcycles gangs, members of motorcycle clubs who associated with the rival motorcycle gangs, or people who wore clothing such as shirts or jackets with the names or logos of rival motorcycle gangs ventured into what the PMC considered to be its territory, PMC members and associates intimidated, threatened, attacked, beat, robbed, and sometimes killed them.”

“Once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday evenings, these local chapters held weekly meetings referred to as ‘church.’ A full member of the Pagans MC could be identified by his ‘colors’ or ‘cut,’ which was a sleeveless denim jacket bearing several patches affixed at specific places. These patches included, but were not limited to, a patch containing the word ‘Pagans’ and a ‘1%’ patch. Members of the Mother Club wore a ‘13′ patch on their cut, signifying the traditional number of members in the Mother Club, and a 1% patch on the bottom back of their cut. Chapter presidents wore the 1% patch at the top back of their cut. The 1% patch signified the Pagans’ ‘outlaw’ status. ‘Outlaw’ motorcycle clubs took pride in themselves as the 1% of motorcycle riders who were not law abiding. Pagans members also owned various items of personal property bearing the word ‘Pagan’ or ‘Pagans’ and various logos, insignia, emblems, and slogans signifying their membership and status in the Pagans.”

Everybody Knows Pagans Are Criminals

“The Pagans made money from its support clubs,” the indictment continues, “and the Pagans Motorcycle Club increased its power and influence by having more support club members. Accordingly, the Pagans and its existing support clubs unlawfully threatened and intimidated people who wanted to start a motorcycle club in Pagans territory and attempted to get the people to support the PMC and to not support any of the Pagans’ rivals. Pagans and support club members would confront and intimidate law abiding citizens and force them to get ‘permission’ from the Pagans before starting even a lawful motorcycle club, and made them get ‘approval’ from the Pagans for the club’s name, logo, and the type of patches the lawful club could wear.”

Loew also thinks it is perfectly reasonable to state in an indictment that “The purposes of the enterprise included the following: a) Enriching the members and associates of the enterprise through, among other things, extortion, robbery, and operation of an illegal gambling business. b) Preserving and protecting the power and territory of the enterprise through the use of intimidation, violence, threats of violence, assaults, and other violent crimes. c) Keeping victims and rivals in fear of the enterprise
and in fear of the enterprise’s members and associates through threats of violence and through violence.”

Or Maybe Not

Purdy filed her reply a week later and she summarized the government’s argument as: “1) the Club is a criminal organization, 2) all defendants are members or quasi-members of the Club, and 3) therefore, all defendants are criminals. According to the Government, because the club is a ‘criminal enterprise’ and its members are all criminals, any and all descriptions of the club and its members, however prejudicial, are relevant and material to charges in the indictment. The street term for this argument is ‘guilt by association.'”

“Both the original and superseding indictments contain many highly prejudicial and irrelevant characterizations and descriptions of the Club and its members, their dress, customs, philosophy and beliefs, and curious symbols and insignia” which Purdy characterized as “scurrilous” and “unnecessary.”

Then she argues an obvious point that seems to have alluded each and every one of the attorneys in the Mongols case.

“RICO violations may be proved against individuals who do criminal acts within any legal organization or any association-in-fact. For example, pedophile Catholic priests performed criminal acts while associated with the Catholic church. Further, those pedophile priests were sheltered and protected from the law by church officials, who knew of the criminal acts but obstructed justice by hiding and not reporting them, while seeking to keep the church itself from stigma and reprehension. The acts of the church officials were done to maintain, enhance or protect the officials’ status within the Catholic church. Such activities, if proven, are RICO crimes, but a RICO conviction for those individuals would not make the Catholic church itself a criminal organization, much less an international criminal organization.”

Astoundingly Obvious Except To Police

Purdy raises another point that never seems to be said out loud in biker cases. “The Club is first and foremost a motorcycle club. Its members join to associate with others who love to ride motorcycles, particularly large Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They enjoy riding in groups, partying together, and admiring one and others’ motorcycles, motorcycle after-market paraphernalia, and motorcycle paint jobs. They often dress in leather pants and jackets which, despite the now-ancient association with biker movies and Marlon Brando, are actually extremely safe riding gear because leather provides excellent protection from road burn in an accident. Members attend motorcycle expos or conventions where dealers set up booths to sell bikes, clothes, seats, saddlebags, after-market parts, books and offer the myriad kinds of merchandise associated with motorcycle ownership, riding, and club membership. These are the purposes for which members join this club. It is not criminal to be a Pagan Motorcycle Club member.”

