Iron Pigs Victim Released, Charged

September 9, 2008

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Joseph McGuire, the man shot by a member of the Iron Pigs motorcycle gang a month ago at the Loud American Roadhouse in Sturgis was released from Rapid City Regional Hospital late last month.

After his release, he testified before a Meade County Grand Jury on August 27.

McGuire of Imperial Beach, California has been ordered to appear before South Dakota Circuit Judge Jerome Eckrich September 24. He is charged with alternate counts of aggravated and simple assault. He will be tried for both the felony and misdemeanor charges but under South Dakota law he can only be convicted on either the felony or the misdemeanor.

McGuire, 33, is a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Shot By Seattle Cop

He was shot by Ronald Smith, 43, a Seattle police officer who’s a member of the Iron Pigs motorcycle gang. He is also a Seattle police union official.

The Iron Pigs gang recruits its members from police and fire departments nation wide. Smith claims he shot McGuire twice in self defense when McGuire tried to take Smith’s weapon away from him. Smith is also charged with alternate felony and misdemeanor assault charges.

Six Defendants

An additional perjury charge against Smith were dropped last week.

Four other members of the Iron Pigs also face charges for carrying concealed firearms without a permit. They are Scott Lazalde, 38, of Bellingham, Washington; Dennis McCoy, 58, of Seattle; Erik Pingel, 35, of Aurora, Colorado; and James Rector, 44, of Ferndale, Washington.

Meade County State’s Attorney Jesse Sondreal said he expects all six defendants to surrender to South Dakota authorities voluntarily.

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