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October 6, 2009

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A Federal Grand Jury in Charleston, West Virginia has indicted 55 members and associates of the Pagans Motorcycle Club in eight states for violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act. All RICO defendants face up to 20 years in prison.

The 83-page, 44-count indictment was returned on October 1st and unsealed today. Besides racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering defendants face charges including kidnapping, extortion, robbery and conspiracy to commit murder. The indictment has been unsealed but has not yet been published.

Among those taken into custody this morning in raids by more than 200 militarized police are national Pagans President David Keith “Bart” Barbeito and national Vice President Floyd B. “Jesse” Moore.

Specifically, the indictment charges the club with holding fundraising raffles for nonexistent motorcycles; kidnapping and beating a member of the Road Disciples Motorcycle Club; conspiring with a prison guard to kill an inmate suspected of cooperating with law enforcement; conspiring to kill a chapter President of the Avengers Motorcycle Club; drug dealing; and firearms violations.

The Indicted

In alphabetical order, the defendants are:

Bailey, Stephen Jeffrey St. Albans, WV 50
Barbeito, David Keith Myersville, MD 49
Berryman, Kim H. Lancaster, KY 50
Bloss, Shawn Huntington, WV 38
Boyd, Rocco J. Little Ferry, NJ 48
Brunner, Christopher T. Manahawkin, NJ 42
Bumgarner, Darrell K. Huntington, WV 63
Claypool, James R. II French Creek, WV 45
Connolly, Thomas William Matawan, NJ 60
Copen, William Daniel Charleston, WV 49
Cotton, Joseph Frank Pemberton, NJ 59
Cremeans, David A. Huntington, WV 48
Cuevas, Sergio Velez Linden, NJ 69
Dean, Kirk Norman Dunbar, WV 53
Desalvatore, William J. Horsham, PA 47
Dipietro, Dominick Carl Philadelphia, PA 46
Dunn, Stephen G. Jr. Camden, NJ 33
Fareri, Joseph Robert Philadelphia, PA 49
Flood, Timothy A. Philadelphia, PA 47
Foti, Damian Philadelphia, PA 33
Geer, Thomas E. Huntington, WV 57
Hankins, William Sr. Philadelphia, PA 54
Hinkle, Corey Charles Charleston, WV 29
Hoback, James Vernon Pilot, VA 43
Hoffmann, Stephen G. Landing, NJ 58
Jett, Jeffrey Wayne Clarksburg, WV 58
Knight, Steven Lynn Belinton, WV 32
Laverty, Charles James Hermitage, PA 33
Lyttle, Eric Wayne Charleston, WV 30
Lyttle, James Edward Marmet, WV 55
Maggio, John N. Alexandria, VA 47
Massey, Donald L. Jr. Patriot, OH 47
Mitchell, Brian Scott Clarksburg, WV 31
Moore, Elmer Luke Buckhannon, WV 43
Moore, Floyd B. St. Albans, WV 64
Morris, Thomas J. Dunbar, WV 67
Nichols, Charles H. Roanoke, VA 57
Nuss, Martin Craig Tampa, FL 43
Parsons, Edward Day Scott Depot, WV 29
Peters, Anthony Wayne Bloomingrose, WV 37
Pezzano, Vincent David Philadelphia, PA 48
Reilly, Daniel J. Egg Harbor Township, NJ 57
Rowsey, Ronald D. Proctorville, OH 53
Schmidt, Joseph J. III Marcus Hook, PA 37
Smith, Richard Howard Leslie Roanoke, VA 58
Sneed, Michael Roy Charleston, WV 43
Stevens, Richard Lee Huntington, WV 43
Stevens, Michael Lloyd Huntington, WV 37
Stover, Steve Harlan Proctorville, OH 50
Talotta, Vincent G. Philadelphia, PA 34
Weaver, Richard Timothy St. Albans, WV 52
Wolfe, Eric W. St. Albans, WV 42
Workman, Donnie Ray Buffalo, WV 35
Wright, Dale Wheeling, WV

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37 Responses to “And Now The Pagans”

