People’s Democratic Tyranny Of Kingman

November 5, 2009

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An outlaw club started a particularly blunt and rude takeover of Kingman, Arizona about three months ago. Kingman, has been claimed by a club named G.II.T.E.M., which is a collection of letters that does not really even make sense as a word.

The mental midget who coined the term G.II.T.E.M. may also be responsible for the design of this club’s official patch which is pictured above. Don’t look too long. It’s G.II.T.E.M. property. And, it is copyrighted.

You do not have to prospect to join G.II.T.E.M. If you have a badge, you can send these clowns $555 and in return the clowns will send you: “3 Pairs 511 Tactical pants, 1 Ball Cap, 3 Short Sleeve T-shirts, 2 Long sleeve T-shirts, 1 Sweat Shirt, 2 Polo shirts and 1 Parka” all decorated with the official G.II.T.E.M. patch. And voila! You have your own chapter.

G.II.T.E.M. is possibly, one can only guess, supposed to be pronounced “Git ‘em.” Like as in, “Git them law abiding motorcyclists out of this here town! Hee Yaw! Git ‘em, Jethro! Stop makin’ out with yer sister, fer a minute! Hee Yaw!”

Also, this crime against the language of Shakespeare and Milton is some stupid person’s notion of an acronym for “Arizona Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission.” Even when you read it out loud, slowly, you still cannot be sure what that phrase is supposed to mean.

Anyone? “Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission?” Why that phrase? Why not, “Ice Cream Bone Tactical Protocol?” Rover! Alert! Alert! Omaha! Hut! Hut!

Gitem Rolls Into Town

Most people in Arizona do not even try to figure it out. They just call this outlaw club the “State Gang Task Force.” Early last August these bullies transformed sleepy and peaceful Kingman into a people’s democratic tyranny with some sort of bloodless coup. It must have been a bloodless coup. It did not make the evening news. And, as always happens when freedom dies, first they came for the bikers.

Last August, the Gitem anti-motorcycle gang started harassing attendees of the Wednesday Bike Night at a place called Chuy’s, which if you know Kingman, is about two blocks off Interstate 40 on Stockton Hill Road. The harassment came out of the blue and without provocation.

At the time, a Kingman police spokesman named Bob Fisk told the Kingman Daily Miner “that bikers aren’t particularly a problem in Kingman, but he’s worried that if police aren’t on top of the situation, the problems with riders in Bullhead City could spread to Kingman. He said there was an incident at a local bar several months ago, but he characterized it as minor and said no one involved was willing to press charges.”

Git Them Patriot Guards

Gitem thugs ticketed, and sometimes took into custody, bikers for numerous petty offenses. If you have been riding for awhile you know the drill. “Sir, are you aware your front tire is touching the stop line?”

Bikers were surveilled and photographed. During a funeral for a biker whose dying wish was to have his ashes carried in a gas tank for one final ride, two Patriot Guard riders were ticketed by a known member of the Gitem gang.

Under pressure from police thugs, Chuy’s adopted a “no colors policy” and the weekly bike night moved to a Sonic Drive-In on Andy Devine Drive. And still the harassment continued. Members of the Gitem outlaw police gang pressured other restaurants and bars in Kingman to institute a “no colors policy.”

In Kingman “colors” now means any leather or denim vest or sleeveless jacket adorned with any motorcycle related decoration.

The Harley-Davidson Gang

At the end of September a grown, law-abiding, 43-year-old man named Sam Kormos, was detained and kicked out of a night of drag races because he was wearing a vest he bought at the local Harley dealership, which is named after Steinbeck’s Mother Road. The vest came adorned with the name Harley-Davidson. And, the security guards who threw him out, on the orders of the Gitem gang, thought Harley-Davidson was an “illegal motorcycle club.”

Two members of a one piece patch club called the Desert Road Riders were kicked out of the same drag races the same night. Under pressure from the Gitem gang, the “no colors policy” has been extended to three watering holes called the Sportsman Bar, Mad Dog’s and the Cerbat Lanes bowling alley.

Talking Back

This Saturday, November 7th, the Arizona Confederation of Clubs hopes to start to set Kingman free again. Members of the Confederation will participate in a Veteran’s Day parade in Kingman on Saturday morning. It is still often warm in Kingman this time of year so by Saturday afternoon some participants may have worked up a thirst.

