Four Pagans Cooperating

October 27, 2009

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Four of the 55 members and associates of the Pagans Motorcycle Club indicted late last month and arrested three weeks ago have agreed to cooperate with the prosecution.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have based most of their case so far on information provided by, “a confidential informant (CI) who (had) direct access to PMC leadership, members and support club members” and who reported “to law enforcement on the PMC for over four years.”

According to an affidavit signed October 1st by “Desiree Smith, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Frederick, Maryland” the confidential informant’s
“information has been extensively corroborated through the use of consensually monitored and recorded conversations, physical evidence, other corroborating interviews, and public records.”

The Agreements

Now four of the defendants have agreed to reinforce the government’s case.

According to court papers filed late today, Tuesday, October 27th, Eric Lyttle, 30, James Lyttle, 55, William Hankins Sr., 54, and Edward Parsons, 29, have all pled guilty and agreed to “be forthright and truthful with (prosecutors) and other law enforcement agencies with regard to all inquiries made pursuant to this agreement and will give signed, sworn statements and grand jury and trial testimony upon request of the United States.”

The loaded phrase in the agreements is “grand jury and trial testimony.”

The agreements also ensure the four cooperating witnesses “use immunity.” As explicitly stated in the agreements, “nothing contained in any statement or testimony provided by (the witnesses) pursuant to (the agreements) or any evidence developed therefrom will be used against (the witnesses) directly or indirectly in any further criminal prosecutions or in determining the applicable guideline range under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.”

The main targets of last month’s 44 count indictment seem to have been Pagans National President David Keith “Bart” Barbeito and National Vice President Floyd B. “Diamond Jesse” Moore.

Getting Barbeito

The most serious charge against David Barbeito is that he profited from raffling off an imaginary motorcycle. One of the newly confessed felons is expected to help the government make that charge.

William “Wild Bill” Hankins, Sr. has admitted bringing the proceeds from that motorcycle raffle across state lines in April 2008. Hankins had faced up to five years in prison for “interstate travel in aid of a racketeering enterprise.” Under the terms of his agreement, Hankins pled guilty a base level 12 charge of “illegal gambling.” Base level 12 offenses usually result in a prison sentence of 12 to 18 months.

Getting Moore

Two of the new witnesses may help to convict Moore of an alleged violent kidnapping of “several” unnamed victims near South Charleston, West Virginia in June 2003.

Eric Wayne “Tree” Lyttle, who was named in the indictment as a participant in that abduction, has pled guilty to “threatening to commit a crime of violence in aid of racketeering activity.” According to his plea agreement, Tree Lytle will serve 60 months in prison.

James Edward “Big Jim” Lyttle pled guilty to the same charge and has also agreed to serve a 60 month prison term.

The Drug Conspiracy

Edward “Fat Ed” Parsons had been charged along with six other “conspirators” of distributing cocaine. Parsons faced a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $1 million. Under the terms of his plea and sentencing agreement, Parsons will chat with a grand jury and the Government will drop six of Parsons’ drug charges.

Parsons is now guilty of a base level 18 offense which normally carries a penalty of 30 to 36 months in prison.

All four men have been released on bond and are scheduled to be sentenced in March.

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47 Responses to “Four Pagans Cooperating”

  1. Adam Harmelin Says:

    Any updates on this?

  2. sled tramp Says:

    Read 5X5 on that,My father was Marine Raider.Uncle 1 was Darby’s Rangers and after getting shot to shit,was transferred to the 1st Special Service Brigade (Devil’s Brigade),uncle 2 82nd Normandy and Bastogne.we grew up appreciating veterans.Brother 1 was lifer USN,brother 2 was Ranger etc….I appreciate all of your serving.Also appreciate you not getting your posterior anatomy shot off so I can comment with you..
    Airborne/Sine Pari
    sled tramp

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nookster,

    I do not know how to tell you, so it is good I do not have to tell you, how much I detest what police do to family and friends over minor bullshit. Misprison of a felony is and always has been a bullshit charge. What is this? Cuba?


