Ricardo Gutierrez — A Correction

June 29, 2009

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We do not like running corrections but when we are wrong we have no choice. And, we were wrong again. So we have to apologize again.

Earlier this month this page said that “Ricardo Gutierrez, who previously opposed sealing plea deals, has now publically stated that, ‘as part of his role as a member of the Mongols criminal enterprise, defendant knowingly and intentionally distributed methamphetamine with members and associates of the Mongols Gang.'”

That story went on to state that “…Gutierrez has also agreed to testify truthfully and honestly about the “Mongols criminal enterprise’ in open court,” and that was wrong. Ricardo Gutierrez, like all the other defendants in this case whose pleas have not been sealed, pled guilty to count one of the indictment and to predicate offenses.

Gutierrez Is Not Cooperating

Gutierrez is not cooperating. He is not testifying. He is not talking to anybody. He pled guilty to Count One and a couple of predicate charges. Period.

An informed source has told this page specifically that Gutierrez is not cooperating with this case anymore than this page is cooperating. And, this page apologizes for stating this lie about Ricardo Gutierrez.

To the best of our knowledge, no defendant in any of the unsealed plea agreements is cooperating with the government in any way except to plead guilty to count one of the indictment. The defendants who are filing unsealed pleas are filing those pleas to demonstrate that they are not flipping. The sealed plea deals are a different matter.

We should not have said what we said. We do not have any excuses for the inaccuracy and we will try to do better next time.

And Another Screw Up

And, while we are apologizing, we should also get this error out of the way. This page has stated several times that federal prisoners are generally eligible for parole after serving a third to a half of their sentences. That is also wrong. Under recently revised sentencing guidelines, federal prisoners are expected to do 80 percent of their sentences.

Any other errors, point them out and we will try to fix them.

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  1. JAMES Says:

    I would think that he is NOT the only one thought to be cooperating that turns out IS NOT.

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