Gypsy Joker Traffic Stop

August 19, 2009

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If we did not exist the police would have to invent us.

Forty-six motorcyclists, many of whom may have actually been members of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club, were stopped for riding in a pack last week on Interstate Highway 84 near Boise, Idaho.

Law enforcement enthusiasts who lurk this site should know that bikers like to ride in packs because it makes a small vehicle into a large one. Motorists who cannot see individual motorcycles can hardly miss a pack that is as long as four or five buses. And, yeah, you’re right. It can be kind of fun.

Prep The Jet

Anyway, apparently our democracy has evolved to the point where the mere site of a pack of motorcycles now sets off alarm bells.

Interstate 84 runs from approximately Henefer, Utah to Portland, Oregon. The pack was returning from Sturgis, which is actually in South Dakota. So apparently the bikers had managed to avoid detection all the way across Wyoming and Utah before crack units of the Idaho biker police picked them up somewhere east of Boise. Sirens whooped. Men dressed like the Marines in Alien 2 slid down poles and agreed “Let’s rock n’ roll!” Far to the south, in the little village of Glendale, near the larger village of Los Angeles, a tiny tailor named John Ciccone, the top biker cop and one of the premiere auto burglars in all the land was heard to shout, “Prep the jet! Now!”

By the time the pack reached Nampa the police were ready to pounce. “The group wouldn’t at first cooperate in the traffic stop, so more officers from around the area were called in to help,” Boise television station KTRV explained. Also, possibly none of the bikers understood what was going on because they hadn’t actually done anything illegal. Eventually a cruiser led the pack off the Interstate and into the parking lot of an auto mall.

KTRV reported that, “dozens of police officers were brought in to help wrangle a traffic stop…which may turn into a federal investigation.”

Tattoo Mike Reporting

A Gypsy Joker named Tattoo Mike told Tim King of the Salem News, “They had M-16’s. There were cops everywhere. The FBI was there. I guess we ran a red light and that was their reason for pulling us over…. They lined us up. They photographed us. It was really unnecessary. They had three or four circles of containment around us. There were cops everywhere.”

The pack was detained for two hours. One rider was compelled to take a breathalyzer test which he passed. Another rider was carrying a small amount of medical marijuana for which he had a prescription. A third rider was carrying a concealed weapon for which he had a valid permit.

The Idaho Statesman said all 46 bikers were “cited.” It neglected to say for what. A Nampa police spokesman told KTRV that, “the federal gang unit will release more information…explaining the group’s violations.” But so far, no further explanation for the stop has yet been released.

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27 Responses to “Gypsy Joker Traffic Stop”

  1. michael harrison Says:

    sorry guys brig brother is alive and well in the usa since the patriot act all our rights are becoming a thing of the past

  2. Teresa Says:

    My name is teresa my # is 503 515 6018.. i need to find JP of the road bros.. it is a matter of life n death.. ease call for details… or u can just give dagwood my #. Thank for everything…

  3. cutter Says:

    this type of harassment happens often. Even if it is a group of friends not wearing any colors. A number of men in my family ride including 3 college students who are as clean cut in appearance as it gets. Yet for no reason whatsoever have been stopped by several different agencies. Lynnwood Wa. police stopped them and made them remove helmets and sunglasses. then after checking for warrants proceeded to use a decibel meter to make sure each bike wasn’t too loud. ( one was a 1975 Honda 550 and another a ’78 Yamaha 650 clearly not outlaw machines) It was a family out for an afternoon cruise. 7 of them. 2 dads and their sons. When the dads started asking why they were stopped,, the officer called for backup! When the sgt. arrived he was asked. After a long and private discussion with his officer, the sgt. claimed that they had reports of the same group riding north on I-5 causing traffic problems. They had not been on I-5 having just begun their ride in Mountlake terrace 7 blocks south of the stop. And, if they had committed an offence on I-5 it would not have been in their jurisdiction anyway!!! When the fathers pointed those things out, the officer claimed there was a witness who had described those very bikes. Any of you who ride much know the chances it was an honest mistake are nil. Those are rare bikes now days. It became clear that the officer who stopped them just had a personal problem with a group of people riding together in “his” town. He clearly was lying and didn’t even do a decent job of that!! I won’t publish the two cops names but, how can they be surprised when non club riders start disliking them when they pull this type of activity! Lynnwood police are proven liars. lol ok,, now, no doubt, someone is saying “just because 2 cops did that you can’t blame the department”. REALLY ? Isn’t that what they do when they use terms like “gang”,, or “criminal gang” ? so if they can say all bikers are criminals then it is certainly fair to say all lynnwood cops are liars.
    Same thing.

  4. support your local..... Says:

    I remember this stop and the lack of respect was unbelievable. Gypsy Jokers and Road Brothers are not what ignorant people and the media make them out to be. If you ride a bike you will be judged unfairly. I’m just a idiot with a bike not a gang member. LEO I think the real corruption and lack of respect for the law is from within. Time to do a little internal investigation into our local LEOS and the roads will be safe for us all.

  5. awall Says:

    They are good men ! The government are the ones we have to worry about . It is a honor to know some gypsy jokers.

  6. Pig Says:

    RVN69 – Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I usually don’t rely too much on Internet info. I never know who’s posting it. I try to live by the “If you don’t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don’t invent it with your small mind and spread it with your big mouth” rule.