And, the Confederation is already passing out “Complaint Forms” to thirsty riders who may be turned away from their bar of choice. The forms were authored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. Lester is a well known advocate for bikers’ rights.

The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction in Arizona, has already ruled that bikers have a constitutional right to wear colors in a public place. The legal issue is less well defined when it is applied to a private place like a bar. But it is very clear in Kingman that it is not the bar owners who have raised the objection to bikers.

The issue in Kingman is whether or not a publically funded agency like G.II.T.E.M. should be allowed to use its official police powers to silence a constitutionally protected form of symbolic expression.

So, if bikers are discriminated against or harassed this Saturday, Lester and the Confederation intend to pursue the issue in court. And, chances are good that Lester has read and understands the Constitution even if the Gitem police gang thugs have not.

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48 Responses to “People’s Democratic Tyranny Of Kingman”

  1. Scooter Rick Says:

    I have had a bit of personal experience with the “justice” system in Arizona. What a cluster fuck.

  2. Stevo Says:

    Frank Lee-

    Why so down on bikers?

    A biker rebuffed your homosexual advances?
    Your Mom used to get off on getting gang banged by bikers?
    And you were the result?
    The kid who stole your lunch money became a biker?
    A biker kicked sand in your face?
    Or are you just another no-mark cunt cop?


  3. Sieg Says:

    Wow! A real oldy here.

    Guess I don’t have much to add, but hey-PIG-FUCK YOU!


  4. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    @ Frank LS
    None of your listings for one, I’ve not been arrested in over 30 years but I have been….

    A. Hassled because “I’ve not seen you around here before”
    B. Hassled because “you were doing 5 mph over”
    C. Hassled because I “talked back to a LEO patch when he spoke insulting to my ol lady”
    D. Hassled because I would not move to another table at an outside smoking area because my smoke bothered HIS ol lady…yea pulled his badge because I wouldn’t move.
    E. Hassled because I disrespected him and his “brother” by turning my back to them, and I was
    “only” a slickback…..

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    @Frank – Yeah, that’s it you fucktard, pigs *never* do any wrong, correct?

    Shove your whiny shit back up your pussy and go fuck an innocent civilian over, because it’s all you’re any good at.

  6. Frank Lee Speaking Says:

    Wow. Really are down on cops. So which is it:

    A. Cops have arrested you for multiple DUI’s?

    B. Cops arrested you for beating your wife and/or girlfriend and/or first cousin?

    C. Yer youngins back in jail for violating parole…..again?

    D. A cop easily stole away your wife/girlfriend/cousin…..again?


  7. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to KingmanOldDude…

    Actually, as you said… “Seems a lot of you have big problems with a mc that is law-abiding, allows cops to join, does not use or sell drugs, and generally keeps to themselves.” with the exception of the “allows cops to join” part applies to many other clubs. I will bet everything that I own that I break the law less then any cop on the street. My personal problem isn’t with LEO… it is with fucking hypocrites.

  8. BigV Says:

    Welcome to 3 years ago, Officer.

  9. KingmanOldDude Says:

    Seems a lot of you have big problems with a mc that is law-abiding, allows cops to join, does not use or sell drugs, and generally keeps to themselves. THAT say’s a lot about you and I’m glad that you only represent 1% of the bike community…IF that much. 99% of Kingman is glad to see The Iron Order establishing themselves here.

  10. Gringo1%er Says:

    what a great country the fucking cops cant racial profile anyone not even a bomb toting fucking raghead
    but you can bet your sweetass they can profile anyone that just happens
    to be riding a motorcycle and and sporting a patch , and its perfectly clear these fucking butt wipes feel they
    are the thin blue line standing between up standing citizens and the evil motorcycle hoards
    im betting the LEOs think we come from another planet , because we definably get treated like aliens at times , and these days the aliens get treated better than everyone..

  11. Magnet Says:

    Not only is GIITEM real, it’s expensive.

    But since it’s only taxpayer money, and there’s always more of that to be had, cost doesn’t matter.

  12. sled tramp Says:

    Well, they border SOMETHING anyways….wonder if “Illegal emigrants” mean biker turistas…

  13. Vacuus Cura Says:

    I assumed “G.II.T.E.M.” was an acronym that Rebel invented just to poke fun at the 5-0. I was wrong:


  14. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Ya gotta be an especially dirty pig for snatching a 72-year old American war Veteran and cancer survivor, with a hole in his throat, on his way to a peaceful, lawful assembly, just to fuck up his day and get a “collar”. Sieg fucking Heil, you anti-American swine.