“No count of this indictment alleges any criminal activity by the Club itself because the club itself is not a defendant. For example, it is not alleged that the Club was involved in illegal drug sales or distribution. Instead, some club members used illegal drugs, which were not supplied by club members but by outsiders, including a government informant. Similarly, some club members were prohibited from owning guns, but owned them. All the violence and threats of violence in the indictment are charged against some club members. Knowing association with criminals for noncriminal purposes is not criminal.”

What Racketeering

Purdy also challenges the whole motorcycle club as racket theory.

“The indictment charges the Club is nothing but a criminal enterprise and that its first criminal purpose is to ‘enrich the members and associates,’ she observes. But, “There is only one crime-for-money charged in this many-count indictment. It is charged that local clubs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida held motorcycle raffles and that sixteen defendants rode across various state lines to West Virginia with the raffle proceeds. According to the indictment, the raffle money was ‘proceeds of unlawful activity’ because the raffles were, for example, not registered with the appropriate secretaries of state. Even assuming, arguendo, that the raffle money actually was unlawful proceeds, all of that money was allegedly delivered only to two defendants: Defendants David Keith Barbeito and Floyd Moore. Assuming that the remaining 54 defendants purchased tickets, these defendants were not enriched, but impoverished by these transactions.”

The defense attorney contests the allegation that, “The second and third purported criminal purposes are preserving the power and territory of the enterprise while keeping victims and rivals in fear through threats of violence and through violence. The indictment sets these out as distinct criminal purposes, but actually they are simply two variant statements of the same idea, the Club’s purpose to preserve power and territory. Preserving power and territory are not criminal purposes per se. Almost every human organization shares these goals in some degree.”

Purdy also objects to the description of club members as “gang members” and calls that a violation of “each defendant’s First Amendment right to association for non-criminal purposes and each defendant’s Fifth Amendment due process right to the presumption of innocence.”

And finally she compares the virtually boiler plate language government attorneys have used to describe motorcycle clubs as, “…a good description of the Catholic church, the Boy Scouts, Home Depot and Federal Express….”

Wait It Gets Better

Finally, at long last, a defense attorney in a biker case actually says out loud.

“The surplusage portions of the indictment read like the promo for a new television series: Biker Gangs, Outlaw Rivals,” Purdy writes. “Defendants’ Fifth Amendment presumption of innocence is offended by the government’s press release approach to this case. The Government should try this case in the courtroom, not by calling names in the court of public opinion.”

Finally, Purdy challenges a greater giant than even she probably realizes. If the government insists on calling the Pagans a racket, she warns, the government better be able to prove it.

“The charges that the Club is a national criminal organization, a criminal enterprise, and a gang of outlaws are unnecessary, irrelevant, untrue, unsupported by the remainder of the indictment, and highly prejudicial,” Purdy writes. “If the Court does not strike this language as surplusage, Defendants move the Court to hold a hearing under Federal Rule of Evidence 104, concerning preliminary matters, and require the Government to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the club is a national criminal organization and that all of its members are ipso facto criminals.”

And, then to back that up, Purdy tells the court she is ready to call an expert witness.

The Expert

The expert is Dulaney. In most of these cases the “expert” is either an ATF Agent who has made a career of harassing bikers, someone like John Ciccone, Darrin Koslowski or Jay Dobyns, or an out and out fruit cake like Chuck Schoville from International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. Dulaney is a professor at Western Carolina University.

His doctoral dissertation was titled, Over the Edge and into the Abyss: The Communication of Organizational Identity in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. And the chances are good that you have seen him on television.

Dulaney has been interviewed on camera for three biker exposes on The National Geographic Channel: Inside the Outlaws, Bandido Nation and Women in the Outlaw Biker World. A fourth program for the same network called The Biker’s Rub is in production. Dulaney also appeared on the Gangland episode The Outlaws and in a Biography Channel episode titled The Hells Angels. Dulaney is also the author of a reasonably informed history of motorcycle clubs that appeared in the International Journal of Motorcycles Studies.

