Twelfth Pagan Plea Deal

January 11, 2010

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There have been twelve plea bargaining agreements in the Pagans case now unfolding in Charleston, West Virginia. Last October 23rd, Timothy A. Flood, the former President of the Northeast Philadelphia chapter of the club pled guilty to helping the Pagans run an illegal lottery.

The plea deal was unsealed last Thursday, January 7th. Flood pled guilty to a Base Level 12 Federal Offense and will probably be sentenced to ten months in a federal lockup.

Fifty-four members, associates and acquaintances of the Pagans Motorcycle Club were indicted in a federal racketeering indictment returned last September 29th. The indictment accuses defendants of raising funds with an illegal lottery; of possessing pipe bombs, firearms and Pagans paraphernalia; and of assaults and violent talk as part of criminal racketeering enterprise.

So far the only tangible evidence the government has offered that the Pagans are or were a racket is a fistful of raffle tickets. Nevertheless, the United States Department of Justice is an implacable foe that seems determined to humiliate the Pagans.

Previous Plea Deals

In late October four defendants, Eric Lyttle, James Lyttle, William Hankins Sr. and Edward Parsons agreed to reduced sentences in return for cooperating with prosecutors.

In November, Donnie Ray “Hoss” Workman, James N. Maggio, Michael Roy “Butterbean” Sneed and Thomas “Grumpy” Morris promised to take off their patches and leave their motorcycle club behind.

In December, Richard Howard Laly Smith, James R. “Bones” Claypool and former Pagans National Vice President Floyd B. “Jesse” Moore all reached plea agreements.

All of the deals signed so far include a clause that the confessed men, “will be forthright and truthful with this office and other law enforcement agencies with regard to all inquiries made pursuant to this agreement, and will give signed, sworn statements and grand jury and trial testimony upon request of the United States.”

Flood’s Confession

Flood’s misdeeds are described in his plea deal as follows:

“In April 2008, Flood, also known as ‘Casual,’ was a retired member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Previously, Flood held the position of President of the North East Philadelphia chapter of the Pagans. The Pagans was controlled nationally by members of the mother club (sic). Floyd B. Moore, also known as ‘Jesse,’ was the national vice president of the Pagans and a member of the mother club (sic). David Keith Barbeito, also known as ‘Bart,’ was the national president of the Pagans and a member of the mother club (sic). (Repeated references to the “mother club” in this confession seem to refer to the “Mother Chapter” of the Pagans. Rebel)

“As a member of the Pagans, periodically Flood and others were required to sell raffle tickets for a purported chance to win a motorcycle. The date on which the raffle was conducted and the amount of tickets each chapter was responsible to sell was dictated by the mother club (sic). The raffle constituted gambling, in violation of the laws of the states in which the various Pagans members resided. The money raised from the raffle was used to promote the Pagans.

“Chapter presidents were responsible for distributing raffle tickets to their chapter members and for collecting money from the sale of raffle tickets by their chapter members. The money was then delivered to the mother club (sic) member in charge of that particular territory. In the case of Flood, that was Moore, and, ultimately, to Barbeito. Approximately six months prior to April 2008, Moore distributed raffle tickets to each chapter to sell including to Flood. Flood distributed the tickets to the members of his chapter. Flood instructed the treasurer of his chapter, also known as ‘T,’ to collect the money from the sale of the raffle tickets from the chapter members.

‘T’ collected the money and, on April 26, 2008, having sold raffle tickets and collected money for the same, and at the direction of Barbeito and Moore, Flood, ‘T’ and other members of the Pagans including Rocco J. Boyd, Christopher T. Brunner, Thomas William Connolly, Sergio Velez Cuevas, William J. DeSalvatore, Dominick Carl Dipietro, Stephen G. Dunn Jr., Joseph Robert Fareri, Damian Foti, William Hankins Sr., Stephen G. Hoffman, Charles James Laverty, Martin Craig Nuss, Vincent David Pezzano, Daniel J. Reilly, Joseph J. Schmidt III, and Vincent Talotta traveled from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and elsewhere to Saint Albans, West Virginia for the purpose of delivering the proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets to Moore. Once in West Virginia, envelopes containing money raised by each chapter from the sale of raffle tickets were delivered to Moore by members of the various Pagans chapters.”

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57 Responses to “Twelfth Pagan Plea Deal”

  1. bcnasty Says:

    Seems a few of us grew up that way. Thanks for the laughs.

    To others, this site sure as heck makes anyone that reads it know we are all more than tattooed violent idiots.

  2. White Bear Says:

    Although I don’t post here as often as I once did I often come and read the threads and am glad to see some of my favorites commenting on this one, just a couple things and perhaps I dreamed some of it during the Charleston Fiasco (I like that better then using my good friend and Brothers name) but either I missed something because I don’t hear the name of Ronnie the Rat, I could swear I read somewhere that he was the “Knon person” or was that one of those nyquil induced dreams as for my shot down Brother Jimbo 1%, I can sort of relte to what went through his mind just before his wife watched him shot like a rabbid dog because when at 5:45 am Oct 6, 2009 I opened my back door to let my dog
    out as I always do because the nieghbor just pulled out of his driveway and Blaze doesn’t give me any other choice, and seen not a few burglars or even several assorted police agencies but many people some with mask and scarves wrapped around thier faces all I knew that there were people outside my house and not for any good reason and on the inside were my wife and at the time 7 yr old son and sitting at my kitchen table one of my derest friends and Brothers who had the day before gotten off parole and was on his way o florida and his new wife and all I wanted to do is protect all in my home as I am sure Jimbo was doing and as you al know for Indicia to prove he was a Pagan not even an arrest warrent and when the cops told me about it 15 minutes after they were in my home it was not the chimp or Baboon but my human natue to kill what has hurt mine sorry guess ( just had a bad dream and thank all of you for your input on everything and Rebel for giving us the venue White Bear

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear WV Fritz,

    Little story is up now.


  4. WV Fritz Says:

    Brother Rebel,
    Yep that story just confirms it. I guess the next thing you know that Rat-fucker will be able to testify as to who actually assassinated JFK. That’s cool on not writing on that, Reb. I just wasn’t sure if you got that news or not. I can see that you have been quite busy with things lately. I would love to see a story on it, if ya get a little clear time to do one down the road. I’ll email ya with a personal request in a few minutes… gotta ask a favor from ya.
    Love and Respect to ya! Fritz 1%er

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear WV Fritz,

    Yeah. Claypool. Jail house snitchin’. Who says he has no incentive to tell lies. I almost wrote about this yesterday but did not because it is basically a followup to the Barbeito case — which means I have to go back and review all my old notes. So I didn’t have time.

    May do a story on this today.



  1. pezzano - March 20, 2010

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