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December 8, 2009

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Two more defendants in the big government case against the Pagans Motorcycle Club agreed to plea and sentencing agreements last Friday.

Michael Roy “Butterbean” Sneed, 43, of Charleston, West Virginia and Thomas “Grumpy” Morris, 67, of Dunbar, West Virginia have both agreed to “be forthright and truthful with (prosecutors) and other law enforcement agencies with regard to all inquiries made pursuant to this agreement and will give signed, sworn statements and grand jury and trial testimony upon request of the United States.”


Sneed’s plea deal stipulates that:

“Between January and October of 2008, on numerous occasions, Sneed along with other members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club including Eric Wolfe, Stephen Bailey, David Cremeans and Daniel Copen would order Wes Hudnall, a Pagans prospect, and Donnie Workman to purchase cocaine for their use. Sneed knew that Edward Parsons was a source for the cocaine he purchased. The Pagans members, including Mr. Sneed, typically ordered Hudnall and Workman to purchase an 8 ball quantity of cocaine. Hudnall and Workman would purchase the cocaine from Parsons and then return to the clubhouse and give the cocaine to the Pagans member who sent them to buy it. The Pagans member would then distribute it among other Pagans Motorcycle Club members for his own and for the other members’ use. Many of the Pagans members were frequent users of cocaine including Eric Wolfe, Stephen Bailey, David Cremeans, Daniel Copen, Donnie Workman, Elmer Moore and James Claypool.”

Sneed also confessed that Hudnall and Workman delivered between “100 and 200 grams of powder cocaine.”

Sneed pled guilty to one count of drug conspiracy and will be sentenced for a Level 18 Offense. He will probably be sentenced to between 27 and 48 months imprisonment on March 11, 2010.


Morris confessed that:

“In May 2006 Thomas Morris approached Floyd B. Moore about having a person killed for reasons personal to Morris. Morris spoke to Moore about this because of Moore’s position in the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Morris was a local chapter President of the Avengers Motorcycle Club. Morris knew that Moore was the National Vice President of the Pagans.”

Morris’ intended victim was allegedly a woman at whom he had grown angry. The woman is still alive and unharmed.

Morris also confessed:

“The Pagans Motorcycle Club was a national criminal organization that used violence and intimidation to gain control of territory and to maintain control of its territories. The pagans had chapters in numerous states and the criminal enterprise affected interstate commerce…. The Pagans criminal enterprise consisted of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, its support clubs and its associates. Both Moore and Morris were part of the Pagans Motorcycle Club criminal enterprise.”

Morris pled guilty to “conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering.” Morris will be sentenced for a Level 33 Offense. Level 33 Offenses carry a minimum punishment of 135 months imprisonment but Morris’ agreement states that Morris will be exposed to a “Maximum Potential Penalty” of ten years. He will also be sentenced March 11, 2010.

Previous Cooperation Agreements

In late October four defendants, Eric Lyttle, 30, James Lyttle, 55, William Hankins Sr., 54, and Edward Parsons, 29, agreed to reduced sentences in return for cooperating with prosecutors.

About a month ago, two more defendants in the case, Donnie Ray “Hoss” Workman and James N. Maggio also decided to burn their bridges and make a fresh start with their lives.

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5 Responses to “More Pagans Pleas”

  1. ilda Says:

    Great article. I can only add that, we get the respect because we earn it. Make sure this life is for you.You cant go half way. Not a weekend hobby. It is my life for over 15 years. We take care of our own. I know I am loved and proected

  2. BAMBAM Says:

    fuck the feds and hells angels

  3. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Damn good words sister,P.L.&R.from another old school Pagan in Virginia and as allways F.T.F.

  4. property of Says:

    The Pagans are not a criminal or drug orginization, people do what they want and should not get their brothers involved. They dont play the radio baby they are men who are strong real men! They are alive and are getting stronger (OLD SCHOOL) there are fools everywhere but never take an old school Pagan for a fool they dont look for trouble, their peace makers but dont cross that line. The best people you ever want to meet. Family men not boys. Women Love Pagans. They treat their women with respect the highest and if your a biker chasing woman and just want to be a whore you get treated like one. the property of the Pagans, get the highest respect we know who we are we are not made to do anything we dont want to. You know it all boils down to the Feds are just drawing at straws with the Pagans MC, they are just wasting there time nit picking and aresting brothers who are sloppy and they could never be old school because they would never get there family envolved real Pagans know they would die before getting another bro in some stupid shit because they hold a fear in there heart ( a healthy Fear) there like no one I’ve ever seen the love for eachother fills the room. Say what you want but I know for a fact their hard working men. The OL’S the the Sons of Slience and all of Florida are coming togeather including the Senator, the police of Miramar, Hialeah, know that the time is here where the 1%ers for life are living in harmony they get togeather and raise money for The Childrens Hospial, Breast Cancer, and many other fund raising and dont get the praise they deserve from the news papers. Times have changed folks dont beleive the old stories you have heard its not that way anymore your neighbors are worse have you ever heard of them shooting eachother why dont you talk to the 1%ers in florida they would give you the food off there table and a place to live they dont look for trouble they just love to ride. They are tired of the way the Feds are harrasing them leave them alone the cops are the biggest corrup gang around the 1%ers just want to live in peace and want to be reconized too when they do something for the community. Get to know a bicker near you dont judge them they are the best men you will ever meet. Its time for a change. I am a ministers daughter and I am treated with more respect then the abusing husband I married, cheeting no good father but the Pagans MC 1% man that I am with is the man like my old school father a real man a man who will do what he says and means what he means.

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