  4. Rebel Says:

    Hey Nookster,

    Welcome home. You too, Doc. As always, you know how you can tell if you got a Marine in your backyard? Your garbage can is empty and your dog is pregnant. Keep the faith.


  5. Nookster Says:

    Same to all the Vets! And happy fucking Birthday!

    Nookster 2694844 USMC

  6. doc Says:

    Wanna say props to all Veterans, Locked down and free as well as those who now serve, and those who paid with their blood so my children can live free.

    I’ll second that Not Suprised, and yesterday, the 10th, was the Marine Corps Birthday …………. Semper Fi

    Doc 2225975 USMC

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    Wanna say props to all Veterans, Locked down and free as well as those who now serve, and those who paid with their blood so my children can live free.

    Thank you.


  8. sled tramp Says:

    BY: Andrew Clevenger

    West Virginia – ~Pagan pleads guilty to helping stockpile weapons in W.Va.~
    A sixth defendant has pleaded guilty in the federal racketeering case against members and associates of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

    James Vernon Hoback, 43, an auto mechanic from Pilot, Va., known as “Timex,” admitted in federal court Tuesday that he helped others take military grade C4 and two hand grenades across state lines to Princeton, W.Va.

    The explosives were part of a stockpile of weapons to be used in an ongoing war against the Hell’s Angels, a rival motorcycle gang that had a longstanding turf war with the Pagans, according to a stipulation of facts filed as part of Hoback’s plea.

    Hoback was one of 55 defendants named in a sweeping 44-count indictment unsealed last month in Charleston. Prosecutors allege that the Pagans and affiliated motorcycle gangs used violence and intimidation to control a criminal organization that operated from New Jersey to Florida.

    Several Pagans, including national president David K. “Bart” Barbeito, 49, of Myersville, Md., and Floyd B. “Jessie” Moore, 64, of St. Albans, face racketeering charges for allegedly trying to strong-arm members of smaller clubs into following orders from the Pagans’ governing body, or “Mother Club.”

    Other counts accuse gang members and associates of kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder for conspiring to kill an incarcerated member of the Pagans whom they believed was cooperating with law enforcement. The indictment also alleges that proceeds from illegal raffles — purportedly for non-existent motorcycles — were funneled into the criminal enterprise.

    According to Hoback’s stipulation, Charles H. “Tombstone Charlie” Nichols, of Roanoke, Va., obtained the explosives and gave them to Hoback, who in turn gave them to Richard Howard Leslie “Reverse” Smith. Smith, 58, also of Roanoke, Va., took the C4 and hand grenades to Ronnie Howerton, a member of the Pagans who was known to be collecting weapons to use against the Hell’s Angels, in Princeton, the stipulation states.

    “Hoback helped transfer the explosives to Howerton with the intent that the explosives would be used to kill, injure or intimidate another individual,” the stipulation states.

    Although Smith and Nichols were named in the indictment, Howerton was not.

    Nichols died last month while in custody at the South Central Regional Jail. Authorities said Nichols died from complications from previous medical conditions.

    Hoback faces up to 10 years in prison when sentenced by U.S. District Judge Thomas E. Johnston on March 8.

  9. Nookster Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Looks like another obscure federal charge. It reminds me of my case that I took a fall on back in the 80’s. The Feds arrested my wife at the time and tried to use her as leverage against me. Not long afterwards they realized that she really didn’t know anything about my business. So eventually they dropped her conspiracy charge and charged her with “Misprison of Felony”. Another obscure charge that basically says she knew a felony may have been being committed, and she failed to report it, even though she didn’t know what kind of felony it was. Sounds goofy as hell, but it’s true. Some of the shit these Feds do is just unfucking believable.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nookster,

    I believe a couple of years ago out here, Snoop Dogg took that fall for his bodyguards. I do not think the bodyguards were charged at all.


  11. Nookster Says:

    Man, thats a new one on me. “Workmans pleading to “conspiring to possess firearms while employed by a felon”? WTF! There has to be wealthy people in this country who happen to have a felony conviction, but still hire bodyguards or security companies to guard them and I have’nt heard any of them getting charged. Man, all I can say is “what the fuck!!!!!!