    YYZ Skinhead

  15. DirtyBruin Says:

    Arrested for speeding “several miles” over the limit? I thought they only arrested people for speeding to such excess that it became considered “reckless driving”.

    Oh, right … that’s for people who aren’t bikers. If you’re on two wheels – and even more so, a club member – the cops can make it up as they go along.

  16. sled tramp Says:

    Apparently it’s time once again to drag out my 30 year old “Free Sonny Barger” shirts….
    Harrassing a vet and elder statesman of a nation….tsk…tsk…tsk…
    What kind of dillusional product of a paranoid childhood locks up a cemetery?

  17. Philo Says:

    Hey all, something I found on this Kingman Bullshit:

    “Bikers make peaceful presence

    By JIM SECKLER/The Daily News

    Saturday, November 7, 2009 11:09 PM CST

    KINGMAN – As a state highway patrol helicopter circled low over head, bikers from 40 motorcycle clubs throughout Arizona met Saturday in Kingman.

    The meeting held Saturday at the American Legion post in Kingman was planned a year ago and is held throughout Arizona by the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, alternating between Arizona cities. Bullhead City will host a meeting Nov. 7, 2010.

    Saturday’s meeting was to be held in Fort Mohave but moved to Kingman for a planned ride past four Kingman establishments, which recently adopted a no colors policy. Colors are patches on a vest that identifies a biker’s motorcycle club.

    An officer from the state gang task force was parked across the street from the American Legion post, taking photos of the bikers. Police cars from Bullhead City and Kingman and from the Arizona Department of Public Safety drove by, making the law enforcement presence felt. About 500 to 600 bikers assembled after the meeting on a ride past the four bars, which included Chuy’s Broiler, Cerbat Lanes, Sportsman Bar and Mad Dog’s in Kingman.

    ACMC advocates for biker rights and meets twice a month, discussing issues like helmet or emission laws or pushing for biker-friendly legislation. There are about 40 clubs in the state, according to Dan Balentine, who is president of the Desert Road Riders Motorcycle Club in Fort Mohave as well as the secretary for the ACMC.

    Balentine said that ACMC is in the process of hiring a third lobbyist to work on the no colors policy initiated by some bars and restaurants in Kingman.

    One ACMC lobbyist, going by the name of Skypilot, is based at the state capital in Phoenix and works with the legislators while a second lobbyist work on federal issues in Washington, D.C. Skypilot reported that he is talking with state legislators on motorcycle issues such as right of ways, emissions, discrimination by law enforcement, correctly fastening license plates and extended yellow lights.

    Balentine cautioned bikers during the meeting to obey all traffic laws when riding past the four bars, not to give law enforcement an excuse to paint a negative picture of bikers.

    ACMC‘s president Ray “Still Ray” Fitzgerald, said the object is to draw attention to the way the gang task force illegally forces bars to adopt the no colors policy or face having their liquor licenses pulled.

    One biker spoke of the Phoenix Police Department closing the gates of a cemetery, keeping bikers from attending several memorials.

    DPS officers also reportedly pulled over several Hells Angels traveling to the meeting Saturday morning on Interstate 40 about 18 miles east of Kingman and arrested Sonny Barger, one of the founders of the club. Barger, 72, was getting off his bike when he was arrested for going several miles over the speed limit. Other Hells Angels were also ticketed, according to a club member.

    Balentine said ACMC’s mission statement is to educate the public of the positive aspects of motorcycle clubs and lawfully oppose intrusion to biker rights. He previously said he has had no problems wearing his colors in bars, restaurants, even casinos in the Bullhead City and Mohave Valley area. Wearing his colors in the Laughlin casinos has also not been an issue, even after the infamous 2002 shooting between two rival motorcycle clubs during the Laughlin River Run.

    Especially after the 2002 Laughlin shooting, Balentine said, there has been unfair stereotyping that all bikers who wear colors are dangerous outlaws looking to cause trouble. At the meeting were members from a Christian motorcycle club and one member of a club representing firefighters and paramedics.”

    I also read that Sonny Barger was arrested on his way to this for speeding? LOL WTF is that bullshit?

