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September 10, 2009

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The guilty pleas of four more former members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club were published by the court this week. All four pled guilty to racketeering on behalf of the Mongols. The four men are Brian McCauley, David Gil, Daniel Medel, and Austin Klint Melcer.

It is difficult to read any legal strategy into the pleas but the speed with which agreements are being made might indicate that Acting United States Attorney George S. Cardona has less of his career invested in destroying the Mongols than former U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien did.

O’Brien quit his job on September 1st. He explained his resignation by saying it was “time to go out and find new challenges.” He served as U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles for a little less than 23 months. O’Brien will now defend “white collar” criminals for the Paul Hastings law firm. He was appointed U.S. Attorney by George W. Bush.


Brian McCauley is a former Sergeant-At-Arms of the San Diego chapter of the Mongols who pled guilty to the predicate “crimes” of belonging to the Mongols and “participating in leadership meetings” with former Club President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and other Mongols leaders. He “further agrees that his conduct was related to his membership in the Mongols Gang and was committed in furtherance of the criminal enterprise and knowing that its members and associates would commit racketeering offenses.”

McCauley will probably serve three years probation.


David Gil admitted that he “and a co-defendant sold approximately 11 grams of actual methamphetamine to a confidential government informant and an undercover law enforcement officer” on May 24th, 2006. On May 31st he sold 9.6 grams of methamphetamine to an undercover cop. And on July 21st he “and a codefendant sold approximately 15.4 grams of actual methamphetamine to a UC.” He also admits he committed these crimes “in furtherance of the criminal enterprise.”

Gil will probably be sentenced to somewhere between 51 and 78 months in prison.


Daniel Medel, is the former Sergeant-At-Arms of the Northeast Los Angeles chapter of the Mongols. He admits that on October 6, 2007 he was awarded a “Respect Few Fear None” patch. Four months earlier, on May 31, 2007, he admits that he “told a co-defendant that he was going to inform another co-defendant and other members of the Mother Chapter that a member of the Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of the Mongols gang was not paying dues.”

Finally, the week before Christmas that year “a co-defendant informed defendant Medel that the co-defendant believed his house was about to be raided by law enforcement. Defendant Medel instructed the co-defendant to contact him right before his house was raided so that defendant Medel could advise other members of the Mongols gang.”

As has been the case in all of these Count One pleas, Medel “agrees that his conduct was related to his membership in the Mongols and was committed in furtherance of the criminal enterprise and knowing that its members and associates, including defendant, would commit racketeering offenses.”

Medel will probably be sentenced to 15 to 21 months in prison.


Austin Klint Melcer agreed to a sealed plea deal late last month. The plea was unsealed this week.

Melcer and defendant Norberto Jose Montes were alleged to have beaten a man named Leon Huddleston to death in a bar called Young’s Tavern in Lancaster, California on Saint Valentine’s Day in 2007. Last month Melcer pled guilty to racketeering.

Melcer admits to having been an “associate of the Mongols criminal enterprise.” He also admits that his “actions were related to his membership in the Mongols” and so on.

Melcer will probably be sentenced to between 63 and 87 months in prison.

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8 Responses to “More Mongols This Week”

  1. Kelsey Libby Says:

    More Mongols This Week | The Aging Rebel >> >> […]

  2. john doe Says:

    lot of snitch

  3. izapmtb Says:

    they should save room in federal state prison for the pig’s that cant get a date on thier own so they have to steal our kids to get thier pleasure’s and they just get probation wake up USA and get the real criminals

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mike,

    The guy who got the three years probation did not really do anything. He was photographed in the company of Doc, he belonged to the club, he associated with club members, he had about 1,000 rounds of military surplus ammunition in his possession and somebody said that at one point during an argument with a civilian, he raised his shirt and revealed a handgun.

    The guy was also in the Navy and coming up on his 20 years so of course Naval CIS got involved. I do not know the military disposition of his case. I have been told he lost his pension but I have not been able to confirm it and, frankly, I just do not have the heart to call the guy up and ask him because I feel bad for him. You know, it is his very private, personal misfortune and I do not see that much news in it.

    As for the next case, my hunch is that it will not be the Mongols. If it is Ciccone, it is probably going to be a club with a strong presence in Southern California so the logical candidate is the Vagos. If it is the Vagos I don’t expect the ATF to get nearly as far as it did with the Mongols. I think Doc Cavazos made the Mongols a uniquely attractive target.

    The point of the Mongols case, in my opinion, has been to find a strategy to outlaw, or in effect outlaw, motorcycle clubs. The government, again in my opinion, is offering plea and sentencing agreements because they do not want to go to court.

    All the guilty pleas to Count One of the indictment only prove that Doc Cavazos was running a criminal enterprise while he was club President with money going up the ladder to him. The guilty pleas do not make the Mongols Motorcycle Club a criminal enterprise. Just because the preacher is a crook it does not follow the congregation is all crooks.

    I think the guilty pleas are an example of what the new, professional police call “perception management.”

    your pal,

  5. Mike Says:

    Regardless of the sentences, lots of convictions coming from the case. They will use it for the next case that they are probably already planning or working. I still want to see the sealed pleas. But the 3 years probation isnt much of a sentence either.

  6. Eman Deriuqer Says:

    Hey is there a test or some other way you to just note that 4 wheelers that have seen wild hogs or are so realistic Biker gang tv stars. Wait I dont think its possible to be meth murdering evil patch holder and tv star in one person. For the longest time I was wondering these very scary bikers that put you to the test, No my bad you are not being tested any longer. You must have that thing some of learn with the years, no not with the ability to spot the real ugly women at 2 in the morning but to spot the person that takes it back to its cave. Anyway my attempt at a back handed atta boy for saying what i concider a lot of informitive stuff on people in and out of are very fine state and federal clubs . mr. rebel I am sure you have a handle on officer pepporroni you always no where the chihuahuas are because they need to make up for other short comings. question mr.Rebel what are these dimwits going to when they take some ones support shirt or what ever and they have full back patch or skull with wings of fire on there neck or where ever. They are taking your every cholo vato and arresting charging them with what bad hair. Keep it on the pavement till your not. L8r

  7. FTF Says:


    Yep, you got that right. That’s Kazlownski on the right, and his butt buddy on the left. Not sure who the one in the middle is, guess Greg G. didn’t make this pic.

  8. JAMES Says:

    all interested parties, this photo is of the feds at the top of this article.

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