American Chopper Mercifully Put Down

February 8, 2010

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Somewhere in the idiot sphere millionaire machinist Paul Teutel Sr. will still rage and spit. Somewhere Paulie the temperamental artist will never stop trying to transform a perfectly rideable motorcycle into a nine foot long, 800 pound butterfly. And, for as long as electromagnetic waves persist in interstellar space, Mikey will always be a moron. But the last new episode of American Chopper airs this Thursday on the TLC Network.

After six long seasons, our national nightmare is finally over. This ending is hardly a surprise. News that American Choppers was finished popped out of Mikey’s mouth on -where else- The Larry King Show last June.

“I think – I’m taking a lot of liberty in saying this, but I think it is over after this season,” Mikey told the venerable interviewer.

When King wondered “Why,” Mikey, who may not have been as stupid as he seemed, explained “It’s just run its course…We are going off the air…I’m tired of doing the show.”

“You leave and there is no show,” King wondered.

“I don’t know. I’m not willing to hedge my bet. You know what happened to David Caruso. He got flung across the kitchen floor on that one. As far as doing this, and being with family and the politics involved, and all the animosity and just everything bad that goes with it….”

Mikey’s voice trailed off after he realized he had actually compared himself to former television heart throb David Caruso.

Mikey Was Right

Last Saturday, TLC confirmed Mikey’s prediction. TLC issued a statement that read, “The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.” TLC is one of the “Discovery Networks.”

American Chopper debuted on Discovery in 2003. The show moved to TLC for the 2008 season. The idea was for the motorcycle reality series to provide a lead in and deliver an audience for another TLC show about a lovable and cantankerous family. This time the relatives were house movers and the show was called Heavy Haulers.

American Chopper was the creation of a television producer named Craig Piligian. Piligian founded a production company named Pilgrim Films and Television to provide “reality content” for the Discovery Networks. Piligian is a former producer on the CBS program Survivor and his first independent hit for Discovery was Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.

Pilgrim Films has also produced Dirty Jobs, The Ultimate Fighter, Extreme Loggers, Ghost Hunters, TapouT, Sandhogs, Worst Case Scenario and Destroyed in Seconds. Last April Piligian told the New York Daily News that the secret of American Chopper’s success was that television viewers were “looking for more uplifting, happier, self-help, aspirational,” programming. “There’s enough bad news out there,” he said.

Uplifting, Happier Lawsuits

As it turns out, not all of the bickering on American Chopper was as good natured and uplifting as it was supposed to seem.

Last season both Paulie and Mikey quit their father’s business. During the run of the show Paul Sr. defended himself against lawsuits by former employees and in a bankruptcy fraud case.

Last May Cody Connelly, a kid who first appeared in the pilot for the show when he was 14 and worked for the Teutels until he was 20 sued four corporations and one Paul Sr. for back pay. The suit alleged that Connelly “appeared and participated in approximately 92 additional episodes of the show” but has so far only “received payment for 31 episodes.” That he “appeared, attended and participated in numerous events, shows, festivals and autograph signings on behalf ” of the show without being paid. And, finally that “in an episode of the show occurring on or about June 30, 2003 before millions of viewers defendant Paul Teutul, Sr. gifted to plaintiff the motorcycle known as the ‘Old School Chopper’ that plaintiff helped design. To date the chopper has not been delivered to plaintiff.”

Last December, Paul Teutel, Sr, sued Paul Teutel, Jr. in Orange County (New York) Supreme Court to determine the value of his son’s 20 percent interest in Orange County Choppers and to buy his son out.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Stephen Markovits, an attorney for Orange County Choppers said this weekend that the cancellation of the show is not really “goodbye.”

Markovits said that Orange County Choppers will continue to sell custom motorcycles at its 30,000-square-foot retail store in Newburgh, New York.

This summer, the Orange County Choppers “crew” will open a restaurant next to company headquarters and the “crew” will soon announce details of a nationwide tour. “We’re going to continue on,” Markovits promised.

And, then there are also all those shows still travelling at the speed of light through deep space.

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35 Responses to “American Chopper Mercifully Put Down”

  1. Jabba Says:

    DirtyBruin> You want good exercise? Try “Red Hot Over-40’s” instead.

    Shit-load better than eye-rolling.


  2. DirtyBruin Says:

    Jabba: Hey, I watch Gangland [well, just the episodes about bikers] because I hear an hour of eye-rolling is good exercise.

