Step Away From The Bandidos, Sir

September 9, 2008

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Four men were arrested and one was hospitalized as the result of a fight outside a bar called The Branch Inn on South Union Avenue in Pueblo, Colorado.

Sgt. Eric Bravo of the Pueblo Police Department identified the four men taken into custody as Daniel Martinez, 51, of Walsenburg; Gilbert Lee “Wizard” Archuleta, 54, of Pueblo; Steven “Tooter” Sandoval, 47, of Pueblo; and Jesse Lee Boling, 28, of Colorado Springs. Bravo said the men are all members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Bravo identified the injured man as Vincent Latona, 34, of Pueblo. Latona was stabbed twice in the stomach and once in the left arm according to the Pueblo police. His injuries were not described as life-threatening.

Pueblo police said the four Bandidos were charged with driving under the influence, eluding, possession of a weapon while under the influence and faced possible charges of first degree assault.

Victim Drunk And Loud

According to published reports, Latona had become loudly intoxicated and was causing a disturbance when he was asked to leave by one of the defendants. “Some of the Bandidos followed him outside,” Bravo said. And, a confrontation between the defendants and Latona ensued.

Latona pulled out a knife and a can of mace and threatened the Bandidos. He then stabbed and maced one of the defendants, Martinez, and another Bandido, 50-year-old Dale Aubuchon. Aubuchon was not arrested. Both Martinez and Aubuchon were treated and released at a Pueblo Hospital.

Latona was stabbed during the ensuing struggle to disarm him. “It’s possible this is a self-defense case,” Bravo told the Pueblo Chieftain. “We still have a lot of follow up to do.”

Victim Walks To Another Bar

Reportedly, Latona then walked to another bar, Zippers, where he was given aid by an off-duty police officer. The suspects fled on their motorcycles and were apprehended after a short pursuit.

During the incident one of the Bandidos reportedly fired a single shot. According to Bravo, a .38-caliber casing was recovered near the bar and police found a .38-caliber revolver in one Martinez’s saddlebags.

At the time of his arrest, according to police, Boling was carrying two knives. One of them had blood on it.

Branch Inn owner, Frank Vigil, told Pueblo television station KOAA that he was surprised by the brawl. “We’ve never had a problem with any biker here,” Vigil said. “The Bandidos have always been supportive of us and they’ve always respected our place.”

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  1. sylb larry Says:

    oh and the assault charges were dropped

  2. sylb larry Says:

    those are my uncles and they told him to leave no one followed him out when they were leaving he was standing by the front door and started maceing as they came out and martinez wasnt stabbed archuleta was so dnt belive everything u read media changes shit so it can seem worse.

  3. avton0m Says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  4. Big G Says:

    I think the message is very clear……… dont jack with the Bandidos man..anywhere or anytime.

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