He introduces himself to the court by explaining, “My research agenda includes comparing government, law enforcement, and media claims about motorcycle clubs with socially valid evidence. The result of this inquiry overwhelmingly shows that media and law enforcement paint an inaccurate picture of motorcycle clubs, one that is stuck in the past and does not represent the contemporary reality of motorcycling organizations.”

What Dulaney Will Testify

Dulaney has already summarized, “testimony that I would be prepared to offer and further support at a trial or hearing on this matter, if the Court qualifies me as an expert.”

Among the highlights of what he is prepared to testify are:

“The Pagans Motorcycle Club (PMC) is not a criminal organization or a national criminal organization. Instead, the PMC is best described as a series of motorcycle organizations predominately scattered across the Eastern United States whose members are overwhelmingly not criminals. The PMC is a relatively small motorcycle club with chapters coming into and out of existence over time in locations limited to Florida, West Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and Kentucky.”

“Beginning in the 1970s, throughout the 1980s, and ending in the mid-1990s, some individuals who rose to prominence and leadership positions in motorcycle clubs were involved in organized crime; however, federal prosecutions at the time largely eliminated such activities.”

Motorcycles, Raffles And Territory

“Many PMC members’ lives revolve almost entirely around the sport of motorcycling…. Members also experience great satisfaction working on their motorcycles to enhance the appearance and performance of their machines, which in turn enhances the status a member enjoys in motorcycle culture in general. Criminal activity does not enhance one’s status in the organization. This is a myth associated with ‘biker gang’ stories.”

“Raffling off motorcycles is a common fund-raising activity within the PMC and other motorcycle clubs. It is not understood by members as a ‘scheme,’ in the sense of being an illegal activity. (I do not personally know whether each raffle charged herein was managed according to the particular laws of each state where it was held.) My point is that presumptively legal raffles are commonplace in motorcycle culture generally. Funds raised from these events are almost always used for charity causes, ranging from internationally-recognized organizations, such as United Way, to local motorcyclists’ or club members’ family with serious illnesses. Motorcycle raffles and other fund raising events, such as annual Christmas Toy Runs and Blood Runs for the Red Cross are one of the reasons members join motorcycle clubs like the PMC.”

“Motorcycle clubs do establish themselves in certain areas or territories, but the extent of ‘territories’ serves mainly to limit or negate interaction with other motorcycle clubs. Most of this territoriality expresses itself symbolically, through the wearing of patches or other symbols associated one club rather than another. The PMC’s colors appear more like a mechanic’s uniform than “outlaw” club colors, and the PMC does not include a territory patch (e.g., bottom rocker) in their club colors. Such territoriality is also associated with volunteer fire departments, 4-H clubs and Moose, Elk and Rotary Clubs, Masonic Lodges, and other civic organizations.”

Keeping Peace

“There is a hierarchy that defines general motorcycle club culture. It is taught to and known by all as “motorcycle club etiquette.” Motorcycle club etiquette is simply one form of rules that all unique cultures or sub-cultures create in order to preserve peaceful coexistence. The one-percent clubs represent the pinnacle of the culture and so are responsible for keeping order in their territories. Established clubs may warn newcomers about the symbolic meaning of certain colors or patches to protect them from making errors from ignorance.”

“The Indictment states that the ‘PMC had clearly established ties to other motorcycle clubs . . . used to facilitate illegal activity.’ In fact, the opposite is true, in that the most dominant club in an area has a duty of keeping the peace among clubs in the area. Motorcycle club etiquette, mentioned above, can be described as a form of speech code that members of a culture or sub-culture must understand in order to belong to that culture. This is true of many well-known organizations, some considered ‘secret societies,’ such as Masonic Lodges and university fraternities and sororities. The PMC must enforce the rules of the culture – rules they did not create – in order for all other motorcycle clubs subordinate to them to operate without disturbance or disagreements within a given territory.”

“My purpose (in testifying)” Dulaney concludes, would be “to provide an accurate portrayal of the Pagan Motorcycle Club and to point out that images from popular culture appear to have colored the creation of the descriptions of the PMC in the indictment.”

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47 Responses to “It’s A Club! Not A Gang!”

