Indicia Warrant From Hell

February 2, 2010

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Kevin O’Neill, a member of the American Outlaws Association currently confined to a cage, recently posted a nice piece on Indicia Search Warrants. If you have not yet read it yet you can find O’Neill’s essay at

Indicia (pronounced in-DISH-hee-uh) is a legal term that means “signs” or “indications” and it is the pretext for most of the search warrants executed against members of motorcycle clubs. It is a crime to belong to a racket. When the police are allowed to begin an investigation with the conclusion that a motorcycle club is a racket then they may legally search for evidence of membership in that club. The residence of every patch holder, prospect and most hang-arounds will contain if not a patch then at least a bandanna, buckle, support shirt, or a wall calendar.

Bastardized Law Enforcement

O’Neill calls such warrants a “bastardized law enforcement tool” and only a Bolshevik would argue with him. By definition, a patch holder will be holding a patch in his home so an indicia warrant provides an excuse to search any patch holder’s home at any time if you simply remember to accuse his club of being a racket first. And, since these warrants are served on bikers they are always served by a SWAT Team in full, flamingly flamboyant costume. Last fall, a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club named James Hicks was gunned down in front of his wife Cathy in his own kitchen during the service of an indicia warrant.

Because even good citizens who abhor the idea of motorcycle clubs would be appalled to know what got James Hicks killed that warrant has never been made public. This page has seen the warrant and it lists as “Items to be seized” from Hicks’ home “PMC members’ colors and club memorabilia such as patches, shirts, cuts, jewelry, belts, wristbands, wallets, walking sticks, posters, glassware, statues, plaques, business cards or club cards and the PMC constitution or any document containing PMC membership information or PMC rules.” The items actually seized from Hicks’ home included a “shotgun, a bank statement, assorted photos, (2) motorcycle helmets, MC Club patches, 2 Pagan walking sticks, camera, Samsung video camera” and “assorted ammunition.”

Happy New Year

Last New Year’s Eve the less tragic victims of an indicia warrant were members of O’Neill’s old club, the Outlaws. Sheriff J.J. Jones of Knox County, Tennessee, which surrounds Knoxville, decided to wreck the sedate celebration at the AOA clubhouse there. The raid, Sheriff Jones candidly admitted, was because the Outlaws deserved it. “These guys are a menace to society,” Jones told the Knoxville News Sentinel. “Everything they stand for is illegal.”

“They’re involved in every illegal activity known to man,” Jones then told television station WLVT. “Prostitution, methamphetamine.” Probably if he had been less tongue tied from being on television, Jones could have gone on to list exotic bird smuggling and stock fraud. The one, particular, illegal thing about a dozen people were doing at 9 pm when the local SWAT attacked the clubhouse with concussion grenades, was they were eating a platter of cold cuts.

“They totally destroyed the house, they took everything out of there,” Mark Lester, a regional officer of the club and one of two men actually arrested that night, told the News Sentinel this week. “They took all our TVs, our microwaves. … It was just really crazy stuff. All they found was some alcohol and sandwich platters.”


Lester and the local chapter President, Kenneth Foster, were charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping. Lester, has three previous convictions. He was a “disorderly person” in 1984, he ran a stop sign ten years later and he was charged with reckless driving a year after that. Foster was arrested twice in 1984 for misdemeanor drug possession.

Lester told the Knoxville paper that “the most painful loss was that of a group of stone monuments in the clubhouse yard that had been set up to memorialize fallen Outlaws.”

“The stones in the front yard for brothers who have died over the last 15 years, they dug those up and took them,” Lester said. “It was just ridiculous.”

The pretense for the raid was a search for indicia. The stone markers in the front yard were seized because they are indicia. The microwave was probably seized because it had a “Support Your Local Outlaws” sticker on it. Still there was one specific piece of Outlaws indicia that was not found.

The Hero

At the time of the official police pillaging the usual news media were advised and reported that the raid was the culmination of a 14-month-long “undercover investigation.” The “investigation” was carried out by a guy named Joseph Linger who was widely indentified as an “undercover officer” but who appears more to have actually been a paid confidential informant or an opportunist.

