Another Reason To Hate American Chopper

July 16, 2009

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Here is another reason to hate American Chopper, the loathsome reality series in which a family of angry morons and their patient minions build ridiculous, six figure motorcycles for celebrities, millionaires and soulless corporations.

Cody Connelly, a kid who first appeared in the pilot for the show when he was 14 and worked for the enterprise until he was 20 is suing four corporations and one Teutul for his back pay. In the pilot Connelly was described as “a young fabricating prodigy.”

You may also remember Connelly from Season One, episodes 8 and 9. In episode 8, titled “Old School Chopper,” Paul Teutul senior, the angry moron in charge, gave “Cody a crash course in the art of classic chopper design.” In episode 9 the next week, it was “graduation day for Paul and Cody’s Old School Chopper, and all of Cody’s hard work earns him one sweet diploma: the keys.”

Just Kidding Kid

Well that was all just television. The kid never actually got the motorcycle. And, about two thirds of the time, even though he became one of the beloved regular minions on the show, he never actually got paid either.

So in May, as the statute of limitations was running out, the kid who is now 22 hired a lawyer. On May 29th he sued Orange County Choppers, Inc.; Orange County Choppers Talent Limited Liability Corporation; Orange County Choppers Tours and Endorsements LLC; Orange County Choppers Vehicles and Maintenance LLC; and Paul Teutul, Sr. for $250,000 for “unlawful and unauthorized use of Plaintiff’s name and likeness; invasion of privacy, breach of contract; breach of an implied contract; failure to pay for services rendered; unjust enrichment and fraud.”

And Also

The suit also alleges that Connelly ‘appeared and participated in approximately 92 additional episodes of the show” but has so far only “received payment for 31 episodes.” That he “appeared, attended and participated in numerous events, shows, festivals and autograph signings on behalf ” of the show without being paid.

And, “in an episode of the show occurring on or about June 30, 2003 before millions of viewers defendant Paul Teutul, Sr. gifted to plaintiff the motorcycle known as the ‘Old School Chopper’ that plaintiff helped design. To date the chopper has not been delivered to plaintiff.”

But the defendants have “continued to use and market various items bearing plaintiff’s name and likeness without” Cody Connelly’s permission “and with complete and blatant disregard for the laws…which expressly prohibit such use.”

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34 Responses to “Another Reason To Hate American Chopper”

  1. Terry Turitl Says:

    Jr is one spoonfed sissy of a fucking jerk—-how the old man produced him is quite evident as he is a fucking asshole too

  2. New England Rider Says:

    @ Joe Schmoe –
    LOL this article is 9 years old but I’ll bite.
    1) Sorry I watched the show and Cody’s reaction to me seemed genuine. If that was acting he deserves an Emmy.
    2) The Teutul family has become a disgusting disgrace, especially the old man. The son at least had talent. The old man drove off Vinny, Cody, etc. The fighting was disgusting, the suing each other was disgusting. And WORST of all, that show is responsible for more pinheads owning motorcycles who had no business buying them. See Reb’s latest post on Harley’s profits tanking.
    3) Why do you care so much?!? Do you work for them or are you one of the pinheads I mention above who started riding a motorcycle he had no business of owning because of that show?

    Death is certain….life is not,
    New England Rider

  3. Joe Schmoe Says:


    Cody knew he wouldn’t get that bike… that was just scripted for the show. They all KNEW that. Most of the BS you see in any of these shows is NOT REAL… How can you not comprehend that?

    Also, CODE was paid wages…

    Also, Orange County Choppers paid for CODY to attend AMI (American Motorcycle Institute) in Daytona Beach, Florida. They also paid all of his, and his parents’, travel and living expenses while Cody attended.

    As, yes, that bike was sold to a customer… they even included that in a episode.

    So, get your fucking facts straight before you go on your idiotic rampage about shit that you know nothing about.

  4. Ramdeenmotie Says:

    I can remember the time when cody built the old school bike ,,and the boss senior sold it ,,,it was a sad day for that young chap to see his labour and talent gone down the drain,,I wish he an find that bike and have the cash to buy it back ,,that will be great ,,when some one gives their word and takes it back tells a story of your status in life ,,

  5. Hard Luck Says:

    What a joke, Paul Sr. you give a 14 year old the keys and the kid never gets the bike? That is complete low down dirty ass shit. What a fine adult you are. ….I hope he gets every last penny and the bike,…then he should sell it.

  6. johnb Says:

    Punk little ungrateful bitch. He put you on TV no one would know who the fuck your are cody if it wasn’t for Paul sr.

  7. It Me Says:

    OCC should give him the bike because they said they would. That said, Cody is an untalented punk azz ungrateful biatch.

  8. TheZombie Says:

    bikerbones has it right. If somebody owed me that much money AND a cool chopper, I’d do something about it too. Hell, I hope Cody at least gets the bike. If he doesn’t, I volunteer to ride my Lowrider straight up Paul’s ass.

  9. lee Says:

    can’t believe people are sticking up for that spoilt brat Cody. God that kid makes my blood boil. he gets an opportunity most people his age could only dream of and what does he do??. does he work his ass off and make the most of it??. no he pisses and whines like a little baby. till he gets fired, then he gets another top job, makes a mess of that with his fat mouth. then you think we’ll that’s it for him he’s gonna be on the scrapheap….. then you hear he’s been given £250,009

  10. Texas Dutch Says:

    I am amazed that American Chopper is still on the air. It is not much more than a soap opera these days. Why in the world would any family air its personal problems out for the world to see? They do it for TV ratings and money. The entire SORRY show needs to be given the boot.

