Now Seven Pagans Pleas

November 17, 2009

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Now seven of the 55 members and associates of the Pagans Motorcycle Club indicted September 29th have agreed to cooperate with the prosecution.

On October 27th four defendants, Eric Lyttle, 30, James Lyttle, 55, William Hankins Sr., 54, and Edward Parsons, 29, all pled guilty and agreed to “be forthright and truthful with (prosecutors) and other law enforcement agencies with regard to all inquiries made pursuant to this agreement and will give signed, sworn statements and grand jury and trial testimony upon request of the United States.”

The main targets of the 44 count indictment against the Pagans seem to be Pagans National President David Keith “Bart” Barbeito and National Vice President Floyd B. “Diamond Jesse” Moore.


Yesterday James N. Maggio, Defendant 38, pled guilty and agreed to testify against Moore. According to court documents, Maggio asked Moore to help him collect business debts of $16,700 and $13,000.

According to the plea agreement, “Moore put Maggio in touch with Ronnie Howerton, a convicted felon and a member of the (Pagans Motorcycle Club.) Howerton acted as Moore’s personal sergeant at arms and was often ordered to aid Moore or his associates through the use or threatened use of violence and intimidation.”

“In November 2008, Howerton met Maggio in Alexandria, Virginia. In a conversation recorded on November 7, 2008, Maggio provided Howerton with the details regarding the intended victims and the debts he needed collected…. Howerton and Maggio also discussed the extent of the injuries the victims might receive in the process of extorting the money.”

Court documents do not disclose how the conversation between Maggio and Howerton came to be recorded or who recorded it.

Under terms of the agreement Maggio will be sentenced for a guideline level 24 offense and will probably have to serve between 51 and 63 months in prison. Federal prisoners usually must complete at least 80 percent of their sentence before they are eligible for release.


Donnie Ray “Hoss” Workman, Defendant 50, signed a plea agreement October 28th. The agreement was filed November 5th. Workman also agreed to testify against Moore.

Workman has admitted that he was a member of the Pagans and that, on Moore’s order, he obtained a concealed weapons permit and carried that weapon in order to protect Moore.

Moore has pled guilty to Count Twenty-Nine of the indictment which alleges that the Pagans Motorcycle Club is “a criminal enterprise engaged in various types of violent criminal activity.”


James “Timex” Hoback, Defendant 44, made a plea deal November 4th that was filed on November 10th. Hoback pled guilty to obtaining C4 plastic explosive and two hand grenades for the Pagans “ongoing conflict with the (Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.)”

Hoback admitted that he transferred the plastic explosive and grenades to Ronnie Howerton, who seems to have miraculously avoided indictment in this case, “knowing that they would be used to kill, injure or intimidate another individual.”

Hoback pled guilty to one count of interstate transportation of explosives and was released on $10,000 bail on November 11th. Under terms of his agreement he is guilty of a base level 18 offense and can be sentenced to a prison term of 27 to 33 months.

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10 Responses to “Now Seven Pagans Pleas”

  1. Freja Says:

    Just a note, but the patriot act enabling the feds to easily ‘target a major 1% club with international chapters.’ doesn’t apply to the PMC. Red white and blue, American made and American KEPT.

  2. Philo Says:

    There’s an article over at saying at least two more have agreed to cooperate….

  3. Mr. America Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Rebel. I appreciate all that you do. Question: Is there anything recent on the James Hicks’ murder?

  4. DOC Says:


    These two links should probably be included in the education program for your brothers. Copy and past them into your browser.


  5. Swampy Says:

    Well, I wonder if the Feds will try the same shit(forfeiture of trademark) on the PAGANS, in the east, like they did with the MONGOLS, in the west, eventually ending with every club “in-between.” Man, this shit is getting scarier by the day.

    Not Surprised, I really enjoy your post, you seem to hit the nail on the head every time.

    With the highest regards,

  6. Not Surprised Says:


    Well said. Very solid points. People don’t realize how easy it is now to get a wire tap. Homeland Security and the Patriot Act make it almost a given.

    Target a major 1% club with international chapters. provide some very sketchy intel about selling guns to the wrong people or buying drugs from some Sate Dept. “bad guys list” and you have instant Domestic Terrorism. Unlike all the other alphabet agencies, ATF can prosecute any crime under USCJ, independently.

    Now that the biggest part of ATF is under The Justice Dept, it is a mere rubber stamp to get cell phone taps and land line taps on an entire chapter or region.


    Not Surprised
    Explains it better than I can and he did so. feds divide and conquer . besides 80% of the brothers and 99% of the wife’s and girl friends don’t even understand their part and how to act or their rights when a bust comes down . it’s amazing in the year 2009 how many brothers are busted on wire taps and chatting on videos , if you don’t know how to keep away from this shit with counter Intel . Keep your shit on the up and up . like I said in my first post if busted shut the fuk up. Lmaooooooo if it wasn’t funny it’s almost sad 1% centers need to go to school . with club fees and dues each chapter needs to bring in a lawyer once a month for a q&a
    Respect steve

  8. Not Surprised Says:

    The whole intent of RICO is exactly that: divide and conquer. A RICO indictment is one of the easiest to obtain. But it is the “fishing expedition” during the individual interviews that brings out more charges the feds never knew about.

    Rico falls apart at trial, for the most part, because unless no one pleas and signs a paper saying they did such and such for so and so on behalf of a criminal enterprise, it is almost impossible to prove.

    When one guys agrees to testify against 6 others, they in turn plea. Now once a guy agrees, he is untouchable, usually if you even try to call him its another felony. So all the mystery and not knowing breeds an air of fear, resentment and it turns into every man for himself because the COMMUNICATION of the once tight brotherhood is null.

    And of course the feds know this, lie, play off it, threaten your family with loss of their home etc….If they even have your wife on tape saying hello to a member who was indicted, they will use that as leverage too The fucking mother fucking cock sucking bastards.

  9. sled tramp Says:

    Dead fuckin’ on words of wisdom…..
    sled tramp


    Seems the feds have the brother hood turning on each other 1% centers are looking dumber and dumber. clubs need to go back to prospects on a 2 year wait list. dump all two time felons catch up on new counter intel and shut-up and learn to keep ego’s in check. and remember other chapters have leo’s . good inte is not that hard to set up.just my view .
    respect Steve

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