Linger, once worked as a small town cop in Alaska, eventually rose to become a Knox County jail employee and as recently as sixteen months ago, when he began hanging around the Knoxville Outlaws, he was working as a bouncer at a nightclub in Gatlinburg. Presumably, he now has a financial arrangement with the Knox County Sheriff that includes the honorary title “undercover officer.” The raid was based on an 18-page affidavit sworn and attested to by Linger. And, like many tales told by many confidential informants it is a sordid and colorful mix of drugs, sex, illegal weapons, and a “propensity for violence.”

Linger explains that last December 23rd Lester and Foster somehow discovered that he was working for the local police and demanded that he surrender his colors, get out and never come back. Linger charges that the two AOA officers took the vest from him at gun point. Lester and Foster maintain that they did not need a gun.

The New Year’s Eve was all about that vest. The alleged robbery was the confiscation of Linger’s vest. The kidnapping was presumably the time it took to pull the colors off the informant’s back. The vest was not located during the raid. Police are still searching for it.

So there may be more SWAT raids. Maybe on Valentine’s Day.  Whatever you do, don’t buy your old lady flowers in your club’s colors.

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32 Responses to “Indicia Warrant From Hell”

  1. RVN69 Says:

    Not Suprised and Rebel,
    Just found out about a book by the CATO institute titled Overkill: the rise of paramilitary police raids in America. It may contain information useful to the attorney’s representing the families of both Derek Hale and James Hicks. Rebel, it may contain information useful to you in your articles about our fate at these cops hands.
    Respect to those that earn it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  2. LonelyAnny Says:

    i really like your writing style

  3. DocB Says:

    Mr. America

    You’re right. It’s a national problem and needs to be addressed on a national level. Federal law enforcement is out of controol and unaccountable to anyone except the federal bean counters.

    Whatever is done needs to be done in a unified manner and spoken in one loud voice. I’m not smart enough to have the answer either but The U.S. Defenders comes to mind as an organization to help pull things together.


  4. Mr. America Says:

    Hose-a and SVD,

    I’m not exactly sure what the right avenue might be. Though, a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Monument is going to attract attention. Especially, attention to the defense of our Rights as Americans. And, how serious we are to defend our Rights. As far as, Who to represent our cause. Maybe someone of the motorcycle riding lifestyle. NCOM, ABATE, NCOC. Possibly famous law firms, Johnny Cochrane comes to mind. The ACLU. Cesar Chavez, the Mexican Labor Activist. Someone of the Native American Activist movement. David Lester law firm. Jesse Ventura, and other famous polititions perhaps. The NRA. Constitutional Scholars and Judges who still believe in our Constitional Rights as Americans. I mean, give me details to study and research and I can write a speech to address a listening audience. I can analyze and critique the issue and discern with common-sense and educated professionalism and reasonably conclude if it’s right or wrong. But, how to address this serious of an issue (The killing of Americans in their own homes for the seizure of their clothing), I don’t know. But, something has to be done to stop it. Or, I fear other Americans will suffer from this type of East German Stassi, USSR-KGB, Apartheid-type of terror and trauma. If, we continue to do nothing.

  5. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Bud:

    I’d guess that this is under the radar for traditional civil rights groups, rather than that they know about it and don’t see any injustice. Maybe try contacting people –perhaps not Jackson and Sharpton, who by now are as much media personalities as anything else–but people closer to the grass roots who might take an interest. I’d bet they have no idea what goes on, and I’d bet that they could identify with being on the receiving end of the kind of discrimination that is described routinely on this site. There are African American MC’s that could probably serve as a conduit to the right people. Maybe they wouldn’t bite–and maybe they’d be put off by the negative publicity that exists about MC’s–but why write it off?


  6. Bud Says:

    Mr. America,
    A ride on Washington would be the ticket I think. It would be the one sure fire way to bring this to the light it needs. And where are all these so-called civil rights activists like Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton? Oh yeah theyre only reverands unless its a black issue. Not to bring race into this but it is a civil rights issue none the less right ?

  7. Hose-a 1% Says:

    To Mr.America,you seem to have a plan.I’m open to suggestions.Let me know what you come up with.
    Hose-a 1% Pagan’s M.C.