  1. Jabba Says:

    Respect and deepest condolences to the family and friends of the Saddletramps MC.

    Wishing you all strength through the pain.


  2. Dennis K Graham Says:

    If only our Justice Department would go after Police Departments like they go after Bike Club Members we would lose about 40% of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department. They (the laws) are applied selectively and with prejudice. Just look at the Bisard Investigation here in Indy. We have a drunk cop slamming his patrol car into 3 bikers, killing one and seriously injuring two. The FOP telling the officers to take him to an uncertified facility to test for blood, while they took all the others to a certified facility. And then…. dropping the DUI charges. Complete Bull Cac!!!!!!

  3. Jeff Franks Says:

    can’t wait to see the punk pagans crash and burn … what a bunch of homos .. dulanley should change his name to delooney .. what a goof !!!

  4. Sawedoff5 Says:

    Someone asked a 16 in my presence one night; “What’s “MC” stand for”?
    He told them; “MORE COMING”.
    I fuckin laughed until I got heartburn and puked.

  5. sled tramp Says:

    “Out of my league here guys but I thought 1% referred to the clubs the AMA would not admit into its membership? This resulted in the term “outlaw”. But the outlaw was relevant to the AMA not accepting the club.”

    Actually, 1% refers to the segment that doesn’t to hear the other 99%’s bullshit sniveling…..

  6. Philo Says:


    You pretty mush hit that right on the head bud.
    By their own numbers, you could take every single car, truck, power plant, and HUMAN off the face of the Earth and the effect on CO2 would be so negligible that it would take 150 years to drop the temp one degree. The fucking wildlife puts out more CO2 globally than we do with our evil pick up trucks and gas gusling cars. and how about 150 years ago,when the arctic core samples showed more CO2 in the air than now? Where did that come from???

    LOL junk science, big money and politics folks. That is all.

  7. Philo Says:


    Actually there were more of the top ten hottest years in the 1930’s than there are now,according to the fed. Many top man-made-(insert your own weather related activity here) “scientists” have jumped ship in a very public way since the whistle blower gave us those emails. Phil Jones? LOL Once one of the top man-made-etc guys came out and said publicly its all BS.

    I don’t know if you’ve read through those emails or not. But what those guys said in there is not a case of “Scientist Jargon”. It’s the admission of a scam and junk science to anyone who’s willing to be honest with themselves. My uncle has been a NASA scientist for almost two decades and I can tell you unequivocally that the real scientists have avoided this man-made-BS like the plague. The only guys who have been harping this are the same guys who have always hyped BS to get the big grant $$$$. Simple as that folks. Lots of money, environmental ex-hippy nuts jobs ,piss-poor scientists, and an ambiguous subject that can be melded into almost anything to fit any situation and what you end up with is man-made global warming/climate change.

    Sorry rebel. I know this is a biker site. But I can’t stand to see anyone leave a bunch of misinformation like that in public without a rebuttal.

  8. DirtyBruin Says:

    sawedoff5 Actually, 2000-2009 is the hottest decade since record keeping began in 1850 according to the World Meteorological Organization.

    The stolen emails are a red herring; in every job, people have “inside talk” that isn’t in any way unethical, but might sound bad to someone outside. I happen to know the man who wrote a key piece of software used in data sifting. As an in-joke, he gave it a name that would sound horrible to a layperson and he’s taken steps to get its name changed, just so no one can use an in-joke as the basis for some stupid conspiracy theory.

    Let me explain something: when a scientist refers to “fudging numbers,” that’s generally jargon for what is more properly called “normalization.” Let’s say you have two sensors of some kind that are calibrated and reliable – but just a little different. In order to properly compare the data they give, that raw data has to be adjusted with the sensor’s known differences in mind. It’s not even remotely unethical – in fact, it’s essential to get any kind of rational results.

  9. PUKE 1%ER Says:

    good luck to the pagans RIP jimbo 1%er

  10. sawedoff5 Says:

    the EPA is a criminal organization based on political “Science”. We’re supposed to accept that CO2 is a polutant and a greenhouse gas.
    The damned old Earth has been cooling for the last 12 years worldwide…so they quit calling it “global Warming” and now call it “climate change”.
    The head UN Scientists in England got caught with their pants down when someone inside the University at East Anglia made their emails public which show them discussing the hiding and destruction of evidence which didn’t support their “climate change” agenda.
    Don’t pay the fuckers a dime. The left coast is losing millionaires and small businesses by the bushel. People are simply moving away.

