Updating The Mongols Pleas

August 21, 2009

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The longer the Mongols case lasts, the smaller it grows.

Ten months ago militarized police in six states served 160 search warrants and 110 arrest warrants and the United States Attorney in Los Angeles indicted 79 members, associates and former members of the Mongols Motorcycle club for racketeering.

This is what has happened to the 79 accused:

One defendant, Jorge Cottini died and charges against him were dismissed.

Another defendant, Peter “Bouncer” Soto, dedicated himself to a life of religious contemplation shortly before the indictment was unsealed. Soto then cloistered himself in a monastery high in the Andes and so he has not yet learned of the charges that were brought against him.

26 Plea Deals

At least 26 defendants have reached plea and sentencing agreements. In all of these cases the defendants have pled guilty to Count One of the Indictment. That count characterizes the Mongols as a “gang” and a criminal enterprise that was institutionally engaged in murder and drug dealing. The annihilation of the Mongols on the grounds that the club was a racket has, for some time, seemed to have been the whole point of the government’s case. But Florence-Marie Cooper, the presiding judge, has already ruled that the Mongols Motorcycle Club is not a criminal enterprise.

Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and Robert Lawrence “Lars” Wilson III are the only the former members of the club who are known the be actually cooperating with the prosecution in this case. Cavazos is the former President of the club and Wilson was a club member who shared Cavazos’ ambitions.

The following 20 members and former members of the club have pled guilty to the allegation that the Mongols was a criminal enterprise but no evidence or document exists to prove that any of them have cooperated with prosecutors or investigators in any other way. In all of these cases the guilty pleas were blatantly coerced, as courts in Iran and North Korea coerce defendants into confessing to imaginary crimes. The names of these men are: Christopher Loza; John Newman; Denis Maldonado; William Shawley; Juan Nieves; Ricardo Gutierrez; Abram Wedig; Shawn Buss; Ramon Contreras; Ricardo Gutierrez; Juan Alfred Gonzalez; Thomas Savala; Manuel Jimmie Vasquez; Joseph Rudolph Valle; Andres Rodriguez; David Tellez; Roger Martinez; William Ramirez; Samuel Gonzalez; and, John Canales. The plea deals agreed to by these men have all been entered into the public record.

Six Secret Deals

Six plea deals remain secret although the fact that Doc Cavazos is cooperating has been widely reported and has been acknowledged by the government. This page has also published the fact that Wilson is actively cooperating with prosecutors and investigators.

The names of the other four cooperating witnesses remain secret although the names of at least two of them seem to be self-evident. In a ruling entered into the public record on August 11, Judge Cooper refused to unseal the six, secret plea deals.

“In this case, the Court had previously signed orders authorizing the sealing of a limited number of plea agreements entered into between the Government and certain defendants in this multi-defendant conspiracy action,” Judge Cooper wrote.

“In each instance, the application to seal had been accompanied by declarations explaining the grounds for the request. Those declarations, of course, were filed under seal…. Since the filing of this Motion, the Court has reviewed each of those Applications to Seal Plea Agreements and the evidence supporting the need for such confidentiality. Six agreements remain sealed in this case….

“Although many members of the Mongols are currently in custody, the organization operates nationwide, with hundreds of other members still in the community, free to carry out the reported threats.”

Four Sentenced

Four of the defendants who pled guilty to Count One have already been sentenced.

Juan Manuel Nieves was sentenced on June 22nd to 27 months in prison, two years of supervised release and a fine of $100. William Shawley was sentenced on July 13th to three years probation and fines totaling $3100. Christopher Loza was sentenced that same day to 33 months in prison, 3 years of supervised release and a fine of $100. And, Manuel Jimmie Vasquez was sentenced on July 15th to three years probation and a fine of $100.

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44 Responses to “Updating The Mongols Pleas”

  1. Dago zack Says:

    F.Y.I one of the secret rat bitch backstabbing fuckers name is William Pike not his father who died in good standing with the club. Rats are scum of the earth

  2. Dago zack Says:

    fyi guys one of the those secret rat ex brothers is named william pike out of dago was and has been since 06

  3. Dantana Says:


    I work for a Mongol whose gone pro se in this case. I’m a private defense investigator. He is looking for some support for his case. Could you contact me? My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thank you for your time,

    G. Patrick Little PI 10380

  4. Invader Rap Says:

    If you gus want a pretty good explaination of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines go to http://www.doingfedtime.com/Sentencing.aspx

  5. Huero Says:

    Hey duec09, Dude your on the online you know, why don´t you just Google all your questions.
    Are you in trouble or what

  6. duce09 Says:

    My bad if I anoyed any body I was just trying to seek for some advice since Rebel knows whats going on with the mongols case I thaugh he could of help me a bit but k then I leave your website alone,I appriciate all the info everyone gave me……………Thank You.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Special Agent Duce09,

    Bring me your torch. The tribe has spoken. It is time for you to leave.


