Police Claim Mongols Murder Solved

July 14, 2009

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Last Thursday, Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton (above) announced at a well orchestrated press conference that the murder of a Mongols Motorcycle Club patch holder named Manual Vincent “Hitman” Martin had been solved.

The virtually Orwellian press event capped the arrests of 20 alleged members of the Toonerville clique in northeast Los Angeles. The police operation, which apparently did not have a contrived name, was carried out by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Glendale Police Department and other unnamed agencies. Toonerville is a mostly Latino clique. Bratton called Toonerville one of the ten most dangerous gangs in Los Angeles.

Four people were arrested for murder, four for attempted murder and twelve more were arrested on suspicion of violating drug or gun laws. The most prominent agency involved in enforcement of gun laws in the United States in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Martin Was Riding Home

The raids concluded an investigation that began with the murder of Martin in the early morning hours of October 8th, 2008. Martin, 30, of Venice, California had spent the evening of October 7th in a bar at a party for another Mongol.

Three undercover ATF Agents including Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski also attended the party. The three Undercover Agents rode to the party with Martin. The party was held in the final three weeks of Operation Black Rain, the ATF undercover investigation of the Mongols. According to witnesses, the ATF Agents spent much of the night trying to start a fight with the bar’s bouncers and other patrons.

A member of the Toonerville clique was also at the same bar that night.

Thirteen Shots

The ATF Agents left the bar about 90 minutes before Martin.

Thirteen shots were fired at Martin as he rode with another biker on the connector road between the 2 and the 210 Freeways. He was struck once in the chest.

After the shooting, the police were extraordinarily coy. The next morning Sergeant Tom Lorenz of the Glendale Police Department speculated that the shooting might have been a “case of road rage.” Lorenz went on to say “We are investigating whether or not it does involve an outlaw motorcycle gang. At this particular time, we have not confirmed it.”


A reliable source has said that after the shooting Koslowski tried to convince other Mongols that Martin was killed by a member of the Toonerville clique.

Last Thursday, police said the Toonerville arrests were the logical result of Martin’s murder. Glendale Sergeant Lorenz said, “Obviously since that shooting, it’s been nine months of a grueling investigation.”

According to police, the ensuing inquiry substantiated Koslowski’s accusation. The alleged murderer was arrested by another, unnamed police agency on other charges. That suspect has not yet been named or charged with murder.

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25 Responses to “Police Claim Mongols Murder Solved”

  1. smitty Says:

    ok, the only strength or power that ever made any of the clubs forces to be feared was a thing called fraternal love. i spent 25 yrs in prison because as a man i have this terrible flaw in my dna. i never regretted an act or a day i did in prison until i got out and got a dose of the present day love light that exists. my heart was broken just like my dad said it would be. you warned me junior. clubs are doomed. reversion to secret outlaw societies under a single banner their only option. lets call it kaos. without the true love i spoke of… writings on the wall fellas. mongol smitty mffm lifetime member.

  2. no name Says:

    If our wonderful government is in cahoots with the cartels and the Mex. Mafia (M), then the enemies of the M would also be their enemies, right? Mongols are the only MC to have stood up to the M. Don’t know if they ever “reconciled” after each group killed a few of the other’s members. It seems they were/are neutral but cautious toward each other. Plus, if your friends like the other “good” MCs you do business with are enemies with the “bad” MCs, you as the gov’t will try to destroy the “bad” ones as well; like recruiting homeboys to do your dirty work. This seems like the Roman Empire with so much intrigue and betrayal. Today your friend will become your enemy tomorrow and vice versa.

  3. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Just got my copy of Out Bad in the mail. After reading Chapter 1, it makes me sick how Martin was murdered. We know he was with three UC ATF members of his club that night. We know those three were stirring up shit with Toonerville. We know they left early.

    Based on these facts alone, Kozlowski at the very least is guilty of manslaughter. If that’s not wreckless endangerment, then what is?

    Now that we know the facts, let’s do some speculating—-

    If the ATF have/had UC’s and CI’s in the Mongols, then it isn’t going out on a limb they also had/have UC’s and CI’s in Toonerville.

    There is no doubt this murder was COMPLETELY orchestrated by the ATF.

    Fucking scumbag bastards.

  4. PapiDread1%'er Says:

    The ATF are a bunch of shiteaters!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Crazy One,

    Glance through the long article near the top of the front page called “In The Justice Casino.”

    The photographs of three of the Undercover ATF Agents, Darrin Kozlowski, Gregory Gaioni and John Carr have been run on this page numerous times — both individual photos and group photos. I used a painting of John Carr to illustrate one feature story.

    Kozlowski has played a biker in at least four, fully prosecuted investigations: A Vagos investigation in the late 90s (a photo from around then appears in Billy Queen’s book); He was a member of the bogus Fort Lauderdale chapter during the Warlocks investigation; he was a member of the bogus Unforgiven during the Sons of Silence investigation; and he was a Mongol during Black Rain. His hometown is in Northern Illinois.

