The Mongols Marks Argument

September 23, 2009

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Throughout much of the last six months, ruffians employed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have been stealing personal items from members and friends of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The seizures are really about nasty and out of control policemen using the full power of the federal government to humiliate and frustrate people who those cops think should be fair game. The ATF has maintained that the seizures are legal. According to witnesses, at one point an ATF Case Agent named John Ciccone even waved a piece of paper at his victims to prove they were legal.

Ciccone did not actually let anybody read his special piece of paper. He guarded the words written on it as if they were a magic spell for making gold but a good guess is that he was waving a federal injunction.

The injunction was issued last October and it was intended prevent former Mongols President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos from selling the trademark “Mongols” to the Iron Pigs or whoever else might be interested in buying a better name. Starting last Spring, the Department of Justice (DOJ) also began arguing that the trademark “Mongols” should immediately be forfeited to them because Cavazos gave it to them as part of a plea deal.

You Were Serious About That

But not all Mongols have agreed and at the end of July the Judge who issued that original injunction and who reviewed Cavazos’ plea deal said the government had gone too far. The ATF, Judge Florence Marie Cooper ruled seven weeks ago, has no right to steal personal property from unindicted members of the club just because the property has the word “Mongols” on it. The name Mongols, the judge ruled, and all symbols that represent that name belong to the Mongols. The name never belonged to Doc Cavazos. The decision is called the Rivera ruling and it is unambiguous. A fish could get it.

But ever since the government has kept asking the judge, “You were serious about that?” It is not so much a matter that the prosecution does not understand Rivera as that they cannot believe Judge Cooper wrote it. This “failure to communicate,” as Strother Martin put it in Cool Hand Luke, is still playing out. It should finish playing out soon.

Nine days ago, in a separate ruling, Judge Cooper wrote that the government “has no authority to seize items bearing only the second mark” by which she means the logo the Mongols wear as a center patch. She never gave the DOJ authority to “preserve” that trademark in the first place. So presumably, until this week the judge has been completely unaware that the ATF has been confiscating items that that are otherwise symbolic of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. “There is minimal evidence,” Judge Cooper wrote with touching naiveté, “that property bearing only the second mark (the Mongols logo) has been seized.”

Is The Judge Stupid Or Cute

Either Judge Cooper is credulous as a child or she is playing coy. The government has been stalling for seven weeks, waiting for the judge to come to her senses and join the anti-Mongol crusade. The Mongols attorneys meanwhile, have been taking the tack that she just does not really understand what the federal police are like.

Monday, club counsel tried once more to gently shake the learned judge awake.

“First the government sought to take the Club’s Motion off-calendar, then it sought to strike the motion, then it sought a three week extension of time to file its supplemental brief, all in an effort to delay the ultimate determination of the issues raised in the Club’s Motion and on which the Court has requested supplemental briefing,” The Mongols attorney, John W. MacPete complained about the delays in a brief filed Monday. “The Court should not condone the government’s continued efforts to delay a decision of this matter.”

What And When

MacPete is asking the judge to order the return of the property that has been seized from club members and associates. And, just to make sure it gets into the record, MacPete’s 31-page brief includes sworn statements from Mongols patch holders Rene Ruiz and Isaac Daza that they have had personal property seized by the ATF simply because that property bore the Mongols logo or the initialism MFFM.

Unless the judge has a stroke, the government has already lost this part of this case. The government lost on July 31st and everybody knows it.

Last week prosecutors accused Judge Cooper of “premature adjudication” and asked her to take her judgment back. Pick the metaphor of your choice – shoving the toothpaste back in your tube, putting the bullet back in your gun – she cannot take it back any easier than you could.

Judge Cooper will probably make a ruling on this matter in the next week without holding a hearing. When she rules in the Mongols favor, members and supporters who have had their property seized should expect it to be returned within three weeks.

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28 Responses to “The Mongols Marks Argument”

  1. pjustice Says:

    Starting off with the ATF, Ciccone and Hernandez those two homos who are always seen together will get your day, like you are watching everyone and doing crooked things you are being watched too. Both you clowns will get your day, you two are the definition of CORRUPTION in the Dept oh and we can’t forget the LBPD remember the Rampart police Dept? they got there day were it finally caught up to them.

  2. pjustice Says:

    Crooked LBPD!!!!!

  3. Magnet Says:

    So DID the judge have a stroke, or what? Left the bench to pursue a new career defending white collar criminals with Mother O’Brien’s boy Tommy? Alien abduction? The ruling on returning stolen property seems pretty straightforward and more than a little overdue, since none of the stuff should have ever been seized in the first place. The government may already have lost this part of the case, but it sure would be nice to have that in writing. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, so where’s Flo-Co with some opera? Is there even more sneaky shit afoot here?


