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November 6, 2009

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Clearly, this page is slipping. We have not gotten an angry email from Jay Dobyns in months! What were we thinking? Let us begin to fix that now.

Dobyns, for anyone who is new, had the starring role in an ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) production called “Operation Black Biscuit.” The idea of Black Biscuit was to catch various members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Arizona breaking the law. The premise, as we have already pointed out, was that catching the Angels breaking the law should be as easy as catching ducks in the act of quacking.

Ironically, Black Biscuit proved that that was not actually, technically true. The case against the Angels fell apart and Agent Dobyns went on to many interesting and exciting sequels.

The Myth Of Jay

In 2006, the biker authorities Julian Sher and William Marsden wrote glowingly of Dobyns in a book called Angels of Death. Kerrie Droban told a slightly more skeptical account of Dobyn’s heroics in her 2007 book, Running With The Devil. In 2008, the National Geographic Channel produced a one hour documentary about Dobyns’ exploits. Dobyns has been featured on America’s Most Wanted, Anderson Cooper 360 and The History Channel.

Many of you may have seen him chatting with Shepard Smith on the Fox News Channel earlier this year. Dobyns was there to generate buzz for his own version of Black Biscuit. Dobyns’ book is called No Angel. It was actually written by a cub scout named Nils Johnson-Shelton but Dobyns helped him out by telling good cop stories and sharpening Johnson-Shelton’s pencils as the need arose.

Sorry. There is still more. One problem with writing anything about Dobyns is he has more history than Egypt.

He had a house fire. First it was a $30,000 fire. Then it was a fire that did ten times more damage than that. He blamed the Hells Angels. At least some of the police believed he started the fire himself. An ATF psychiatrist diagnosed him as looney-tunes. Maybe the actual term was “crazy.” It was something that meant looney-tunes. Dobyns sued the ATF twice.

Becoming A Legend

His book was bought, according to Jay, by 20th Century Fox. A very important person in Hollywood named Steve Gaghan is connected to Jay’s book somehow.

The Aging Rebel gave No Angel a very cruel review. Really, it was just an insensitive, heartless, inconsiderate, sarcastic review. We called Jay a “shameless, self-dramatizing barrel of hogwash.” It was only after we got all those emails from hog washers around the world that we came to realize how unfair we had been both to them and to their hogs.

Jay’s book was published in England and this week Dobyns is in Germany promoting the German translation titled Falscher Engel which means “False Angel.”

He gave an interview that was published in Der Berliner Morgenpost earlier this week under the headline, “Niemand Respektiert Einen Feigling” which translates as “Nobody Respects A Coward.”

Jay’s Kampf

“From the time I was a child I dreamed of being a special agent,” Dobyns confesses. “As a teenager I wanted to be a professional football player but then I had to admit that I was not good enough.”

“A predator-trained by the government as a prosecutor once called you,” the German interviewer asks. “A man who must have fear and struggle in order to live?” Then, after establishing that yes, indeed, Dobyns is braver than you, truer than me and larger than any of our lives, the German asks, “You are a patriot?”

To which Dobyns modestly replies, “This work was a privilege. And it’s still an honor to serve my country.”

“Why are the Hells Angels so fascinating for so many,” the German interviewer wonders.

“All cultures,” Dobyns explains, “particularly in the United States think bad boys are something mystical. You feel downright attracted to them….”

“You sound like a fan.”

“That would be an exaggeration, but I admire them. Nevertheless they are a criminal organization, and thus my enemies.”

On this book tour, as on previous book tours, Dobyns complains, as he is interviewed for the hundredth time by an adoring sycophant, in his luxury hotel suite, between sips of expensive wine, that the Hells Angels have ruined his life. “Because now you are the hunted,” the German paper asks. “You have already had to move your family 16 times?”

Dobyns explains that he is “worried” but not really afraid, because, after all, he is brave.

“True to the motto on your motorcycle gear,” the German inquires. “Jesus hates wimps?”

“Exactly,” Dobyns replies to the man in Berlin. “Nobody respects a coward.”

Next up, maybe the growing tale of Dobyns’ bravery and integrity should be published in France. Paris is lovely in the Spring. Even when it drizzles.

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137 Responses to “Falscher Engel”

  1. Scooter Rick Says:

    So, according to Jaybird, red and white is out to get him. IMHO they should be, just to end his rants. But that’s another post. It seems to me, if they were REALLY out to get you, you wouldn’t be out hucking your life. You simply wouldn’t be alive. They don’t fuck around. So the simple fact that you are still alive shows how full of shit you are.