  8. JAMES Says:


  9. Mr. America Says:

    Now that we recognize the problems. How do we remedy them? Do we call our Senators and Congressmen? Do we March on Washington? Do we March on the Dinwiddle County Court House steps? Do we picket in the streets? Do we file lawsuits? Do we write letters to the editors of major newspapers? A Million-Biker Rally in Washington would capture some attention. It seems letters and phone calls get us nowhere. This is Burmingham, Selma, and Memphis all over again. Colors and characters are different. But, the principals are the same. Because these abuses and crimes toward bikers are accepted by the averange-ignorant brow-beaten-into-submission misled citizen, does not make them legal. The point, that Dr. Marten Luther King Jr. was making in his letter from jail is a perfect example of that. What abuse’s that may be acceptable in our society towards People of Difference, does not make those abuses legal. What can we do to stop the killing of bikers for the sole purpose of seizing their clothing by law enforcement, bent on killing anyone who gets in their way?

  10. RVN69 Says:

    According to the information I have read, Derek Hale was tased 3 times by the same taser, when it ran out of power, Lt William Brown, Wilmington DE PD shot Derek Hale in the chest 3 times with a .40 cal. pistol. Information is that several eyewitnesses where in fact threatened at the scene. Derek Hale was confronted by at least 6 possibly 8 tactical team members, none of which made any attempt to physically subdue Derek Hale which must have been an option given that he was suffering the physical results of 3 jolts from a taser. In addition to witness intimidation, it should be noted that it was reported shortly after the incident that Lt Brown who executed Derek Hale had previously been disciplined for coaching witness at another shooting he was involved in. It is my opinion that Derek Hale was the victim of premeditated murder on the part of Lt William Brown, The ease with which he fired those shots while numerous other options were avaiable, the fact that there was no legal reason to use any force on Derek Hale as he was not a suspect in any crime, leave that as my only option. I believe that James Hicks was murdered thru gross negligence on the Part of the Va State Police officer unknown, they had no reason to execute a no knock search warrant when several less risky options were available. To Hose-A I believe your brother Tombstone was murdered by the authorities at that prison again thru gross negligence by the wilful withholding of his medication and the fact that someone with numerous medical issues was not under continual medical observation. I believe that police everywhere are brainwashed into believing that we are the devil incarnate, brainless drug addled killers and that any time they come into contact with us using deadly force is their preferred option.

  11. Swampy Says:


    As I understand it, Derek Hale had three seperate tazers “lighting him up” and had vomited right before he was shot(murdered). I guess it’s kinda’ hard to respond with all that voltage running through the body. I also understand that an eyewitness to this crime was threatened by the same cops that murdered Hale.

  12. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Clarifying my post above: I was pleasantly surprised that the local media coverage was balanced–not pleasntly surprised regarding the public’s loss of interest in the case which unfortunately is neither surprising nor pleasant.

  13. Babydave now in Indiana Says:

    The thing is that as long as ya can still buy cold beer and chips and have a pizza delivered, And sit at home and watch nascar and football on TV, you’ll never get the “general public” to bitch about anything !! After all were just a bunch of dirt bags and dope heads. So, the “regular” working man or woman just thinks “BETTER THEM THAN ME” thay got what was coming to them !!
    Ya, can bitch till your blue, but as long as we keep fighting among our selfs over stupid shit like “turf” and other dumb ass shit ,we’ll always be a “EASY” target for these Fascist’s !! Hiltler proved that ya need a Boggie man to focus the public on ,so as to distract from whats really going on !!! we Bikers love to use percentages, so hear goes, 99% of people will look the other way to almost any outrage as long as for the moment it don’t affect them and there’s !!!
    The clubs remind us of the old ways of “kin and clan” and that always was and always will be a danger to the soul less true outcasts !! Thay have not now or ever will have have love and exceptance of a brother an kin ,so thats why thay make thouse among us who do to suffer !!
    It’s plan old hate and jealousy of thouse who do !!!

    Much love and respect to all the brothers still puting out there in the wind !!!


  14. DocB Says:

    Sounds like if you’re a Pagan you’re more likely to be killed by a cop
    gang than any other form of illness.

    Condolences to brothers, family and friends of all three men.


  15. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Very well said.Don’t forget about our brother Tombstone 1% who was also killed by these pieces of shit.He was not given proper medical attention sand died as a result.I could go on and on F.T.F.and F.T.W.