  8. JAMES Says:

    So some may understand, the ones named in the plea deals, that have added 3 years of probation, every time any of the MONGOLS M.C. have been convicted for anything over the past 7 years have gotten the 3 years added and that 3 years is stipulated as a non association with any other CLUB MEMBERS.

  9. JAMES Says:

    DAMN,DUCE09 sure does ask alot of ?’s, I truly believe he may be in more need of medical attention than a lawyer.

  10. cdgridr Says:

    here here… thank u db

  11. DirtyBruin Says:

    duce09: if you’ve got a medical problem, do you go around asking your friends “hey, does this look weird to you” – or do you go to a doctor? Your track record here suggests the former.

    If you’ve got a LEGAL problem, you go to a LAWYER. As far as I’ve seen, no one here has even claimed to be a lawyer; a few people who’ve had contact with the legal system have shared their perspective, but that cannot possibly replace a qualified professional’s assistance in a serious matter.

    This has been said many times in various comments and for whatever reason you refuse to let it in, or even acknowledge it. I ask you to go back and re-read Rebel’s last response to you. Nobody here can give you a proper answer, much as we might want to. Our opinions aren’t likely to be useful in court; a (decent) lawyer’s probably will be.

    As you can see from other comments, some are getting annoyed with your ongoing requests; I have to admit, I understand that feeling. Rebel’s told you, others have told you that this site isn’t where you’ll get your answers. I understand not being thrilled with lawyers, but I don’t understand why you have this … block over accepting that in your situation, consulting one is essential. The only thing I can think of is that you put more trust in bikers generally. I get that – but realize that every motorcycle club that’s ever beaten a charge has done so with the help of good lawyers!

    Please get proper legal help; it’s painful to watch something like a guy wearing a blindfold walking toward the edge of a cliff, and absolutely refusing to take off the damn blindfold no matter how many people yell at him to do so.

  12. cdgridr Says:

    whats a beginner??

  13. THE REAPER Says:


  14. duce09 Says:

    guys Im just trying to get you guyses opinion dont trip,My grandpa was one of the begginers of the mongols,all you guys are just new bootys.thats to who ever doubts me.

  15. i pee freely Says:

    hey whats up with duce09 all them questions get a life dude

  16. Mike Says:

    I spent the afternoon downloading the court doc’s from PACER. Interesting reading. I want to see the deals unsealed so everybody can know the truth. Trial date keeps getting pushed back as well.

  17. duce09 Says:

    Thanks Rebel you just threw my hopes out the window.

  18. FATF Says:


  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Duce09,

    Talk to your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, demand one. Worry about your own case. Don’t try to compare your case to another case. Foregt about the Mongols case.

    Do not be a rat. Do not admit anything. Demand to see the evidence against you. Be as truthful as you can be without cutting your own throat or someone else’s throat. Get your story together.

    Listen to your lawyer’s advice but do not forget that this is your case. Never forget the law is a just a fucking TV show. Don’t be stupid. Life is hard but it is harder when you are stupid.

    Take the long view. Whatever you do now, you are still going to be living with 30 years from now. Shame can gnaw at you forever. Knowing that you behaved honorably can be a consolation. Often, it is the only consolation.

    When the lawyer tells you what your options are, try to make the smart move. Resign yourself to the fact that, whether you are guilty or innocent, this is all going to be a big, embarrassing, humiliating, boring, scary, loud pain in the ass. Now that the beast has you in its jaws, you are pretty much powerless. I am sorry you have to go through this.

    That’s about the best I can do for you, partner. Throw you some platitudes that are probably not very helpful. You have to live this.

    your pal,

  20. Gringo1%er Says:

    WTF!! damn dude take the meds , feel the buzz , let them take you to your fuckin happy place!

  21. Duce09 Says:

    Hey FTF so what’s really the base offense livel for RICO that the mongols are signing to.

  22. THE REAPER Says:


  23. duce09 Says:

    Rebel whats more severe,state charges or federal charges.

  24. duce09 Says:

    Hey Rebel whats the base offense level for rico,that the mongols are being charged with?

  25. duce09 Says:

    Hey rebel,vasquez release date is till 2015,whats up with that.In this page you stated that he was sentence to 3years prohbation.

  26. FTF Says:

    Duce 09,

    The way a RICO plea was explained to me was that it’s basically a zero and up type deal. Even if it was a 19 with a downward departure it’s all in how the lawyer argues at the sentencing. The guidelines are just that, guidelines. The judge is allowed to make any deviation he/she may see fit as different factors may be presented to the court. It don’t mean anyone is telling lies, nor does it mean that they are not. Pleading to a RICO count includes admitting to the court that you and your co-defendants were a party to the RICO enterprise, and you, and your co-defendants had knowledge of it and basically conspired to such. So take it however you like to, that’s what the deal is in a RICO plea.

