Lancaster Boots Mongols

July 17, 2009

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In such movie classics as Son of Frankenstein, Ghost of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man all that is good, pure and true in life is saved from despoliation at the hands of a semi-human monster by an angry lynch mob. Well the newest version is called Frankenstein’s Motorcycle Club and the role of the monster is now being played by the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The Mongols had planned their national run for this weekend in the Los Angeles adjacent, high desert community of Lancaster. Lancaster is famous for wind, scorpions and the world famous Lancaster Musical Road. The musical road is left over from a Honda commercial. Or rather, it is an amazing reconstruction of something left over from a Honda commercial. When you ride over them a series of grooves cut in the road make a terrible noise that is supposed to resemble the William Tell Overture.

In years past the Mongols have retired to places like Palm Springs for their national run but the club is a little down on its luck this year so they rented out all 144 rooms of a fifth rate motel called the Desert Inn in Lancaster. Reviews of the Desert inn are generally very, very bad.

“I have stayed in some bad motels over the years but I have to say this one is at the top of the list. Of course I stayed at the Desert Inn to try to save some money but honestly I was better of sleeping in my car,” one reviewer begins on Others call the motel “The Desert Dump.”

The Mongols Are Coming!

Then Lancaster’s flamboyant mayor, R. Rex Parris – he who dreamed the magnificent dream of the musical road – found out the Mongols were coming. Parris convened a secret meeting with the Lancaster City Council Tuesday night. When he came out he warned the waiting reporters, who had been excluded from the “public meeting,” that the Mongols were coming and explained who the Mongols are.

“The Mongols are the ones that had the gang fight with the Hells Angels in Laughlin, and there were murders there,” he explained to a reporter for the Lancaster Valley Press. “They are a bad gang, and we are not going to become a recreational area for outlaw motorcycle gangs ever.”

No Mongols or Chinamen Allowed

Yesterday Parris made good on his threat. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, playing the role of the lynch mob, officially closed the Desert Inn and erected a chain link fence around the place.

“We received word that the Mongols outlaw motorcycle club was going to have a convention here at the Desert Inn,” a Sheriff named Axel Anderson explained. “They probably, right now, are the most powerful outlaw motorcycle group in Southern California.”

City Manager Mark Bozigian explained that the motel was past due on hotel bed tax payments. Then he said that “the prospect of the Mongols motorcycle gang coming up here and renting the whole hotel…hastened the prosecution of this case.”

Domestic Terrorism

Mayor Parris explained that Lancaster had been trying to help the financially troubled motel stay in business for several months. When the Desert Inn refused to cancel the Mongols reservations, the city decided to shut the place down. The Mongols, “are engaged in domestic terrorism,” Parris explained, “and they kill our children.”

Albert Perez, Jr., an attorney who was authorized to speak on behalf of the Mongols, said the club would sue if the Desert Inn reopened next week.

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12 Responses to “Lancaster Boots Mongols”

  1. Polprav Says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. X-desert rat Says:

    IT”S A BIIIGGGG desert as all us desert rats know & Daddy, a tie & a juice card (Even with all powerful cronies) don’t change that.

  3. X-desert rat Says:

    I Just PRAY someone DIGS UP the Dirt (shallow)with R.REX Jr & Mike Johnson of A.V. Ford in the 80’s -Who’s a murderer? But don’t look close enough to see them felony rings- while he Heads the Board of Directors with all the other corrupt Power PLAYERS in the AV. for DESERT HAVEN ENT. who are Slaving out the mentally disabled,paying them below min. wage, but getting prevailing wage for them landscaping on Edwards A.F. Base $17.00 hr. Oh & it sure is funny when DR. Blodgett wouldn’t “help” out ACCIDENT ATTORNEY PARRIS he started a Smear Campaign AGAIN Slandering Them OUT OF BUISNESS!!!(Then his case fell apart) ***BUT I AIN’T SAID SPIT!!!****

  4. FatBobber Says:

    When you can’t get booked into Lancaster – things is dark. Even Banning and Beaumont are better. Maybe Slab City – shit that’s like the forbidden zone – waste lands – Road Warrior – forget the hotels and erect an ATF Burning Man – a BurningDobbins. Go back to the roots – three trucks loaded with ice and beer. Have a better time anyway.

  5. Big Rebel Says:

    Wow!!!! The Mongoles will not go away never so get it throw your heads
    Its a black and white world maybe they will have a diffrent patch Nice!!!!! why dont you guy f some another biker clubs 1969 rules if you know??????

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Whats funny is every year the Mongols have a national run at a site that is self contained. they find a place where they can stay, eat drink and party and not mingle with the general public. you would think LEO would support this. Keeping these so called “baby killers” confined to one area they could easily monitor.

    Instead they shut all these places down, now Mongols from all over the country are in LA riding around and staying at all sorts of different places. LEO is working twice as hard trying to monitor them because they are all spread out, and to top if off they are hard to identify because these same “smart” LEO took their patches.

    Seems kind of counter productive doesn’t it?

  7. To Rebel Says:

    Rebel, I have to say that you are being very fair and balanced in your expanded coverage on the controversy surrounding the embattled Mongols.

    This Parris guy said he would close the Desert Inn, but I thought he may have meant through some sort of after-action civil litigation. he also said he did not care about the civil rights of gang members.

    It would be interesting to see someone pay the arrears and watch what Parris would do next. It would also be very interesting to see what the city or state code says about arrears and if any other establishments in that county have been closed under these conditions.

    I don’t blame the club for saying they will sue if the motel opens up next week.

  8. THAT DUDE. Says:

    You dont care about THEIR rights … well you shouldnt have a job let alone hold the position of Mayor … nothing more dangerous than a weak person with a sense of power … SUE his ass

  9. JAMES Says:

    This is nothing more than DISCRIMINATION, some MONGOLS I hear go there and just hang out and party in the bar, maybe it isn’t the WALDORF but to get away from mainstream people who get scared at the site of a MOTORCYLE CLUB MEMBER or MORE this is the ideal setting, but for what is going on here is a prime example of reassuring your rights to assembly and freedom of speech(BEARING YOUR CLUBS NAME)are going down the drain more each day, and to call MOTORCYCLE CLUBS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS? This kind of FABRICATION IS TOTAL BULLSHIT and this so called MAYOR, what a PUNK and yes I mean PUNK, I praise the owner of the motel for at least telling them she was NOT GOT TO REFUSE the MONGOLS M.C. the right to rent her establishment.How disgusting this whole story is period.

  10. troyez Says:

    The Mongols, “are engaged in domestic terrorism … and they kill our children.” WTF?! Did I miss something? How did this guy get away with saying this? That’s out and out slander! I guess all that tolerance out there in La La land doesn’t extend toward those dirty bikers!
    Didn’t this same thing happen in Monterey, CA in the late 60s, after that party in the dunes? HA were blacklisted nationally after they were accused of some stuff, that they were eventually found not guilty of! They were found NOT GUILTY, but their name was smeared, and no-one apologized! This mayor has violated the constitutional rights of these men, and of the motel owners; I look forward to seeing what happens in court.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The Mongols actually planned on doing their National Run in Palm Springs this year as well, but again after a resort was booked and paid they reneged after the ATF came knocking.

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