  1. Loco Says:

    Spent a lot of my young days with the Pagans in Charleston, WV. They were all damn good people from good families. Would rather spend my time with them than any other. I have seen, the damage these outlaw cops will do to harm those they do not approve of. Making false claims, tampering with evidence, lying under oathe, waiting for the cuffs to tighten then beating the hell out of you for resisting arrest. But, I am an older man now, the crooked cops I remember are retired and have forgotten me but, I will never forget them…right time right place. Ride hard, play hard, God Blessm

  2. BitchofaRat Says:

    I’m a ex-wife of a pee last Rebel woman of the Charleston chapter that got Federal paper along with a couple others that were a high up and I really don’t understand it they won’t ruin our family or business everything and he ride it so now I have to be prepared for my children like I can watch for them cuz I think they’re in danger when they’re with him and like last year when his tire fell off

  3. BitchofaRat Says:

    I like a lot of the pagans and the last Rebels were one of these makes husband is one of the ones in Charleston that was a rat he got Federal paper for year and tore our family up lost our business because of him being arrested there on and on and on but he will be one of the next

  4. Mara Krajeski Says:

    I am sorry to intrude here. I am not a member of the Pagans. But I am trying to find a member who was at the Quality Inn on Saturday, November 14th in Essington, PA for the biker convention/meetings. We talked briefly and unfortunately I didn’t get a name..I thought he was nice, and we made eye contact through out the day/night. Any help would be appreciated! =)

  5. Rob-Bob Says:

    I agree 110% with you, CholaLover. Proclaim RICO on the whole friggin department. One of em is sour so throw the whole dang bunch out!!! Ride on brothers!!!

  6. Rob-Bob Says:

    As a former Last Rebel, some of these guys are my good friends and brothers. One of them the father of my boys’ best friend. These guys are good people who would give you the shirt off their backs. How these so called “law officers” could call them criminals baffles me. RICO needs to go back to Mexico along with his pig buddies.

  7. JAMES Says:

    RIGHT, HOUSE kept complaining to family about his meds not being given to him, i understand his mother called daily to check on him while in custody, one day she called and he had supposedly been taken to a hospital wherer he was pronounced dead, that is what I was told.Had no idea about 5150 situation, R.I.P. BRO’S

  8. CholaLover Says:

    You know what I wanna see? Next time they bust a couple of dirty cops “Rampart scandal style” that they charge every police officer in the department with “rico”. Why not? They all pay dues to their police union, so they all pull their money together. The union provides them with legal representation and even gives them money when they get suspended without pay for illegal acts. I can’t think of a better candidate for a “rico” case. Can you??

  9. Elmer Moore Says:

    My father and grandfather are not guilty of anything

  10. True Story Says:

    House died after an alleged heart attack in Custody. They played with his meds until it ultimately cost him is life.

    5150 was picked up in Operation Domino and he died of I believe Liver failure they say. He too died in custody.

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear True Story,

    Tell me more about House and 5150.


  12. True Story Says:

    Two Mongols actually died in custody after these last raids. House during Operation Black Rain and 5150 during Operation Domino.

  13. JAMES Says:

    Amazing how some of the people in CLUBS just die from natural causes while in FEDERAL HOLDING, same thing happened to one of the MONGOLS MEMBERS, they kept playing with the meds he was supposed to take daily and he was found dead also, this is just another case of not caring about any individual who is in custody, condolences to his FAMILY and BROTHERS

  14. sled tramp Says:

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club accused of illegally bringing explosives into West Virginia in 2006 died in custody on Saturday.

    Charles Harmon “Tombstone Charlie” Nichols, 57, was found unresponsive in his cell at South Central Regional Jail about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, said John L. King, operations manager for the state Regional Jail Authority.

    He was pronounced dead about 3 a.m., King said.

    Nichols, who was about 6-foot-2 and weighed 375 pounds, appears to have died of natural causes, and no foul play is suspected, King said. State Police are investigating, which is routine, he said.

    “He was 57 years old and had a variety of health issues,” King said. An autopsy is pending, he said.

    “At this point, it doesn’t look like there was any indication of foul play,” said Brad Sellers, acting chief deputy U.S. Marshal for West Virginia’s Southern District. The U.S. Marshals Service is conducting its own investigation, he said.