    I never say everything I know.

    your pal,

  6. CrazyOne Says:

    Who knows where you can obtain the names of all the U.C.’s (4) and (4) supposed ole ladies ?
    What about video’s or Pics.Any websites? Who were the CI’s in this case?
    I’ve heard of Koz before ,isn’t he out of Minnesota. Wasn’t he an U.C. Vago.

  7. M. Malone Says:

    It’s just a matter of time before the HA take out a Mongol CP in retaliation for papa. The Mongols have always been on defense against the vastly superior HA powerhouse and the Mongols know it. With the HA’s and feds all over their asses, SC will soon be HA territory and the Mongols will be down to 1 ot 2 measly clubhouses.

  8. To YKZ Says:

    El Paso, Texas – EL PASO — The FBI agent charged with illegal arms trading has been linked to a rifle found at a gunbattle that killed seven people, including a captain in the Mexican army.
    John Thomas Shipley, 39, was indicted in federal court last week on charges that he sold weapons without a dealer’s license on several Web sites and at gun shows.

    An ATF search warrant unsealed Tuesday stated that Shipley sold a .50-caliber rifle to Luis Armando Rodriguez for $8,300 in 2007. At the time, Rodriguez was a detention officer at the El Paso County Jail.

    That same rifle turned up at a deadly, three-hour shootout between drug cartel members and Mexican soldiers in Chihuahua City in March 2008. A Mexican army captain and six suspected cartel hit men died in the violence. The rifle was found in the house occupied by the hit men, stated the warrant by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    The warrant described Rodriguez as a member of the Centauros motorcycle club in Juárez. Rodriguez was convicted in February of possession of an unregistered firearm, and a federal judge sentenced him to a year in prison.

    Shipley, suspended from the FBI without pay since March, was described by ATF agents as a “gun nut” who bought and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in weapons.

    He told agents that he kept meticulous records of all his firearm sales, and went so far as requesting the driver’s licenses of each customer. But when an agent asked to see Shipley’s record book Advertisement during a meeting last year, he said that Shipley’s log looked new and that each entry was written in the same ink.

    In addition, Rodriguez’s driver’s license number was missing from the book.

    The agent also said that Shipley sold four weapons to Mark Richard Benedict, who was charged in March with helping a U.S. soldier steal and sell night-vision goggles from American forces in Iraq. Benedict had worked as a contractor in Iraq.

    Last month, Benedict pleaded guilty to smuggling large amounts of cash from the goggle sales in and out of the U.S. A pair of night-vision goggles can go for more than $1,000 on the black market. He is to be sentenced in January.

    Shipley also did not list Benedict’s driver’s license number in his records. He told agents that was because he had known Benedict for a long time. Shipley’s records said his only face-to-face weapon sales were to Benedict and Rodriguez.

    Shipley is to be arraigned Friday in U.S. District Court.

  9. YYZSkinhead Says:

    Pigs can get away with murder because pigs are above the law. Pigs crap on the Constitution and wipe their asses with the Bill of Rights. It wouldn’t shock me at all if pigs perpetrated all three of the “occurrences” that Not Surprised listed above.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, he may not. but than again for a guy that spent his life working for the feds, why would he make up a story like that?

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Befriend and Betray by Alex Caine. I don’t know about that guy. I do not know that he deserves much credibility.

    your pal,

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    It is a true fact that a rogue FBI agent tried twice to kill Bill Bannano both with a bomb and by gunfire. This was in Arizona. Look it up.

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    by the way, it is an absolutley tru fact that in AZ, a rogue FBI agent attempted to kill Bill Bonanno both by gun fire and by placing a bomb near his home.

    Look it up.

  14. Not Surprised Says:

    There were three incidents which took place in short order which were very supicious:

    This incident the assaination of “Hitman”

    The fire at Jay Dobyns home

    The pipe bombs.

    Prime suspect according to the media in all three were HA.

    Could be all these were done by parties well aware that HA would be suspect # 1.

    I’m not saying they are all linked to one group, but they could be.

    What group had the means, the motive and the opportunity to do all three?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone read the book “befriend and betray”? there is a very interesting article about Laughlin. Not sure how real it is but it’s worth the read.

  16. JAMES Says:

    REBEL,or anyone else, I remember watching a video back in the early 90’s that had a retired ATF or FBI agent with dark long hair and a short neatly trimmed beard, wearing a black and red flannel shirt.He was claiming to be an ex 81 and that he along with other operatives were solely responsable for helping to start the war and to further it along between the 81 and MONGOLS, it was most interesting, I only wish I could tell you the name of this tape so all of you could watch it,as it shows just how far the GOV. will go t create these types of problems and set back and wait for the fur to fly.This case has some similaritie from the sounds of it.

  17. C4 Says:

    I figured you made a typo Rebel, I just couldn’t leave it alone.

  18. FatBobber Says:

    ToonerTown? What happened to MS13 taking over the civilized world? I always saw a dark side to RogerRabbit and no one else listened.
    I never suspected Roger would be able to recruit enough “toons” to be a serious threat to society. Between “toons” unrefridgerated “deli-meat” tortas, the corn-man, and anyone with a Harley getting patched – I’d say we’re fucked. Gdamnt! Get me a Vespa and a plane ticket to Russia? I’ll rule as a God.