  11. Mikonos Says:

    not-a-hippie Said:

    I thought 1% meant the 1% of the club that was outlaw. No way every member of a club could be outlaw because that would be a gang. Stupid feds

    Out of my league here guys but I thought 1% referred to the clubs the AMA would not admit into its membership? This resulted in the term “outlaw”. But the outlaw was relevant to the AMA not accepting the club. Probably more like the clubs did not petition the AMA for membership.

    On the subject of the AMA….in the custom bike biz the AMA tried to “organize custom builders” to set standards the group. This was a great idea UNTIL they told me we had to pay $7,000. a year to them for it.

    The AMA said they wanted to “help the smaller builders”. The real story was the AMA was working with Harley, Victory and others to basically shut out the smaller guys that were taking there business. So they could set standards that the small guys could not comply with. So I pay you $7,000 a year to screw me?

    BTW, our custom bike biz still has an outstanding debt to the Cal Air Resources Board/EPA of $400,000. over sale of non-smog bikes in California even though they were smogged, we paid $50k for certification but technically the paperwork final filing was not in place when 19 of the bikes were sold.

    This was enough for a fucking (sorry I use this word sparingly but its relevant) “task force” to take us on. Hearings, lawyers, more hearings, fines, penalties, legal fees. All over a fucking date on an Executive Order, not that we hadn’t complied. Big reason not making bikes anymore, and BTW the liabilities with the EPA carry over to personal, if they decide that’s appropriate, today, tomorrow or in 2025 when I retire. So I’m basically the governments lifelong bitch.


  12. sawedoff5 Says:

    Looks are deceiving. If you see two patched guys in a bar or club or event…….There are 5 more you don’t see. The other 5 got there an hour earlier to blend in and call back after scoping the place. Some look like school kids. They’re supposed to. And…there are a couple that never come inside. It’s Paranoia at it’s highest level, if you can imagine that.

  13. not-a-hippie Says:

    I thought 1% meant the 1% of the club that was outlaw. No way every member of a club could be outlaw because that would be a gang. Stupid feds.

    I’m so confused. I make most club members look like choir boys (‘cept for the big, ugly bastard down the road), so what does that make me?

    Another rockin’ article, Rebel.

  14. c8652 Says:


    Go ride your bike, you earned it. This story keeps getting better.

    Also I have acknowledge fayettenamhoe. The (2) posts in here are some of the best I have ever seen. Seriously dude, that was inspiring.


  15. sawedoff5 Says:

    A very good lawyer in the northern VA area specializing in club rights is Kyle Courtnall, Fairfax VA.
    He got my vest returned to me in one afternoon. I walked right into the Fairfax Police Property Room and signed a receipt for it after only 30 minutes with Courtnall. A good guy and knowlegable.

    I put it on right there in their HQs, smiled and walked out.
    His requested retainer fee??…..he wanted to take a picture of me wearing it. That’s what he charged me. He also got me off a brandishing and concealed charge. His fee; 250.00
    Kyle is now my friend and has recently gotten himself married, the poor slob. Kidding. He deserves the best for what he has done for more than a few clubbers around here.