  11. Midknight Says:

    I found out later I posted a comment on which I apparently know nothing about. I have seen the show a few times and had Cody mistaken for the young guy Paul Jr. fired from his shop for what he said was him having a bad attitude etc.LOL. The “real” Cody seems like a hard working young man who wants to do something with his life. The deal with Paul Sr. pretending to give him the bike was the reason I don’t watch alot of tv to begin with. Too much made up total BS. I will take my crow fried Cody. I sincerely apologize.

  12. Midknight Says:

    I think he is a greedy little spoiled bitch that should be thankful for for what he did get. They could edit out every scene he was ever in and nobody would notice or give a fuck.

  13. J717ON Says:

    Cody is a very boring guy . He was my least favourite out of all the American Chopper Staff and his face always looked like a slapped arse . However if he didn`t get paid he still deserves to do so . We`re not slaves anymore in this world , and even so he was a student / apprentice worker he still worked so he should get paid .

  14. whiteswallow Says:

    i agree with bock/cody is acting like a little bitch by getting a lawyer/i dont feel sorry for the little bastard/he got a free education and occ put him thrue school/

  15. bootedbiker Says:

    Its a damn shame when a business man makes a man to man deal with a younger man and is allowed to back out on that deal. How can we teach our young people of this country the right way to do things if this is the way they are treated at the end of a deal made by a supposely honest business owner. Im proud of Cody for not setting back and taking it,go for it Cody good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. koky Says:

    Paul Teautul jr imo is the only one with Talent on that show followed by Vinney and Rick. Everyone else including senior are a bunch of morons. As far as Cody. Well. He was young and naive and got screwed. End of story.

  17. johnhancock Says:

    He finally got the bike..

  18. G-money Says:

    I can’t believe Cody never received that bike. He deserves to be compensated as he was a big part of that show.

  19. ken chambers Says:

    are you kidding , give that kid his bike. Paul Teautul Sr. is a gready scum bag.

  20. ken chambers Says:

    Give the kid his bike. are you kidding. Paul Teautel senoir has a million dollar home and cant give that kid a bike are you kidding. dont watch the show people.

  21. Slammin' Says:

    Those poser no talent jerks will be back welding railings in a few years.Cody deserves what he was promised,by contract and verbally.OCC is not a motorcycle co.,its a TV show.6 up,6out fat tired choppers jumped the shark two years ago.I only see them parked at Starbucks.Cody better collect before the sheriff locks up the whole s–t-hole.

  22. bikerbones Says:

    Seriously Brock? Are you a working man or a credit card biker? When was the last time you laid down and took it when some douche decided not to pay you for a day’s work or reneged on a bonus (i.e. a “gift” from work) – Sound like Cody is not the candy ass here if that is the kind of rollover you would advise when your boss tries to give it to you the hard way… I say ask nice once, ask not nice once – then the third time needs to be an ass whooping or a lawsuit, depending on your temperament and your appetite for violence and/or jail.

  23. Brock Says:

    Cody is acting like an ungrateful bitch. Men who run to lawyers are not men, I have no respect for that.

    Paul gave him a free education and now he’s one of the best — he should thank him. So what if Paul is a jerk? Suck it up Cody, have a spine. Life isn’t all teacups and rose petals son.

  24. Fred Says:


    Gee I suppose we could all work for the government, great pay and benefits and you really don’t have to do anything.

    It is pretty weak that giving the kid the bike was just for the cameras, hope he gets his $250,000 and then some.

  25. JAMES Says:

    DAMNED SHAME, CODY should recieve anything he is aking for, I remember the show when he was given the bike and how he looked and seen his reactions, PAUL SR. should be totaly ashamed to have done that and renihged.GO GET EM CODY.

  26. Renegade Says:

    These guys have been total tools since day one ….
    Bikers? Hell NO!
    Poser wannabe’s? Yep!

    All success to Cody in his legal pursuits ..Bring these pansy ass poser’s down where they belong

  27. VForceFan Says:

    Codys doing well check out his and Vinnie DiMartinos website Hopefully Teutul will get whats do him. A big fat Nothing , and finally have to pay what he owes people.

  28. FatBobber Says:

    I don’t mind an old school chopper that guys will ride. I think I remember Indian Larry had one, I could be wrong on that, a Pan? Refresh someone. Anyway – choppers are pretty much ass-candy. Those guys are fucking sock-turds anyway. Fuck em.

  29. lenalatina Says:

    Support for Cody in attempting to get what is lawfully his….nice kid!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! The OCC and their owner(s) are loathing lazy-asses :)

  30. Yenko13 Says:

    Dont need Another Reason To Hate American Chopper, FTW

  31. Gringo1%er Says:

    do we really need another reason? but alas we do!!
    i wish Cody all the best..

  32. squirts Says:

    I don’t begrudge the Teutels for the success of their show. On one hand, it’s the American dream for an entrepreneur to be able to capitalize on their success. OCC was a product of being in the right place at the right time. The “chopper” movement exploded and everybody and their brother who had enough money (and perhaps a little small in the crotch) threw their hard earned money at stretched out, wide tire monstrosities that make a guy piss blood for a week just lookin’ at ’em… Shoot, if’n I could cobble together some type of “art” bike and charge six digits for it I’d do it in a heartbeat. =) It doesn’t surprise me that OCC apparently reneged on their commitments to Connelly. While Paul Sr. may be the muscle bound hot head of the show, OCC like ANY corporation bleeds its employees as dry as possible before throwin’ ’em out the door. Good luck to Connelly. Paul Sr. stop bein’ greedy and give the guy what he earned. The “production chopper” movement is dead (thank God). Take a vacation to Bermuda and get yer Prozac prescription refilled. Respects, Squirts

  33. troyez Says:

    Hopefully the kid gets his due. The Teutuls are loaded and apparently they’re greedy, too, they need to be sued!
    Personally, I stopped watching the show after like three episodes; too much drama and stupid bikes I wouldn’t ride.


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