    Fucking asshole cops.

  18. Vacuus Cura Says:

    That settles it. None of my future honeymoons will be spent in Kingman!

  19. Philo Says:

    @Doc, no problem bud :)

    I’m sorry man. Really, I shouldn’t have said it. But the MAGNET COPS up here are the most crooked, despicable bunch of fascists I’ve ever met, and every time I see your name here a get this visual of all of them crammed into the squads PC room typing madly and taking notes. LOL
    I’m sorry, just too fukin funny.

  20. TNT Says:

    Just got back from Kingman, Fuckin cops all over the place, we got pull over for nothing, ran our papers, took pic of us and our bikes, took some wepons from us, but no tickets. I guess it was a show of force from city of Kingman, if you had a patch on you were followed.

  21. DirtyBruin Says:

    Magnet. Attached to. *snicker*

    Neodymium-Iron-Boron, perhaps?

    No offense intended; I just have punster’s brain, I’m afraid….

  22. Magnet Says:


    No offense taken. Don’t it just figure – I’m sittin’ here mindin’ my own business and someone makes an acronym outta a name I’m attached to. Ain’t nothing sacred anymore? Don’t think we have that one here in the East. Not yet anyway. Liked your post about how to deal with the problem of offensive (no motorcycles/ no colors) signs. Simple. Direct. No room for misunderstanding. Well done.



  23. DOC Says:

    Hey James
    Sounds like you got your information straight from the crazy horses mouth. Good job.
    The fact that it’s a LEO club is why no one I know would know any of them. I don’t need to meet any more cops anyway.

    Seecret aaaaaaaaaaaaaagent maaaaaaaaaaaaan


  24. JAMES Says:

    DOC. we ran into some of these IRON ORDER and yes not all are LEO’S but the heads of it are and I did call to see what they were about and did talk to the NAT. P., who told me what he was a SECRET SERVICE AGENT and that the majority are LEO. they do take in non LEO, I told them that they were just another bunch trying to play outlaw biker and using the badge to hide behind so as to run a STATE BOTTOM, he goes by CRAZY HORSE.

  25. DOC Says:

    Hey Philo
    I just realized my last post was talking about something different than what you were.
    I think you are talking about local acronyms for law enforcement groups and I’m talking about internet naming conventions. I get you now.

  26. DOC Says:

    Dear Philo

    .com is usually owned in a comercial light such as
    .org is usually some sort of organization
    .net is usually part of some sort of network

    My home address is an
    my work address is a .org because I work for a City Transit (diesel shop)
    my address at my old Shop was a .net (Dealer Network)

    Some cop sites might end in a .org being part of a government organization.
    Some might end in a .net being part of a government network
    and then again some might just end in .PIG

  27. Philo Says:

    NOT saying your a cop or anything like that at all. But in Michigan at least, anything that ends with “NET” is a narc squad. MAGNET, LAWNET, etc…

  28. Philo Says:


    No offense bud. Seriously. But up here the “MAGNET” is the tri-county area narc enforcement team. I can’t help but think that every time I see your name >LOLO :)

    Metro Area Gang and Narcotic Enforcement Team

  29. Magnet Says:

    Once upon a time, it seemed that most Americans understood – and genuinely believed – there were things that simply were not done in pursuit of “law and order.” Because such things were very much contrary to the idea of “freedom” (freedom being of some importance at the time). But no more. Now the Feds (ably assisted by those lesser mortals that receive their blessing, encouragement and support) are trying – and routinely doing – shit they wouldn’t have dared dream about as little as a decade ago. And damned if they aren’t getting away with some of it.

    They’re pushing boundaries that used to be commonly accepted (and respected) as “off limits.” Push by push, law by law, ruling by ruling, we’re watching government force a gradual reinterpretation of the Constitution in its own favor. Instead of simply supporting and defending it like they were hired to do. In some cases, they’re willing to ignore the Constitution entirely unless and until some court or other throws a bullshit flag.