    When I got sent up, I hadn’t met Kyle yet and even if I had, he couldn’t practice in Delaware.
    When (never) will these patches learn that if they JUST SHUT UP, they’ll walk.
    I spent that year in a state prison Awaiting Trial because I simply SHUT UP. And would have walked if others would have JUST SHUT UP too.
    The tactic is to intimidate by threatening maximum sentences unless you “cooperate”. The Prosecutors KNOW that the longer someone spends in those surroundings….the filth, the niggers, the junkies and the criminal staff and COs, the better the chance of Scaring them into thinking…”hmm, I don’t want to stay here for 8 more years”. And they get the weak minded and the ones with families to talk.
    And once ONE of them starts yapping, everyone is forced into plea agreements. And the Prosecutors get what they want; A WIN on their record.
    The total evidence against me was 6 months of phone transcripts of me talking with some guys in Delaware about vague shit. It was NOTHING.
    But those guys got busted and they all turned and signed agreements to testify against…get this…each other. ha ha ha ha
    Jesus H. Christ. It’s like every prospect rule that they were taught went right out the damn window once they got a taste of jail. I’ve never been so dissapointed at anything in my life.
    In the indictment phone transcripts it would say shit like this; ME
    “Hey, I still need that fender” …”Investigators take the use of the word FENDER to mean a certain quantity of drugs”. It was actually typed up that way. It was completely ASSUMPTION. It was NOTHING.
    Can you imagine taking that before a JURY????!!!!!!!!
    Any lawyer in his right mind would be looking at the jury and saying incredulously; Ladies and Gentlemen…Are You Kidding Me?
    But when the boys start rolling over on each other, there’s nothing left to do. Your closest friends are Promising to Point you out in a courtroom…so they can do a couple of years less. That’s how it works. And that’s what the Prosecutors Mainstay is.
    Just SHUT UP…and be patient…and you’ll go home without a conviction.
    But they don’t. And they never will. Those days are gone.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Izzy,

    Ms. Purdy, I have been told, would like to get out of the business. She might know some good lawyers, though. Her son, Jebediah teaches law at Duke. He might know some good lawyers, too.

    Always nice to hear from you. Hope the radio show went well. Respect to Tramp.

    your pal,

  17. theone Says:


  18. Izzy Wildheart Says:

    Re: Ms Purdy
    This is just the sort of person we’re looking to include on our “Recommended Lawyers” list on the site. What we’re aiming to do is compile a list of Lawyers all around the world, through recommendations from bikers who have been victims of Government bullshit and have had a good result because of the Lawyers diligence and efforts and doing their fucken job for a change.
    Hopefully all bikers everywhere will be able to benefit from the list. Obviously they’d need to have some sort of case history that we can look into. If anyone has a Lawyer they’d like to recommend please feel free to forward to us at [email protected]
    Thanks again Rebel for all you do.
    your friend

  19. mksman Says:

    Ms. Purdy is a court appointed attorney as are most of the WV attorneys. They take their work seriously. Where was the mongol case??

  20. sled tramp Says:

    Now the locals are getting to play too….

    Hells Angels biker gang subject of illegal South Carolina government meeting
    Tagged with: angels hells illegal lexington meeting SC South Carolina
    In Lexington, SC members of the Town Council held a meeting with their police chief to discuss plans to watch the Hell’s Angel biker gang which is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in their town. While the Council members may have been concerned with the sometimes suspicious activities of the hells Angels, the Council was actually acting illegally themselves according to the Town Attorney Brad Cunningham.

    Several media outlets have reported that Cunningham warned Lexington, SC Town Council members that they could be violating Freedom of Information regulations according to the “Sunshine Law”.

    “”I told them they shouldn’t, they couldn’t do it,” Cunningham was reported to say. “It was not announced in advance to the public and didn’t meet the requirements allowing it to be done that way.”

    Reports suggest that the Council did not give the minimum 24-hour warning to the public before meeting as a quorum and hearinng plans from police chief Terrance Greene on how they planned to “handle” a Hells Angels fundraiser that was scheduled to be held at a local bar. The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act requires representative bodies, such as a Town Council, to provide, at the very least, a 24-hour public announcement of a meeting.

    Any decisions made in that meeting could be null and void. However, Council members contend it was just an informational meeting without any vote or agreement on anything. They even disagreed on whether they remembered being warned by Cunningham on the violation.

    Lexington Mayor Randy Halfacre said he didnt’ remember being told the meeting was improper. Another council member recalls “mumbling” about the violation. Cunningham contends he was clear in warning them and that they held the meeting anyway. There was nothing else he could do, he said.

    Perhaps, the Hells Angels will find themselves in good company in Lexington, SC if they do anything illegal. Of course, the “he did it, too” argument has rarely held up in any court.

  21. WV Fritz Says:

    Way to go Deirdre… turn on the “lights” and watch the cockroaches run!

  22. chainsaw Says:

    I noticed in one of Twitch’s videos some guys wearing a particular patch and it is well known that the guys wearing that patch are known to be violent. They almost always have guns and knives and many of their members have killed people. And no matter what happens, they stick together so you don’t want to mess with one or you mess with all. And the members of this club have a long history of violence which sounds like a solid RICO case to me.