    Question: If a piano falls on Dobbin’s head in ToonTown, and there are no special effects, can you hear his spine snap?

    And where the fuck is Agent Santiago???? Isn’t anyone undercover in MS13???????????? Is it harder to get into MS13 than an MC? Give him some Dickies, a wife-beater, a few tats, a 63′ powder blue Impala, and an all-expense pass to Chuck-E-Cheese…Agent Santiago will be a fucking patron in six months!
    Now, I sleeping, for next time, mas. ElGordo’

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Third Time Charm,

    To the best of my knowledge, the Mongols never retaliated in any way against Toonerville.

    In my opinion, there are a lot of “federally fabricated crimes” in the Mongols case.

    Can’t speak for Koslowski. To the best of my knowledge, I have never met the guy. I am pretty sure that by October 2008 the case had been made. By then, I am pretty sure, the ATF was more interested in the fruits of electronic surveillance.

    I will tell you flat out, I have some ideas. Some sources have ideas. I do not give up sources. Period.

    If a guy tells me it is three o’clock I will not tell you who told me. If you ask me the time, and there is only one guy in the room with a watch, I will tell you I don’t know what time it is. I will just tell you I have some ideas. Like maybe, it looks like it might be afternoon.


  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Oh, I hear you. This could be exactly what the police say it is or it could absolutely be an attempt to start a war or road rage or it could have been a government assassination. All things are possible. What I don’t understand is, if some “police agency” somewhere has the shooter, why hasn’t he been charged with murder?


  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear C4,

    Yep you got me. I made a typo. Hope it didn’t confuse you.

    your pal,

  22. C4 Says:

    “Last Thursday, Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton (above) announced at a well orchestrated press conference that the murder of a Mongols Motorcycle Club patch holder named Manual Vincent “Hitman” Martin had been solved.”

    “Stratton called Toonerville one of the ten most dangerous gangs in Los Angeles.”

    I thought he was talking about Bratton, who the heck is Stratton?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    If you recall several blogs, etc were speculating this was a hit by the HA in retaliation for Papa Frisco’s murder.

    The theory however could be that the government was waiting for a “gang war” to push into the media, improve funding, etc. when there was no retaliation killing, the government killed “Hitman” so make the public fear another war.

    This theory is not far fetched and is someone backed up by Rebels story. Something to think about

  24. Third Time Charm Says:

    Darrin (AKA Darren) Kozlowski, AKA “KOZ”. ATF class of 93.

    Worked with ATF SA Steve Martin in the Warlocks bust of 2003.

    Tapped By Ciccione to come to LA. Friend and compatriot (and special witness in the civil action against ATF) of Jay Bird Dobyns.

    Fringe player in Black Biscuit.

    2004, 2005 celebrity “Gang Expert”, rode the circuit as guest at Gang Task Force conferences, and as mentioned, buddy to Billy Queen.

    Rode UC against the Vagos.

    What is he doing in Black Rain? Seriously.

    Martin was not riding alone. An unidentified male wearing a “Mongols T shirt” (not specified if club or support wear) was with him, briefly questioned.

    13 shots. Only one struck Martin (in the chest) and no other persons were injured. Not very good shooting, exactly. No suprise a UC attempted to start fights, especially wearing a club patch; more gang enhacement charges after the investigation.

    But how and why a UC would attempt to persuade the club who the shooter was begs the question of culpability were any reprisals carried out on the basis of this information. Maybe, just maybe, this is the unstated point.

    Now, talk about entrapment. ALL sworn offciers have a “duty to warn”. This means that if a wire tap or a CI or a comment made in front of the UC threatens the life of another, then not acting on it to warn the intended target IS a crime.

    Insitgating retaliation, then more or less catching persons in the act (even if the cathcer instigated it) is a “Federally fabricated crime”.

    In other words, giving rise to an opportunity that would not have arisen without the actions of said UC.

    Since we know “duty to warn” supersedes an ongoing UC operation, inciting would be the best case scenario in this instance.

    At the time of the event, regardless of the idiotic “road rage” comment, in most ATF minds, another MC club was # 1 on the short list of suspects.

    No UC would I think, jeopardize or compromise intel (if there were reasonable suspcicion) against this unamed club. There was no reasonable suspicion, hence an open field to incite a retaliation against another faction (Tonnerville) to create yet another conspiracy to commit murder.

    This done all the while with the then firmly held belief that another MC club had exacted vengeance, but this would be yet another ATF investigation.

    In summary, Kozwolksi could not have cared less at this time (assuming Rebel’s sources are correct) about solving the crime.

  25. troyez Says:

    Martin was riding alone when he was shot, but the three Undercover Agents rode to the party with him; my question is, why did the agents leave Martin alone? Did they know something that they didn’t tell Martin about? I may be reading too much into this, but it seems weird. When I ride somewhere with my friends, we usually stick together, but that’s just us, oh yeah, and we’re not BATF agents.
    Maybe I should switch from aluminum foil to a tin hat!

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