    The strong will prevail.Hose-a 1% PAGAN’S M.C.

  16. Not Surprised Says:


    Well said

  17. RVN69 Says:

    The James Hicks murder was the second murder of a member of the Pagan’s MC by the police, Derek Hale was also murdered by police acting under color of authority in Delaware. The following police cover up involved the Virginia State Police executing a search warrant based on perjured information at the Hale residence at which time they “seized” club patches, clothing and stickers along with some movies. Not evidence but “scalps” as Not Surprised has stated. Both these men were murdered by SWAT Teams, allededly the highest trained police officers their respective agencies have available. The Hale murder was rapidly ruled a “good” shooting by the AG of Delaware, Beau Biden son of the current Vice President of the US. I wish I could be optimistic that justice will eventually be served, but powerful people do not want the truth to be told, and John Q Citizen generally feels that these men got what they deserved because they belonged to an “Outlaw” motorcycle club. Derek Hale was shot to death after being tased for refusing to take his hands out of his pockets. The spokesmen for the Police said he was shot because he was a threat, when asked how he was a threat, he said “He refused to obey the commands of a police officer” So in short Derek Hale was shot to death in front of witnesses for refusing to cow to the local police. James Hicks was murdered for attempting to defend his home against uknown intruders in the early morning. Neither of these men should be dead, they were killed because the police in both cases acted with wilful negligence and malice aforethought. Justice will never be served in these cases as no one can give them their lives back.
    Respect to all that earn it

  18. Mr. America Says:

    Suspicion and/or Probable Cause does not mean “Necessity” to frisk, search, or seizure. Nor, does it constitute the right to terrorize and traumatize someone and their family, including young children by attacking their home in the middle of the night. And/or, where they may expect safe haven, at any time. Including a rented dwelling (hotel). Or, a motor vehicle (a car, van, or camper). As for James Hicks’ case goes, the Scales of Justice were unbalanced. And, need to be brought back, to True. The VSP and the ATF know they are guilty on this one. And, will have to answer for it. It’s just a matter of when. They’ll be brought before a Senate Oversight Committee. Just like before.

    Now, the Government just put out a bulletin, we are on High Alert for a domestic threat and imminent terrorist attack, inside the borders of our own country. Jesus, you’d think they would have other things to do beside’s killing Americans in their own home. Especially, those who would stand up and defend this Country with their own lives. As I’m sure James Hicks would have. And, did. He was a U.S. Army Vet. for God sakes. There’s not a Biker I know who wouldn’t put his life on the line to defend this country, if need be. That does include, Members of Motorcycle Clubs! I guess it’s just another government S.N.A.F.U. (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up).

  19. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Not Suprised:

    I’m pleasantly surprised, and glad I asked.



  20. Not Surprised Says:

    The majority of continued reporting was very balanced.

  21. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Not Surprised:

    Thanks for your further reply. Now I think I know the answer to the next question, but I’ll ask anyway and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

    Did the local media “working” the story include the fact that it was an indicia search along with an accurate portrayal of what sounds like a very solid citizen who happened to be a member of a 1% MC or did it present a case of the police hunting down a dangerous outlaw, looking for all manner of dangerous contraband?

  22. Not Surprised Says:


    Local media, both print and television, “worked” the story only until the public lost interest. No follow up at all.

    The quasi-legal pretext for issuing a search warrant for Club related material (this is almost universally applied) is to illustrate that the individual possesses materials indicating membership or affiliation with a “gang”. Judges almost always always sign off on these, and all items are held as “evidence”. The reality is that LEO takes “scalps”, so to speak and displays these items as trophies and it is rare they are ever returned, regardless of any legal outcome.

    State “gang laws” (patterned in part after RICO) are mutli-pronged criteria of which a “common indicia” is a key element, then allows LEO to look for other items not specifically named in the search warrant once entry has been gained. Traditionally, computers, phone books, stationary, memorabilia (ashtrays, stickers, t shirts, photos etc.)
    are all confiscated.