  12. sled tramp Says:

    Source: wireapnewspa

    West Virginia – CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) ? Two more defendants named in a racketeering case aimed at the Pagans Motorcycle Club have pleaded not guilty to federal charges.
    Court records show 49-year-old Philadelphia resident Joseph Fareri and 47-year-old Alexandria, Va., resident John Maggio entered the pleas Monday in Charleston.

    Both are charged in the 44-count federal indictment accusing Pagans members and associates from West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida of murder conspiracy, kidnapping and other charges.

    Maggio’s status is likely temporary. He’s currently scheduled to plead guilty next week. Maggio is charged with conspiring with indicted club vice president Floyd Moore in an extortion plot.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sled Tramp,

    And there is a strong possibility that a sixth Pagan may flip Monday.


  14. sled tramp Says:


    West Virginia – TIM HUBER, Associated Press Writer CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) ? Prosecutors have turned another member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club into a witness against the outlaw biker gang.
    Donnie Ray “Hoss” Workman pleaded guilty Thursday as part of an agreement requiring him to cooperate with prosecutors. Workman’s deal also requires testimony in a federal racketeering case targeting 55 Pagans leaders, members and associates from West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida of murder conspiracy, kidnapping and other charges.

    As part of the deal, the government is dropping charges covering illegal bodyguarding, illegal firearms possession and conspiring to deal drugs.

    Workman, a barrel-chested 35-year-old union ironworker, admitted to a single charge of conspiring to possess firearms while employed by a felon. The charge ties Workman to one of the lead defendants in the case, national Pagans vice president Floyd B. “Diamond Jesse” Moore of St. Albans.

    The plea agreement says Workman admits obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon to guard Moore, a convicted felon barred from possessing firearms. Workman further admits taking a concealed weapon to Virginia with a group of Pagans under threat of “discipline” by Moore in June 2008.

    The other conspiracy charge alleged Workman was dealing drugs with six Pagans and associates, including defendant Edward Parsons, who pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate earlier.

    Workman faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he’s sentenced in March.

    He’s the fifth defendant in the case to cut a plea agreement and agree to help prosecutors. Another defendant is scheduled to plead guilty next week, but court records don’t indicate whether he has agreed to cooperate.

  15. John Cokos Says:

    Damon: Good quote on the “Socratic Method”. I have a quote similar to that on my wall, don’t remember where I got it:

    “All perception is inferential; all inference is uncertain; all theory
    a combination of perception and inference, is therefore educated guessing.” It’s a good thing Socrates isn’t moderating the blog, none of us would make the grade.
    Back to the Billy Lane thing. I know it’s not high on the radar,mostly insider stuff,but the whole thing has a wierd sort of glow around it. It’s like Billy The Bike Builder finally ran into himself. It just points out what an instant of bad judgement can do. He was part of the hyped up image that has been created around custom bike builders. Lane was no Indian Larry to be sure. I meet him at one of those fest’s of one sort or another in Florida, and he was arrogant and full of himself. If you didn’t have a 38 inch rack, he wasn’t interested in talking to you. Larry on the other hand had a aura around him that you knew right away he was tuned in. It’s just tragic that he died the way he lived, taking chances.
    I always though that Lane was “fabricated” if you get the pun.

  16. Philo Says:

    Numbers up to six it looks like now……

  17. sled tramp Says:

    John Cokos,
    Saw this as pertains to Lane’s D.U.I. case.My two cents is he got real lucky given the normal term is 9 years.The guy he killed was not only on a bike but an off duty Ranger which puts it potentially into another area had they wished to pursue it.I have zero tolerance for D.U.I. related deaths,while this may go against the grain here,I have a loss because of one and my personal feelings overrule normal attitudes.