    I think the cops need to really keep an eye on this particular group of dangerous men. The patch said “U.S. Marines”.

  23. Lancaster Says:

    Very well written. The PMC lawyer has her shit together, and will put up a great fight. Great links about the Washington state issues as well.

  24. sled tramp Says:

    “Trooper Pigott”I believe his name is self explanatory.While the WSP was crawling around the bushes, I was crawling through his wife’s bush.Fair’s fair ya know….

  25. fayettenamhoe Says:

    if you are a biker, then you allready believe in your self, this hell that has been, is only a splinter that has no meaning to anyone who has sucked harley davidsons into their lives, the rest of this poem is for those who believe they can be another pocket book of misfortune and easy meat fot the street, hamburger, chrome plated hamberger, the sluts have grown old, and the new ones are easy to train, the bikes are the hardest thing to follow, so just fall into the money, thats where the lies travel, so go take a viagra and push the sled up the road, the road of hurt has been paved before you, and the hurt never ends, and if you get lucky, maybe you will end up like me, cursed with a knucklehead state of mind, —obsolete—

  26. fayettenamhoe Says:

    its never been a secret to the willing, ego’es kill and this shit ain’t no pretty song. just cause has an end, freedom is a curse, patch holders hate, harley its a tool, money has no end, and we all on our own, the hypocracy never ends, talk all the brotherhood you want, but in the end its allways been another perpetuating nitemare, harley cool? sure they are if you love being paranoind, and even the dog can’t trust you, there used to be a mentality of freedom, even the old timers admit its now a bout the dollars, fuck you,

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear Counselor,

    Shhh. The Secret Police are listening. I am an enemy of the state. Nice to know I can help slightly. though. Appreciate your kind words. I want every club in the country to know how to fight these bullshit RICO indictments. Keep up the good work. Win the case.

    your pal,

  28. Shepherd 1% Says:

    Well done! Your dilligance and extensive research are worthy of praise. It would be an honor to share a beer in person! Until then have one on me, bill me later!

  29. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Nice words again scribe!

    We owe you a debit that will not be easily repaid.

  30. Counselor Says:

    Friend Rebel, the lawyers for the WV Pagan defendants (I’m one of them) keep track of your site and your comments. They are interesting and helpful – we need to listen and learn.

  31. ironrider Says:

    Sometimes I think ATF and the other alphabets are run by 17 year old, acne-faced adolescents. They live in a fantasy movie of heroes versus dragons/robots/”biker gangs” whatever. They dream up elaborate plot lines (“investigations”) in which the hero stands alone against the very fabric of evil, and magically wins through virtue, honesty, and a miracle or two from God. Unfortunately, they easily enlist those-in-power to join the movie, give them bit (but still speaking) roles, and get funded.

    It’s typical juvenile thinking, and it costs taxpayers billions of dollars to finance the fantasy. Mainstream media pimps the story and politicians throw more money at the agencies. Citizens get voyeuristic thrills watching this political version of “reality” TV.

    And now this lawyer, this defense lawyer, has the audacity to reduce the movie to common sense, to strip it of its salacious, pornographic appeal!?! She’s acting like an adult! Who the fuck is she!? Hasn’t she read the script, the one where the lawyer says “look, I know it sucks, but if you cop to this low-grade felony you get time-served and don’t go to trial against these lying bastards for 20-to-life.”

    Man, what kind of world would this be if adults ran the government, media, LEO’s, etc.? How would the rest of us juveniles get off?

  32. Twitch Says:

    Here’s onw more thats an important piece of the picture of what it’s all about.

    Respects to you all,


  33. Twitch Says:

    We all know what is going on but you can either bitch and moan about it or our community can come together, take a stand and do something about it. In Washington State, the club community and motorcycle community has taken action. Our community introduced HB2511 which is specifically designed to hold law enforcement accountable and prevent motorcyclist profiling.

    HB 2511 recently passed the House of Representatives by a 96-2 margin. After it’s first reading in the Senate, HB2511 was assigned to the Judiciary committee where it has been scheduled for a public hearing on February 26th, 2010. Unfortunately our bill was bumped from the agenda late last night to make time for budgetary issues. This doesn’t mean it is dead, only that we will have to wait until March 5th to find out if the Senate will be holding a special interim session later this spring and if they do our bill will be heard during that session.

