The Bloody Williamson Biker Menace

December 18, 2009

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A small town bully named Dennis Presley called a press conference Wednesday in Marion, Illinois to give the people fair warning that only he is ready to confront the outlaw biker invasion that is about to overrun Williamson County.

Williamson is a rural county in Southern Illinois and like most counties near the Mason-Dixon line it has a violent past. It was “Bloody Williamson” for half a century. A local feud called the Bloody Vendetta, broke out in 1876. The Carterville Massacre was in 1899. There was a bad coal strike in 1906 followed by the Herrin Massacre in 1922, the Klan War from 1924 to 1926 and the Birger-Shelton Gang War about the same time. Mostly, it has been peaceful in Williamson County for the last 83 years.

But Presley, in the photo above, is the Republican candidate for County Sheriff so he is “committed to aggressively confronting the most dangerous criminal elements of the county.” The last time anybody looked only about 61,000 people lived in Williamson. But since that massacre in 1899 Carterville has managed to get its own television station. And the other day Presley was on it volunteering to be Bloody Williamson’s very own Billy Jack.

The Outlaws Are Coming

“It’s a fact,” Presley declared. “The Outlaws are here and established in Williamson County.”

Then for the benefit of people who are not yet terrified of the growing American biker menace, Presley handed out a Department of Justice press release that describes the Outlaws as “an international criminal organization whose members and associates engage in acts of violence including murder, attempted murder, assault, narcotics distribution, firearms and gambling offenses.”

“The Outlaws website displays Marion as a prospective chapter of their organization,” Presley, sort of, explained. “The gang to which I am referring is the Storm Riders,” he continued. “My concern was the official affiliation with the American Outlaws Association: AKA The Outlaws, by several of their members.” The AOA may be about to patch over the Storm Riders Motorcycle Club. Or maybe not. Presley was vague.

Presley comes across on television as a vague and fatuous man but he seems to expect prospective voters to be terrified of bikers. And, at the same time he wants everybody that he is doing his best to terrify to understand that he is brave and calm.

“We do not have to be fearful of the Outlaws or any such gang,” Presley explained. “You have to be vigilant and take enforcement activities against them. You have to let them know they are not welcomed. We need not be scared. We simply need to be aware, vigilant and united in our opposition.”

Presley, who was County Sheriff from 1994 to 1998, told the Marion Southern that “his suspicions about the Outlaws’ presence here grew this summer when he saw members of another motorcycle club wearing an Outlaws affiliate patch.”

Storm Riders Stay Out

Three members of the Storm Riders tried to attend Presley’s television news opportunity but they were locked out.

“Well, I was just afraid of a disruption during the news conference,” Presley told television station WSIL.

The station then asked Rande Sussenbach, one of the Storm Riders who was locked out in the cold, if he had a reply. “How can you have a campaign running for office if you ain’t going to allow the public to ask you questions,” Sussenbach wondered. “Seems kind of …chicken, if you ask me.”

WSIL gave Presley the last word. “If they don’t violate the law everything will be fine.” The television reporter didn’t bother to ask Presley if the candidate thinks it is a crime for people who might not agree with him to ask him questions or listen to him speak.

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23 Responses to “The Bloody Williamson Biker Menace”

  1. proudtobethesisterofastormrider Says:

    August 13, 2011 my brother and his girlfriend were celebrating her birthday with their three children. It was a surprise party for her a picture of my brother with his arm around his girlfriend who was holding her son with autism and MS, her daughter standing beside her almost as tall as she is, and his daughter standing next to him was taken, all of them had the biggest smile on their faces. A truly happy family. August 14, 2011 my brother and his fiancee were riding down the highway on their way home from her birthday celebration with their friends. The driver of a truck failed to signal his turn and to notice the couple on the Harley. In the early hours of the new day my brother and his fiancee didn’t make it home to greet their childrens smiling faces. My brothers last breathes were taken in a black leather vest, red and black were the colors of his patch on his back that said “Storm Riders MC”. The day of my brothers visitation there was a line of motorcycles that surronded a four block radius of the funeral home, it was a sea of red and black. August 16, 2011, my brother and his fiancee were laid in their final resting place. There were no back hoes to place the dirt on top of them. However there was a gang of rough necks there dressed in black leather vests with patches that read “Storm Riders MC” with shovels in hand, that day these “criminals” shoveled dirt for 2 hours. That day they not only burried my brother and his fiancee but their brother and sister. The criminals Presley speaks of bought a burrial plot and have started a trust fund for three children who have lost their parents. These “criminals” have shown more compassion, care, and love than any “law enforment” I have ever known. These men may appear to be rough around the edges and some may have a rocky past, but, who doesn’t? Cassell Ray we love you and miss you, Storm Riders Forever, Forever Storm Riders.