    Was Billy Lane’s sentence harsh?
    Carolena Fuentes, Immigration Consultant and Attorney, wrote: “Hey Lloyd, I hope you are enjoying your time in Boston. The pictures are terrific! At your leisure. I wanted to ask you a few questions about your area of expertise. Some of us are a bit confused about Bill Lane’s conviction today. Maybe you could shed some light on why the prison sentence despite this being his only DUI and what appears to me to be an excessive punishment – he can NEVER drive again? He built motorcycles for a living! Holy Cow…what do I know? I’m in the immigration legal world…no rush. Just whenever you get around to it. I’d love to pick your brain.” answered, “hi carol. dui manslaughter in florida brings a minimum mandatory 4 year prison sentence and a mandatory permanent license revocation, but one convicted of that crime will ‘score’ as much as 12 to 15 years in terms of sentence points. his sentence isn’t unusual at all. from what i understand about mr. lane’s case, he had a .192 blood alcohol level (very high…more than twice the legal limit) and had been arrested for DUI once before (although acquitted). sorry to be the bearer of the reality of the punishment for dui manslaughter.”

  18. John Cokos Says:


    You should a blog on the Billy Lane affair. That’s about the sadest piece of Biker new’s out there. A Drunk killing another Drunk who was a Biker coming out of a bar, and Lane driving on a suspended for another DUI! Can’t make that shit up. It looks like Lane’s lifestyle finally caught up with him. He’s got 6 years to mull things over. Karma does work.

  19. Not Surprised Says:

    I read that book about a month ago and the only reason I could come up with why he would try mentioning something like that would be maybe because he knew he was a professional rat, he’d have to come up with something spectacular to compete.

    Or maybe he has some sort of implied immunity and can write whatever he wants. It did seem like a direct dig at Dobyns, lol.

  20. Muck 1%er Says:

    Thank you for the info Rebel.

  21. Damon Says:

    Not any more, it’s on the shelf all over. Take Caine’s, Dobyns, Wethern’s, whoevers books, remove the pages and shuffle them all together and see if you can tell the difference.

    Protagoras: Truth is relative. It is only a matter of opinion.

    Socrates: You mean that truth is mere subjective opinion?

    Protagoras: Exactly. What is true for you is true for you, and what is true for me, is true for me. Truth is subjective.

    Socrates: Do you really mean that? That my opinion is true by virtue of its being my opinion?

    Protagoras: Indeed I do.

    Scorates: My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you, Protagoras, are absolutely in error. Since this is my opinion, then you must grant that it is true according to your philosophy.

    Protagoras: You are quite correct, Socrates.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Muck 1 percenter,

    Caine’s book has only been published in Canada because there are different libel laws in Canada.

    Caine was supposedly staying in Jay Dobyns’ safe house that Laughlin. And, sometimes even cops will talk to me. So, I asked somebody who was in that house those nights what he thought of Caine. This is what he told me:

    “Q-Bob is full of shit…. He is a typical informant. Everything good happened because of him and everything bad was someone else’s fault. If he had only been given the support he needed there would be no more Hells Angels, Bandidos, etc., etc., etc., right? He was universally disrespected by the Angels and the cops and they sent him packing. He turned it into a book. Good for him.”

    I trust the cop on this one, by the way. Just so you know.

    your pal,

  23. Izzy Wildheart Says:

    So on the basis that a member of a 1% charter brandishes a weapon whilst wearing his patch is therefore doing on behalf of his club and that charter is deemed a Criminal Organisation if a cop commits a crime whilst wearing his uniform bearing the ” police” trademark, he is committing a crime on behalf of the police thereby deeming them a Criminal Organisation?
    Great going Rebel
    Respect to you always
    Izzy Wildheart

  24. Not Surprised Says:


    “Real bikers” start out by being “real people” first. But if you ride in a club or riding group, you’ve already conceded that 1%’ers are top of the food chain.

  25. Muck 1%er Says:

    Jarhed and any one else who might be interested.
    There is some interesting reading in a book titled “Befriend and Betray” written by Alex Caine. One of those “I was a rat and here’s my story” books.
    The reader has to decide for himself what is truth.
    On page 263, begins a detailed account of the ATF using confiscated Mongol patches to ambush a pack of Red & White. This transpired shortly before the infamous shootout and the man was found dead alongside the highway.
    I can’t say whether it’s fact or fiction, just that it’s interesting reading, and gives me cause to ponder unanswered questions in my own mind.
    I think anyone who reads it should question the validity of a LOT of things that come down the pike and lay blame at one group or anothers feet.