    Now I think you’re fucking with me but I’m going to say it one more time anyway. The guy who I was talking to wasn’t a cop or in LE at all.

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ devilrider,

    I think your post would apply to most people.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. RVN69 Says:

    I got that you were being sarcastic about the other LEO’s comments. I was providing you with some factual information in case you should run into that bullshit again.

    I do not ever trust cops/feds or speak to them if at all possible. Just my default position based on personal experience.

    FTF, FTP

    “Violence may not be the best solution, but it is still a solution.”

  9. Pig Says:

    I’m sorry gents. My brain is really analytical and I can’t tell if you think I was saying that dumb shit about the Gypsy Jokers or what. This whole conversation took place at my real job not at the sheriff’s department and I already said that the guy I ws talking to isn’t LE so I assume that when you advise not to believe cops you are talking about me. While it is good advice it is confusing when taken in context with the story. I was simply trying to give an amusing anecdote about the ignorance of a co-worker. Did the sarcasm not come across when I told him I’d be careful? To be clear, I personally have no beef with the Club and had no intention of being disrespectful if I did come across them so at no time did I think I was in any danger. Frankly even having to explain that feels a little rediculous to me.

  10. Sieg Says:

    What a surprise. The pigs are trampling our rights and the Constitution is dead.

    Time to stop talking and start doing, or get your “papers” laminated so you can carry them 24/7 without having ’em get all unsightly.

    FTF / FTP

  11. RVN69 Says:

    Do a Google search of that club, I think you’ll find he’s talking about the same Gypsy Jokers that ran out of their clubhouse and helped a neighbor put out a fire at his garage, the same club that found a disoriented old woman at a rest area and protected her from someone trying to scam her out of all her money and called medical aid for her. Never ever believe a cop.

    FTF, FTP

    “Sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the same side.”

  12. sled tramp Says:

    Support your local…..

  13. Pig Says:

    I actually bought my Harley over in Oregon. A guy I work with (not a cop) is from that area and he told me to watch out for the Gypsy Jokers because they are real bad asses. Not that they aren’t bad but he made it sound like they are a pack of wild dogs roaming the land killing indiscriminately. Doubt he’s ever even seen a three piece patch. I told him that I would be very careful. What a dolt. Ha!

  14. john Says:

    You should all know by now riding a motorcycle is a crime!!!! Has been for years. That’s why I do it!!!

  15. BOB Says:

    This is ridiculous that cops can do basically whatever they want. Since when are they above the law? I love watching cops flip on their lights just to run a red light. Or following you to run your plates even though you have done nothing wrong. Then they fly by and cut you off without signaling. But we get harrased if we do lesser offenses. I’m glad there are people traveling in packs and intimidating police. There needs to be some sort of checks and balance system. How about cops that are dedicated to pulling over and citing cops. That would be sweet.

  16. devildriver Says:

    the gypsy jokers are awesome. i had a mate that was a gypsy joker and they are really awesome people if you dont fuck with them.

  17. disturbed Says:

    Reminds me of living in Europe. The police have all authority to do whatever they want. We vote these clowns into office. They have us afraid of everything. Take our rights away little at a time until all are gone. It is happening fast. At an alarming pace. Cops are power hungry and mostly corrupt in power. Their Chiefs are arrested for pedophilia,drugs,and corruption. I wouldn’t trust one as far as you can throw one. We are a paranoid country. That’s how socialism works. Convice the public they are in danger and we give police free reign to do anything and our rights are gone and then its to late

  18. Penny Says:

    I am not involved in any cycle groups – BUT I am outraged at the lack of respect shown to the riders in this incident. Since when is it against our laws to enjoy the open road? BFD If they were in a pack. They have rights to assemble even if it is on wheels! I am a 55 yr old grama sitting in my frontroom, leading a rather simple life and EVEN I can see how out of line this was! I’m sorry you all were harrassed this way. Not all of us hate seeing you out there. Don’t hate the guys, hate the crimes – IF they occur!

  19. matt Says:

    im tat mikes son he is the best

  20. bimo pinandito Says:

    Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, its not a much.:)

  21. troyez Says:

    I can’t wait until the part of the movie where the burglar/tailor says, “Game over man, game over!” And then the alien disembowels him!

  22. Nookster Says:

    A tiny tailor, in the little village of Glendale! LOL Oh man my guts are aching. LOL

  23. Grumbler Says:

    Correction – you’re right about their USA Run. As for Sturgis, one priceless comment, according to the Rapid City Journal, came from a tat artist: “There’s too many baby strollers”

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear You Know Who You Are,

    Thank you very much for the correction.

    your pal,

  25. Grumbler Says:

    According to Fox 12 News in Idaho, “Federal gang units were called into head up the investigation. Local police say the federal gang unit will release more information on Thursday, explaining the group’s violations.”

    Another media article about the traffic stop:

  26. Correction Says:

    The Jokers were actually on their USA run, they were not attending Sturgis. The 48 people in the pack were members of the Jokers from Oregon, Washington and Australia as well as several members of their support club The Road Brothers MC.
    Good story though.
    keep up the good work

  27. Ck Says:

    How do they get away with this shit? Seriously. This is going way to far.

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