    Basically those who plea are knowingly signing an agreement with the court that the indictment as handed down is true and unfounded. In response to that, or acceptance of responsibility as it’s called, the downward departures start there.

    Because they are pleading out to the RICO charge they are basically avoiding having to face up to all, or some of the overt acts they are charged with, in a way. Whether or not it’s going to have any bearing on anyone else who hasn’t plead is of no consequence to those signing. I’m told that it’s not something that will affect another co-defendant, but who knows.

    In the interest of justice these plea agreements have been entered by those inclined to do so, because maybe they did have something more to hide, again who knows.

    In reality it’s a huge mess for anyone who’s indicted under the RICO, as well as the families of those indicted. Pleading out to a RICO will affect you for the rest of your life from what I’m told, as there are many laws and things that govern the actions of those convicted of RICO. So in short, those who have plead aren’t getting off that easily, and they have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives as well.

    You seem to know a lot more about what’s going on lately, and I’m hoping that your case is going to go well for you.

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear James,

    I think what the Mongols are really being prosecuted for is insubordination.

    Your pal,

  28. Duce09 Says:

    Oops I ment behalf.

  29. Duce09 Says:

    My question is that the base offense level for RICO is 19,thats the deal that I belive the mongols are signing for,the downward departures could kick the levels down,I think that it all really depends on their criminal history.that on my beloved from viewing the federal sentencing guidelines.

  30. FATF Says:

    I dont know how these pieces of SHIT could sleep at night. Maybe when their wives or kids get cancer they will realize they FUCKED up. I beleive in KARMA!!!!!

  31. JAMES Says:

    The FEDS in this case had tapped a hell of alot of phones, I know of one personally who was in contact with one of the ones arrested a couple times,his phone was on a family plan with his mothers endorsement, she gets a letter from the ATF stating that the number used was to contact and converse with a member of the MONGOLS DRUG DISTRIBUTOIN ORG. and CRIMINAL ORG. now this guy was only calling to say hello and hows things at your neck og the woods and give my respects to all, the feds also contacted as many peoples jobs as they could telling them that they had A MONGOLS GANG MEMBER working for them, anything to cause caos and harm to anybody in the MONGOLS M.C., some even lost jobs, wives included, so who knows the number and extent of the taps, your job phones, home phons, etc. all areas. And by the way the first one whos mother recieved the letter, works for himself is making good money legally and has never been contacted HIMSELF.

  32. duce09 Says:

    Whats worst,RICO or a Phone Count?any body please help.

  33. duce09 Says:

    sorry for the miss spel…

  34. duce09 Says:

    Hey just for the record I was told by a women at church today that,she talked to her sister last nite,wich the sister is incarcerrated in downtown L.A,she got pinched with the hawaiian gardens federal indictment and she was going to sing for the rico count and the deal is 3years of inccarceration.Thats signing the base offense level of 19,I belive, but with the acceptance of responsability wich is 3 points brings the level to 16,and she may qualifie for the safety valve wich that includes 2 points or the minor role wich is another 2 points,Thats like a base offense level of at least 14,wich will bring a sentencing of 15 to 21 months and if they snitch god knows what would happened,I mean look at the mongols former leader,gave up the whole enchillada.What a shame and he was beeing Mr.TuffGuy on the gangland report.My respects to the other mongols who keep their pride and glory.keep you head up.Well anyways they were making this big issue about the mongols and the 20year max for reco.And at the end it was just ashame how this money e¿was blown away by people who actually pay taxes.What do you think about that DocJones an Rebel.those it make sence?

  35. duce09 Says:

    Dear Doc Jones,is the offense level that they singed for is it at 19,minus 3 for acceptance of responsability wich will be level 16,minus the saftey valve wich few will recieve if its like the first offense.or how do you think they determine the base offense level,after all?

  36. FTF Says:

    Doc Jones,

    You are absolutely right as rain on that.

  37. Rebel Says:

    Dear Doc Jones,

    Name, rank and serial number, right? You must be a dinosaur like me. My first reaction to the pleas to Count One was that these defendants were cooperating. And, for months I have had friends of these defendants, attorneys and private detectives, as well as my one and only source, the paralegal psychic in Dubai, telling me that they were not cooperating; that I was unfairly mis-categorizing them and that I should apologize. Okay. I apologize. I get it now. I must have had my mind stuck in the past.

    I have come around to seeing this case as the equivalent of an Iranian show trial. The government really wanted to hang a RICO case on the Mongols and the government thought the racketeering pleas helped prove that accusation. The only charges anybody has pled out to so far, as far as I can tell, is that they were part of a criminal conspiracy. This isn’t the first time anybody in a club, or even an entire chapter, has been successfully prosecuted under RICO.