    Nichols was one of 55 defendants named in a 44-count federal indictment earlier this month. Following his arrest on Oct. 6, he appeared in federal court in Roanoke before he was brought to West Virginia to face the charges against him.

    Along with Richard Howard Leslie “Reverse” Smith, 58, of Roanoke, Va., and James Vernon “Timex” Hobeck, 43, of Pilot, Va., Nichols allegedly brought explosives into the Princeton area on June 1, 2006, according to the indictment. The men knew that the explosives would be used to commit a crime of violence, the indictment alleges.

    Nichols was one of 73 Pagans charged following a 2002 melee with members of the Hells Angels at a Long Island catering hall. One Pagan was killed during the brawl, in which the Pagans targeted the Hellraisers Ball, a motorcycle and tattoo expo hosted by the rival gang.

    The attack was an effort to take back Long Island as Pagans territory, The New York Times reported at the time. The Pagans had controlled the area, but the Hells Angels took over after the local Pagans clubs’ numbers were depleted by numerous federal convictions in New York in 1998.

    Nichols was released from federal prison in February 2004, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons’ Web site.

    In addition to Nichols, Dominick Carl “Tack” Dipietro, 46, and Timothy “Casual” Flood, 47, both of Philadelphia, appear to be the only Pagans named in both the 2002 and current indictments.

  15. John Cokos Says:


    I think that the Posse Comitatus Act is for all intents a dead issue. I was in the Guard for for a few years, and the Guard has been totally Federalized for some years now.It’s a complicated issue at best, but just another senario that could be invoked to setup a provocation for just about anything. Tuning up a club or the out of control street gangs of any large city for whatever reason is just lever for the bigger picture.
    You might just want to check around a bit and find out what type of Civil Control Operation are being conducted by joint Army and Guard Commands to react to an Insurection Senario. The key word in all this Senario, a “What If”. Even Paranoids have Enemy”s !

  16. DirtyBruin Says:

    Not Surprised: According to the Army was called in because only 67 local National Guardsmen were available, not that they refused to act. Given that a riot did in fact break out – while I’m not a lawyer, it seems a reasonable application under the Insurrection Act. This is a very different thing than sending in the Army or Marines to arrest members of motorcycle clubs.

  17. Gaz Says:

    So, you wanna’ know what the Blue Gang think? Only “validated” LEOs can post on this site (the majority of the site is password protected). (look under “gang” heading for the article these comments were applied to)
    I nose through this, and other LEO sites from time to time to gather “intel” of my own as I am a free rider but DO ride with others who are patched. This “unindicted co-conspirator” shit can apply to ANYONE who shares time or turf with someone in LEO cross-hairs.
    Here’s a copy/ paste of some of the LEO comments after Hicks was gunned down… Makes for “interesting” (and down right scary) reading.

    *Posted by scaatylobo on Friday, October 09, 2009 06:06 AM
    I do believe we have THE largest “gang” or brotherhood.So if they really want to start a pissing contest = we win.Not saying it wont get nasty,but in the end they are either all dead or in jail for attempted murder of LEO = again,we win.

    *Posted by Rhino56 on Thursday, October 08, 2009 03:21 AM
    Retaliation against the police…..Hmmmmmm BRING IT MF!

    *Posted by wmccarty on Thursday, October 08, 2009 00:18 AM
    Very good points posted here regarding using military tactics to take these dirtbags out and charging them with conspiracy. No rights should be afforded these POS scumbags. Act like an animal, treated like an animal.

    *Posted by Solo508 on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 07:13 PM
    It would be really stupid for those guys to retaliate. They haven’t seen a roundup until they try to take up arms against law enforcement. The Pagans would end up getting converted too late.

    *Posted by cpd014 on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 06:35 PM
    If they have obtained intelligence that the motorcycle gang is preparing to exact retribution why would they not call in the alphabet police or surronding agencies and charge the leaders with a conspiracy charge before any leo’s are injured or forced to kill someone.

    *Posted by maynr on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 01:59 PM
    I say that we treat gang members along the same lines as terrorists. No rights should be accorded to them. Fight them with army tactics.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    Bruin, Kennedy sent the Marines to Oxford, MS cause the National Guard refused to act…Hueys landed on the football field.