  26. Not Surprised Says:


    Thanks for the clarification. The Press leaves out little details ilke that.

  27. Vacuus Cura Says:


    A point of clarification:

    The Constitution doesn’t “afford” us any rights. A piece of paper can’t do that. Our rights – in the view of the Founders – come from our Creator. The role of the Constitution was to check the Central Government and safeguard these rights. IMHO, it was a nice thought but it hasn’t worked out so well – as evidenced by the RICO cases being discussed here.

  28. sled tramp Says:

    Thanks Jarhed,
    My dad died a year ago this month.I wear a Raider skull patch on my cut in his memory.And yeah.. they were serious.One uncle was Darby’s Rangers and one 82nd Airborne Normandy and Bastogne.I must have inherited their luck given MY life.
    As regards “But what I really dislike is guys trying to pass themselves off as real bikers”.
    A-fuckin-men to that.

  29. Jarhed Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    My hats off to your Pops. Marine Raiders were the best of the best during World War II.The ORIGINAL special forces.Wish I could shake his hand.

    Selfish One,,, no problem here man.I can more than handle a joke thats pointed in my direction. If I was sitting next to you at a bar we’d probably be shooting the breeze like old freinds.(maybe).

    Not Surprised,, I dont dislike Mongols,or Angels or any other 1%er for that matter.Seems like I do, but what I really dislike is guys trying to pass themselves off as real bikers.My 2 cents.


    jar hed, come on lil doggy, lighten up dude. you kknow i gotta say your probebly the only reason other than to hear if jax showed his butt this week. you make it so easy to fuck with you, why just today i was ordering a venti and your name came up, i couldnt help but stick around and get some more material to insult you with. you gotta know you make it so easy to fuck with you. lighten up Chuey. nookster thank you for digging my jokes. oh by the way ill be here all week, then im off to atlantic city. jar hed you are the man. your friend,

  31. Not Surprised Says:

    Jarhed, we have found a common point.

  32. Jarhed Says:

    Not Surprised,
    No offense taken here,Were just talking right?
    Expresing our views is a Right afforded to us by the Constitution,Thats what makes this country great.

    The underhanded tactics the “law” is using against citizens of its country is apalling by any standards.Last time I checked Bikers were afforded the same rights as anyone else.So when The truth comes out, and It will,alot of bikers will be free to roam the highways once again.

    Thats if they even know how to ride a motorcycle to begin with.

  33. Nookster Says:

    I think “Selfish One” might have a future as a comedian, he’s funny as hell. Especially the “DL was on the seat because because your ol lady was checking his ID” Line, LOL.. Come on man that’s funny shit! Lighten up dude, your just gettin your chain pulled, you know, and old fashion “ribbing”. You don’t have to gangster up, every time you get on here. Just relax, breathe. From one Marine to another. Semper Fi.

  34. sled tramp Says:

    Dear Jarhed,
    We seem to have strayed off the what’s up in da world of intel dump these days.Face it, not all of us get along either here in cyber hide or on the street.On the one hand,I think we try to get along,on the other sometimes it’s hard not to pick on something.As an example…the license on the seat? Com’on….hard to think anything other than he got shot by a badge.Do the math.
    You obviously have issues with patch holders to some degree so this seems an odd place for you to vent.
    BTW, I’m the proud son of a Marine Raider.
    ~Sled Tramp

  35. Jarhed Says:

    Selfish One,
    Once again you poke yer head out to prove just how ignorant you are.Whats with the ridiculous insults? Spend more time getting informed and less time trying to be a comedian.It might just improve your little brain.

    Heres some knowledge for you,,, You know that little, “who the fuck are we?” chant you guys always shout out. Well guess what, you guys bogarted and ripped it off from an old World War II, Marine Raider cadence call…So unoriginal.
    I guess Jessie “the body” Ventura forgot to tell you guys that.

