Zombie Noise Nazis Reported

June 23, 2009

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Esteemed web colleague Brad Aaron wrote on Streetblogs.com earlier this month that that ridiculous New York noise bill, Proposed Introduction Number 416-A, was still alive.

For those who do not remember this proposed law, it would have made it illegal to stop, stand or park anywhere in New York City if your bike was equipped with a non-stock exhaust. And, the proposed fines were draconian: “(1) At least $500 but not more than $1000 for a first violation; (2) at least $1000 but not more than $2500 for a second violation; and (3) at least $2500 but not more than $5000 for a third or subsequent violation.”

Alan Gerson

A lowly scalawag named Alan Gerson (pictured above), a Democrat from Manhattan, was credited by the New York Daily News with “crafting” the bill. He was quoted as saying that all he was trying to do was give police “an extra tool to get at what is truly a serious problem.” And, it was reported here that he seemed to want to use confiscatory city power to attack a marginalized minority in order to make money for the city.

Actually, as it turned out, Gerson is not merely a lowly scalawag. He is the lowest of scalawags.

The motorcycle noise bill was part of a dirty backroom deal. New York City’s first new noise code in 30 years was supposed to address the problems of endless car alarms, after hours construction and late night “party boats.” But, at the last minute the bill was revised and Harley riders became a substitute sacrifice for more politically influential special interests.

Every biker and biker rights organization in the northeast, from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) to the Union Ironworkers Motorcycle Club protested the bill and it seemed to die a quick, silent death.

Story Rises From Dead

Then Streetsblog reported that “Proposed Introduction Number 416-A to amend Chapter One, Subchapter Two of Title 19 of the Administrative Code; A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to prohibiting the parking of motorcycles equipped with straight pipes on the streets of the city of New York” was about to rise from the dead.

“We’re still working diligently to get it passed,” a Gerson spokesperson told Streetsblog. After esteemed news source Clutch and Chrome repeated the story a few days ago this page finally got off the mark and tried to confirm the quote. So far, no luck. But, we thought you should know about this anyway.

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