  19. DirtyBruin Says:

    John Cokos: if you were in the military for 15 years, you should know that the Posse Comitatus Act precludes any casual use of the military for law enforcement; the use (under the Insurrection Act) of troops during the 1992 LA riots being a rare exception. It would take something of that scale to justify military intervention, and I rather doubt the situation with respect to M/Cs will get to that point.

  20. John Cokos Says:

    It looks like the “Dumb Shit” clause that ME makes reference to is part of the inprocessing of the Clubs involved, make no mistake, I spent 15 years in the Military, most of it Army, Infantry and such, and no club or group of clubs is any match for the fed’s. If the Gov of one of the States decides that he needs to call up the Military to put down the Biker problem, It’ll be all over but the shout. No club, not HA or anyone elese for that matter is a match for a well trained Rifel Co, Recon or LURP’s. Take heed, “The Stupid are being punished”. You just bring heat on the likes me who looks a little old school, and just out for some shits and grins and cold beer and BBQ.

  21. Not Surprised Says:


    If you are related to the person in this article, please be more specific.

  22. JAMES Says:


  23. fee Says:

    To all the other families torn apart by this, my thoughts are with you all and god will determine who is guilty and who is not.

  24. fee Says:

    They took my dad (step dad) a man that chose to raise me as his own. The grandfather of 8 soon to be 10. Murder and kidnapper “NOT”. Just because he didn’t want to just sit at home an grow old he joined a motorcycle club. That doesn’t make him guilty. It makes him human.Check his record he doesn’t even have a speeding ticket. We love you Dad.

  25. Mr. America Says:

    These government hit sqauds they’re sending around the country killing people that don’t fit their definition of the Ideal American Image (Plaid shirt, kakhi slacks, and penny loafers) has got to stop. I just read somewhere else they (The Government) are putting out statements now to the general-public that “We (The Citizen’s of this Country) should not be afraid”. That, this killing was just an isolated incident. (As if, killing this man was like, just another day on the job). Well, I am afraid. I’m afraid they could just think of something they don’t like about me and then smash my door in and kill me in front of My Wife, and Children. And possibly, kill them too. It is sickening Nookster. And, frightening. Because, it’s absolutely happening.

  26. Not Surprised Says:

    In today’s Richmond Post Dispatch

    By Mark Bowes

    Published: October 7, 2009

    A Pagans Motorcycle Club member who was fatally shot as officers raided his home yesterday was armed but did not brandish, point or fire the weapon at any state and federal officers as they entered, the man’s attorney said today.

    Defense attorney John Rockecharlie, who was representing James M. Hicks Jr. on a felony drug charge in Chesterfield County, also said that federal agents didn’t find any contraband during a search of his home in the 10000 block of Halifax Road in northern Dinwiddie.

    Rockecharlie said he was advised of that information by a “reliable source” he declined to identify. Since yesterday’s shooting, Rockecharlie said he’s been in contact with Hicks’ family, including his wife, who was inside the house when her husband was shot.

    “His family and friends are devastated by the events of yesterday morning,“ Rockecharlie said in a prepared statement after being contacted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “They are at a loss to understand why the police handled the situation in such a manner. James did not fire, point or brandish a firearm at any officer.

    “In the chaos that was created by the police smashing down the door to his home, James was taken from his loved ones,“ the attorney added. “We hope the authorities look closely at the actions of the police officers involved.“

    The attorney said he didn’t know whether yesterday’s raid by state police and agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had anything to do with Hicks’ arrest in July on drug and gun charges in Chesterfield.

  27. Nookster Says:

    The news of what that mans wife went through, makes my skin crawl. I just have a deep down sick feeling in my guts. I don’t know what else to say…..