  2. stormrider enforcer Says:

    in the 30’s if you were italian you had to be connected to the mafia.if you were irish you were a no good drunken lying the 50’s if you listen to rock and watched elvis shake his hips you would be going to hell.if you wore leather and rode a motorcycle you were a rebel,a hood in society.then along came the 60’s and the 70’s the long hair hippie freaks movement.all you know how to do was smoke grass,have wild sex and mooch off society.remember any of these labels labels have been around forever and each generation did not like them.they swore never to label someone without getting to know them first, try to understand them,and see who they really are.recently a man running for sheriff of williamson county named presley labeled motorcycle clubs as criminal elements as so many others he sees anyone who rides a rides a motorcycle,wears leathers with patches on them and belong to a club as a no good outcast to society.has he ever looked at these members they are just like him hard working people raising and providing for their families.they pay taxes,go to church,and help out their communities.they are truck drivers,coal miners,constructruction workers,doctors,lawyers,even they have a love for motorcycles,the open road and being with people of the same interest.when was the last time you heard of a motorcycle club tearing up a town oh yeah on tv the wild hogs.what about mc club selling guns,drugs or women oh yeah on tv sons of anarchy.the movies and tv put that out to get ratings,to make it interesting for people to you think that people would watch a show about a mc club that donated toys and 5000.oo to st.judes or would they watch a show that bikers go into a convenient store catching someone shoplifting and return the merchandise to the two elderly ladies because the sheriff could not get there for 30 minutes.i hardly think so.come on presley,you say mc clubs are criminal elements what about the poker runs,battered women and children,or for heart disease and cancer.yes a few bikers get drunk and get into fights on saturday nights but so does a percentage of people in the communities that dontride bikes.some of these people you call friends or work with.bikers dont label you when an officer of the law is busted selling drugs.we dont say all law officials are drug pushers.when politicians are caught taking bribes or doing things illegal.we dont say all politicians are presley why are you labeling mc clubs what will be next the girl scouts are prostitutes and the boy scouts are their pimps wake up presley and see the world around you,one bad apple does not spoil the whole tree.see the real world not hollywood or a cecil todd emery for sheriff of williamson county a man who will do the job without putting labels on you,fuck you dix and the fucking task force. you little fucking bitch!!!!

  3. Hannah Says:

    thats my dad

  4. dix Says:

    The storm riders and outlaws need to leave southern Illinois. If the task force or presley can do this more power to him.

  5. Squirts Says:

    Rebel, I had my head up my ass and typed in a wrong name in my previous post. The current (now former) Williamson County sheriff, TOM CUNDIFF, is who I should have referenced. Sheriff Cundiff, resigned on Christmas day leaving the door wide open to Presley come election time. Feel free to wipe my posts and use the information to add your own update if you think it’s worthy. Sorry for the screw up. Thanks, Squirts
    Cundiff resignation:

  6. Squirts Says:

    Update: It’s no secret that Presley has a hard-on against the incumbent sheriff, James Wilson. The “back story” is that Presley was the County Sheriff for 4 years in the early 90’s and originally formed the “Williamson County Gang Crime Enforcement Alliance” and Wilson axed it once he took the reigns. Presley wants his power (and the “Gang Crime Enforcement Alliance”) back. Wilson’s administration has had its share of problems and there is a good chance the Presley may succeed in ousting him. Presley has made the possible patch-over of the Storm Riders a talking point and he has stirred up the public plenty with his rants. As they say in showbiz, “ANY press is good press” and Presley is using it to his advantage. The most recent article (12/27) chronicling this issue is located here: Respects, Squirts

  7. Barnone Says:

    Scare everyone into electing you. When will people realize this is the oldest trick in the book? Thanks rebel for starting this site, I hope that more people will take the time to read things like this. Maybe someday people will see the courts, feds, and politicians for what they really are.

  8. DocB Says:

    Mr. America:

    Kinda what I was thinking too. He’s saying elect me so I can swing into action if this threat that doesn’t exist ever starts to commence to get ready to begin to become a threat. If elected, this kind of guy will deamonize a non existant biker threat to justify his own existance and in the current climate is bound to involve and take lessons from the ATF. He could become yet another small minded person in a position of authority. Denis, you’re a fuckin’ Moron!