    None of us like being unjustly referred to as gang members or any of the other bullshit and lies that law enforcement perpetuates about our community so they can keep getting that Federal Anti-gang money and all the fancy toys that come along with it. The media doesn’t want to help the world know the truth about us because the myth of the out of control, blood thirsty, drug dealing bikers makes for “good” TV like that piece of shit show Sons of Malarkey or Gangland. Fuck Sons of Anarchy and Fuck Gangland!

    The club community has changed over the last 40 years and it is time we start drawing from the talents within our own community to stake a stand and fight for our lifestyle and our rights so that our community will survive for another 40 years. It is time that we legislatively address the problem of motorcycle profiling to ensure that law enforcement adopts a policy to condemn the practice of institutes training to further address the issue. It’s unconstitutional for law enforcement to target an individual displaying characteristics of a class that an officer believes is more likely than others to commit a crime. Talkin about freedom and actually being free are two different things.

    Take a look for yourself at the videos links below and see how we are fighting for our freedom and then take a stand in your own state. If we all work together we can make a change for us all.

    Dash-cam video of profile Stop of 3 bikers by Trooper Pigott #963 of Washington State Patrol:

    Video of a Washington State Patrol Trooper crawling through the bushes at the Washington State Capitol to record the license plate numbers of all motorcyclists that came to meet with their legislators for Black Thursday 2009.

    Watch Washington State motorcyclists speak out for their rights in this interesting hearing on HB 2511 which they introduced to stop the profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement in Washington State. SUPPORT HB 2511!!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

  34. Philo Says:

    I read that headline and got a real chuckle Rebel. I remember when I was a young, wet-behind-the-ears prospect, and made the mistake of bragging about being in a “biker gang” within earshot of some patched brothers. The rebuke was short and swift:

    “Listen motherfucker, we’re in a club. Got it? Bikers are in clubs, niggers are in gangs. Now get me a fucking beer. Asshole.”

    Ahhhhh the memories…….




  36. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Man that is beutifully done.Respects.
    Hose-a 1%P.F.F.P.

  37. RVN69 Says:

    Deirdre Purdy is obviously a very skilled attorney, and her use of an independant expert to refute the Feds description of clubs in a smart tactical move. I’d be willing to bet most juries will respect the opinion of a professor who has studied a culture over the word of a cop who was taught what to think in cop school. I’m sure the Dep US Attorney persecuting this case is now extremely nervous, he faces a defense attorney definitely sharper than he is. Once all is said and done this woman may have the Dep. US Attorneys scalp on her wall, the members of the Pagan’s MC may again be free men, and those that copped a plea may regret their decision.
    Respect to those that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  38. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Loew’s description reads word for word like the narration script of just about every Gangland “Outlaw Motorcycle ‘Gang'” episode.

    Chicken or egg?

    YYZ Skinhead

  39. Vacuus Cura Says:


    “No beer for you.” Hilarious!

    Mrs. Purdy and Mr. Dulaney made compelling, commonsense arguments. Let’s hope that the court is as impressed with them as I am.

    Vacuus Cura

  40. bystander Says:

    this calls for all those old cliches…hindsight is 20/20 and practice makes perfect, etc. too bad they were’nt around for the mongols case…they’re goooooooood!

  41. troyez Says:

    It sounds like Mrs. Purdy has done her homework, and is actually doing her job well (she isn’t a public defender though). I wish Dave Burgess had had her in his corner, he’d probably be a free man today. But Dave’s case is not over yet and the truth will prevail.
    Thanks for your diligence and hard work.

  42. theone Says:

    hey rebel is to late for any of this to be used in the mongols case.

  43. pervert Says:


    Looks like this is going to be a good one to watch. The right people in the right place to turn the feds over?

    Nice job sir.

    Respect and be well

    PS: The offer still stands, I’ll buy the first couple of beers in Sturgis if you are going this year.


  44. DocB Says:

    Damn Rebel………..that was good,real good. I think my dick’s hard.
    Somebody’s finally sayin’ it like it really is. Good job man.


  45. pretjah Says:

    great article!

  46. jc Says:


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