Prosecutor Blocks Stahlman’s Release

July 6, 2009

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You should care about the tragedy of Ronald Stahlman because Ronald Stahlman could be any one of us.

Stahlman (pictured above) is trying to crawl out of a pit called the Lorain Correctional Institution. Lorain is at 243 percent of its intended capacity. The state of Ohio, which like the rest of America is strapped for cash, is spending about $70 a day to keep Stahlman in prison. And, uncontrovertibly Stahlman is not a danger to anybody.

The demon laughing and dancing at the edge of Stahlman’s pit is a small time prosecutor named Chris Becker. And, you should know about Chris Becker because he could be any one of them.


Stahlman is a former patch holder with the American Outlaws Association who ran away after he and a couple of friends got drunk one night and another man died.

On April 29th, 1979, Stahlman and a friend named Roger Collins were drunk in Collins’ pickup truck. Collins, who was driving, accidently rear-ended a car operated by 18-year-old Bernard Williamson. It was 3:30 in the morning in Warren, Ohio.

Williamson jumped out of his car to start a fight. Thirty years later witnesses remembered seeing Williamson beat Collins to the ground and seeing Stahlman get out of the truck to help his friend. A short time later, police found Williamson dying in the street with seven stab wounds.

By the time this case was tried last Spring absolutely no physical evidence remained. All the blood evidence and other tangible evidence disappeared when a Cleveland forensics lab went out of business in 1979. The local police lost the crime scene photos.

Six Months

Collins eventually turned himself in, confessed that Stahlman had stabbed Williamson, and paid his debt to society with a six months sentence in county jail. Stahlman took his wife and daughters and fled to Arizona to start a new life.

That new life lasted thirty years. But this now is Most Wanted America. The police now have virtually unlimited, highly technological resources and time. Our new leading product seems to be prisoners. And, every cop is a “hero.” So Stahlman was tracked down and very publically “captured” and sent back to Ohio to stand trial for murder.

It was absolutely impossible to prove that Stahlman, who is now a 56-year-old grandfather, ever murdered anybody, of course. The apprehension made for really swell television in two states but the government had no case at all.

Chris Becker

The assistant prosecutor who tried the case is a clever, amoral opportunist named Chris Becker. The Ohio Supreme Court publically reprimanded Becker for impropriety in a death penalty case last January. And, after making Stahlman watch as Becker beat up most of his family on the witness stand; when Stahlman still refused to cave and Becker’s case appeared to be clearly lost; Becker simply changed the charge against Stahlman in mid-trial.

A confidential source describes what happened:

“By the end of the first day Becker knew he couldn’t prove to a jury that Stahlman committed this crime (of murder.) So Becker asked the judge to add complicity to the charge. Complicity under Ohio law means ‘to aide, abed, or assist.’ And, since no was disputing the fact that Ronald Stahlman was there he was (automatically) guilty of complicity. Becker knew Stahlman would walk out of that courtroom a free man if he didn’t come up with something. So that’s why he came up with the charge of complicity.”

The “complicity to murder” charge carried a mandatory sentence of 15 years to life. Stahlman, who hasn’t had a traffic ticket in 30 years, pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to one to ten.

What Becker Thinks

This page has a slight history with this prosecutor. Becker contacted this page immediately after the trial and requested to be interviewed. This page declined that opportunity. Possibly the rebuff was rude.

Becker responded, over the course of many days, that the author of this page “seem(s) to be very bitter and to have a clear agenda against law and order.” And, that this is a “little rag of a website.” And, he defended the complicity charge against Stahlman by stating that, “conspiracy law permitted Stahlman to be charged as a complicitor, and in fact the State does not have to convict a principal offender.”

Which, for the record, this page happens to think is a blatantly unjust law. Becker then responded to this page’s sympathy for Stahlman and his family with a dig at the road name of this author. “So now he (Stahlman) can age and rebel in prison for a while.”

What We Think

We have thought it over for awhile and we still think the law is an ass and Chris Becker is a self-righteous psychopath. Just our opinion, of course. Which we are constitutionally entitled to have and express. Not a diagnosis.

But that opinion might have been confirmed last week when Stahlman, requested early release from the overcrowded Ohio prison system. The program for which Stahlman is applying is called “Shock Release.” Essentially, it means that first time offenders who pose no risk to the community can be released after getting a taste of the penitentiary. Stahlman’s attorney wrote the court and asked that her client be permitted to “reintegrate into society to re-establish his life as a productive and law-abiding citizen.”

But Becker, whose cooperation is vital, opposed Stahlman’s early release. He wrote, “‘essentially every day for 30 years the defendant was committing a crime by being a fugitive from justice…. His failure to have contact with law enforcement or the judicial system was done for one reason and one reason only: To save his own skin.”

What Becker neglects to mention is that everyone is guilty of something every single day. It is what America now is. It is how modern law enforcement works.