  9. Mr. America Says:

    Someone needs to tell this guy he’s a Moron. Or, he’s not going to know it. His Pricipal in Theory is the same as telling a child the boogieman is under their bed to keep them from getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Dennis, you’re a Moron!

  10. Southside Says:

    Jim over at Biking Life magazine has been building up his swap meet for a couple years now, colors not a problem well worth supporting. Jim is a true friend of every slice in this motorcycle world giving money and time that people don’t see. He has had them around here and is setting something up for January in Hannibal. The Storm Riders are a very respected organization in southern Illinois been around a long time. As I understand they are one of the few in Illinois that has never worn the the AOA support patch. Doesn’t matter who you are that is a big statement in Illinois. Another MC trying to build in that general area with some riders outbad from other clubs. That could possibly be the concern? Outlaws never have had much presence around So Il si it kind of makes sense? Wonder what Shawneetown will look like next rally?

  11. docb Says:

    Dear Dred
    In the 80’s and up into the mid 90’s I sold new parts at about 30 or so Swap meets a year. Belleville was always a good show. Lots of people and everybody buying something. You’re right about the internet. As people learned how to buy and sell on it the swap meet sales for new parts dropped in direct proportion. John Parham (J&P Parts)used to promote the Belleville show along with Peotone and others through out the mid west. He was a good promoter. As his catalogue business grew he didn’t need the swap meets and let them go. The hand writing was on the wall at that point. I kinda miss the crowds and the hustle.
    I still make some of the meets but I’m buying used stuff to sell elseware.
    Hate to see that part of Bikerdoom die.


  12. Damon Says:

    Neil Young says it’s better to burn out. I guess that would be a test of one’s mettle. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  13. Dredd Says:

    The Belleville swap meet routinely sends me cards announcing their upcoming T-Shirt and Leather extravaganzas. It’s basically a 5×7 postcard filled with a bulleted list of things that I cannot do when I go there. No colors, no weapons, no support gear, no this, no that…no fun. I have to check my pocket knife, which is a tool, at the gate, but I can buy the Klingon 7 Avenger dagger, a weapon, right inside the door. Makes perfect sense. Small matter for me, anyway. The swap meet, for the most part, has met its end at the hands of eBay and Craigslist. The Belleville show is little more than a gathering point for the local enthusiast crowd to meet up and go shopping together.

  14. fayettenam hoe Says:

    rust lives inside the freinds that past the touch, feel them when you sleep, that fire inside

  15. fayettenam hoe Says:

    piggies have no soul

  16. fayettenam hoe Says:

    rust is the future of the distance to swallow your future, in other words get used to eating what they hand you, to make it simple get out of there, its a large country with boundaries, a little world in little places will confined you

  17. DocB Says:

    Dirty Bruin:
    not in my ore-ganization by God!

    back to ya

  18. DirtyBruin Says:

    DocB: Not to mention that they’re … ore-ganic. ;)

  19. DocB Says:

    Dear Dred
    Yeah, they kinda fucked up the swap meet in Bellville (a bit South from Collinsville). They don’t allow colors at that one now, so with maybe four or five clubs in the place the cops don’t have a clue who they’re talking to cause there’s no cuts. Laugh My Fuckin’ Ass Off

    There’s a retired State Trooper who does security there….. he was confused last I saw of him.

    Damon: ore gasms are more fun


  20. Damon Says:


    Be careful, man – distribution of rust is ore ganised crime…..


  21. Dredd Says:

    This whole area is rife with jackbooted stormtrooper thugs who have nothing better to do than play weekend commando. The local constabulary is convinced that anyone who wears a patch is the antichrist, and that it is their holy duty to protect their New Jerusalem from the infidels on iron horseback. Reference this video of a swap meet held this spring in nearby Collinsville, IL. The local gestapo had snipers set up on the roof of a gas station across the road, police with better combat gear than our soldiers overseas enjoy, and to top it off they were running around taking photos of everyone, running to the back room and scanning the photos through a facial recognition program to crack down on hard core criminals engaged in the nefarious act of purchasing and selling motorcycle parts. To the best of my knowledge, all of this turnout resulted in the arrest of one individual, and a few traffic tickets. In fact, the only tension in the place came when the wannabe copmonger club Iron Order decided to stroll through, with full escort of their police brethren, who encouraged them to keep moving and not to stop or talk to anyone for fear that they would reveal themselves as bigger douchebags than they already appeared to be.

  22. Big Bagel Says:

    It’s a common political tactic to make some group “the other”.

  23. 10guage Says:

    Dear Feyeetenam Hoe,

    Please pass the rust.


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