Special Memory Stabbing Fallout

November 11, 2009

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Police in Las Vegas forcibly entered and searched the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club clubhouse this morning at dawn.

Video on the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, KLAS Channel 8, showed the front door of the red and white, two story tract house on Torrey Pines Drive near Washington Avenue had been kicked in. A SWAT Team also demolished the red garage door. The clubhouse is about five miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Five other residences in Las Vegas and Henderson were simultaneously raided and searched.

A Las Vegas Metro Police spokesman, Lt. Dave Logue was quoted by the Associated Press (AP) as claiming the raids were related to “the wedding chapel stabbings as well as another current investigation regarding our local Hells Angels club. We were looking for specific items…including business records.” The search warrants are sealed and no arrests were made.

An unidentified police spokesman later told the AP that “the Hells Angels have been a presence in Las Vegas for decades and that includes an estimated 900 motorcycle gang members and their associates living in Las Vegas.” The spokesman did not define what he meant when he uttered the noise “associate.”

Special Memory Knife Fight

Last December 20th Mongols and Hells Angels fought with knives at the Special Memory Wedding Chapel in downtown Las Vegas after the chapel manager inadvertently scheduled a Mongols wedding right after a Hells Angels wedding. The Mongols groom was stabbed three times in the stomach. The best man was also stabbed. The bride, of course, was not harmed.

At the time, Chapel owner Joshua Gust, told Las Vegas television station KTNV that the knife fight was just bad luck. “There’s 100,000 weddings a year in Las Vegas and how many across the world. To have two groups that close together, I think that is very odd,” Gust said.

“We were friggin’ attacked,” the groom told KTNV. “We defended ourselves the best we could. It’s real hard to do when you are outnumbered that bad. But that is alright.”

“I would like to say, the police and certain people are putting it out there that we did something wrong,” the groom added. “That’s not what it is. I came here to get married. I didn’t even know that other people were here.”

The Secretive Police

As is always the case, as was the case today, Vegas Metro tried to keep as many details of the brawl as possible secret. Until talking to a Gangland producer six months after the fight, police refused to release even the most basic information about that night including the two clubs involved, the names of the combatants or the extent of their injuries.

“We have some video that we are reviewing,” Metro Police Lieutenant Richard Fletcher admitted last December. “It won’t be released at this time. It has been turned over to detectives.”

A Metro Officer named Barbara Morgan confirmed this afternoon that police are continuing their investigation, into whatever it is they are investigating, using whatever it was they broke down doors to find, if they actually found whatever it was they thought they might find and will continue to do that without comment.

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64 Responses to “Special Memory Stabbing Fallout”

  1. Debater Says:


    Wittnesses for the prosecution were found to be lying on the stand on mutiple occasions when Mongols and their women testified.


  2. Not Surprised Says:

    Mr America:

    Whatever passes for an internal investigation, when done, will be handed to the DA of Dinwiddie County for his review. ATF will or has done an “after action” report, but since no Federal guns were fired, VA State Police have all jurisdiction.

    Dinwiddie likely will not file any criminal charges, the public will never see the final report.

    To answer your question, no. You won’t hear anything unless and until his widow files a civil wrongful death suit.

  3. Bud Says:

    A.T.F. should be a convenient store not a government agency.
    At least then they would actually serve a worthwhile purpose

  4. Mr. America Says:

    Again: Hence, Agent Provocateurs. They don’t have anything. So, they’re attempting to stir-up something, my guess. No chatter on the phones, no chatter in our homes, and no chatter on the street. They can’t take it. So being, the bullies they are. They’ll violate our Rights in an attempt to coerse us into saying or doing something derogatory towards them. Or, each other. George Washington said; ” A Corrupt Government will attempt to steal our Rights under the Guise of War”.

    Also, has anyone heard anything recent on the James Hicks’ murder investigation? Thanks

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    LOL shit………………….

    That was too funny.

  6. JAMES Says:


  7. Not Surprised Says:


    Few weeks back, a big 1% club was raided while they were hosting a benefit party for a downed brother who had a major accident on his scoot.

    They confiscated all the alcohol. All of it except what was being consumed.

    Even had a helicopter flying cover.

    You see it coming?

    Again, no arrests.

    What does the “A” in ATF stand for?

  8. JAMES Says:

    NOT SURPRISED, this is what I was more less implying, that they waited this long just to do “OVERKILL” as to say and yes you hit it on the nose also only plainer, thanks, JAMES

  9. Not Surprised Says:


    Any time (and I know I’m not telling you anything new), something goes down involving a 1% club, there is always a big Pow Wow about how it can be parlayed into maximum advantage.

    Because it isn’t about making the streets safer, or about “solving” a crime. I’m sure Metro held out several months or weeks, hoping there would be “pay back” then they could call in the Troops and make a “sweep”.

    More and more we are seeing Federal warrants drawn up specifically listing club materials, documents, rosters, phone lists, etc. None of this stuff is illegal, and should NOT be including in a search warrant, but RICO cannot be prosecuted without evidence of structure, organization, collusion, direction, etc. so my take on this is that they waited as long as they wanted, hoping to get their hands on as much club stuff as they can.

    No arrests were made. Six locations, and no arrests. The stabbings were just the “device” used to launch the raids. I’m sure no one realistically expected to haul off any solid evidence.

    In NC last weekend, a 1% club house was (ransacked) searched and a note was left with this remark:

    “Have fun”

    Implying reorganizing everything.

  10. JAMES Says:

    I don’t care for such attacks, in a wedding chapel? How ignorant can people get, but in this case it doesn.t surprise me or should it surprise anyone else.But why do these so called cops want to wait so long to start messing with these guys, sounds like they better start digging in the old pockets for some good old defense funds.

  11. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Gringo:

    I admire that you are using a sensible, linear approach, taking away only one wheel at a time.

  12. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear All:

    You guys are great proselytizers, and I mean that in a good way. The wheels are turning. Slowly, but they are turning. Whether I end up trying it out or not (never my intention in coming here), I really am taken by how much you all obviously love to ride and the extent to which you want others to experience it.

    PS: Rebel and sled tramp: I am taking your blatant disregard for my personal safety in the best way posssible.

    Square Verbose Doc

  13. Gringo1%er Says:

    damn SVD i just sold a 58 HD servi-car man , it would have been right up your alley , you could have putted around the hood scaring the crap out of the all the dweebs you work with , the little ones would have looked up to you in awe! and the lady’s! oh man the lady’s they would have showed you things and done you things you will never see in any book or library, in the infamous words of Maxwell Smart! “missed it by that much!!

    now back to our regular scheduled program..

  14. Magnet Says:

    Square Verbose Doc,

    Beware the Sirens’ song, for if you truly hear it, you will not escape unchanged. Know this – having a motorcycle is like having a mistress. She’ll take every cent you’re willing to spend on her and every moment you’re willing to spend with her. Then she’ll take more. She will change your life in ways you cannot imagine, and quite possibly take it over completely for an unforeseeable length of time. But unlike a mistress, she’ll never get tired and she’ll never say “not now.” She’ll go absolutely anywhere you take her – whenever you want to go. And she’ll always do EXACTLY what you tell her to – good or bad. What she and she alone can give cannot be had otherwise. As for the ride? There the comparison ends. There’s nothing else in this world like it.

    Ye be warned.

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