  3. fayettenamhoe Says:


  4. Jabba Says:

    Who the fuck are these people anyway? I think my boy may have watched an episode, but then he watches Gangland too, so who knows what’s going through his head.


    Only ever paid the subscription for “Red Hot Over-40’s” myself.

    … oh, and “Sons of Anasshole” of course.


  5. Doc Jones Says:

    My wife grew up with Paul Senior’s new Ol Lady. They were best of friends. She actually is a very nice person. Too bad she got caught up with Mr. Weirdo!!

  6. Swampy Says:

    I think I saw maybe two bikes that the “Turdtels” turned out that I kinda’ liked. What little of the bikes that were actually shown after all of the b.s. drama! Who in the hell wants an “art bike” anyway? Hell, at least when you build your on custom, besides the fun and satisfaction one gets, it has more CHARACTER than any of the expensive crap from that lame show.

  7. sled tramp Says:

    Being a dutiful donorcycle enthusiast,I DVR’d last nights finale and then watched it out of curiosity to see if they’d thank all the groupies that bought them their mansions and Hummers over the years. Well, OK…actually, I just fast forwarded it through anything that didn’t show the older kid’s girlfriend whom I believe could just stand absolutely still and I’d still pay to watch her.Anyways, thought it amusing that the old man started a BB-Q joint and had massive pictures of he and the sons on the wall.The same sons he apparently turned his back on and threw out.But hey…marketing ya know?
    Greed is good.

  8. Rashomon Says:

    I just looked it up on Wikipedia seeing as I’m blissfully unaware of the comings and goings of the Old Crusty [email protected] or whatever OCC stands for and I see that Vinnie and Cody have some other shop and they’re getting their own show – it never ceases to amaze me at how they just keep churning this crap out – I’m not even sure why I’m complaining – I’ll just go back down the pub and a beer then shoot some pool. Fuck it – it’s a long weekend anyhow.

  9. Bud Says:


    American Stripper huh? I like it.
    Wasnt there a “reality” show the Beauty and the Geek?
    How bout startin one called “The Stripper and the Biker”?
    Now THAT would be reality!

  10. bobby Says:

    The “Bikes” were sad. It was a shame to some of those motors being stuck in those freak showbikes.

  11. pb68slab Says:

    I.J Says:

    For me being in the Metal fabrication Industry, some of the OCC rough workshop practises made for great entertainment

    LOL , You got that right! I’m a toolmaker myself. Talk about hacks! Ever seen one of their bikes up close? I did. It did have a certain wrought iron railing quality to it!

  12. sled tramp Says:

    I’ve been having one of those days where ya sit around the fort wearing a shirt with Manson’s mug on it and ya feel like poppin’ a couple tabs and going to find a rusty crowbar and beating something until it ain’t breathin’ just fer giggles…then I remembered OCC is gonna be sacrificed upon the alter of ego tonight.Good thoughts…happy place…Maybe I’ll make it thru now…lock n’ load…

  13. Gringo 1%er Says:

    im gonna ad this to my list of things i could care less about!
    Rebel on my brothers!!

  14. I.J Says:

    For me being in the Metal fabrication Industry, some of the OCC rough workshop practises made for great entertainment.

  15. PlainOl'Dave Says:

    It’s all well and good that American Chopper finally died and went to turd heaven, but what will Discovery Channel do now that star Cap’n Phil of “Deadliest Catch” fame has kicked the minnow bucket…

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rashomon,

    Good line.


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Troyez,

    “This week on an all new episode of American Stripper, hilarity ensues when two clubs who don’t usually get along decide they both hate Rebel! Can Bambi save the day? Don’t forget to watch!”


  18. DK Says:

    They lost me when Vinny left (who’s also threatening to start a reality TV series – I’d watch that one.) That said, someone on another blog wrote that maybe this was a sign that the “yuppie obsession with H-D and riding may finally be over.” Shows like this one, “Motorcycle Madness” and others, mainstreamed riding and the biker lifestyle into middle-class acceptability. So we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of RUB’s dropping more bread than I paid for my first house to dress up on the weekends and play “biker.” As offensive as that sounds (and it may be my imagination) I think it resulted in more tolerance of folks on two wheels and,just maybe, more awareness on the road. So now the Tuetels join the ash heap of families ruined by “success” – right next to Jon & Kate + 8.

  19. fayettenamhoe Says:

    fuck them retards, oops? FUCK THOSE ASS WHIPES, was that politicaly correct? fuck

  20. troyez Says:

    Yeah, good riddance. Now Rebel should have some kind of reality show! Any ideas on that?