  28. 10Guage Says:

    The jack booted thugs are at it again. Never mind the black helicopters…They are already here with their tanks, machine guns, grenades, full body armor and black hooded masks…They are hell-bent on breaking down doors, shattering windows, and destroying property. Crazed and muttering phrases like “Take no mercy”, “Go ahead make my day” and “let God sort em out” they are all whipped into a frenzy. It’s a brave new world. It used to be that having you laid out prone for hours in front of your family while digging through your ol lady’s panty drawer was enough degradation to boost their egos and compensate for their diminutive stature and multifold insecurities. It was enough to cool the all consuming fear of the marauding long haired outlaws. Or at least allow for a little entertainment and a chance to stretch their legs (it gets tiresome being holed up in those surveillance vans for days on end). They could whip out the ol riot stick and bash in your ribs while filling your eyes, ears and nose full of chemical mace and at the peak of their frenzy pump off a few rounds into the family dog…This was enough to quell the blood lust. Or maybe wait for a good Christmas party to bust up at the clubhouse. Shred the presents, kick over the potluck, and pistol whip grandpa for being menacing with his cane and Santa beard. Those were the good ol days… Oh but it is to be no more. It’s a brave new world.. One in which all biker scum must die..By any means necessary man!. May the good lord help us all.

  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear FTF and Me,

    I am not surprised it is the Pagans. And, yeah, I think there is some connection to the cooperating witnesses in the Mongols case. Not that they are going to testify but I suspect their debriefing contributed to this. I wouldn’t have called the Pagans. It could have been any of at least three other clubs. But I am not surprised it is the Pagans and I knew whoever it was it was going to be a RICO case.

    your pal,

  30. Grumbler Says:

    Richmond Police sent out several alerts to fellow police officers warning them of possible retaliation from the club after a member was shot and killed as the ATF and Virginia State Police tactical team attempted to serve a search at his house in Dinwiddie County.,0,896780.story

    Used to hang out at People’s Drugs (defunct) at the Georgetown District in D.C. while riding my customized Triumph 650 Trophy, That’s when I first saw that club on killer pre-unit contruction Triumphs, etc. Some were wearing OF helmets with faceshields which matched the colors of their sleds.

    Ironically, another club consisting of tough, blue collar slickbacks was planning to steal my bike from the college campus where I resided in a dorm. A vending machine driver was their spotter, but told them to hold off after he met me. Once they found out that I wasn’t an asshole, so to speak, they invited me to meet them in Alexandria, VA. Was gonna to work with one of them that summer – his boss refused to hire me so I had to return home to CA. Haven’t been back since. No such thing as a personal computer then.

  31. JAMES Says:

    As stated by others, “HERE COMES THE NEXT ONES”also I agree this should be the final example of what it should take to open the eyes of others and “THAT THEY COULD BE NEXT”.

  32. Nookster Says:

    Oh man, here it goes again, Selling phony raffle tickets? Beating some guys ass? Extortion and robbery because some guy may have gave up his cut? Conspiring to murder, because someone was just talking shit on a phone when they were drunk and had no real intention of doing anything to anyone? Firearms violations because someone had an unregistered shotgun they used for hunting squirrels in thier house? Okay, “if” some of it happened, maybe 6 months in the county jail, but 20 fucking years in a federal prison? “WTF”. I can’t say because I’m not in thier shoes, but if just one time all 55 would lock arms and say take everyone of us to trial, it would be a nightmare for the prosecution. But I’m not in thier shoes, and will never know all the circumstances. All I can say is good luck, because they are up against a monster.

  33. Ash Says:

    He was. His wife reports that she thought someone was breaking in the house around 6:oo this morning..She yelled to Jimbo and he went and got his shot gun and waited by the door. As they busted into the door he saw that it was the police, he then turned to put his gun down and was shot in the chest. No fare warning or nothing just shot him. The officers would not allow his wife to say or kiss him goodbye, as they carried his no covered body out, allowing everyone in plain site to see. The federal warrent to search his place was from 2005 and its sad they just now in 2009 decided to do it. Everyone that knows him says he was a truely nice man and that they don’t know why this even happened. But just let it be a warning to everyone, Police are out now and they are watching very closely!

  34. Not Surprised Says:

    CBS news is reporting James Hicks of VA, was killed in his home by a tactical team of both state and federal agents while a wrrant was being served. Same source claims he was a member of the Pagans

  35. me Says:

    will rebel who is next and we didn’t think it would happen in the ussa guess we were wrong….. everybody hangon it is going to hit everyone if you think your club is not on the list.??????? guess again you all keep doing the dumb shit you all keep doing the rats are every were

  36. FTF Says:

    It’s another sad sad day. I wonder if Doc’s lies have anything to do with this?

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