    Since bikers seem to be one of government’s favorite lab rats for these legal experiments, I guess that also makes them some of America’s best mine canaries. As they go, so will go others – sooner or later. The Rotarians. The Elks. The Legionnaires. “Gun nuts” (an even bigger favorite, but better organized). Tax protestors (fiscal terrorists). Drug users (narcoterrorists). Tree huggers (ecoterrorists). Computer geeks (cyber terrorists). Lawbreakers (domestic terrorists). Lawbreakers that occasionally hang out together (street terrorists). Those “terrorists-to-be-named-later.” And anyone else the Feds (and others) decide they don’t have to tolerate anymore. But on the bright side, we won’t have to sit around waiting for the Feds (and others) to come for us someday like all those other groups will.

    They’re already here.

  30. sled tramp Says:

    Dear Gringo 1%er,
    Yeah..was just trying to help….to make it up to you, here’s this…
    (Fucker’s got heart…:-)

    CHP: Oakland man steals car to make court appearance

    Associated Press

    Posted: 11/06/2009 05:28:10 PM PST
    Updated: 11/06/2009 05:28:12 PM PST

    VALLEJO — A 24-year-old Oakland man is under arrest after authorities say he stole a car to make a court appearance on a previous auto theft charge.

    The California Highway Patrol says Samuel Botchvaroff was arrested Tuesday after he left his arraignment at the Vallejo courthouse on auto theft charges only to get into another hot vehicle.

    Officers had been surveilling the car after its LoJack system alerted them about the theft. The car was stolen from Oakland.

    Authorities say Botchvaroff told officers his car had been impounded, and he had no other way to get to his arraignment.

    He was booked into Solano County Jail on suspicion of auto theft and possession of stolen property.

  31. Gringo1%er Says:

    thats a little more information than i required but thanks for sharing , if the hair club for men or IOMC wanna play dress up and hit the gay bars in search of that awesome donna summer look a like contest who am i to judge!

  32. sled tramp Says:

    Off their website:
    Since the begininng of the Iron order Motorcycle Club, many questions and rumors have surfaced about us and most being totally untrue and started by your side walk commando’s, who have no bike or wont be accepted by any clubs, so they feel the need to try to impress by fabricating information on clubs.

    Below are a few of the basic questions people ask us and a few answers to rumors from over the years. So if you have addition questions, please feel free to use the contact button about and we will be happy to answer those we can. Our Nation Guestbook Gallery About Us Forever Chapter Chapters Qball-Mother Chapter President Don’t forget to sign our guestbook
    Is the IOMC a 1% Motor Cycle Club?
    NO! And we never will be.

    What territories do you claim?
    NONE and Never will we claim territories. We wear a rocker to tell others where we are from.

    Is the IOMC a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club?
    NO, although we do have LEOs spread thoughout our club.

    Do you allow illegal drugs?
    No and Hell NO!

    What other Motorcycle Club is the IOMC affiliated with?
    The IOMC is not affiliated nor are we a support club to any other Motorcycle Club. We respect all clubs and we have great relations with other clubs who accept our law abiding values. We support our own brothers and seem to be too busy with our own events and activities to be involved with any other club or association. To those who are looking for some kind of conspiracy or secret alliance, there is none.

    How many members do you have?
    More than one and less than a million and our numbers are growing every day.

    How many chapters do you have?
    They are all linked to our National Website check them out at

    Can women join the IOMC?
    The IOMC is a very traditional motorcycle club that follows the same traditions set by motorcycle clubs in the 50’s and early 60’s. Therefore we are a men’s club. However, we do have a women’s support group, the Iron Order Maidens. You can check them out at their website link on our National Website at

    Are you bad asses?
    We all have asses, some bigger than others. We are family men, we work hard, we play hard, we ride hard, and take care of our brothers. No time for school yard games.

    Are you guys for real?
    We are what we say we are, nothing more and nothing less.

    Who can become a member of the IOMC?
    If you are male, 18, law abiding with no felony convictions, have a cruiser style motorcycle more than 750cc, and a strong desire to do something good for your community while at the same time helping build a true national brotherhood of like minded individuals….then YOU may be IOMC material.

    Do I have to be a Probate or Prospect for the IOMC?
    Yes. We’re all grown men. This isn’t a schoolyard and we’re no bullies. You will, however, earn our trust, respect, and the right to wear our patch.