Stahlman is still entitled to his first parole hearing in about another 60 days but Becker seems intent on keeping this man in a pit. Apparently just to enjoy the look on Ronald Stahlman’s face. And, the Lorain Correctional Institution remains at 243 percent of its intended capacity.

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10 Responses to “Prosecutor Blocks Stahlman’s Release”

  1. jj solari Says:

    prosecutors are sociopaths with enough awareness to see that there are avenues available in the public sector for them to practice their need to sadistically torment strangers and not only not get punished but get actually praised, paid and promoted to a higher level of license, say judge, DA or even – TAKE OFF YOUR HATS PLEASE? – The…… Senate……. of the………… United States………………… of America.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear disgustedwithbecker

    District Attorney Chris Becker is one of three people banned from this site. I don’t think he has tried to post anything here for at least a couple of years. If he does, the computer automatically eats his words. I don’t personally know the guy. From a distance of a couple thousand miles, he strikes me as a bully, kind of an egomaniac and as someone who is fundamentally corrupt in his use of the law and the power of the courts.

    Good luck with this guy.


  3. disgustedwithbecker Says:

    I am a witness in a current case of Chris Beckers. I have been treated poorly by this man that does not give a shit about the truth of cases. He must get a hard on talking down to women; I pray he never gets a hard on again with his wife(if he has one). He swore at me when I asked him a question out in the hallway of a court room; he looked at me and said “I hope you know that ___ ___ is going back to prison (eh, it made me wonder if Mr. becker realizes that he is not judge and jury. Around the office he is known as “next in line” to fill the chief prosecutors position when Dennis Watkins is no longer interested.Hes a good old boy! Under his “tough” prosecution Karen Adams got 6 years for killing a 15 year old boy, her boyfriend Paul Sundy got 100 hours of community service and probation for hiding evidence! Good old boy Chris Becker is reccomending that Paul does his community service hourstalking about gun safety (REALLY?)..what a punishment Becker! Put him in with his gun loving friends! He should be spending those 100 hours cleaning toilets at children services, or better yet planning an event that helps to aid parents of murdered children…or how about speaking to teenage boys on how parents feel when their 15 year old daughters want to date 18 year old boys (this was the root of the case). Yes, Mr Becker even talked down to the victims mother…and asked her to leave the room a few times.

  4. Rhonda Says:

    I thought this might make you laugh. It sure made me… then I threw up.

  5. afriend Says:

    I would like everyone who reads this article to know that durning sentencing- Chris Becker said in front of Judge Logan and attorney Tracey Laso “we [the prosecution] will stand down: and not appose shock parole. But, on 6/30/09 Chris Becker did just the opposote of what he said he was going to do and filed a motion to ‘squash’ the application for shock parole.

  6. Nookster Says:

    It’s the same old thing. Stahlmans case got media and print coverage. The prosecutor Becker went into a frenzy realising now was his chance to get that recognition that this little cockroach so desperately needs. Its how these mutts climb the latter of thier so called success. On the backs of other individuals just because its a high profile prosecution. If it would have been “Joe Blow” with no media coverage Joe Blow would have already been out of jail. But Nooooooo, Becker got himself a former “outlaw” and he will ride this wave all the way to his next election or promotion. What a pitiful scumbag.

  7. afriend Says:

    What ever happened to brothers for life?

    Ronald Stahlman got out of the truck to help his friend that was getting his ass kicked by another man… and this is what his “best friend” does for him? Runs away in the middle of the night to go to authorities and tell them that Ron did it?? What kind of man does that? Obviously he’s not any kind of man at all.

    I wonder how well Roger Collins sleeps at night?

  8. Squirts Says:

    Sohn, my sentiments exactly… Becker looks “tough on crime” if he fights the early release of Stahlman (Regardless of the mitigating factors). Without knowing all of the facts, I have to admit that Stahlman’s actions (leaving the state following the incident) probably did not help his status. Additionally, it has been my experience that “he who remains (or rolls) gets the cookie”. By that, I mean that Stahlman’s absence left the door open for Collins to “finger” Stahlman as the main aggressor while getting a “sweet” deal in the process. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s easy for me to “armchair quarterback”, but ultimately this is a good example of people unintentionally crossing the line over something stupid (a fender bender) and paying the price (unfairly or not) for their actions. Respects, Squirts

  9. pervert Says:

    The system works until little meglamaniacs like this little man, Becker, need to strut their stuff.
    I’ve delt with this kind before, they normally turn out to be either gay or like to beat up the women in their lives.
    You can sum it up with an old nursery rhyme, “Georgie Porgie”. When the boys come out to play???????????????
    Peace Wheeler 1970

  10. Sohn Says:

    It doesn’t sound like he was convicted of being a fugitive. Chris Becker as an officer of the court should know better than to argue that point, even if it was just an early release request; it seems a clear Bill of Attainder. Unfortunately, state judges are usually elected and care more for the election endorsement of the Police and DA then for the Constitution and the right of law.

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