Utah Biker, Son, Victims Of Road Rage

September 8, 2008

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A father and his ten-year-old son were thrown from the motorcycle they were riding in suburban Salt Lake City last week in an apparent road rage incident.

About 8:30 pm, last Thursday, September 4, Michael Rakes and his wife found an excuse to ride their Harleys out into the warm summer night. The couple rode to their son’s tae kwon do class.

“They picked me up with their motorcycles, and my dad had his helmet on, and he gave it to me,” ten-year-old Jeffrey Rakes told reporters.

Black Mazda Lit Cigarette

On the way home the Rakes family encountered 32-year-old Kris Prinster of Centerville, UT. Ms. Prinster threw a lit cigarette out the window of her black Mazda, according to a statement issued by Centerville police spokesman Paul Child.

The Rakes family’s 50-year-old father apparently resented having to duck the burning cigarette. So, Rakes pulled next to the Mazda and yelled at Prinster through her open window.

Witnesses say Prinster accelerated away from the bike. Rakes also accelerated and pulled next to her again. According to published reports, witnesses heard yelling from the two vehicles.

Some Slight Contact

Police acknowledge there was “some slight contact” between the Harley and the Mazda around the time Rakes lost control of his bike and crashed. Police spokesman Child’s statement says “it wasn’t clear whether the contact occurred before or after the rider lost control of the bike.”

Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle in traffic knows the three possible causes of the accident:

1. The car hit the bike;
2. The bike hit the car;
3. Or, the bike found a loophole in the laws of physics and just fell over.

Wife Saw It All

Rakes’ wife was riding her motorcycle behind her husband and son and witnessed the accident.

Michael Rakes was helicoptered to University of Utah Hospital in critical condition with severe head injuries. He was placed in a drug induced coma.

His 10-year-old son suffered a cracked ribbed, a chipped ankle bone and road rash. He was treated for his injuries at Lakeview Hospital and discharged.

Police say Prinster may be charged with littering and Michael Rakes may be charged with reckless driving.

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6 Responses to “Utah Biker, Son, Victims Of Road Rage”

  1. anonymous Says:

    This is sad. Ah, I know the good old Prinsters. Specifically the youngest, Shaun, who had a cocky, bastard attitude and was quite the ‘hot head’. Sorry, I’m sure they are ‘good people’ but I wouldn’t be surprised if Krisy cracked under pressure and made a poor decision….similar to her younger brother was prone to do.

    She should get a more severe punishment. You litter and don’t follow rules, you put others in danger. Period.

  2. Tricia Rakes Says:

    Hi, I’m the spouse of Michael Rakes, this whole accident has been heart wrenching for myself and my son. Centerville did NOT do their job in a full investigation and I have thought twice about suing them for neglect of investigation this accident fully. Kris was talking on her cell phone weaving in and out of the center lane for a mile or so before entering the center lane while my husband attempted to pass her and she hit him.
    She should be charged and she was not. I lost in jury trial over this accident. I died my insurance company since Kris hardly had any car insurance coverage herself and lost. My son has paid the ultimate price.

  3. Bud dee Says:

    What a stupid comment! At no point has anyone even implied the driver of the car did anything but try to get away from the motor cycle. Clearly the accident was tragic, but it was an accident! To even suggest otherwise is ignorant. Trust me the cops in centerville are bored! If they had the slightest hint of a reason to charge the driver they would have.

  4. Leon Foonman Says:

    Kill a father, go to your room. Motorcycling is only dangerous when people think it’s ok to ram them with their car….good girl? Really? More like a murderer.

  5. Mikonos Says:

    Tragic but no room for road rage on a bike, certainly not with your child.

  6. Jarv801 Says:

    Super-late pass on this one: This took place in my hometown. I went to school with Kris Prinster. Michael Rakes passed away a few days after the crash.

    Kris is a good girl, from what I remember. She was not one to judge a book by it’s cover. Unfortunately, not one to stay cool under fire either.

    Offcr. Childs, is pretty much what you’d expect from a small-town cop with red hair and a short mustache.

    No charges, no real charges, were ever filed. Needless to say, the Rakes family hasn’t done too well.

    It isn’t a safe thing we do — riding bikes. All the “start seeing motorcycles” stickers in the world won’t wake drivers up, stop them from talking on the phone and make them pay attention. Shit is going to fall apart. Don’t lose your cool. You need a clear head when ridding. If you lose your cool, remember it might cost you your life. Pull over. Have a smoke. Shake it off. The cops probably won’t side with your corpse. A 4,000 lbs. car surely won’t.

    Stay safe.

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