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  5. Limp Says:

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  6. sled tramp Says:

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  8. WhiteDevil Says:

    His wife is a fellow L.B.P.D. officer named Tiny.

  9. THE REAPER Says:


  10. Grumbler Says:

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  11. sled tramp Says:

    Ol’ Johnylaw’s just pissed because his wife keeps moaning out my name….

  12. Not Surprised Says:


    Your official Police Blotter through 10/02 shows no such incident. Granted, Saturday and Sunday will be on next weeks report.

    Why do all the pigs on this site sound like Tiny?

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear JohnnyLaw,

    I know the neighborhood. I know the restaurant. I know the LBPD. What are you bragging about? Did you TAZE a drunk? I take it you are LBPD. I do not have a copy of the police report. Why don’t you send me a copy and let me look at this.

    your pal,

  14. Gringo1%er Says:

    johnylaw isnt there a village people reunion you should be attending?

  15. JAMES Says:

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  16. Gusto Says:


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  17. i pee freely Says:

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  18. sled tramp Says:

    Uh…..FTF? Please note the above’s name. I do believe Mr. Johnylaw has a shiny on his shirt…..As we know, such individuals hold us, the motorcycle enthusiast community, in less than high regard.Perhaps Mr. Johnylaw would be better served skipping through another forum whilst holding the hand of an Iron Pig.Just my most humble opinion…

  19. FTF Says:


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  20. johnylaw Says:

    Hey, ask a few of your brothers (blk/wht) how they enjoyed their time in Long Beach this last weekend (Yardhouse). I believe one of the bros wet his pants and three bros were hauled off to jail. I believe the charges were possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle, resisting and obstructing a PO in commission of his duty and assault with a deadly weapon with GBI (Great Bodily Injury).

    It seems the bros were having an outing in our town on the down/low (No Cuts or Colors). They had several contacts with our officers through the course of the evening. Each time, these rather large individuals would push their chest out and try to intimidate the officers like they were dealing with the LAPD, with a lot of “S-talking”.

    Each time they let their “Alligator Mouths Over Run Their Hummingbird Asses”. You don’t believe me? Just ask your bro who wet his pants, you know, one of Doc’s hundreds of latino gangbanger recruits from Primera Flats.

    It’s amazing how one man (Doc), could single-handedly destroy your club, have your “Cuts” federally confiscated for trademark infringement, and open all your ill gotten gains up to taxation without representation by the “EME”.

    I guess your “East Los Gangstas” liked being “Surenos” more than they liked being “Mongols”. Oh, by the way, did “Doc” finally go and kiss the right ass of the right “Bracero” and settle that little tax problem the upper management was having with the “Carnals”.

    For his sake, I hope so, or it’s going to be very lonely out there on that main yard. But, let’s not fool ourselves, I’m sure the Feds have arranged a lovely room for “Doc” in “PC”. A place where “Doc” can write down his memoirs, sell some more lame ass books and listen up for this is key, “DEBRIEF ABOUT HIS AND HIS BROTHER’S SORDID LITTLE DEEDS As MEMBERS OF HIS ONGOING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE THE MONGROLS”.

    One more side note if you please, I encourage you guys to keep coming down to the “Blue Dog” (LB) in mass, please make sure you wear your cuts. This way we can stop monkey Fnnnn around with Ms. Cooper’s interpretation of the Federal case law and make some new case law of our own.

  21. Gusto Says:

    L0L on the chola joke… how come theres alot of clubs in nor Cal w/ the California rockers than there is in So. Cal? is it out of alliance to the h.a’s? much L&R to the B&W for fighting the good fight and this site for being bad ass!!

  22. cdgridr Says:


    shut up….

    dont assume I have anything against anyone, unless you talk to me. By these guys, i was referring to the feds, not the club…

    And oNly 3rd GrADe ChoLAs RiGhT LIkE ThiS.

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear The One,

    In Rivera, Judge Cooper ruled that the Mongols never lost their patch, their logo, the Mongol on the rigid with the bell bottoms and the scimitar.

    Stay tuned. I am writing as fast as I can. Every once in a while, I like to go for a motorcycle ride. You will know when I know.

    Your pal,

  24. SmRtRtHnU13 Says:

    Cdgrdr…. you obviously haven’t been reading up on this or you just have something against them. Either way next time you post let it have sense in it. If your bored of it then stop reading. It doent intrest you then that’s fine. STOP READING ABOUT IT negative nancy…

  25. Not Surprised Says:



  26. cdgridr Says:

    anyone else getting bored of this??? just how much is enouth with these guys… they’ve lost and just won’t let it go…geez

  27. theone Says:


  28. Rebel Says:

    To Whom etc.,

    I will be in Reno the next couple of days. If Judge Cooper issues a ruling before next Monday, I will pick it up when I get back,

    your pal,

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