    I thought all the RICO pleas were going to be the end of the Mongols and would help establish a precedent and blue print for demolishing motorcycle clubs in general. That turned out to be the case. I was wrong.

    In hindsight, the defendants who pled to Count One made the smart move. I don’t know how far ahead of me they saw things but looking back they made the shrewd move. They pled to the smallest charge they could. The devil is in the details. Their club brothers and peers in the biker world, including you, can decide if they did the right thing or not. Right isn’t always the same thing as smart.

    From here on out it will be interesting to see if the government keeps offering these deals or not. I am also eager to see how much the government delays this case. I think that by now the defense lawyers have had time to find all the holes in the “evidence” proffered by the under covers and paid informants. This is starting to look like a bigger, more expensive version of Operation Black Biscuit.

    And, I also can’t wait to see Doc’s deal. It must be a doozy. Don’t you think? Everybody already knows he flipped and now they have him hidden up at Groom Lake or wherever he is. I personally like to think he is up at Groom, Area 51, north of Vegas, because the poetry of it appeals to me and it is plausible

    The government refuses to unseal Doc’s deal. Why? My guess all along has been that somewhere a grand jury is working on the superseding indictment. Maybe a new indictment will salvage the government’s case. Or maybe: “This is the way the case ends, this is the way the case ends, this is the way the case ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” Anyway, I sure would like to hear the tale Doc Cavazos is selling. Wouldn’t you? Maybe we can all learn the details from Doc’s next appearance on Gangland.

    Your pal,

  38. duce09 Says:

    Doc jones,Whats up with this guys getting all this small deals,have you seen the charges on shawley and vasquez,they basically got a slap in the face and were sent home.How did that happened?

  39. Doc Jones Says:

    My way of thinking is if someone pleads guilty to a count stating that their club is a criminal enterprise then they are nothing more than rats. What happened to putting the club first? I just can’t understand why a person will earn their patch knowing that it could very well mean doing time and when the going gets a little rough they spit on their patch.

  40. duce09 Says:

    Hey rebel so why would they put shawleys name out like that,did the atf have actual proof of all those incidents like pictures were he is carrying guns and about that tortured incident.what types of evidence did they actually had on him?Oh and then vasquez was being charged with 25g of pure meth,and he only got prohbation? thats a base ofense level of 26,by saving the goverment time and money it would of dropped to like a level 21 at the most with this being his first offense,that a least a 3 to 4 year sentence,whats up with that?You said he got prohbation,he hasent been released yet.

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear Duce09,

    Undercover cops are not credible sources. The ATF is not a credible source. Paid informants are in particular, not credible sources.

    This was the most extensive and expensive investigation ever made into a three piece patch motorcycle club. This may have been the most detailed investigation ever conducted into any social, political or allegedly criminal organization, including the American Communist Party, in the history of the United States. The United States infiltrated four male and four female undercover agents into close proximity to the club in an attempt to provoke members of the Mongols into committing crimes. The government employed at least six paid informers during the course of the investigation and appears to be employing six cooperating witness in the on-going, post indictment investigation. The government employed at least six telephone wiretaps, multiple covert video taps and surveilled email and electronic messages. The operational head of the investigation, ATF Case Agent John Ciccone explained over and over in sworn declarations that the point of the investigation was to undercover a great, far reaching, interstate and possibly international drug distribution conspiracy. Ciccone lied. He was just trying to destroy the Mongols.

    You can see his master plan in the court documents. Shut down the Mongols today, the Angels tomorrow, the American Legion Riders the day after tomorrow and HOG early next week. The case has failed. At least seventy-nine guys have had a very hard time. A few of them were playing with fire. Most of them just belonged to a motorcycle club. Some number of guys are going to have to go to prison.

    But it was all just a publicity stunt for the ATF. The minute Judge Cooper ruled that the government can not just outlaw the Mongols Motorcycle Club because some law enforcement bureaucrats say so the case failed. More than that, the whole 30-year-log tactic of trying to use the RICO statute against motorcycle clubs has failed. John Ciccone over reached and he fucked the whole thing up.


  42. JAMES Says:


  43. duce09 Says:

    Oh hey Rebel,in the indictment its states that vasquez is being charged with selling 25grams of actual meth to a cop,thats a long time for some one in prision.Whats on that,keep me update,on the B.O.P inmmate locater he has not yet been released and his location states that he is in transit.Keep me updated please.

  44. duce09 Says:

    Shawley got a real light sentence,have you read the indictment.This guy was packing guns and he admitted to an undercover law enforcement that he and others beat and tortured someone.I mean and thats all he got?Whats up with that?rebel thanks for the updates keep me posted,thanks.

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