    How do I find out more information?
    Scour this website, go to the links and look at the other IOMC sites. Find one near you and talk to them. If you see an IOMC brother out somewhere, introduce yourself and go from there.
    Common questions asked about the Iron Order MC

    ME: Frankly, any M.C. that’s been around 6 years and claims 32 states and three countries ain’t telling us everything.Sounds like a “if you wear a badge start a chapter” although I may be incorrect.Just my two cents.
    sled tramp

  33. DOC Says:

    Dear James

    The mother chapter is in Louisville, KY. I understand that a while ago, at an Easy rider event in Louisville, there was a problem with a well known major club.

    Google the new club name for their web site information. It’s quite extensive.

    You might want to varrify your information about their membership. I’ve heard the membership is not restricted to cops.

    I don’t know anyone in the club ……. nobody I know knows anybody in the club and I’ve been riding in the Louisville area since back in the 70’s. I’ve known a lot of guys in 35 or 40 years. Somebody always knows somebody.
    I’m just saying we must run in different circles if ya get my drift…..

  34. sled tramp Says:


    Arizona – They will protest businesses with ?no colors? policy
    KINGMAN – More than 1,500 motorcyclists from around Arizona are expected to roll into Kingman this weekend.

    The riders will be in town for the bimonthly meeting of the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC). The riders also plan on stopping by several bars that have recently instituted a “no colors” policy.

    The riders will be equipped with forms that will allow them to document any incidents in which they are turned away because of what they are wearing, said ACMC Chairman Still Ray of Prescott.

    Ray said members of the Arizona State Gang Task Force have been threatening to pull liquor licenses from bars and restaurants unless they institute a “no colors” policy.

    “The problem is that the gang task force is using the state liquor board as a weapon and that’s not right,” Ray said.

    Ray added that the riders aren’t out to cause a riot but rather exercise their right to lawful assembly.

    Bars and restaurants on the planned protest route include Mad Dog’s, Chuy’s, Cerbat Lanes and the Sportsman’s bar. When contacted, some said they were aware of Saturday’s activities.

    Deborah Barry, owner of Mad Dog’s, said she instituted a “no colors” policy more than a month ago because of the surveillance being conducted by police in her parking lot. Because the bikers were being watched and photographed, they were less likely to drink, which led to a drop in revenue, and ultimately, the ban on colors, she said.

    Barry said she was never threatened to have her liquor license revoked if she didn’t ban colors.

    “Colors” are considered any patch or insignia on a vest that would identify an affiliation with a particular motorcycle club.

    Ray said that riders are being tagged as criminals or gang members because of their association with motorcycles.

    “It’s a way of life,” he said. “I resent it when I am considered a criminal because I’m in a motorcycle club.”

    Ray said up to 2,000 riders could roll into Kingman by Saturday. He said he was aware of a couple of groups of more than 400 riders coming from Phoenix.

    Ray said the riders have been invited to take part in the Veteran’s Day parade in North Kingman Saturday morning. The parade will begin at 11 a.m. at the corner of North Bond Street and Northern Avenue.

    The ACMC meeting will be held at the American Legion Post on Oak Street at noon.

  35. Philo Says:

    There’s also a pork club in Michigan called the “warthogs” or some such shit. a pig club through and thorugh. Fucking fat pigs on top of that! LOL

    NOT to be confused with the “Axemen” out of the Detriot Fire Department who were always solid young guys who liked to raise hell when I was around.

  36. Roach Says:

    I have seen them around where I am. When approached by my club about who they were, they said they are not all cops, but do have cops in their club. They stay away from all coc and other clubs and events (rightfully so…). If you read their website, you might get a laugh. They are “real” bikers and dont care about what anyone thinks about them. Good thing, because I know what I think of them…

  37. sled tramp Says:

    Dear James,
    I caught the show “V” the other night,in the show, to determine if a person is in fact an alien,they make a incision behind the ear to look for underlying reptilian skin.
    Perhaps we should all submit to this same examination upon initially meeting each other.Of course, in this instance, we would be looking for Rat hair.
    sled tramp

  38. JAMES Says:

    You might also be on the lookout for a new CLUB ( COLORS ARE BLACK ON WHITE ) called. ” IRON ORDER M.C.” they will wear a STATE BOTTOM ROCKER, they are made up of LEO’S the NAT. PREZ. is a SECRET SERVICE AGENT and members are from ATF, CIA, ETC. Just more cops hiding behind a badge.

  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Yeah a jury in Phoenix said the sentence of an offender could be enhanced because he rode with the Angels and The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is criminal street gang. My reading is that this is just a verdict. A dangerous verdict. But legally, as a precedent, I think it is dishwater grey.