  2. Scully Says:

    Hey Rebel – haven’t been on for a while just read ALL the stuff since then…best to you – if you need ANYTHING I hope that I would be able to help. Stay pissed off – better than pissed on as you well know. Take em all out – like the US Marines say – it’s God’s job to forgive, it’s our job to arrange the meeting – one way or the other! And there’s worse ways to leave your woman and children – I should know lmao. Just don’t stop, not matter how much shit they pile on ya. My woman is still fighting the good fight, and she’s alone now with 4 children, so if she can do it, you sure as hell can. Fuck em all – let God sort em out.

  3. BigV Says:

    I’ve had the same thing happen as you. I live out in the Boonies(I like the country with no neighbors, and it’s the only place that lets me keep 3 motorcycles at anyone time) and I can’t get Internet at my current address.

    I use free and public wi-fi and what you’re describing has happened to me. I just figured it was my changing IP’s like underwear.

    Take it easy.

  4. Grumbler Says:

    BigV – just to clarify, the “submit” button executes the delete mode when clicked. There’s no “Your comment is awaiting moderation” … it appears to be a glitch within wordpress. Had no issues using my notebook nor PC in the past. Hopefully, Rebel will break the case. Might be a good candiate for Unsolved Mysteries! ;)

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Grumbler,

    Yeah, I am trying to figure it out. Sometimes you do not even show up in Spam. As I think I sai before, things are slow so I am only getting about a thousand spam comments a day but that is still about 50 page views and I am having trouble finding you. Since the comments are just disappearing, I am not sure it is either of my Spam filters. So, hang in there. On the case.


  6. BigV Says:

    Grumbler: It’s probably your PC/Notebook connection. If it has a dynamic IP the spam filter here catches it, and then Rebel has to go through and approve the comments. They appear like they get deleted, but it just takes a while to get them approved b/c Rebel has other business at the moment.

    I switch internet cafes and coffee houses often, so that happens to me at times.

    *Note: I do not speak for Rebel, but have experienced the same thing.

  7. Grumbler Says:

    Right after submitted the comment above, tried to do likewise with my notebook, and failed.

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem can e-mail their comments to: [email protected]

  8. Grumbler Says:

    Rebel – am using my blackberry to see whether it can submit comments. Pressing submit with notebook and PC results in deleted comments. Am sure I’m not the only one.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Well, when he emails me he calls himself Mike Yevtuck. He has been interviewed and identified as Mike Yevtuck. I find the guy inspirational, personally. Everytime I think my life is fucked up beyond all repair I think of this clown and suddenly I don’t seem so bad to me.


  10. Blksam Says:

    Just look him up.His address and face are all over the internet.Why hasn’t someone shut him up? He must be right,only women and children need to fear cowards.

  11. not surprised Says:

    Rebel, I doubt there is a real person named Mike Yevtuck.

  12. BigV Says:

    He wasn’t. He’s a semi-unemployed drywaller(how could he stay employed with the amount of time spent on the internet?) and wannabe actor from NJ.

    A couple years back he found out he could get attention ranting against the 81. He spends all his time on Topix, and any unmoderated comments section posting unintelligible drivel.

    He’s a very prolific troll with too much time on his hands.

    I should not have fed the troll, Rebel. Mea culpa.

  13. Rebel Says:

    And, on and on and on Mike Yevtuck rants at me. Anybody know who this clown is? I have read that he was somehow abused by a Hells Angel when he was a little boy?


  14. Jabba Says:

    So, the National Medal of Arts for Services to Literature skipped you on by again this year Rebel. Instead some balding, old hippy from the Berkshires got it for warbling his way through a guest-spot on The West Wing.

    When the Mongols tome is published, you’ll have your day.



  15. Not Surprised Says:

    Graystone is none other than someone who claims his name is Mike Yevtuck. A pathetic bit of smegma, and that’s being generous.

  16. DirtyBruin Says:

    Graystone: Project, much?

    I suspect you’d injure your knees from them hitting the ground at high speed if a real biker (even a non-patchholder) were drunk and horny enough to give you a chance to suck him off.

  17. i pee freely Says:


  18. i pee freely Says:

    keep you blod pressure down, rebel that book is going to be #1 in the best sellers list, amazon,new yok times

  19. Shyster Says:


    Lots of luck and blessings to you and your book.


  20. Jabba Says:

    Pretty damned restrained I thought, Rebel, really.

    This is normally the point where I establish a couple of friendly witnesses, as anywhere else but Cyberspace, you just know this is going to end in paramedics and cops.

    And aint that what gives the wankers like Graybollocks the courage? Because they know they can hide? And tonight they can walk away from the keyboard after pissing off their betters, instead of getting carried off to the fucking hospital – like it always happened to them back in highschool.

    Sometimes free-speech is a bitch, and tonight, her name is Graystone.