    I have personal knowledge of such an event where dynamic entry was made on an obviously empty building (with extreme destruction of property) and items taken included a woman’s bra, a set of billiard balls, various house keys, a plaster cast gargoyle-just bizarre stuff. An itemized list along with a business card with “fave fun” scrawled on the back was left in the club house.

    In the case of James Hicks, the Va State Police for reasons known only to them, issued a bulletin warning all LEO in the state about retaliation from the Pagans MC. Ostensibly, safety of the Officers involved in the shooting is being used as a reason not to release information that VA statutes clearly sanction. My best guess is that a Civil action is pending and they are circling the wagons. VA statutes state that the State Police investigate all Officer involved killings and hand the results over to the District Attorney of the county where the killing took place for a decision whether or not to prosecute. If no criminal action is forthcoming, the report can be sealed (as in this case, apparently).

    To my knowledge the identity of the Trooper who killed Mr Hicks has never been made public. Since this was a joint raid involving ATF, there would be two separate investigations. Again, the State Police would be hard pressed to defend their decision to withhold this information, in a court of law.

    Every single source, all known data, support that James Hicks was a non-violent, stable, family man. Mr Hicks was an avid hunter. He owned his own home, had held the same job for many years and presented no threat to anyone.

    In addition, his wife drove a school bus which she religiously “warmed up” at approximately the same time every school day and left to idle for awhile. This was know to the State Police as indicated in their surveillance notes. A pre-dawn “knock and announce” raid was unnecessary for many reasons.

  23. 10Guage Says:

    I hope these clubs sue the shit out of these piggies. It certainly does not right any wrongs but it at the very least hips the sheeple to this bullshit. The majority of citizens dream about living a life of freedom, they may be afraid to look at us at the stop sign but they would give up that minivan in a heartbeat to hop on the sled and go profiling they just waited too long they’re in too deep. The point is when they read in the fish wrap or on a site like this the details and facts about one of these crazy over reaching raids it sends a shiver down their spines. When they read about the guerilla militia throwing concussive grenades into a family party, killing the family dog, or even worse yet murdering the man of the house and pointing guns at women and children even the stiffest upper lipped cowboy gets angry. Nobody wants these black helmeted and hooded bastards smashing through their front windows hanging on their shiny slick, 40 carrier braid, tactical ropes, lighting the place up with laser sited scopes. Nobody wants their property damaged and their families hassled by an overzealous police state. Nobody does. We live in the land of the brave and the home of the free. This hardly fits into the American ideal…let alone the American dream.

  24. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Not Surprised:

    Thanks for your reply.
    After sifting through some older entries here I saw that you have been working on bringing this case to light; Rebel first wrote about it some months ago, and at the time apparently knew that it involved primarily indicia as the target of the search warrant.

    Is there some reason of which I am not aware that the information that Rebel has stated here, along with the state’s reluctance to let it be known, should not be made as public as possible? Also, as you have looked into this, have any “mainstream” journalists shown any interest in this case at all?

    Thanks again for your reply.


  25. Not Surprised Says:

    Dear SVD:

    Below is an e-mail exchange requesting information under FOIA regarding James Hicks. The name of the person making the request has been replaced with “XXXX”.

    Read the exchange from the bottom up. Note that two things are pertinent:

    1) A redacted copy was requested after VA State Trooper Officer said no reprt could be made, due to confidentiality issues.

    2)When this issue was negated, another reason was given (see cites) that basically, the incident as of mid December, was still under official criminal investigation.

    Bottom line: They are not going to release any info at all unless forced by a lawsuit. I feel pretty confident a Court would order the release of a redacted copy (the name of the Officers involved blacked out). Inquiries into that possibility have been made..

    Dear XXXXXXX

    I have been out of the office and appreciate your patience. Please be advised that in accordance with Virginia Code Section 2.2-3706 (B), the criminal incident information is as follows:

    General description of the criminal activity reported:
    armed suspect shot by law enforcement officer

    Date and general location:
    October 6, 2009, Halifax Road , Dinwiddie , VA

    Identity of the investigating officer:
    Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Department of State Police

    General description of injuries suffered:
    suspect deceased

    Pursuant to Virginia Code Sections 2.2-3706 (F) and 2.2-3705.1 (1) and (3), the records requested are excluded from release and the Department, as custodian of the records, is exercising its discretion not to release anything further as it could jeopardize the investigations and/or the safety of individuals.

