Old School Arrests

July 27, 2009

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Three men were arrested Friday afternoon for shooting up a “family and friends event” called “Old School Bike Night” at a Pizza parlor in Pico Rivera, California on June 27th. The event was sponsored by a casual, family, motorcycle club called the Old School Riders.

Rudy Ruiz, 30, Christopher Johnson, 18, and John Perez, 43, were all booked on suspicion of murder. Pico Rivera is east of downtown Los Angeles. It is a small, poor city that has a reputation for violence.

Local Gangs

Police told the San Gabriel Valley News that “all three suspects are believed to have ties to local gangs.” Police have refused to state any suspected motive for the crime. Five cliques are reported to exist in Pico Rivera: Old Pico or Pico Viejo; New Pico or Pico Nuevo; Brown Authority; Jardin or J13; and Rivera 13 or R13. In East L.A. the number 13 is sometimes understood to stand for the 13th letter of the alphabet.

Many people who live in the neighborhood where the shootings occurred have been reported to root for Rivera 13 but nothing is ever quite as simple as it first seems in Los Angeles. Only one of the alleged shooters, Perez, actually lives in Pico Rivera. Perez was taken into custody on June 30th for a parole violation. At that time a police spokesman said he was a member of a “Pico Rivera street gang.” Ruiz and Johnson were arrested Friday.

The Massacre

Nobody suspects that any of the victims was involved in anything criminal. The Old School Riders describes its members as “just ordinary people who enjoy the freedom of riding. No one represents any club. We are just friends and family who gather together and ride. Safety is our main concern for everyone who rides with us.”

Three men, cousins Garret and Tony Dandini and Carlos Carrera, died at the bike night. Seven people including three women were wounded. At least a dozen children attended the event.

The Police Fiddled

At the time of the shooting, Detective Joe Sheehy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, speculated that the shooters might have opened fire on the wrong motorcycle event.

That night the Mongols Motorcycle Club held a heavily surveilled party at a restaurant on Foothill Boulevard in nearby Azusa. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and five local police departments gathered intelligence and confiscated club memorabilia there while the massacre exploded a couple of miles away. ATF agents drove to the shooting scene later that night.

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8 Responses to “Old School Arrests”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Good Lab,

    Thank you very much.

    your pal,

  2. good lab Says:

    first off i love this site. very informative and with all the stuff i hear on the streets its good to hear a outside source and opinion. thanks rebel.

    and for p.b ent. pico rivera is a poor shity. opps i mean city. i have some family and friends that live there and it sucks.. so what!. no millon dollar homes in pico? are they? the most expensive is $380.000 wow big baller.. and there are homes as low as 25.000 to 65.000 say what!? where can you live in los angeles for that price? the getto.

    anyway back to the massacre in pico… word was there was (is) a green light on bikers in pico. the same week there was a shooting on telegraph road (in pico) at a motorcycle shop. the next week after the shooting there was another shooting at a biker bar in pico called the wagon wheel.

    henry the pres from old skool riders started some shit with a few gangbangers. after the shooting people said the bloods on his hands. meaning the blood of his own club. cuz he knew there where threats made right before the bike night event.

    was it a case of mistaken indentity? or was it???

  3. Not Surprised Says:

    My understanding is that this event was well publicized both on a “meet up” board and the group’s website.

    It strains credulity to think anyone would be so ignorant or ill informed that they would misconsture this as a gathering of the Mongols (or Vagos as I read elsewhere,) stranger things have happened.

    It is a further stretch to think anyone “street wise” would not know any such gathering by the Mongols would be under surveillance anyway.

    It doesn’t sound like some sort of pre-arranged hit, at least not as it is being portayed.

    Either way, it sounds like several completely innocent people were blasted; unarmed, and in an unprovoked attack.

    On the other hand if this is truly a case of mistaken indentity, this might explain why those who did it were caught so quickly as it would be a major fuck up, worthy of a death sentence in some circles.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. BreakingPoint Says:

    FUCK YOU, Yenko13!!!

    They were no fucking club, nor a MC. They are just like they said they are.
    You drive a car mother fucker? if you do, I guess you must be categorized for all the drive by’s to then!
    Just because people ride, does not make them a MC, so don’t hold people on the same tight rope you fuck!
    To bad others had to get hurt. If there was a beef with someone, it’s sad people cant man up and do it the old fashioned way. Up close and real fucking personal

  5. PB ENT Says:

    2 of the guys got released today, The DA says there was not enough to convict.


  6. ugotrocked Says:

    I agree with PB. I live in Pico and we are far from poor. I am having a hard fucken time find a 2 bedroom apt for under 1400. Thats not exactly poor.

  7. PB ENT Says:

    Were not a poor city, I dont know where you got that information from. I am not upset or anything because you probably got if from one of your resources. Just wanted to correct that thank you.

  8. Yenko13 Says:

    “We are just friends and family who gather together and ride”

    Thats what I hear them all say

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