  36. Not Surprised Says:


    My comment was not specific to you but if applicable, feel free to take all the offense you can carry.

    Your above post indicates your views about 1% clubs are specific to the Mongols. If that is the case, it is my belief that you are pissing up a rope posting here. Just my take.

    You don’t have to be a Black and White supporter to know wrong when you see it. It could have been any club, and it would still be wrong. That is the point, Jarhed.

    Thank you for your serivce to this country. You have my respect for that.

    And thank you Rebel, for thelping the blin to see.

  37. Not Surprised Says:

    Nookster and Magnet:


  38. sled tramp Says:

    Dear Selfish One,
    Good to hear you’re around.If you ever ride up to Orygun to visit your brothers up here,I’ll buy ya some brews.I’ll be the guy standing knee deep en caca de elk.
    ~Sled Tramp


    last time i left my DL on my seat was when i was getting a blow job from jarheds ol lady. she wanted to make sure i was old enough. hey sled tramp u mutha fukka, what’s up carnal? jar hed your hard homie, dont cry for me argentina. i once knew a girl named karma, dont think she spelled her name with a k thou. peace out jar head!

  40. THUMPER Says:

    Only one of the four — William Hankins Sr., 54, of Philadelphia — was a full-fledged member of the Pagans. Two others, James Edward Lyttle, 55, of Marmet, and his son, Eric Wayne Lyttle, 30, of Charleston, were members of the Last Rebels Motorcycle Club, a so-called “support club” affiliated with the Pagans.
    (taken from)

  41. sled tramp Says:

    The only time I’ve ever had my license on the seat of my bike is during a traffic stop when I was asked to get off my sled and stand.
    I don’t take my license out of my wallet which is my rear pocket while riding along at 65mph.

  42. CholaLover Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,
    I know what you mean… I’ve said it before, I wanna see RICO be used against a law enforcement agency. Thing like “gang enhancements” and even “hate crime” enhancement are all legal bullshit. Where is the equal treatment under the law? A white guy beating up a black guy is somehow more punishable then a black guy beating another black guy? Seems to me that its the court thats being raceist.

  43. Jarhed Says:

    Not Surprised,

    In response to,,
    To those who have commented apathetically toeards 1% clubs by making such comments as “live by the sword, etc”. FUCK YOU.
    I figure you meant me in that little reply. SO,,,

    ” In 2002,California Highway Patrol discovered A Hells Angel fatality. Christian Tate, 28, had left Laughlin three hours earlier, headed home alone on Highway 40 to see his family in San Diego. Cops found him lying in a ditch on the side of the road, shot in the back at point-blank range. His license was lying on the seat of his Harley. The killer has yet to be found.”

    I guess we should blame the feds and police on this one too.I wonder who it was that shot this poor guy off his bike while he was cruisin down the highway all by his lonesome.But it wasnt the police was it?
    It COULDNT have possibly been a rival biker as they were all selling raffle tickets and buying toys for the next toy run, or helping little Ol’ ladies cross the street. No it couldnt have been a rival 1%er.

    Where was Christian Tates fair trial?The guys that shot him off his bike because he was wearing an Angels patch didnt give him one.Now those same fukkers are crying the blues cause the feds are playing dirty.Should we feel sorry them? Fuck No. Kharma is a mutherfukker.

  44. Nookster Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,
    Great post, and the “ABSOLUTE” truth.

  45. Magnet Says:

    Not Surprised,

    You are absolutely right. And as bad as things are now, they’re only gonna get worse. Hang on lads – we’re in for some serious shit.

  46. Philo Says:

    @ Rebel:

    Hey man, why does the name “James Lyttle” sound so familiar? Wasn’t this guy in some other high profile Pagans stuff in the past? Can you check that?

    I told my Dad about your site and he fucking digs it way more than

    Keep up he good work.

  47. Not Surprised Says:

    Just to note something Rebel, about the alleged “illegal lottery”. RICO was formulated to target traditional organized crime “syndicates” which had in that era, monopolized Las Vegas.