    I trust that the information provided above is helpful.


    Sara N. Poole
    Legal Specialist
    Virginia State Police
    From: XXXXXXXX
    Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 4:36 AM
    To: Poole, Sara N.
    Subject: Re: Request for Hicks Investigation

    Dear Ms. Poole:

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I would ask for clarification pursuant to the Virginia State Codes you cited regarding a “criminal investigation.”

    Any person employed by a law-enforcement agency or other governmental agency within the Commonwealth who has or has had access in an official capacity to an official written record or report submitted in confidence to the Department of State Police relating to an ongoing criminal investigation, and who uses or knowingly permits another to use such record or report for any purpose not consistent with the record exclusions permitted in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (§ 2.2-3700 et seq.), or other provision of state law, shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

    Since Mr. Hicks is deceased and presumably not under any indictment or investigation, is your office implying the officer involved is the subject of a criminal investigation?


    B. Law-enforcement agencies shall make available upon request criminal incident information relating to felony offenses. However, where the release of criminal incident information is likely to jeopardize an ongoing investigation or prosecution, or the safety of an individual; cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or result in the destruction of evidence, such information may be withheld until the above-referenced damage is no longer likely to occur from release of the information. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit the release of those portions of such information that are not likely to cause the above-referenced damage.

    C. Information in the custody of law-enforcement agencies relative to the identity of any individual, other than a juvenile, who is arrested and charged, and the status of the charge or arrest shall be released.

    D. The identity of any victim, witness or undercover officer, or investigative techniques or procedures need not but may be disclosed unless disclosure is prohibited or restricted under § 19.2-11.2.

    B. Law-enforcement agencies shall make available upon request criminal incident information relating to felony offenses. However, where the release of criminal incident information is likely to jeopardize an ongoing investigation or prosecution, or the safety of an individual; cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or result in the destruction of evidence, such information may be withheld until the above-referenced damage is no longer likely to occur from release of the information. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit the release of those portions of such information that are not likely to cause the above-referenced damage.

    C. Information in the custody of law-enforcement agencies relative to the identity of any individual, other than a juvenile, who is arrested and charged, and the status of the charge or arrest shall be released.

    D. The identity of any victim, witness or undercover officer, or investigative techniques or procedures need not but may be disclosed unless disclosure is prohibited or restricted under § 19.2-11.2.

    It would appear wide discretion is granted under these sub paragraphs. Is there a further process whereby my request may be reviewed? Is your office the custodian?

    Secondly, a redacted copy would suffice regarding any personnel issues.

    Sincerely, XXXXXX


    — On Fri, 12/11/09, Poole , Sara N. wrote:

    From: Poole, Sara N.
    Subject: Request for Hicks Investigation
    Date: Friday, December 11, 2009, 3:36 PM

    Dear XXXXXX

    Thank you for your email inquiry regarding obtaining records on the death of James Hicks.

    The records requested are exempt from disclosure pursuant to Virginia Code Section 52-8.3 and 2.2-3706 (F) (criminal investigative file) and further exempt pursuant to Virginia Code Sections 2.2-3705.1 (1) & (3) (personnel files).

    I regret that this agency could not be of further assistance to you.


    Sara N. Poole
    Legal Specialist
    Virginia State Police


    From: XXXXXXX
    Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 7:08 PM
    To: Information Office


    I am writing to request assistance on how to obtain records pertaining to the shooting death of James Hicks by Virginia State Police Tactical.

    Specifically, the conclusions of the internal investigation that was sent to the DA.

    Thank you, XXXXXX

  26. Jabba Says:

    All my “indicia” was obtained in the UK, then shipped into Canada and documentation – stamped by Canadian customs – allowed “various men’s clothing” into the country.

    I wonder what the legal status of such items is (i) in Canada and (ii) when I take a trip over the border into “the Land of the Free” (where you’re free to wear only government approved clothing).

    Please, just let some fuck-wit U.S. customs officer try something. This would be the shortest fucking Canadian immigration on record.

    If U.S. customs don’t fucking shoot me, my old lady would for getting us all deported.

    Then I’d have to sell the new bike and… ohhh shit. Maybe I’d better wear the Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt and just keep the SYLO in the saddlebags as we cross the border.