    That was basically a true story about LAPD and the mob, by the way. Around the time Ben Segal was murdered, the LAPD was very dirty and a force unto itself. I have heard.

    And, about this bullshit in Kingman…these cops are really out of control. I have always liked Kingman. Never had any problems in Kingman. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, it becomes a very special edition of Cops.

    your pal,

  40. sled tramp Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh………………Jennifer Connelly………..
    HUH?!…I’m sorry whada we talking about?
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……………Jennifer Connelly……………………..
    I knew this site was a class act………….Jennif….

  41. Bear Says:

    Ahhh, the soothing sound of jack boots on cobble stone! The first agenda of any revolution attempting to supress the inherent rights of free men is to corrupt the military and police then to eliminate the educated and free thinkers. With us gone the sheep line up peacefully and march quietly to the slaughter house. Right this way ladies and gentlemen; trust us, we’re from the government!

  42. Philo Says:

    LOL I remeber years ago in Michigan when the law dogs tried this shit. local niker bar was bought out and turned into a “classy” bar where the troopers from the local post liked to get drunk and act like assholes. They put a big blue and white sign out on the front that said :”No Motorcycles. No Colors” even though there had never been any even moderately serious trouble there.
    “Someone”;) and one of thier prospects pulled it off the wall with a crow bar on a busty Friday night and took inside and handed it to the manager. Nothing said. That was it.
    They never did put the sign back up and every once in a while you’ll see someone on a scooter wasting their money there.

    fascist police at work again.
    Hey Rebel:
    is this the “Mc” that wants to kill you?

  43. Swampy Says:

    Maybe they’ll go after those idiots buying/wearing SOA “patches.” Or prehaps they’re the ones buying them. LOL!

    We ain’t seen nothing yet.

  44. Not Surprised Says:

    Few years back I watched a movie called “Mullholland Falls” mostly because I really dig Jennifer Conelly. Anyway, one of the main plots was about this squad of LA Detectives who take it upon themselves to stop the inlfux of Italian mobsters. I think the time frame is late 1940’s, and the title of the film depicts the manner in which these Detectives would kidnap Mafia guys, beat the shit out of them and dump them down a cliff off Mullholland Drive.

    I don’t know if these Kingman bozos ever saw the film, or if any of them believes themselves to be Nick Nolte, but the attitude is identical, especially if they have formed a riding group based on this, that’s just fucked up.

    As for the tactics, I watched Gang Task Force guys in a city near me go to every bar in the area and they had newspaper clippings, crime scene photographs, etc, and told the bar owners “This is what happens when you allow a group like this in; they take over”. Every time, it was at least 3 Cops, and they basically told whoever they spoke with it would be considered a “great favor” if they would adopt a strict “No Colors’ policy. A lot of them did, and several told the Cops to fuck off….

    So I don’t know what the fuck an “illegal motorcycle club” is, but apparently it is whatever these Kingman dick heads SAY it is. That is so fucking dangerous I cannot even comprehend it Rebel.

    HOWEVER…and I’ve mentioned this before an AZ jury recently ruled that a well known 1% club is a “criminal street gang”. That is even scarier…

    I am thankful to men like Mr. Lester, the ACLU guy who worked the Mongols patch case, and others who still believe a little thing called Constitutional rights is important enough to fight for, even if you fight against those whose job it is to protect these rights.

    Kudos again, Rebel, for another great article.

  45. Bishop Says:

    This can’t be tolerated, it’s a violation of our 1st & 14th Amendmant rights. Patch holders in Washington State just dealt with a couple of bars with “No Colors” policies and got them to change their policies! Check this out:

  46. c8652 Says:

    To what end? Is a Yankee World Series Champions shirt a violation? Or maybe the Levis tag on your jeans/ Could it be the logo on the sole of your boots? Pretty lame.

    Only $555.00? Really? Reminds me of a line ” And the Preacher kept right on saying that all I had to do was send $20.00 dollars to the Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus located somewhere in Los Angeles and all my prayers would come true. So I did.”

  47. sled tramp Says:

    Well, all ah’m gonna say is it’s about time.Those dern H.O.G. bikers have had their day.and the next time they link arms and sing “Born to be wild”,Fisk (the frisk) will Git’im….

    Fuck me runnin’, what bullshit….


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