  21. Bud Says:


    The extreme outdoors station (not cable) has a show on called Hog Heaven. A bit trendy but depicts some good places to ride eat drink and be merry.

  22. BabyDave now in Indiana Says:

    fuck ’em !!!

  23. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Never knock barbecue builders. An honorable business if ever there was one, and barbecue’s are responsible for half of the ultimate healthy breakfast (day old barbecue and beer).



  24. Grumbler Says:

    I enjoyed the segments featuring Indian Jeff and friends riding vintage Indians on the road in “Going Places: Biking The Black Hills” on PBS back in the ’90s. That show is on YouTube as “Indian Jeff Going Places” … check it out.

  25. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I watched that show years ago for maybe six minutes and it bored all my asses off. I literally forgot it existed and I wasn’t aware it was still airing.

    The only halfway decent thing to come out of the Dickscovery Channel “franchise” is the Travel Channel, with Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Man vs Food. At least you get to see people eating tarantulas, testicles of various species, and still-beating snake heart on Bizarre Foods.

    YYZ Skinhead

  26. Mikonos Says:

    Paul Jr. was on the radio the other day being interviewed. Estranged from father and by his own admission not a rider. Designing barbecue grills and other household crap, apparently will be in Home Depot mid year…I can’t wait.

  27. chickie Says:

    The reason the show was so popular is because Paul Jr was a genius in what he did with the motorcycle and the vision he had and his father could not live with Paul Jr’s popularity. I met both father and son and Paul Sr needed to give Paul Jr space to let him grow the person and the company and he did not. Paul Jr and Mikey really made the show together not Paul Sr. I do not watch the show and neither do a lot of my friends since Paul Jr left as he was the show with his vision for motorcycles and his vision for the future of his company so thank Paul Sr for the downfall from grace for his company. Your sons are your flesh and blood asshole so get them back in grace and you secure your future and learn to reason with ALL your sons as you dont even talk to your eldest who is not on the show Paul Sr. I wish Paul Jr and Mikey all the luck in the world with there future and I would gladly help either one!

  28. Stoney Says:

    If you watched one show you saw them all. It got boring real quick.

  29. sled tramp Says:

    Marion County Judge Resigns, Will Build Motorcycles Instead

    Portland, OR February 4, 2010 4 p.m.

    A Marion County Judge says he was not under pressure to resign. Lynn Ashcroft made an announcement few expected Tuesday, saying he’d step down from the bench immediately.

    The Oregon Justice Department had been looking into claims of official misconduct, related to Ashcroft’s handling of a defendant named Heather Marks.

    The Statesman Journal reported Marks was denied court-appointed counsel.

    Ashcroft declined to discuss details of the matter. But he points out that with his resignation, the DOJ considers the matter resolved.

    Ashcroft says he enjoyed judicial work, but left willingly, and is happy to spend time in his Salem custom motorcycle shop.

    Lynn Ashcroft “It was a decision just in my own personal interests. I’ve got a lot going on in my life. I build these motorcycles. We’re looking at expanding that and didn’t need the hassle any more. Like I say, it was just a personal decision on my own.”

    The agreement called for Ashcroft to allow searches on four computers and one cell phone, seized during the investigation. He says he has nothing to hide.

    A spokesman for the state Justice Department declined to comment on the case.

  30. Rashomon Says:

    I think they could put them in with SAMCRO somewhere – instead of a garage/club house SAMCRO could hang out in an alleged custom bike builder workshop and Paul Sr could get the crap beat out of him by the AB on his way to work etc. There has to be a ton of potential there somewhere …

    As an aside though, a bunch of fire fighters from around here were on a charity ride when the weather turned to crap near the OCC shop so they stopped in to get out of the rain for a bit. Those pricks wouldn’t let them sit inside out of the rain for 15 minutes because of insurance concerns. They’d have to stand on a chair to kiss most bikers asses.

  31. JAMES Says:

    I always wondered if the motorcycles had a see through gas tank or maybe a tv screen and a camera mounted in the headlight so when they were looking straight forward they may possibly see the road ahead.

  32. fayettenamhoe Says:

    who? never gave a shit.

  33. sled tramp Says:

    Hope their new 14.5 million dollar buisness center burns to the ground.On the other hand, they proved that total fucking idiots can make a ton of money off of ignorant rich groupies (WAIT! Maybe I CAN make a fortune in this life yet! What was that producer’s name again?)…

  34. bob Says:

    “Trick My Truck” was better ,anyway.

  35. Vacuus Cura Says:

    Good riddance.

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