    O F F O


  27. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    The cops are well aware that the colors belong to the club. In fact, they operate the same way. When any LE agency kicks out a “member,” the first thing they do is recover the “colors,” i.e., the badge.

    The truth is they just don’t care about the reality of the situation. If the person who had his colors seized is willing to fill out an affidavit swearing he was robbed, then they are going to go for it, and the facts be damned. Apparently the ownership of indicia is some kind of evidence of wrongdoing. I wonder if those people who collect old Nazi memorabilia can all be indicted as war criminals, just for owning it?

    I just saw a really nice support shirt on ebay for the AOA. Are the feds going to raid all the people’s homes that buy the shirts online? In a similar vein, maybe the Mongols should give away free t-shirts to regular citizens, so that they can see what it is like to have clothing seized off your back when the government decides to take it.

    Only a year and a half to go, and then I’m gonna see if I can get an AOA member to let me go on the Pumpkin Run with them. At that point I’ll buy my own indicia in the form of a support shirt.

    Alright, I’ll quit babbling now… up past my bedtime so I’m starting to ramble.


  28. Snow Says:

    These actions, breaking into peoples properties, stealing their stuff, destroying property, and so on is par for the course of modern “law enforcement”, the biggest gang in this country is power hungry and looking to destroy all who oppose them. Marc Lester gave a great interview and hopefully will open the eyes of those sitting on the fence about police harassment, sue their asses for all the county’s worth and demand the sheriff step down for civil rights violations. Respects to the AOA, stand tall……

  29. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    “Because even good citizens who abhor the idea of motorcycle clubs would be appalled to know what got James Hicks killed that warrant has never been made public.”

    It’s an outrage, but I’d bet that there is a pretty good chance that most of the citizens to whom you refer never will get the chance to know about it. Almost every piece of reporting I’ve ever seen about motorcycle clubs prior to reading this blog could have been a police, FBI, or ATF press release. After that what else is out there? Gangland? Sons of Anarchy? Books by undercover agents? There are a few other, better sources, but you really have to want to find them. People have no idea. I had no idea. I probably still have no idea.

    While there is a lot of prejudice out there, I still think that
    many of us would be very angry about gross injustices being committed in our name. Did you know that when I read these articles, the mental references through which I feel a connection to them are stories about pogroms in Czarist Russia?

    Rebel: I think you should consider linking this site very agressively to very high traffic mainstream places on the internet. Not just biker sites. I would just go ahead and do it, but I don’t feel that I have the right to invite the whole world to an Open House at your place. If you are concerned about the impact of a lot of citizens traipsing through here and posting–a valid concern–, then think of some other way to widely disseminate this information that preserves this site as the oasis that it is.

    Look, I’m not so naive as to think that everything will magically change when people read your blog, but you have to start somewhere. If the starting point is that people don’t even know, then you have to get their attention and then tell them what they need to learn.

  30. Jabba Says:

    Not sure “ridiculous” is the word I’d use for the desecration of a memorial site for the dead. I think the brother was being very controlled and very polite.

    Much respect and admiration to the man.

    I really can’t bring myself to be that disciplined, so I think I’ll just shut the fuck up on this one.

    O F F O


  31. DirtyBruin Says:

    I find it amazing in a sick sort of way how the cops in this case are either so incredibly ignorant that they’re unaware that club colors are the property of the club, and will be recovered from someone whose membership is being terminated… or are just plain arrogant and figure that point of fact doesn’t need to stand in the way of them stealing markers for deceased club members and trashing a house.

    I hope this jerkwad sheriff was so incompetent about this that he’s effectively handed the club a BIG juicy settlement for when they sue his stupid ass later. Not that it makes up for the behavior – but at least in this case no pets or people were killed.

  32. RVN69 Says:

    They should call this what it is, souvenire hunting. How much of this stuff is actually used as evidence and how much ends up in the personal possession of cops to be used for war stories. This will never stop until the cops get so arrogant they start to use the same lame excuses to search “citizens” Once the public starts having their doors hammered down at 4AM followed by flash bangs we may see a demise of this type of warrant, but until then, JOHN Q PUBLIC doesn’t give a shit how they treat us!


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