    Applying the RICO statutes and severe enhanced penalties to a bike raffle is the same as when my kid got kicked out of school for the year for having a Swiss Army Knife in a zipped pocket of his back pack, in the locked trunk of his car in the school parking lot. He agreed to a warrentless search because he “had nothing to hide”.

    It is like trying to call a can opener the same sort of weapon as a loaded pistol. It is like calling pissing in public the same as child molestation; a crime worthy of life long membership on the sex offenders registry.

    RICO prosecutions inevitably fall apart before a jury and prosecutors know this. With a good chance their cases may never see rebuttal, cross examination and evidence in a trial court, they can threaten ridiculousy harsh sentences without having to back their play.

    Last month a President of a 1% charter who allegedly brandished a firearm at two other bikers who apporached his vehicle at speeds in excess of 100 mph, was charged with commiting a crime on behalf of a criminal organization.

    Under RICO, even a book keeper who had absolutely no knowledge of criminal activity, or a citizen who merely gave a guy a ride can be drawn in. Anyway, selective prosecution of “target’ groups is proof the Government cannot stand toe-to-toe without inventing trumped up and amplified charges.

    Most states have enacted Doemstic Violenbce laws which allow “ex parte” testimony: this violates the Constituional premise of having the right to “face your accuser in court”. A simply appearance and placing of one’s hand on a bible is enough for your old lady to have you escorted out of the home with only the clothes on your back. Often a standard “three day colling off” period in cases where physical violence is alleged, means just that: you stay in jail 3 days with no bond, period, before you even see a magistrate.

    The reasoning behind this is to allow the “victim” to get their affairs in order while you are in the cooler and cannot even speak to an attorney. I’ve watched people charged with murder bond out while some guy who may or may not be guilty of more than having a heated argument watches his home, his kids and his family are off limits to him for a minimum of 10 days; plenty of time to move the new guy into his own bedroom and eventually through civil court, send him the bill.

    My point is that anytime selective legislation designed to accomodate special circumstances is passed into law, the abuse of authority doubles if not triples.

    With most states adopting the Federal standard that a “gang” is three or more, even accepting cash for beers served at the clubhouse during a public event can be prosecuted to the maximum under RICO.

    It is because the assumption is “we kow you are a criminal but we cannot prove it by conventional methods so we will manufacture other crimes we CAN target”, and this even if an ordinary citizen was guilty of the same offense would probably just get a fine.

    Reminds me of the time Attorney General Robert Kennedy had Carlos Marcello deported because of a minor mix up on paperwork. Another leading “mobster” from that era was sent to jail for a particularly harsh term for violating the “Migratory Bird Act” for having an exotic Cockatiel for which he did not have a legal bill of sale that was traceable through US Customs.

    This may also extend to family members as recently the wife of a well known 1% who is currently incarcerated was sentenced to six months active for a DUI even though the breath alcohol test was inconclusive. She had not so much as a parking ticket in 20 years…

    To those who have commented apathetically toeards 1% clubs by making such comments as “live by the sword, etc”. FUCK YOU.

    I’d love to see how you would react if you and your family were in the cross hairs of grinning Federal agents who could trump up charges to put you awat 10 years for littering under some obscure EPA law designed to go after events like the Exxon “Valdese” just because of what you stand for.

    On a personal note, not that it fucking matters but I HAVE been such a target, and I DID watch for over a year the Government make three attempts at sending me away for 30 years. I fucking won, but I will tell you now it wasn’t by much and it cost me more than you’ll ever understand and I ain’t talking about money either.

    Everyone desrves a fair trial, and if I had truly been guilty I would not bitch. I would appeal however, until I had exhausted the option. Because that is the system. But when sworn officers commit perjury and subborn the same by enticing witnesses with incentives or intimdate them with threats, the system is hideous and should be opposed by every means necessary. If you say you love this country or that you fought for and sacrificed for this country, then if you do not have a strong reaction of being replused at how trivial your service was for “freedom”, I personally have no use for you.

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