  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Graystone,

    I will allow this comment, and one other from your endless spam campaign, so anybody who happens to look will see the endless, fucking shit I have to put up with from pathetic creatures like you. You and your ilk try my goddamn Christian patience some days boy. Now I have to go write five different, fucking articles about how to take a goddamned fairing off a goddamn dresser for my goddamn East Indian fucking, writer’s sweatshop fucking masters so I can survive until I get the Mongols book published. You annoy me Graystone.


  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Graystone,

    I will allow this comment, and one other from your endless spam campaign, so anybody who happens to look will see the endless, fucking shit I have to put up with from pathetic creatures like you. You and your ilk try my goddamn Christian patience some days boy. Now I have to go write five different, fucking articles about how to take a goddamned fairing off a goddamn dresser for my goddamn East Indian fucking, writer’s sweatshop fucking masters so I can survive until I get the Mongols book published. You annoy me Graystone.


  23. Graystone Says:

    Do you Faggots really get satisfaction calling men names on your sissy comment section.

    Not one hells angel here in the USA would ever say anything to their Gods face but we got the most out of shape pathetic freaks calling a God names here and implying horrible things they cannot prove.

  24. BigV Says:

    You are the fucking man !

    Thanks Rebel !

    -Big V

  25. Graystone Says:

    Seems we have alot of men sucking hells angels cocks on this anging rebel hells angels support site.

    Why are most of my comments deleted?

    This is a half ass site I guess were cowards are allowed to put dowm men but the man cannot give his side.
    Sad and you call this a biker site?

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Graystone,

    Whoever the fuck you are, you know nothing. You know nothing about that investigation which was actually multiple investigations folded nto one. I can tell you are stupid and have the attention span of a gnat so I will give you something even a moron like you might be able to comprehend.

    One day after pops Blankenship had just entrapped five Angels with minor drug deals he forgot to turn his wire off. Okay? So within the public record there exists the phone conversation between Blankenship and Agent Egomaniac in which Pops cries excitedly, “We’re gonna! We’re gonna! We’re gonna make our quota!”

    That is the truth dude. Everything you think you know about the Angels and what happened in that investigation and at Laughlin and on and on is a fucking lie. I don’t know how bad you think the Hells Angels are but let me assure you that the ATF is very much worse.


  27. BigV Says:

    No more feeding the troll, guys.

    Dear Graystone:
    Go back to sitting in your filth fantasizing about what you’ll be when someday someone recognizes your imaginary greatness and gives you that big break.

    I don’t know the HA’s, I don’t live in an HA state, but I can’t imagine that you’d amount to pimple on a dog’s dick in comparison to any patchholder I have met.

    Thailand would seem like a good fit for you, man. Not because the Bandidos would ever give you the time of day, but because you’d have access to all those small children you accuse the 81 of harming.

    When someone fixates on something like that the way you do, it’s usually what shrinks like SVD would call transference.

    So what you’re actually showing the world when you post about the 81 harming children and women is that it’s probably something you’re guilty of- REALLY GUILTY given your intensity about the issue.

    Maybe your next sockpuppet name ought to be Shorteyes, I think that’s what you’re trying to tell us about yourself.

    I’m done here.

  28. BigV Says:

    And yes, I know I just said the obvious and that RVN69 knows that, but I don’t want some bystander to think otherwise.

    At Dobyns was semi-literate from those few classes he actually attended at Arizona.

  29. BigV Says:

    Graystone/NOCLUB is another sock puppet for Mike Yevtuck. He uses them on Topix where they let him get away with this shit.

    I’d hate to be a 56 year old man who has nothing better to do than pollute cyberspace with libel and bullshit.

  30. RVN69 Says:

    HMMMM, is Graystone actually Ciccone or Dobyns????

  31. ncpagan Says:

    Give it a fucking rest, will ya?

  32. bob Says:

    I don’t get the long -term continuation of Yevtuk abuse of cyberspace.I guess this puts to rest the LEO myth of “Filthy Few” tabs for killing someone who needs it.

  33. Grumbler Says:

    Mike Yevtuck wears pink bunny slippers.

  34. NO CLUB Says:

    Mike Yevtuck…97 Pacific Blvd Keyport NJ.Looks like a tough guy.

  35. Diehard Murphy Says:

    Sorry to hear about the divorce man, that’s shitty :(

    As for Dobyns’ book being largely fiction, I’ve heard that before and believe it.

    I just can’t for the life of me puzzle out why, if he was inventing most of it anyways, why he didn’t bother to make it look like his team was actually *accomplishing something important* as well.

    Anyway, chin up man. Storms always pass.

  36. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    To our host, and to all who make this a special place, a (better) happy, prosperous, and above all safe and peaceful New Year!

    With Great Respect,

  37. Shyster Says:

    To All,

    I don’t post much but I read every word. I just want to wish you all a very sincere Happy and Prosperous New Year. And remember what the Shyster always says, should you find yourself as a juror in a criminal trial ALWAYS VOTE NOT GUILTY.



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